Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 30 – Ishbal Extermination

November 15, 2009

Edward: "Go get your own anime Hayate"

I’m pretty late…

The episode focuses on the earlier days of Mustang in the military and the things that happened during the Ishbalan war. So.. It’s all about Hughes, Mustang and especially Hawkeye. The Elrics need rest after all. Yeah, this is one of the flashback episodes but from Roy’s side.

The younger Roy. Nothing much had changed eh?

The episode started with Roy talking to his master about him becoming a military dog. Roy tried to persuade his master to become a State Alchemist but his master declined even though he was being crushed by poverty. His master told him that he already stopped when he perfected his research. His master also asked Roy to take care of his daughter.

It is revealed that his master is none other than Riza Hawkeye’s Father.

Younger Riza. She should have become twin-tails instead...

Riza and Roy were now at a cemetery. Roy told Riza not to worry and if she has any trouble, she can call him. Roy also shared his reasons why he joined the military; to protect. Riza replied that it’s admirable and trusted him for continuing his father’s dream.

Showing plot points 'while' doing fanservice

While Riza is on the shower, showing one of the plot points which is embedded on her body. She heard Black Hayate’s bark.

Edward comes by Riza’s place to give the gun back. Edward said that he is disappointed in himself because he wasn’t able to shoot. He also mentioned about what happened during the time Winry almost shot Scar. Riza told Edward that he needs to survive no matter what for the sake of the ones he love.

Riza also apologized for giving a huge burden to Edward. Edward asked if Riza think of guns as a burden, which Riza replied that she couldn’t complain about it because she already took a lot of life… during the Ishbalan war.

At the same time, Scar is hearing the same story from Dr. Marco


Riza told Ed about the Ishbalan war. The killing of one child that started everything. The riots. And the proclamation of Executive Order no. 3066: Ishbalan Extermination.

So yeah… all the scene following is how they all killed those Ishbalans.

Roy: "What beautiful? Your epic death?"

While on camp. Hughes spotted Roy. They started talking to each other, their shared dream, the war, and also Hughes’ wife.

There, they met a girl from the past: Riza Hawkeye.

We supporting characters need screentime as well

The three discussed about why alchemy is used to kill people. Kimbly joins the discussion from out of nowhere and enlightened them about his view points in killing people, to look forward to it.

Roy asked Hughes why he is fighting. Hughes replied that he just doesn’t want to die.

This eventually leads to Karmic Death

Marco then explained the reason of the war. They bring Ishbalans to their laboratory to create Philosopher’s Stone and was brought to the ‘Crimson Alchemist’ Kimbly which became the main goal of the war.

...and the one he's talking to went higher than him

Riza also said that the Ishbalan priest of the highest rank, Roug Roa, went to the Fuhrer to save his people. Sadly, Bradley declined to call off the extermination.

Eventually, the war ended and they all went home.

Riza: "Like how will you grow taller?"

Riza visited Roy afterwards in his office and decided to come to Roy’s company. Roy promoted Riza as his assistant and he allowed Riza to shoot him ifever he went astray. Riza took the job…

Riza also explained that they can’t do anything ifever they try to put the blame on others since they are the ones who killed the Ishbalans. However, Riza told Edward that he doesn’t need to be worried about them since he also has problems of his own.


Alphonse is going out of Dr. Knox’s home. May Chang thanks for everything Alphonse did to her. She also wishes him good luck in retrieving Alphonse’s body

Envy: "Scar knows English!?"

As his (her!?) regular routine, Envy went to Dr. Marco’s room for his food. Sadly… Scar did a very good job on killing him.


Wow… I knew there would be something like this. It’s needed to call for an episode like this anyway for people who hasn’t seen or watch each moments of the show.  Nevertheless, it’s a good episode.

I wonder if Kimbly will get a good role this time, or is he already dead?

Next episode:

What a nice title… I guess no fighting for this episode as well eh… and wow at super muscular Scar.

This is The Lazy Prince, catching up from somewhere~



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