Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 84 – In the Future There Will Be Robots

November 12, 2009

"Look at us before we disappear forever!"

This episode is about Jack’s rematch against his imposter. Jack is determined to take out the guy who stains his and Red Dragon Archfiend’s name… but this time, he has his friends to back him up! It’s another epic clash between two Jacks. Will Jack finally succeed in defeating his past or will his past get the better of him again?

Expect another Mirror Match… with a big twist!

Oh, yes, this may be a bit late and completely off-topic but woo~ Katsura Hinagiku won 2009’s Saimoe and obtained the Heavenly Tiara~

Last episode summary:

Security arrests Jack Atlas for charges of making D-Wheelers crash. Evidences were strong against Jack: the suspect was seen with a D-Wheel that looks exactly like the Wheel of Fortune and the suspect uses Jack’s ace monster, Red Dragon Archfiend. As the news spread throughout Neo Domino City, Jack was mysteriously allowed to escape, only to run across the person masquerading as him. His worst fear has come to life: the person looks and talks like him and even uses the exact same cards. Unable to fend off the imposter’s power, Jack loses the Duel and falls into the sea…

Key Card of the Week:

Trust Guardian: LV 3 Tuner Monster, 0 ATK / 800 DEF.

Episode 84:

The episode starts with a report on TV by Angela again. She updates people about the Jack case, that Jack is still on the loose after escaping Security Headquarters last night. Yusei and company watch the news in disbelief. Aki asks Yusei because she knew that he and Crow went out last night to track Jack down. Yusei couldn’t give her a proper answer to what he saw.

Meanwhile, at a famous candy's main headquarters...

Meanwhile, Carly’s boss is steaming. Carly insists that Jack is innocent but her boss doesn’t wanna hear her opinion, he wants news. If she does something like that again, she’s fired. Carly takes her leave, stubbornly telling her boss to fire her if he wants. She drives off to prove that Jack is really innocent and is just out to catch the real criminal.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

Carly meets with the couple who were driving near Jack’s Duel last night. They present her with an exclusive evidence that there are two Wheel of Fortunes.

"See? I told you were some kind of plot devices!"

She later meets up with Yusei and Crow to tell them that someone took a picture of two Wheel of Fortunes last night in the highway. Now they have proof that the Jack they saw was a fraud. Crow and Yusei make their way back to the scene of the crime last night.

The scene of the crime!

Below the highway, Crow looks around and finds the Trust Guardian card they gave Jack during their teamwork practice.

Item type: Evidence

Crow falls on his knees and treats it as if Jack had already died. But in reality, he’s in a creepy place, bound by tentacles. Yusei receives a call from Carly, saying that Jack has been spotted in the highway again.

Jack is… somewhere… a split dimension of some sort and he could see his alternate Jack driving on the highway. Jack demands an explanation for all these and Pseudo-Jack simply tells him that he cannot defeat his old self in that condition.

Jack fanservice?!

Kazama is present again.

Security’s Duel Chasers arrive, led by Kazama. Kazama tries to talk to Jack but of course, it’s Pseudo-Jack, he won’t listen to anyone. Pseudo-Jack smashes some of the lights in the tunnel they entered, spreading glass and causes chaos among the Duel Chasers.

Tonight on Neo Domino City's Funniest Videos!

More stupid policemen allergic to glasses!

In the end, only Kazama remains unfazed. It appears Yliaster is indeed behind this as they watch the real Jack from a magical monitor. Placido asks Jose why he hasn’t gotten rid of the real Jack yet but Jose explains that Jack has the birthmark of the Crimson Dragon. He will be useful to them. Lucciano mentions that copying Jack’s cards was a troublesome job.

"Burn me a copy... HD please."

Kazama is soon joined by Yusei and Crow, who tells him that Jack was killed by an imposter. Pseudo-Jack feigns innocence. Crow tells Pseudo-Jack that he wants revenge. Sure, Jack may be the most stubborn and selfish guy in the world and despite fighting with him, he’s still a close friend. He wants to ask Jack for forgiveness so he’ll take revenge instead. Pseudo-Jack suddenly blasts Crow with his booster. Crow then bounces on the road.

"Ugh... I feel like I've done this before..."


Pseudo-Jack brags about how eliminating foes is the King’s duty. Yusei starts to lecture him about how the real Jack believes in stuff like heart and friendship and other cheesy stuff. Pseudo-Jack lets out a smokescreen and then blasts Yusei as well. Jack gets really ticked off and breaks off the tentacle things on him.

That explains it! Jack is always in Super Saiyan mode!

The delusion machine?

It is then revealed that it was just produced by some machine. He was taken inside a small lab just near where he crashed. No one was monitoring him that were actually there anyway. Yliaster likes staring at their hostages from a safe place.

Jackman in action again, getting out of the Jack Cave in his Jackmobile!

Back in the highway, for some reason, Yusei is well with Kazama, still tailing Pseudo-Jack. Kazama is calling for reinforcements for the wounded Duel Chasers and Crow (why is he doing this just now?). All of a sudden, the real Jack arrives and smashes Pseudo-Jack’s Wheel of Fortune with his own Wheel of Fortune. Crow manages to get up from the fall and sees two Jacks in his monitor. Yusei throws the Trust Guardian card they found over to Jack.

Jack wants a rematch. He wants to show his past self that he has improved! It’s time for a rematch!

Featured Duel of the Week:

Jack Atlas vs Pseudo-Jack Atlas!

Turn 1 - Pseudo-Jack's turn: 4000 LP, 0 SPC
- Summons Intercept Archfiend.
- Sets 1 card.

Intercept Archfiend: LV 4, 1400 ATK / 1600 DEF.

Pseudo-Jack uses the usual King line and tells Jack to entertain him. Jack draws a card and is revealed to be Trust Guardian. He thinks back and deducts that if he had used it before, he could have summoned Red Dragon Archfiend faster… but his fight with his friends affected his judgment.

Turn 2 - Jack's turn: 4000 LP, 1 SPC
- Special Summons Vice Dragon through its own effect.
- Summons Trust Guardian.
- Tunes LV 3 Trust Guardian with LV 5 Vice Dragon to Special Summon his ace monster, Red Dragon Archfiend!

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance!

The original Red Dragon Archfiend: LV 8 Synchro Monster, 3000 ATK / 2000 DEF.

Part B:

Carly arrives at the scene. She sees Jack is Dueling so now she has a great scoop. Kazama warns Carly that private vehicles should leave Duel Lanes but she stays.

Continuing Jack's turn:
- Uses Red Dragon Archfiend to attack Intercept Archfiend.
- Intercept Archfiend's effect activates and deals 500 damage to Jack for attacking it (Jack: 3500 LP).
- Intercept Archfiend is destroyed by battle, dealing 1600 damage to Pseudo-Jack (Pseudo-Jack: 2400 LP).
- Sets 1 card.

Turn 3 - Pseudo-Jack's turn: 2400 LP, 2 SPC
- Special Summons his own Vice Dragon.
- Summons Flare Resonator.
- Tunes LV 3 Flare Resonator with LV 5 Vice Dragon to summon his own Red Dragon Archfiend.

Flare Resonator: LV 3 Tuner Monster, 300 ATK.

Pseudo-Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend: LV 8 Synchro Monster, 3000 ATK / 2000 DEF.

Yusei and the others are shocked. There are TWO Red Dragon Archfiends! Carly gets even more excited that she has solid evidence now.

Continuing Pseudo-Jack's turn:
- Pseudo-Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend gains 300 ATK because of Flare Resonator's effect that adds 300 ATK for the Synchro Monster summoned by that monster (Pseudo-Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend: 3300 ATK).
- Pseudo-Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend attacks Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend. Jack takes 300 damage as a result (Jack: 3200 LP).
- Trust Guardian's effect activates. It prevents a Synchro Monster summoned by it to be destroyed by lowering the Synchro Monster's ATK by 400 (Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend: 2600 ATK).
- Sets 1 card.

Pseudo-Jack mocks Jack, saying that lowering Red Dragon Archfiend’s ATK just to save it is so desperate. Jack retaliates by saying those who enjoy power will get consumed by it.

Turn 4 - Jack's turn: 3200 LP, 3 SPC
- Red Dragon Archfiend attacks Pseudo-Red Dragon Archfiend.
- Jack activates a Continuous Trap Card called Assault Spirit. He discards 1 monster with 1000 or less ATK from his hand and his monster gains that amount of ATK during his turn. Red Dragon Archfiend gains 700 ATK because of the discarded Twin-Shield Defender (Red Dragon Archfiend: 3300 ATK).
- Trust Guardian's effect activates again, making Red Dragon Archfiend stay on the field instead of being destroyed by battle (Red Dragon Archfiend: 2900 ATK).
- Sets 1 card.
- End Phase, Assault Spirit's effect fades (Red Dragon Archfiend: 2200 ATK).

Pseudo-Jack says that a wounded beast like that isn’t Red Dragon Archfiend anymore. He’ll show Jack how a real King Duels!

Turn 5 - Pseudo-Jack's turn: 2400 LP, 4 SPC
- Summons Big Piece Golem without a tribute through its own effect.
- Activates Speed Spell - Angel Baton. By having 4 or more SPC, he draws 2 cards and discards 1. He discards Small Piece Golem.
- Activates the Continuous Trap Card called Powerful Rebirth from last episode and Special Summons Small Piece Golem from the Graveyard (LV 4, 1200 ATK).
- Activates Small Piece Golem and Big Piece Golem's effects to Special Summon Medium Piece Golem from the Deck.

Jack thinks Pseudo-Jack is aiming for a Speed Fusion of Big Piece Golem and Medium Piece Golem to form Multiple Piece Golem. But Pseudo-Jack corrects him as he aims for another thing.

Continuing Pseudo-Jack's turn:
- Using Jack's Assault Spirit as a cost, he Special Summons Trap Eater.
- Tunes LV 4 Trap Eater with the LV 4 Small Piece Golem to Synchro Summon a second Red Dragon Archfiend!
- It's not over. Because a successful Synchro Summon happened on his side of the field, he Special Summons his Magnator Synchron.
- He tunes LV 3 Magnator Synchron to his LV 5 Big Piece Golem to Synchro Summon another Red Dragon Archfiend!
- He then activates another Trap Card called Rebirth Ring. By offering a monster from his side of the field, a monster from his Graveyard is Special Summoned that is double the level of the monster offered. LV 4 Medium Piece Golem is offered to revive the LV 8 Red Dragon Archfiend which has been destroyed earlier!

Yet another Red Dragon Archfiend...

Magnator Synchron: LV 3 Tuner Monster, 1000 ATK.

A new Red Dragon Archfiend (left) and the one from earlier (right).

Everyone can’t believe it! There are three Red Dragon Archfiends on Pseudo-Jack’s side of the field. For the purpose of simplicity and to avoid confusion, I’m going to call them by their prominent color.

Continuing Pseudo-Jack's turn:
- Purple Dragon Archfiend attacks Red Dragon Archfiend. Jack takes 800 damage (2400 LP) and Red Dragon Archfiend loses 400 more ATK to stay on the field (1800 ATK).
- Green Dragon Archfiend attacks Red Dragon Archfiend. Jack takes 1200 damage (1200 LP) and Red Dragon Archfiend loses 400 more ATK to stay on the field (1400 ATK).
- Yellow Dragon Archfiend attacks Red Dragon Archfiend.

Everyone expresses their concern for Jack. If this attack connects, Jack is done for! The attack does connect and Pseudo-Jack laughs. But his laughter is cut short as he spots Jack still well!

Continuing Pseudo-Jack's turn:
- Jack activated Ray of Hope, thus cutting the damage he was about to take to half. From 1600 damage to just 800 (Jack: 400 LP). Red Dragon Archfiend loses 400 more ATK again (1000 ATK).
- Ray of Hope's second effect activates: after the Battle Phase, Jack Special Summons a LV 1 monster, which is Dark Bug.

Dark Bug: LV 1, 100 ATK / 100 DEF.

Pseudo-Jack ends his turn and mocks Jack’s Red Dragon Archfiend which has lost its fangs and claws. He is nothing more but a shell of his former self. Jack says he believed in nothing but himself before, but now he has friends and bonds. He has become even more powerful thanks to them and Trust Guardian is the proof of that.

Suddenly, all of the Crimson Dragon’s birthmarks glow and vanish. They all transferred into Jack. You know what that means: hax Tuner time!

The Crimson Dragon birthmarks all on Jack.

Turn 6 - Jack's turn: 400 LP, 5 SPC
- Summons Majestic Dragon.
- Tunes LV 1 Majestic Dragon with LV 8 Red Dragon Archfiend and LV 1 Dark Bug to Synchro Summon Majestic Demon Dragon!
- Majestic Demon Dragon uses its ability to take an opponent's monster's ATK as its own (Savior Demon Dragon: 7000 ATK).
- Majestic Demon Dragon attacks the copies of Red Dragon Archfiend, destroying them and defeating the fake Jack!
- Jack defeats his past!

Majestic Demon Dragon: LV 10 Synchro Monster, 4000 ATK / 3000 DEF.

Majestic Demon Dragon's attack: Ultimate Powerforce!

Yusei is shocked. As Savior Demon Dragon’s Ultimate Powerforce destroys everything, he sees that the fake Jack is actually a robot!

"I'll be back!"

The fake cards also disappeared with the defeat of Pseudo-Jack. Yliaster was watching and Lucciano comments on how it was a waste that the cards he copied were defeated. Suddenly, they were all alerted by a strange sound. It seems that it was the Circuit thing they were talking about before.

The Circuit...

Jack stops his Wheel of Fortune as Yusei, Kazama and Carly congratulate him. Kazama says he’ll testify that there is a fake Jack and Carly holds a lot of evidence with her camera. Crow joins them afterwards and cries after seeing Jack alive. Jack reminds him that he wanted to apologize. Crow is surprised that Jack knew about it and they all laugh.

The next day, they check out where Jack was held captive. But like during the Lucciano case, the laboratory thing was gone with no trace left. They now wonder what that robot was about. Crow mentions that the robot may be associated with the Ghost case from before. Yusei adds that this time, it was able to copy Jack’s appearance and D-Wheel so clearly along with Jack’s cards and his Signer dragon. Who is behind all this and what are they planning?

This partly answers the last question...

Closing song: -OZONE- by -vistlip-


Jack proved to his past self that he has improved by placing a card from outside his Deck to the top. Nice.

So let me get this straight… Apparently, Yusei and Crow thought Jack is dead and looked for the criminal as revenge. But during the chase, Pseudo-Jack bombs Crow and Crow gets knocked off his D-Wheel, crashing to the ground… and Yusei just continues running after Pseudo-Jack. Even worse, time passed yet Yusei didn’t even think of going back to check on Crow at all. I mean… you just found out your friend’s dead and then your other friend’s motorcycle crashes, but it’s like you don’t even care. This is why I like Yu-Gi-Oh! You throw logic away for the purpose of selling cards.

This marks as Majestic Demon Dragon’s first appearance in this season. This is probably to promote the next booster pack after Stardust Overdrive which is Absolute Powerforce as the cover card is none other than Majestic Demon Dragon. I wonder how much more the TCG will mess up the dragon’s name this time…

Anyway, as far as things go, it seems we’re gonna see Jose’s Machine Emperor soon as his plan is already in motion. What kind of diabolical schemes are up ahead now that their enemies have even more sly ways of working?

By the way, for those of you who play YVD, I have posted a YVD entry and uploaded SET files and images for download. You can see the post by clicking here. The SET file has numerous cards from HA01 and SOVR while the images also have the latest cards for the TCG and also has extras: Custom playfields! If you have any questions or comments, you can also visit our chatroom by going to this page.

Next episode:

Zora seems to be unhappy. The old cuckoo clock in their building is getting replaced because it doesn’t work anymore but Zora has some kind of sentimental attachment to it. Zora’s grandson also returns home from another country and he’s set to Duel Crow this time. It’ll be Crow’s first Duel in a while.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. This episode was a rather predictable and expected one. From last week’s preview, it was quite obvious that Jack was going to summon Savior Demon Dragon/Majestic Dragon Archfiend, so it spoiled the outcome for quite a bit of people. Of course, while most people would expect the Real Jack to win initially anyway, by the time the Fake Jack summoned 3 Red Demons Dragon/Red Dragon Archfiend, the outcome really seemed unsure and like it could go anyway, so it would have been more intense. But regardless, for a rematch, it was quite well done, and especially with the part of 3 Red Demons Dragon/Red Dragon Archfiend, it was something unexpected and of an epic scale to some degree. While the outcome was spoiled, in a rare occasion, the episode managed to retain decency and even displayed good quality anyway. While, as Hina has pointed out, there are some discrepencies in logic, such as Crow being abandoned, those are still acceptable and not completely quality-breaking, although it’d be nice to see some common sense in the future. As predicted last week, it does seem that Jose is mostly responsible for the Fake Jack’s appearance, as depicted by the last scene, although at the same time, Fake Jack is still probably part of Placido’s Diablo crew, seeing as there turned out to be a mere skin cover for the Riding Roid. The concept of the circuit is another curious case, as when Jack won his duel, parts of the circuit apparently became completed. More or less obviously, the circuit requires energy to be finished/complete, although only speculation or informatiion leeks may tell us what the power the complete circuit may bring about. In addition, it seems that Yusei and Jack might be becoming overreliant on using Savior/Majestic Dragon, seeing as they had to use these against mere robots. Of course, against the Dark Signers were completely acceptable, seeing as I’d rather see Kiryu lose to a hack than pure skill. However, at the same time, as Yusei and Jack had been relying on this card too much, it’s probably safe to say that the Accel Synchro concept will be brought up again, seeing as Yusei was thinking about the idea quite thoroughly and it took up a whole episode to introduce. However, seeing as Accel Synchro is most likely not common public knowledge, it’ll be interesting to see how the Signers get their Accel Synchro cards; perhaps the Crimson Dragon will grant it to them, or they’ll spend an episode or two looking for such cards. Also, the fifth Dragon is another issue that isn’t completely resolved, and the only card that Crow has yet to receive. Actully, I’m doubting he’ll get it this season, but I may be wrong. Overall, it was a good episode, and the post was well done as usual, expected of Hina.

    -Ryu Yuki

    • If you look at the Circuit carefully, it appears as different courses in the highway… Circuit is also defined as a racetrack for automobile races. But yeah, the purpose of that is still unknown.

      Accel Synchro may very well introduce us to a new OP, but I don’t see that happening until the shadow that covers Jose’s Machine Emperor is removed. Bruno isn’t even included. The WRGP battles haven’t started yet as well so I guess those things would appear later in the form of a new OP.

      I do think Crow’s gonna get the fifth dragon this season though. The Shining Darkness is set to be released after Absolute Powerforce after all (Feb 2010). I don’t think they’ve released a dragon for the card game before the anime.

  2. About the 5th dragon issue, something really doesn’t add up. As we all know, Signer dragons, or at least 4 of them, existed before the main characters, therefore they aren’t always adapted to each character’s respective deck, with the exception of Aki Izayoi for some reason. In the other hand, Crow has always been using his Blackwings/ Black Feathers. In addition, the 5th dragon has already been revealed in Ruka’s vision, and more likely resembles a real version of Power Tool Dragon than a Blackwing Dragon. Well that’s just from my point of view.

    Good job for the post as always though Hina, I can never get enough of those jokes and references you make to the show just with a few snapshots xD.

    • Now that you mention it, it does look a lot like Power Tool Dragon minus the tools.

      Thanks for the comment, by the way.


  4. HA HA- DUMB

  5. http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff116/Yukishiro-senpai/YGO/JoseYliaster.jpg <- look look my evil cosplayed henchmen! I have the whole pedo/idiot/macho figurine collection! :D

    Anyway… such a amusing episode…

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