Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 247

November 15, 2009

There will always be someone stronger than the strongest.

Last time, after Athena had suddenly changed her personality, a giant skeletal hand came out of nowhere and attacked Hayate. He was almost killed by it, until Isumi had appeared along with Sakuya, saving him. In the ensuing battle, Isumi seemed to have the upper hand at first, deflecting the skeletal hand’s attacks and seemingly dealing massive damage against it. However, despite the promising start, the skeletal hand quickly recovered from the beating and was seemingly unfazed by Isumi’s attacks. Athena, who was now possessed by an Honored Spirit, then stepped up, and asked Isumi if this was the first time she had met anyone with more power than her.


Athena is the first one to stop Isumi in her tracks.

The chapter starts out where the last one left off. Athena tells Isumi that she is very sure, that until that moment, Isumi was able to beat down every opponent she faced with the overwhelming power that she was born with. Athena then proceeds to tell Isumi that there are some opponents which it will not work on, and tells Isumi that she shall be her opponent. Isumi was still in disbelief that her earlier attempts to take out the skeletal hand failed, but quickly recovered and prepared for the next attack. She uses the same attack from earlier, with four bright orbs of energy forming above Isumi instead of one. Isumi then unleashes them on the skeletal hand, which seemed to have dealt a lot of damage it. Athena, still possessed by the Honored Spirit, comments on Isumi’s repetitiveness and stubborness, after which the skeletal hand quickly recovered and struck Isumi, sending her backwards a good distance. Hayate manages to catch Isumi before she reaches the ground, and begs Athena to stop attacking them. Hayate asks why Athena was doing all this, to which Athena suddenly got a minor headache from, repeatedly asking herself the question as well, and later repeating to herself “the stone” over and over. It seems that the Honored Spirit and Athena were having a slight fight for the control of the body. Inside Athena’s mind, Athena and the Honored Spirit conversed, with Athena in doubt over whether she wants to return to the castle and gain the ‘Power of Royalty’ which presumably comes with the stone, and the Honored Spirit insisting that they get it. After recovering from the headache, Athena faces the group, telling them that if they were unwilling to give up the stone, then they had nothing to discuss. It appears that the Honored Spirit has won control of the body. 


Too bad Isumi isn't in Scooby-Doo

Isumi tells Hayate that she has pretty much figured out what was going on, and tells him that they should retreat for now, and leaves Sakuya up to Hayate. Athena, hearing this conversation, vocally questions whether or not they will be able to do that, with Isumi’s level of power. Isumi got angry from what Athena said, although she didn’t show it too much. Isumi then turns to Athena, and tells Athena to see for herself what she can do. Isumi takes out her talismans, and a circle of power forms around her. Suddenly, pillars erupt from the ground around Isumi, and Isumi starts using her technque. Sakuya asks her to stop, as Isumi might potentially kill Hayate and Sakuya as well, but Isumi went on with her technique, and summoned a very big dragon, which went on to charge at the skeletal hand. The Dragon crunched at the skeletal hand, seemingly dealing massive damage to it.

Seven Generations

Somehow, I'm reminded of Beyblade when I see this.

Athena then tells a just-returned Machina that he may finish his hamburgers later, and Machina quickly shifted into a more serious personality, asking if he may use his Secret Technique. After Athena presumably approved, Machina goes on with his technique, which caused a black swirl to appear around Isumi’s Dragon, entangling it and annihlating it. Isumi was shocked that it was defeated, and in the ensuing smoke, she used the oppurtunity to escape along with Hayate and Sakuya somehow. (Most probably another one of her techniques) Machina asks if they ran away,  to which Athena replied a positive, but continues to say it doesn’t matter. A giant snake appears behind Athena, and Athena says that they will be seeing Hayate and company very soon.

Machina's True Form

Jörmungandr wasn't too keen on just being in the first season of the anime.

This chapter was a relatively eventful one. We had a full display of Isumi’s techniques, which all seem to be from an ‘Eighth Leaf’ style. What is seemingly curious, although I’m not sure if this was meant to be obvious or not, is that Machina’s secret technique allows him to transform into a black blob of… energy?, and then into a snake. Machina was said to be only part human in the earlier chapters, and most people assumed that he was part-cyborg or something along that line. With this chapter, it seems that he’s actually part-snake, although I’m not too sure how this is possible or how it works. Well, seeing as anything related to Athena is more or less magical, there will probably be some explanation for this in the future chapters. Like I said, this chapter was eventful and definitely not a waste of time, although admittedly it took me a while to realize that Machina *transformed* into the black swirl and then the snake, as opposed to he caused the black swirl to appear and the snake came out of nowhere. So yeah, good chapter.

-Ryu Yuki


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