Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 246

November 14, 2009
Isumi and Sakuya

This wasn't one of their better days.

Last time, Hayate confronted Athena and had a small discussion with her. Halfway through the chat, Hayate had mentioned how Sanzenin Nagi had saved him, and upon hearing this, Athena suddenly gained a severe headache, and her personality suddenly reverses, attacking Hayate with swords being fired at him from nowhere. Although Hayate had managed to evade the several waves of swords, a gigantic skeletal hand comes out from the hallway, and was more or less going to kill Hayate, until he was saved by the appearance of Isumi. And Sakuya.
Shadow Ball

The Skeletal Hand launching it's assault

The chapter starts out where the last one left off. Sakuya asks Hayate if he was alright, and Hayate, still bewildered by the current events, asked what Isumi and Sakuya were doing here. Sakuya was about to explain, but Isumi, noticing that the gigantic skeletal hand was ready for another round, tells them that they don’t have the time to explain. The Skeletal Hand talks to Isumi, telling her that it doesn’t know who or what Isumi is, but she was in it’s way regardless. Several black orbs appear around the skeletal hand, and they start coming towards the trio(Hayate, Isumi and Sakuya), and Sakuya started panicking and freaking out, shouting that they were all going to die. Isumi takes out one of her talismans and forms a barrier, repelling the black orbs, and reassuring Sakuya that such a level of spiritual attack by the skeletal hand can be repelled by her barrier easily. The Skeletal Hand then takes out a piece of the debris that is shaped like a hammer(It is very hard to describe this, just do with the picture), wielding it.

Unfortunately, spirits don't have arcades, so this is the next best thing.

Sakuya stares in complete disbelief while Isumi commented that that wasn’t very fair. (She can only block spiritual attacks, presumably) The Skeletal Hand then attempts to strike the trio, but they managed to dodge, and hid from the Skeletal Hand by hiding behind one of the pillars in the ensuing smoke. Sakuya immediately asks what the evil spirit was, (She’s referring to the Skeletal Hand) but Isumi corrects her, saying that the Skeletal Hand was actually an Honored Spirit. An Honored Spirit was essentially an ancient spirit that possessed divinity, and it’s actual name should appear somewhere in legend. Isumi continues to explain that as a result, it has far more power than what an evil spirit could possess. Hayate asks Isumi why something like that was with Athena, and Isumi admits that she wasn’t sure, as Athena is not the type of person to get possessed easily, and that it shouldn’t have been possible for someone with as much power as Athena to get possessed. Isumi speculates that the most likely reason was that Athena had an extremely painful and deep despair in her past, and that the Honored Spirit had possessed her through an opening in her heart. Isumi explains that since Athena was really powerful, the despair must have been truly painful to the point that Athena would rather die, for the Honored Spirit to be able to possess her like that. Hayate, upon hearing this, recalls his past with Athena , and begins to wonder if it was all his fault that Athena became possessed.

One of Isumi's many abilities is the power to blame other people

 As they get spotted, the Skeletal Hand, speaking through Athena, (Which was done since the beginning, only much less obvious back then) asks the group if they could not go around destroying people’s homes. Isumi immediately points blame at Sakuya,(jokingly) who got ticked and made the obvious point that it was the Skeletal Hand breaking the house the whole time. Isumi, now serious, says that if it was not the Honored Spirit’s intention  to destroy the house even to destroy them, she hoped that they could discuss the issue peacefully. The Honored Spirit seems amused, and asks Isumi what she wants to discuss about. Isumi replies that it was about the castle, in which a god was said to live in. Isumi then corrects herself, saying that it was perhaps a king who tried to become a god instead, most probably trying to intentionally make the Honored Spirit angry.
Honored Spirit

Athena/Spirit Hybrid isn't too happy

 The Honored Spirit tells her that they have nothing to discuss immediately after, and the skeletal hand charges at the group at high speed. Isumi instinctively takes out her talismans, and throws them at the Skeletal Hand, which seemed to deal severe damage to it. As Sakuya cheers Isumi on, Isumi takes out more talismans, which then float around Isumi in a circular fashion. Isumi tells the Honored Spirit that it may be a bit rude, but she will first suppress it before talking to it. The Talismans then dissolve to give off Spiritual Energy, converging into an orb that was starting to appear above Isumi. Isumi struck the skeletal hand with it, which appeared to deal massive damage, and Sakuya congratulates Isumi for seemingly defeating the skeletal hand.

The Honored Spirit smirked through Athena, and the skeletal hand suddenly sweeped around the area, missing Hayate and company. The Honored Spirit asks if Isumi did anything just now mockingly, and Sakuya complains at Isumi to not go easy on the skeletal hand and finish it off with one move. However, it turns out that Isumi did go all-out since the beginning, and she was in disbelief that her attack did not work. The Honored Spirit then asks Isumi if she has never seen anyone stronger than her until now.

Last Scene

Athena/Spirit Hybrid taunts Isumi

This was an interesting chapter. I never really expected Isumi’s power to have a serious role in anything, and was more for the general humour of the plot. Well, it’s not an entirely bad execution on the author’s part, and Isumi’s powers seem to be interesting. Now, since we know that the Honored Spirit is most likely something from an actual legend, it is theoratically possible to try speculating which one it is now. Not that I think the author left much clues for that, but it’s still something that you can do. Not much else to write about this chapter, so yeah.

-Ryu Yuki


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