Seitokai no Ichizon 6 : Transferring Feelings

November 11, 2009

Because the main route is still Minatsu.

Time’s flying and we’ve already arrived that the sixth episode of Seitokai no Ichizon. Expect some plot (yes, indeed plot!) in this episode, also some funny references and a teacher who doesn’t really act like one…

We also start with that teacher who’s eating some Pocky on the rooftop. Soon after, Minatsu arrives saying she know she’d be there. Minatsu opens her bento and starts eating, the sensei asks if Minatsu has made up her mind yet. Minatsu smiles and answers she did. Later that day, Minatsu walks over to the Student Council room and meets Mafuyu who’s waiting at the window. Minatsu tells Mafuyu she told the teacher about her decision and then apologizes. Mafuyu tells Minatsu she shouldn’t apologize since it’s the decision she made.

Just mentioning, but the opening single has been released. You know where to find it, if not… join our chat and we’ll gladly help you further~

Quote of the... well more will follow

Since memories are important, it’s also important to put up a good setting for them to be created. About the setting, Kurimu wants to have a discussion. The school festival theme needs to be decided. Mafuyu wonders why that needs to be done now, while the festival is actually at fall. Chizuru answers the theme is decided early so that they can announce it to the students before summer break. Mafuyu glances at Minatsu, but Sugisaki catches the camera with a brilliant proposal.

Did you expect anything else?

Of course, rejected… however, he signs his own proposal with the kaichou’s stamp and runs off. But! Minatsu awaits him at the door and uses her secret jutsu bankai. Sugisaki burnt to ashes and the council girls continue. The pres asks everyone for a proposal but interrupts them herself before they can actually say something. However, when she wanted to propose something herself, the trio rejected.

Because of their failure, Sugisaki arises from the ashes like a phoenix and tells them to accept his proposal afterall. Chizuru asks Mafuyu if she had any other idea except for her first (BL) one. Mafuyu speaks up and proposes “competition”. The others are enthusiastic at first, but then Mafuyu falls back into her other old habit… games.

Day of Sagittarius all over again...

Mafuyu’s proposal isn’t accepted in the end, Kurimu tells Minatsu to continue her plea. Minatsu jumps up saying it should be “Fight”. Somehow she sums up the rules of Duel Kingdom, Sugisaki mentions it sounds like the typical shounen manga plot. Minatsu doesn’t stop though and says that Sugisaki would be a weak scum character being beaten up by a new entry killer character.  She goes on about  how she would be the character who would have to fight against the favorite but win against him in the end.

Cause everything's better in one-shot

Unfortunately, the story ends when the sensei enters and orders them to get down. They all jump off their chairs immediately and drop onto the floor. When Sugisaki finally dares to ask what’s wrong, the sensei replies there’s no real reason. The sensei enters and sits down at some organ-like sounding piano. She fools around with them a bit and then mentions she told the teachers that the theme will be Sugisaki’s proposal. Of course, the overexcited Sugisaki gets turned down by her soon after, saying it was a lie.

Kurimu resorts to asking Chizuru as a final help. She proposes “Pain”. The sensei agrees with her and says she even lacks some “Trauma” theme to make it perfect. Luckily, a shocked Sugisaki stops them right on time. The sensei leaves saying the teacher’s room’ll be empty by now. Before she actually exits she says they should decide by tomorrow because summer break is already there. Minatsu and Mafuyu look at each other and this time, Chizuru also notices.

Minatsu scratches her head saying she can’t hide it any longer now. She explains to them that they’ll transfer away soon. They only have their mother and she’s gonna marry soon to someone from the mainland. Chizuru asks Mafuyu if she’s alright with that. Mafuyu answers that she’ll follow her sister’s decision. Kurimu complains saying they can’t have a Student Council with only her and Chizuru, obviously leaving out Sugisaki. Sugisaki flicks his hair saying he’ll take care of the problem. He proposes to Mafuyu. Unfortunately, neither that, nor the president’s plea work on them.

It was a good try...

The following, Minatsu and SM sensei meet up at the rooftop again. Sensei asks if Minatsu told the others about it. Minatsu nods and then changes the topic. Sugisaki, Chizuru and the pres are at the Student Council room. Chizuru asks if Sugisaki has accepted their transfer yet, he looks at Chizuru without replying. Then the kaichou jumps up saying she figured it out. Mafuyu will follow her sister anywhere, so if they can convince Minatsu to stay, Mafuyu will too.

Minatsu and Mafuyu enter with their usual “Sorry, I’m late” routine, though this time with the pres awaiting them. Kurimu messes up her second quote of the week and then tells Minatsu she can have her “Fight” theme. She proposes the title Academy Ranger with a silly pun in Japanese, the two girls back away and Chizuru sweatdrops as well. Sugisaki replies that they should tie themselves to school, but to their appearances.

Save the world with moe-ness!

Kurimu suggests that she should be Red because she’s the leader. Minatsu complains that she’s better fit to be Red and doesn’t want a chibi Red. Both continue arguing, while Sugisaki asks Chizuru if the pres was doing it to keep Minatsu in the meantime. Minatsu eventually gives in to Kurimu and continues with saying Mafuyu should be Pink and Chizuru Black. Kurimu and Sugisaki agree, but the two girls wonder why the choice was that obvious.

A new character aspect of Chizuru?!?

Sugisaki thinks about what kind of Ranger he should be. Minatsu tells him he’s either Blue, Green or Yellow. Sugisaki however wants to be something unique like Zebra or Rainbow, but Minatsu tells him those already exist (do they?!?). He then suggests he could be Transparent. Minatsu vein pops asking what costume he would wear if he’s gonna be Transparent. After some other idiotic proposals and a Metal Gear Solid referece, Minatsu is declared Yellow and Sugisaki Blue.

Minatsu proposes a good setting for her Yellow character. Images speak for themselves…

Lance of Longinus pierces the Angel...

Sugisaki immediately comments that’s not what Yellows do. Kurimu then tells them to think of a good plot, Mafuyu mentions that it’s good to start developing a story from the end. Sugisaki proposes an open ending which gets responded with a massive blue stripes moment… Chizuru says that it needs to be  a happy ending. Sugisaki tries to make up for his error and suggests a…

Loli route ending

or a…


Not successful…

Mafuyu asks that the whole thing will be broadcasted at the school festival. Kurimu looks down and nods saying it can only be done with five people in the council. She continues saying that she thought about it yesterday (we get a free bath scene shot with Kurimu as well) and she says the council needs to have five people. Minatsu gets up and says she knows how fun council is with the shadow of her hair covering her eyes, she then runs out leaving them.

Kurimu is depressed and asks if Minatsu is angry with them now. Mafuyu says that isn’t the case. Minatsu wants to stay according to her, but then tells the true story behind it. The two sisters never knew their father and her mother found a new boyfriend. Minatsu didn’t want to have anything to do with him though and so a rift formed between her and her mother. However, her mother still cared about Minatsu making a bento for them everyday with love. Now Minatsu wants to make up for it by agreeing to move.

Loli sisters!

Sugisaki is stunned by Mafuyu’s story and suddenly remembers something. A flashback with him and Minatsu crossing each other on a road. Sugisaki told her he wants to be like her. Minatsu is surprised and then smiles saying a guy who wants to be like her shouldn’t be aiming to become her but aim a lot higher.

Later, we see Minatsu leaning over the railing on the roof.  She looks beside her and to her surprise notices Sugisaki leaning beside her. He tells her she’d look moe in her mainland uniform. Then he gets to the topic saying he’ll come to their weekly meeting in their new school while showing a schedule. Minatsu tells him he’s an idiot wanting to do that, but Sugisaki is serious saying he found a good part-time job which pays highly. Minatsu comments that it’s obviously gonna be a dangerous job and says she can’t stay a member if she’s gonna transfer. Sugisaki comforts her that it’ll be alright, since it’s the Student Council and his…

*Minatsu's defense fell slightly*

*Wild Sugisaki fainted*

The sensei suddenly peeks and watched the whole scene.

The following day, Kurimu announces her next quote with only Chizuru to hear it. The pres starts crying and falls into Chizuru’s arms. Mafuyu and Minatsu enter the room at the same moment and ask what’s wrong with the pres. Kurimu gets up and answers herself that she’ll keep the Student Council running even without them and that’s why she made the theme “Festival”. Mafuyu and Minatsu are excited about it, but the pres is confused since she thought they’d leave. Minatsu then explains that they’ll stay a little longer since her mother decided to get married next spring.

On the roof, sensei asks Sugisaki if he was serious about going to see them weekly. He nods saying he really was. She tells him he’s the same as Minatsu.

At the end, we get to see another flashback. Minatsu standing on the roof making a call. She’s denying her decision has something to do with love, but that “he” was really serious about it.

Minatsu... made up her mind


Thoughts :

It was an interesting episode. Not only did it show some more plot than the usual episodes, it also showed the characters really influence each other. Especially the flashbacks were interesting to see. The one with Sugisaki and Minatsu might even be part of a bigger plot.

As for the rest, I guess it was our usual Seitokai episode with some funny references and pinches at funny cliches like Sentai Rangers and stuff.

Oh dear, I hope my download capacity gets back soon… Stupid providers, I’m falling behind on series like this…

Kyon, at your service~


One comment

  1. Summer is really the season of Minatsu. I guess as the season changes in the series, the female character associated with the current season is gonna be the central character.

    Quite a nice episode (since I like Minatsu the most out of them). It’s starting to become the series that I’m excited to watch every week.

    Hope you get back your capacity too. Also, I think I found my next MAL profile pic~ Ahahaha~n

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