Darker than Black Ryuusei no Gemini 05 – Tsundere in the making

November 16, 2009

Contractors like to make weird faces

One more and I’m set…

Like last time, the episode continues to follow Suou’s improvement as a Contractor. She was having trouble last time but she’s getting better at it (just look at her eyes, it’s not always half-open anymore: Well… not that in the picture..). Anyway, expect minimal battles and no corpse count since Hei’s power hasn’t returned yet.

The title of this episode is  ‘Gunpowder Smoke Drifts Away, Life Drifts Away…’.

Continuation from the cliffhanger. Kirihara meets Orielle as soon as she entered the Pavlichenko’s vicinity. Orielle gave her hints on what happened and why Hei’s powers disappeared. It seems that an anti-Contractor device was used; a prototype from season 1 (That is just a prototype!?). Orielle also told her a lead: the codename ‘Izanagi’.

She also said something about a red star. I wonder what it will be…

See? Her eyes isn't emotionless anymore

In the same house. Suou was taking care of her rifle. She explained that whenever she materializes the rifle, she is given 5 bullets. Sadly, maintenance doesn’t come together with her power.

Suou: "People like you!!!!"

After Hei gave money to his young associates. They went to that twin-tailed man to eat. Suou was very surprised to know that the man already knows that they are Contractors. The twin-tailed man explained that his wife is also a Contractor, but left the house afterwards.

Damn... he's still alive

Suou and July went out. Nori sets out his epic entrance but is completely ignored. Nori continues to confront Suou but nothing happened.

She's starting to become a tsundere...

Hei was shown calling someone somewhere…

After returning to the love house, he saw an explosion. It is revealed that Suou found a cockroach and immediately shot it with her rifle. End of story.

Knowing that she’ll be hit again, she directly went to Hei but asked to be hit on the other side. Hei was totally confused and gave up the beating for now.

Mao and Hei talk about Suou’s behavior. Mao said that she is a Contractor acting as a human…

Hei visited his team and saw them sleeping in the bath tub. Mao joined them as well afterwards.

On the other hand,  Kirihara is searching about the ‘Izanagi’ when Youko appeared to fetch her. Gurou told them about the latest plan, about the codename ‘Izanagi’.

That's how Contractors... what do you call that again?

Hei is sleeping in the bathroom when July appeared and told him about the intruders. Hei ordered everyone to run while he himself draws their attention.

The plan commences. The other side’s Contractor is able to move water at will. Hei continues to be on the offensive, and apparently reached the Contractor aiming for a kill. Sadly, his electric power is still out of charge. He couldn’t do anything but to leave.

Kirihara: "My mortal enemy... won Bk201 by showing him her Origami skills?"

Kirihara, Hazuki and the Contractor who confronted the team were investigating the hideout. Sadly, only Suou’s origami could be found.

Nori was going to meet Suou, wearing white tuxedo and holding some roses. He then saw the three going out of the hideout. He chased the car, shouting “mother” at it.

How cute

Hei is back in his favorite phone booth and gathered the money taped under it.

After regrouping with his team. He ordered Suou to kill one of the swans for the purpose of clearing up her Contractor sense. Suou did as ordered and successfully shot down a bird. Suou starts to cry afterwards, which she herself didn’t know why.


Nori was trying to tell his twin-tailed father that he saw his mother, which his father didn’t believe… until Nori’s mother actually entered the house.

A dwarf house or something?

MAC is holding a meeting about the upcoming mission. Kirihara was the one telling the plans…

She and Youko went to visit ‘Izanagi’ afterwards.


Suou made a hotpot of leaves which she learned from her father to be edible. Hei tried one but learned that it didn’t taste right (so did Suou). Hei however, compliments it and starts eating more.

Hei told Suou about her upcoming mission and gave the money taped under phone booth earlier. Suou accepted it.

The mission started. Hei starts to move, trying to harbor ‘Izanagi’. Everything went well until the truck moves on together with ‘Izanagi’ and him inside.

Suou: "Hah! At least I'm a main character" *bleh*

After the ending theme. A flashback was shown. It is about the little Suou and Shion in the aquarium fighting about which fish is bigger. Their mother told them that they should be happy instead inside the aquarium just like everybody else. The two gave up fighting afterwards,

While Suou is reminisced about the past. She saw a huge submarine going to the surface…


Average episode… Nothing happened, just to show Suou’s accomplishment and her new tsundere nature. They also introduce a new plot point named ‘Izanagi’. What it is and what it does isn’t revealed yet.

Next episode:

I guess there will be some battle that will take place. From the voice of Suou doing the narration, she feels kinda sad (I wonder about the other preview if it’s the same). Anyway, let’s just see in the next episode.

The Lazy Prince saying so long and thanks for reading…


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