Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 6 (EX019) – Masks and Revelations

November 9, 2009

I know what you mean.

Monday is Asura Day… well, at least for this blogsite, that is. Today’s also a special day for #SOS-dan, celebrating its Independence Day.

In any case, this week’s entry episode is about a masked woman and the girl who appears with an ice phoenix, trying to kill Tomoharu. Later on, Natsume Naotaka appears before Tomoharu and the gang and gives us some revelations… and sheds some light about how Misao became a Burial Doll.

Expect action, lots of explosions, new characters and revelations.

Last episode summary:

For the Sports Festival, Kanade, Reiko, Tomoharu and Higuchi were designated to participate in the Three-Legged Race thanks to Higuchi’s fake curse talk. But as they train, the curse is slowly becoming real as they meet several unlucky circumstances (Reiko going down with a headache, Higuchi having to train with Reiko’s brother, Reishirou, and then Kanade and Tomoharu getting stuck together by a hard knot and super glue). The following day, Kanade visited her mother’s grave after explaining the effects of Demons using their powers. Her father was able to remember her mother thanks to seeing her fighting intensely. After all that, on the way home, Tomoharu sees a grave… with his brother’s name on it.

Episode 6 (EX019):

Back in Tomoharu’s love shack, err, I mean house. Misao, Tomoharu and Kanade informed Ania and Shuri about the tombstone they saw engraved with Naotaka’s name. Misao finds it odd since Naotaka’s been sending Tomoharu letters, even more when Ania and Shuri add that they met Naotaka personally. Just as they wonder, the subject of the conversation calls Tomoharu’s phone.

"Natsume Naotaka"

Tomoharu picks up and Naotaka’s voice from the other line tells them to leave that place at once. Before Tomoharu can ask a question, a masked person in a motorcycle bursts through their window.

It's the new Kamen Rider!

Is that really the usual response to a person who suddenly jumps through your window riding a motorcycle?

The masked woman gets off the motorcycle before it crashes down. Because of having a weird mask, Misao and the others start laughing, saying it looks like a Picasso mask. Their laughter is cut short when the masked woman takes out a knife and attacks Tomoharu. Kanade and Shuri go into the offensive and allows them all to escape.

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

Tomoharu and company run for it. However, the masked woman has a motorcycle. Luckily for them, Mahiwa was passing by, riding Vivian. They all hitch a ride on the Daughter and Shuri makes Vivian run.

"It's not a taxi just because it's yellow!!"

Vivian jumps from roof to roof but the masked woman, which we will now affectionately call Picasso Kamen, is still able to keep up. Vivian heads for the mountain road and Picasso Kamen follows. Instead of challenging them to a Riding Duel, she just gives chase.

Shuri tries shooting down Picasso Kamen but her reflexes are unearthly and is able to dodge her missiles. Kanade tries using her Demon powers but Picasso Kamen simply brushes it off. At this point, Shuri thinks it may be an Ex-Handler.

Tokoala tells Mahiwa to direct Vivian upwards and he does so. Vivian scales the mountain rocks and strangely, Picasso Kamen is still on their tail, riding upwards this time. Misao can’t believe it and so do I. Shuri tries bombing her again but this time, Picasso Kamen ditches her motorcycle and grabs onto Vivian’s tail. Vivian reaches the top of the mountain where a factory rests and dumps them all near it. Surprisingly, Picasso Kamen is nowhere in sight.

Before they could regroup, Kanade pushes Tomoharu down as several large icicles trap them. A phoenix made of ice lands on the factory’s roof and the girl who owns it appears before them.

That is really a cool phoenix... and again, no pun intended.

The girl introduces herself as Torishima Hiwako. And it seems that she’s working together with Picasso Kamen. They’re now surrounded.

"Come to the dark side!"

Suddenly, a rift in the space behind Tomoharu opens. An Asura Machina’s hand stretches out. Misao is stunned and she gets flashbacks.

Misao calls the Asura Machina as Hagane (translated as “steel”). She seems to trust this Hagane and then floats inside the rift, telling everyone to follow. Hagane grabs everyone and they all disappear into the rift. Picasso Kamen and Hiwako are stunned.

As they regain their consciousness, they’re now standing near the Meioutei (Tomoharu’s house, I already forgot it had a name). They ask Misao what happened but before she could answer, the Meioutei blows up.

Part B:

This is neither the place Matsuri goes home to before meeting Yorito nor where Himura hangs out...

At Shuri’s place, the group gathers together with Mahiwa and the president of the Second Student Council, Kurasawa Rikka. They’re watching a news report about the Meioutei being blown up.

It hurts when it comes from other people, doesn't it?

Rikka laughs as she sees Tomoharu’s picture being censored on TV as a wanted person as he may know what happened to the Meioutei. Shuri concludes that Hiwako and Picasso Kamen destroyed the place as they know it’s the only place that Tomoharu will go back to. The Science Club’s armory is also in the basement of the Meioutei. Misao and Tomoharu couldn’t believe that Shuri is hiding such dangerous items in their house.

Rikka asks why she also had to be there and Shuri explains that she wants the Second Student Council to protect Tokiya and Ania. Rikka wants something in return and Shuri tells her that just Ania would be enough. Rikka then thinks and remembers that Ania is a Luck-Eater, meaning she could manipulate odds of cash rolling in, Rikka accepts the job.

Misao asks Ania if she’s alright with it. Ania says it’s fine as she doesn’t want to owe the Second Student Council anything and she wants to stay away from Tomoharu, as she will only be a hindrance. Rikka tells Tomoharu to sleep in the church area instead as the farther he is from Ania and Tokiya, the safer they’ll be.

Later, Tomoharu lies down in one of the long benches. Misao asks him what’s wrong and Tomoharu replies that Meioutei blowing up is a big shocker to him, let alone being hunted down by police like a criminal. Kanade comes in and brings him a blanket. She then tells Tomoharu that she wants to talk for a bit. Tomoharu offers her to sit with him, wrapped by the blanket as well.

Why do you keep pushing the Misao Jealousy button?

Kanade talks about how nostalgic it feels. During the time she was saved by Tomoharu in season 1, it was inside a chapel as well. Tomoharu says that it was all thanks to Misao, who made Kurogane move. Suddenly, an Asura Machina appears inside the chapel and a person appears before them.

Naotaka... or at least that's what Ania and Shuri believes.

The person says that Tomoharu needs such high maintenance. He already sent Shuri to watch over him, even gave him Kurogane and set up the Science Club just in case, but he still ended up in such a predicament. Shuri and Ania (with Tokoala) bursts inside the church and they identified the mysterious person as Naotaka!

But Tomoharu is surprised… this person isn’t Naotaka. He hasn’t seen the person before. The person explains that the real Naotaka died while studying abroad. Tomoharu couldn’t believe it and asks the person again: “Who are you?”. The person tells him that… he is Natsume Tomoharu of the First Stage World!

Tomoharu doesn’t get it. The First Stage World’s Tomoharu explains that when Naotaka died, he disguised himself as Naotaka. His world, the First Stage World, is slowly dying because of the failed Black Hole Experiment. He also denies any connection with Torishima Hiwako or Picasso Kamen. He crossed worlds through the power of Hagane and traveled to the past in order to save his world.

Tomoharu asks NaoTomo (the First Stage World’s Tomoharu, I will now address him as such because typing it all is too long and saying Tomoharu 1st is just ridiculous and confusing) what Asura Machina are. NaoTomo explains that they are probes that cross dimensions. They are existences that God failed to complete and humans made contract with Demons to create. NaoTomo says that he doesn’t have much time as he’s vanishing, just like Christina.

That thing is popular these days, huh?

Ania explains that NaoTomo has failed to “overwrite” himself to the world they’re in. People who cross worlds have to overwrite their selves in that world or else they would be rejected. Ania knows this through her sister’s researches. NaoTomo explains that he couldn’t do it because Tomoharu was already dead when he arrived in that world. It also seems Misao knows about it…

Tomoharu asks Misao and Misao tells him she forgotten all about it… but suddenly remembered it just earlier after seeing Hagane, which is why she wasn’t responsive even after Meioutei blew up. Tomoharu then demands an explanation. He doesn’t want to be the only one who doesn’t know anything anymore. NaoTomo accepts his demand and tells him what happened… four years ago…

NaoTomo arrived in the Second Stage World, but is disappointed to find Tomoharu dead in a plane crash. He hears a faint groan and moves Tomoharu’s dead body. He finds Misao underneath. It seems Tomoharu saved Misao at the cost of his life. Misao gains consciousness but still blurry vision. She looks at NaoTomo, who had summoned Hagane behind him, making NaoTomo appear to have black wings.

Optical illusion sure is fun...

Misao begs NaoTomo (who, at that time, looks exactly like Tomoharu) to bring Tomoharu back to life, believing he is a Demon. Misao tells him that she will exchange her life for him… because if Tomoharu died, she will have nothing else to do. NaoTomo had no choice.but to use Hagane’s powers to resurrect Tomoharu… but it turned Misao into a Burial Doll.

Tomoharu gets mad that Misao did such a thing. He wants to know how to remove Misao from Kurogane. NaoTomo simply throws a map with a key over and tells him that he should head to the place specified in the map and hide there for a while. He is an important spare if NaoTomo fails in his mission… Hagane appears behind NaoTomo and they both disappeared.

Before Tomoharu could react, Kanade falls down. Tomoharu tries touching her but she seems to be… sparkly… and intensely hot. Ania explains that Kanade is having paroxysm, she couldn’t control her powers.

Fainting at least once every two episodes seem to be a requirement for her.

Kanade grabs something from her skirt’s pocket and reveals it as a medication given by Ritsu. She becomes normal again after drinking it and they were all relieved.

Tokoala explains that Kanade knew the risk of using her powers without a Contractor and still continued using it. Kanade apologizes and Tomoharu tells her she shouldn’t think of it as a big deal. She loses consciousness… and then Chiyohara Haruna of the Kantou Student Council appears.

Chiyohara Haruna and her minions from the Kantou Seitokai.

She is there to arrest Tomoharu and the Science Club for illegal use of Daughter and fighting in town.

Closing song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Second Stage World – The setting of the story. It is the world that succeeds the First Stage World.

Demon (Akuma) – May be humans from another dimension/world or acquired supernatural powers through several distortions of the world.

Vanishing existence (more known as Hizaika) – the process of a demon growing weaker each time they use their magical abilities.

Contractor (Kontorakuta) – Those who signs a contract with a demon.

Meioutei – Tomoharu’s house. It is owned by Shioizumi Uzumasa, Kanade’s grandfather, shown way back in season 1, the guy who loves spirals.


I knew it! Natsume Naotaka is actually Tomoharu from the First Stage World!

Putting that aside, the episode was clearly different from last time. The fast-paced action suddenly kicked in with some revelations by NaoTomo. It seems he won’t hanging around for long due to his existence also vanishing. Though I wonder, if he let Tomoharu die and posed as the Second Stage World’s Tomoharu, would NaoTomo be able to overwrite himself in? Well, whatever the case, it seems he really loves Misao…

I would also like to express my glee about Rikka appearing again. Though I wonder what is up with Picasso Kamen… she isn’t talking at all, even to Hiwako. And is it true that she is an Ex-Handler?

Also, in that flashback of four years ago…

Notice how Kanade (from the First Stage World) is transparent. She may be the Burial Doll for NaoTomo’s Hagane. If we look back to the first episode, during the flashes of the First Stage World, Misao is undergoing Hizaika. It may mean that Misao is a Demon in the First Stage World, completely opposite from the Second Stage World where Misao is the Burial Doll and Kanade is the Demon.

Anyway, I guess this eliminates my suspicion back in episode 4 that Hiwako is the contracted Demon of Natsume Naotaka.

Next episode:

It seems Hiwako and Picasso Kamen caught up… and they have Ania and Tokiya (the real one, not the koala Gadget) as hostages. NaoTomo also appears again. Mahiwa also seems to be there but is busy being unconscious. What will happen to this (another) suprising turn of events?

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


One comment

  1. wow… such a fast paced episode…
    A lot happened… 2 villians… a brother who’s actually him?…a demon getting sick … and an angry student council
    well it was a fun episode though
    I really wonder how things’ll evolve…
    more Misao service wanted :<

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