Darker than Black Ryuusei no Gemini 04 – Since it’s all about Suou

November 13, 2009

Who's that Poke'mon?

The Ark Sways on the Lake…

Episode 04. If you remember the last episode, Suou became a full-pledged Contractor, Hei lost his imbalanced power, July randomly drafted to be a protagonist and Mao returns back as a cute little squirrel </superspoilers>. The newly created team is now on their way to the promise land Tokyo to find Shion and maybe check out the Hell’s Gate.

This episode focuses on Suou’s early days of being a Contractor so expect a lot of screen time for our new emotionless girl of the year

This is Contractor's common sense

The episode started with Suou wanting to take a picture of a whale but thinking it was illogical. She is now a Contractor after all.

Gurou: "Please welcome the new member of our comedic band."

Kirihara joined forces with the comedic villains and blessed with a new stage name: ‘Ichinose Yayoi’. They discussed about BK-201 together with the CIA. However, the CIA is also now searching for him as well. It is also explained that their purpose is to capture Hei and the cute little Shion (or so they believe) who’s with him.

Change of scene when Kirihara is talking to Saitou on the phone. Hazuki pops in and snatches Kirihara’s phone and hangs up the connection.

Insert yuri fanservice here

After that, as Kirihara goes away, Hazuki told her that it is impossible to get information outside

The protagonists are now on their way to a new city. There, they met a manly twin-tailed man (-77 points). Hei introduced himself with the name Li Hyeonsik (evolved form of Li Shengshun?) and July and Suou as his siblings. They quickly left afterwards.

Hei told Suou that he’ll train her for the upcoming battles. Of course, Suou could not decline.

Hei is only gentle with Yin... and now Yin is gone..

Suou was trying to snipe a bottle with July telling her the coordinates… until Hei arrived.

Hei ordered Suou to change target to the cranes. Sadly, Suou missed (which Hei said that it’s intentional). Suou changes target to Hei but failed to shoot and also acquired a good beating from him.

Hei allowed the two to get whatever they want for food and gave them some crumpled money from his pocket.

They are a failure to be called 'rap artists'

A group of pranksters were dancing on the empty area. Nori was asked to dance but declined, and even shouted nonsense during the discussion until he saw Suou and July. Nori went red and hid between the other members.

Chupacabra Flavor?

Suou and July ended up staying in a deserted  love hotel. Mao asked Suou if she wanted to run away but Suou replied that she needs to save money first before she can run away by herself. The two then found an expired instant ramen from the fridge. Since Suou is saving money, she ate it.

The info was: "SHnY movie for next year"

Taking Hazuki’s advice, Kirihara starts finding information inside. Sadly, she cannot find anything that she hasn’t known already. The guy she was talking to told her to search for Madame Oreille, which is titled as the Legendary Informant.

Mao, Hei and July are enjoying it

Suou’s training starts.

While the three happily stares at Suou doing some belly dancing (undulation, they said). Suou’s stomach hurts due to the ramen she ate.

Luckily, Nori and the others appeared. Hei ordered Suou to attack them, which she did without saying anything. She started by breaking the arm from one of their members, and continued to the other guys. Unfortunately, she was hit because her stomach hurt. Hei didn’t do anything until the cops arrive. He threw Mao at the cops and told July to assist Suou.

Everyone runs afterwards.

"When you see corners like this, don't you feel like fitting yourself in?"

July meets up with Suou and starts running. They met Nori again.

Nori introduced himself. Sadly, Suou summons her awesome rifle and shoots, nearly missing Nori. Nori falls to his knees, shocked, while the two continued running.

Suou’s stomach hurts again and the Manly Twin-tails found them.

Nori: "Wut? You like kids as well Pops?!"

The Twin-tailed man gave Suou medicine while discussing the Noah’s ark in a negative manner (actually, I feel that this is the only reason why the episode title is named that way). Nori entered the bar and was revealed that he is the twin-tail’s son. Nori runs away afterwards.

In the meantime, Mao is being chased by a cat.

Mao reunites with Suou and July.

As they walk with the setting sun beside them. Suou remembers Nika (May God let him rest in peace). She said that she was happy when she heard the confession of him to Tanya. However, he couldn’t feel anything about Nori at all. Mao replied that this is because she became a Contractor.

Upon returning home. Hei slaps Suou, knowing that she used her power.

Orielle: "I saw all of your concerts... they were all beautiful... Mizuki..."

Without nothing to start with. Kirihara went to the abandoned house of the Pavlichenko. There she met the woman she wanted to find: Orielle….


Not bad. An episode of a growing up as contractor arc maybe? I wish that Suou’s emotionless aura disappears since she isn’t suited to be that way.

I just noticed that Kirihara is labeled as main character at Mal (check it here). I wonder if that’s true? Oh well… it’s Nana Mizuki anyway~

Oh… can someone shoot that twin-tailed man? Don’t worry, it’s just a single body count…

Anyway, next episode…

Episode 2 of the arc. It seems that Nori is back and now stalking Suou and July. Hooh… this happened before and we all know what happened to him *cough*Nika*cough*

That’s all for today, sorry if it was late. And thanks for reading…



  1. Kirihara is such a Hei fangirl…

  2. heh. Yes I agree…

  3. I know you referred to it as “Yuri fanservice” But it was yet another revealing moment as to Misaki’s unwavering obsession with finding Hei and following the so-called “third path” that she believes they are on…

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