Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop – Images and SET File

November 10, 2009

If you play YVD, then good news! I have here a (sort-of) complete SET file and lots of image files!

To download, click More~

YVD SET File (839 KB)
Images (17.2 MB)

For the SET file: Just paste it to your YVD directory. It will ask if you want to replace the older file and just select “Yes”.
For the Images: Copy the folder named “Images” that’ll appear after you unzip the file and paste it to your YVD directory. It will ask you if you want to replace the older files and just select “Yes to all”.

Here’s a short FAQ for stuff…

Q: Wow, great job. You wasted some hours of your life, didn’t you? Did you make YVD?
A: Thank you for your kind words. No, I did not make the wonderful program known as the Yugioh Virtual Desktop. It’s from XeroCreative. You can get the YVD program from their site (which will also require you to have Hamachi).

Q: Okay… so did you make ALL of these images?
A: Nope. I only made the ones that are in folder names in whole CAPS (except LODT). I started doing it since CRMS but I kept it to private use. Now I feel like sharing my images (which has recent SOVR and HA01) images.

Q: What exactly is different between the one here and the one in XeroCreative?
A: Firstly, my TCG SET file has the HA01 cards. Secondly, I have more images. I have DDY1 (which only has Vice Dragon) and YG04 (which only has Elemental Hero Absolute Zero). Then, I have a special GHOST and GHOSTUN category in my SET file and images which has images of Ghost Rare cards. Also, you get free custom YVD playfields, hooray! Third…ly… well, the ones from XeroCreative have higher quality. I can only provide temporary relief for those new cards.

Q: Cool playfields… did you make them?
A: Well… no… BUT, Kyon from our blogging team did them all. I dunno if he wants to do requests. To change your playfield, open YVD, click on Settings and change the Playfield in the bottom. Once you’re done, select “Save Settings and Exit“.

Q: I updated my SET file through YVD’s “Update Sets” function… now some cards are missing!
A: Yeah… sorry, but if you download mine, updates will probably erase the cards I added. But do not fret! I try to be as updated as I can and I shall post an updated batch of SET and images.

Q: How do you do this anyway?
A: First, you need the pic of the card. They’re usually found in Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia. Save the pic of the card and then open any pic editor you have (I used Microsoft Office Picture Manager and later PhotoScape). Crop off the unneeded stuff, you only need the card artwork in the middle.

Like so...

Then resize it to 40×40 pixels. Next, convert the pic to GIF (I usually use Paint). The name of the pic must be the same as the name you inputted in the SET file. You must not put spaces. For the case of /Assault Modes, I used “- Assault Mode” in the SET. Example: Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode’s pic must be named “StardustDragon-AssaultMode”. Other than “-” you cannot use symbols (like “!” or “?”) for the SET.

Q: Does that mean I can create my own cards?
A: Yes.

Q: So I downloaded it… and I went up against a friend. But my new card appears as “bad card” for them… what do we do?
A: Well, your opponent needs to have the same SET file and (optional) the images file.

Q: Sometimes, when I flip a card facedown from face-up position, the artwork remains shown. What’s up with that?
A: Oh… that must be a YVD bug. I don’t know about that. Try flipping it face-up then facedown again.

Q: Sometimes, when I place a facedown Spell or Trap from my hand, my opponent claims it’s horizontal but I didn’t choose horizontal position and I can see it fine. What do I do?
A: Again, that must be a YVD bug. In any case, just select the horizontal card and right-click on it, selecting “Turn Card Horiz/Vert“. Do it again and your opponent will be able to see it fine.

Q: Wanna Duel?
A: Not really… I was told sharing Hamachi networks are dangerous…

Q: What are you, two years old?
A: No, I just dislike having to worry over things.

Q: …do you wanna Duel now?
A: What are you, two years old?

So anyway, YVD is a great program made by the people in XeroCreative. I hold no right to claim anything. I only made some images and added stuff to my own SET file and I only wish to share them. And of course, support the card game itself by buying the real cards.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. Hooh, new SET file is out already? Good job, Hina-chama~ Perhaps I should update my YVD too one of these days… We’ll have duel afterwards, ne?~ :3

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