Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 19: end game

November 8, 2009

episode IV-I: end game

For the beginning of this new chapter, we have Battler being given a new power; the Blue Truth. It’s a technique he can use to have Beatrice respond to his explanations, but only if their content is about denying the existence of magic. He also has Ange-Beatrice by his side to assist him in this game. The episode revolved around Ange’s story, Maria’s magic, and the Ushiromiyas coming up with a theory concerning their father’s life.
The episode starts off back in 1986 with the Ushiromiyas, who were now gathered in order to visit Rokkenjima. Maria makes fun of Battler about his phobia of shaky transportation. Attempting to run after her and catch her, he bumps into an older Ange, who’s there watching them. Battler kindly apologizes, and right after, George calls for both of them to return. The family gets into a taxi and leave the scene, leaving only Ange behind. A stray cat walks into the street and reforms to take the form of Bernkastel, who’s now standing besides her. Ange makes an oath that she’ll uncover the mystery of the Rokkenjima murders and save her family before setting off.

Bernkastel in her cat form... Nyaaa~

Someplace else, Beatrice was still feeling depressed about decieving Battler like this, but it couldn’t be helped. Ronove appears just on time to make her feel worse, telling her Battler has been feeling pretty bad lately, crouching and clutching at his knees, not responding to the outside world. That, however, turns out to be yet another one of his tricks, as Battler dashes into the room lively after following one of the Stakes of Purgatory who stole his breakfast. Embarassed for worrying and being decieved like this, Beatrice bursts out in anger. Battler reminds her of how she decieved him during the last game, and how they’re never gonna be in the same side again. Beatrice agrees, and with Battler’s order, they are ready to start the next game. Before that can happen however, a new guest must be welcomed into the game. The guest is no other than Ange-Beatrice, of course. Battler remembers her from the last time she saved him when he was in a tight spot. Ange states that she’s annoyed at him for slacking off and not fighting against the witch seriously. When she’s asked about her identity, she just says she’s the Witch’s enemy and that she’ll assist him whenever it’s needed. Beatrice interrupts to bring up the possiblity that this guest could be a trap she laid. Battler tells her he’ll never be tricked again and asks for the girl’s name once more. This time, she introduces herself as Gretel, and reminds him there’s someone waiting for him back home, and for that person’s sake, he must defeat the witch.

So Battler's Hanzel?

The scene changes into Ange’s Past. A six year old Ange had been living at her maternal grandparents house, where her family had left her, when she heard the news about the murders. Eva being her only family now, she had to be put to her care. Eva hated her and was always cruel, often shouting and comparing her with her own son, George, now dead. She underwent training to become the next family head and joined the Saint Lucia Academy, where she was always bullied for being disclosed to herself. One day during lunch break, Ange is sitting behind some bushes and takes out a small book, apparently belonging to Maria.
The contents of the story book are retold as a flashback from Maria’s perspective. It’s her birthday, and she and Rosa are at a family restaurant, eating. Rosa apologizes to her for being late and thanks her for being a good child and waiting patiently for her. Hearing those words, Maria gets a little too excited and starts “Uuu”-ing her life out, so Rosa asks her kindly to stop. Surprisingly, Maria does as she’s told, but now she wants to see her present. Rosa says she’ll only give it to her if she doesn’t get so noisy as the previous time and Maria agrees. What was wrapped in the present paper was a doll called Sakurato, apparently made by Rosa. Once again, Rosa apologizes for rushing the doll and wishes her daughter happy birthday. Maria however says she doesn’t mind, because she loves anything her mother makes.

Please... Let me adopt her... PLEASE!


A few days later, Rosa calls Maria from a hotel room and tells her she wont be coming home tonight due to her work. An understanding Maria tells her it’s fine, and that she’ll go buy her bento with Sakutaro. Rosa doesn’t want her to go out with the doll though, and tells her to leave it back home. As she hangs up, we can see a man smoking in the back of the hotel room.

Cough, yeah, work...

We’re now shifted to Maria and Sakutaro the doll, who was given life by her magical powers. Maria wonders why her mother insisted she’d leave the doll behind and asks its opinion about it too. It says it believes that it might be embarassing for Maria to be seen along it, and that it’s afraid of humans anyway. Maria says she doesn’t mind and comes up with a good idea to take the doll out with her, that is to put it in a rucksack. A few moments later they arrive at the convinience store and pick bentos together…

I bet they'd be more scared than you if they ever saw you...

Back to Ange and the real world again, Ange asks Maria if that’s what she calls the power of magic. A little Maria appears right in front of her to tell her that by learning about magic, you also learn abou many friends who were by your side that you never noticed before. She also tells her she has what it takes to become a witch, seeing how she revived her by filling the fragment of her soul left in the diary with magic. Ange asks her if they’re gonna be able to talk more if she had more magical powers, and to that Maria nods. Suddenly, voices can be heard in the background and so our girls pack up and flee from the scene; not unnoticed though.

The witch form of Maria, MARIA.

Next scene, we’re in 1998, observing Ange having a conversation with a person called Okonogi in a skycraper. Okonogi tells her he heard of how she jumped off that building but Ange replies that she knew there was a safety net set up on a lower floor. Apart from this conversation, Ange wants to know why Eva was in a place two kilometers away from the mansion during the murders in 1986. Okonogi has this theory that even though Kinzo had chosen Krauss as his successor, he had started believing Eva would be more fitting for the job. That’s what gave birth to the epitaph, which would supposedely give the headship to the one who solves it. At the approporate time, Eva was given the answer by Kinzo, hence becoming the new family head. She was later called to the hidden mansion Kuwadorian to be given the inheritance, and that’s how he supposes she avoided getting caught in the murders. Ange has a different explanation though. She clearly believes it’s Eva who carried out the murders so she could steal all the wealth for herself. Okonogi crushes that theory by reminding her of how fond Eva was of her family. If, indeed, she was the one to kill everyone, her son and husband would definitely make it out alive. Even though both of them (Okonogi and Ange) were given the same information, they have different opinions about the matter. Okonogi blames that to the feeling of love Ange is lacking. Shortly after, his cell rings, and the caller, Ange’s aunt from the Sumadara family, demands her immidiate return to them. Okonogi disobeys orders and lets Ange leave for Rokkenjima before they come to get her.


Ange makes a run for it while being chased throughout the building. She makes an attempt to escape by jumping off the second, or something, floor of the building, landing on top of a car. That doesn’t turn out to be a wise move, as a man appears from inside the car and captures her. While we believe everything is over for her, a mysterious man (Recognized by Ange as Amakusa) appears, knocks off Ange’s capturer and orders her to join him in his car to escape. Later on the road, Amakusa explains Okonogi called him moments earlier to make sure of Ange’s safe departure and stay throughout the journey to Rokkenjima.

I was hoping for a panty shot here, to be honest...


Back to Rokkenjima of 1986, Rudolf insists Krauss lets the rest of the family meet with Kinzo, just to greet him out of love. Krauss remains silence as Kyrie takes the speech. She says everyone should be more grateful to Krauss and Natsuhi for taking care of Kinzo. Eva realises what Kyrie is about to come to and tries to stop her, but Rudolf tells her to let Kyrie say what she believes. Krauss being the highest in the hierarchy and the next one to become the family head he was forced to take this job anyway. Kyrie speaks again and asks him to agree to two conditions about Kinzo, and if he does, no one will ask him to let them see him until after his death. The first condition; to look after Kinzo for the rest of his life. The second one; for Kinzo to die a natural death. In case one of the two conditions is broken, Krauss will be deprived of his rights as a caretaker, and will also lose his chance to become the next family head. Of course, Kyrie states she doesn’t intend to trick Krauss on trivial points like Kinzo choking to death while eating, or something of the sort. What she meant was something bigger, like Kinzo disappearng while wandering into the forest. She announces that most certainly, after Kinzo’s death, the family will carry out an investigation about his death. Natsuhi feels completely mocked about these accusations and bursts out. Kyrie reveals she suspected Kinzo is already dead and Krauss is hiding it since last year, and goes on by saying that everyone in the room is also suspecting that.

You're kinda late, then.

Outside the game board, at the Purgatorium, Battler thinks of a new possibility about the island’s alive reisdents. Taking to consideration what Eva-Beatrice had told him about 18 people existing in Rokkenjima, he comes up with a new theory. Kinzo is already dead and the number of people Battler doesn’t want to suspect in Rokkenjima is reduced to 17, leaving an empty spot for the real culprit to be. In continuation, he asks her to repeat in red that Kinzo was included as one of the 18 people on the island. Although she states she could shatter this theory effortlessly, she refuses to repeat in red whatever Battler wants her to anymore. Battler protests to such an unfair rule, but Ange reminds him he had already accepted it, since the very beginning. That’s what she meant by Battler slacking off.
Her pride hurt by their words, Beatrice decides to let Battler use the blue truth. Another form of truth which can only be used when the statement denies witches by itself. Following the use of that technique, the witch is forced to reply in red. For example, Battler may use this technique to state that more than five master keys exist, and that the culprit has one. This statement totally denies the existence of witches, as if there is another master key, it’d be fairly easy to create a “closed room”. To that, Beatrice would have to respond. So ultimately, the blue truth isn’t exactly the truth, but more of a way to force the opponent into making a statement. Battler feels quite confused about this new ability of his but Ange calms him down and advices him to strike against Beatrice’s riddles using a “wall”, instead of just a single point, much like how a shotgun fires tons of projectiles instead of a single bullet. With Ange-Beatrice’s help Battler has finally realised how to fight back Beatrice and make the game even for the first time ever. Beatrice laughs at his excitement and challenges him to use the blue truth against her. He does so by stating Kinzo is already dead, and the unknown 18th person of the island is the killer.

The blue truth! Battler's new weapon!

Back to Rokkenjima again. Krauss makes a deal with the rest of his family to attempt to convince Kinzo to meet them. He and Natsuhi leave the room to do so.
Next scene we see Krauss and Natsuhi into Kinzo’s room, who is actually alive. He grabs Krauss neck and attempts to choke him for wandering into his room for such a trivial reason, leaving Natsuhi to observe, unable to to do anything for her husband. While he finally lets go of him and throws him onto the ground, he accepts into meeting with the rest of his family but hints the family headship may be given to someone else instead.

Badass Kinzo, GETTO!



  1. So by “end game”, does it mean game IV will be the last game for this season?

    Anyway, I didn’t notice the cat was Bernkastel XD

    I like that new blue text thing.

  2. Yup, Alliance of the Golden Witch is the last game in the first Umineko series and will span a total of 7 episodes.

    And yeah, the blue is awesome indeed~

  3. does that mean there will be season 2 of umineko? i like higurashi more!! they should create more eps of higurashi

    • Yup, and it’ll go by the name ‘Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru’

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