Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 83 – As If One Jack Wasn’t Awesome Enough

November 7, 2009

Now a small game of "Spot the Misty" before starting to read!

Jack is arrested… and it’s about him creating havoc around town! A surprising turn of events lead him to facing his worst enemy: His past, the King!

Expect a Mirror Match. But also expect… a conclusion!

Last episode summary:

Yusei and Jeager were trapped by Placido inside a room with a Guard Robot itching for a Duel. Jack and Crow successfully infiltrates the factory but they’re too late as Placido already accomplished his goal and awakened the “Diablo”; his army of Riding Roid. Yusei is also left in a tight spot, if he cannot defeat the Lock deck in front of him, he (along with Jeager) will be blown to smithereens. He holds on to his 1% chance of winning and defeats the Guard Robot and is helped by Jeager escape through his balloon. In the end, Jeager warns Yusei not to get any more involved to the situation than that…

Key Card of the Week:

Red Dragon Archfiend: LV 8 Synchro Monster, 3000 ATK / 2000 DEF.

Episode 83:

In the middle of the night, some people were knocking on the doors of Yusei’s love shack. Bruno gets up and opens the door, wondering who that might be without considering the possibility that it may be another burglar… well, it’s the opposite anyway. It’s Security!

"This a raid, dawg!! Thought ya could escape us last episode, huh?"

"You won't tempt us with the yaoi you imply!"

They storm the place, waking Yusei and Crow upstairs but they just passed through them.

"Hah! I tricked them into not knowing it's me by not wearing a hairband!"

…since their real objective is none other than Jack Atlas! They present a warrant of arrest and books Jack downtown and confiscates not only his Deck but also his D-Wheel. Before Yusei or Crow were able to question the crime he committed, they leave fast.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

Bruno, Yusei and Crow are in front of Mikage and Ushio. Ushio explains the reason why Jack was apprehended; it seems he was seen on several Riding Duels with the intention of making his opponents crash.

The monitor in front of them shows a surveillance footage of the highways. The D-Wheel looks exactly like Wheel of Fortune and the Duelist even uses Red Dragon Archfiend; very strong evidences against Jack.

The group is stunned. Suddenly, Bruno remembers something from a week ago, during their Tag Duel training…

Continuing Jack's turn:
- Tunes LV 3 Dark Resonator with his LV 5 Big Piece Golem to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Red Dragon Archfiend.
- Uses Red Dragon Archfiend to attack directly.
- Tag Duel practice over; Yusei's team wins.

Jack brags about taking out the enemy smoothly but Crow is enraged. He snatches a card from Jack’s hand and reveals it as Trust Guardian.

"Why won't you use this super girly card?! It's not like you haven't done it before!"

Yusei walks in and explains that Trust Guardian is a Tuner Monster that protects the Synchro Monster that used it as a Synchro Material Monster. Jack tells them he doesn’t care, his dragon is played through the heart and using something like that is degrading for him. Crow then tells him it’s not for him but for the team. Yusei adds that doing individual plays won’t help the team without proper coordination.

At that point, Jack becomes enraged. If they don’t like his fighting style, then he doesn’t like the team either. He tells them that he’s leaving the team and sets off on his own. Crow tells Yusei to leave Jack be. How many times has he ran away anyway?

Back to the present, Crow shouts out to Jack why he did such a thing. Jack, who was in a different place, just below the observation deck where Yusei and the others are, tells them he wasn’t the one who did those things. Crow adds that Red Dragon Archfiend is supposed to be a one-of-a-kind card and Jack just says he doesn’t know but he isn’t the culprit.

Crow gets ticked off and says that the reason Jack did it was to sabotage their entry to the WRGP because Jack found out that he couldn’t survive alone. Jack gets annoyed as well and calls over Crow for a brawl (the only thing Jack is good at by himself). Yusei stops Crow but Crow continues by saying that Jack is the most selfish person in the entire world. Security then restricts Jack’s movement and takes him away.

"Gah! Get that spiky thing away from my face! Deadly weapon! Deadly weapon!!"

A short promo video of the WRGP. Then the news reported by Angela (you know, that girl who was supposed to be Carly’s rival among reporters). She claims that Jack has admitted guilty for the charges that caused him to be arrested. Several fangirls from Duel Academia were saddened by this, seen by Aki. Inside Rua and Ruka’s classroom, Sly (who suddenly appears now) starts being a regular jackass again, saying he knew something like this would happen.

"I've had enough of your talk! Let me seal those talkative lips of yours with mine!"

Rua defends Jack, saying he hasn’t admitted anything yet. Sly says that Rua is taking the side of a criminal, which earns him a push to the floor, only to be saved by a hypnotized Ruka.

"Pardon the intrusion but can I write this down in my notebook?"

At Yusei’s love shack, the Signers (minus Jack, of course) gathered. It seems Crow’s little disturbance in the Security Headquarters caused some people to believe that Jack did admit to the crimes. Crow apologizes to his friends (minus Jack). The group (minus Jack) think of what to do to save Jack’s hide. Rua thinks they should go after the real criminal who is masquerading as Jack. Ruka pops his bubble by saying they don’t have any leads at all. Yusei agrees… so they (minus Jack) leave it to Security first…

"Hi, I'm Bruno's brother!"

At the Security Headquarters. Kazama (from episode 76, the guy Jack helped with the Syd case) approaches Ushio. He knows Jack wouldn’t do such a thing and he believes so does Ushio. Because of the Syd case, Kazama knows Jack is a true and proud D-Wheeler that wouldn’t go this low. Ushio admits that he doesn’t believe it as well. Meanwhile, Jack gets a flashback from confronting Mikage. He demanded an explanation but Mikage tells him that after his arrest, the investigation was halted. It seems someone from a higher echelon really wants him booked.

While expressing his frustration over a metal door, a small bug-like object flies to the lock of his prison’s door.

It suddenly explodes, releasing the lock on Jack’s door and a triggers the alarm, of course. Jack takes this chance and escapes. Mikage, Ushio and other Security personnel rushes to Jack’s room and finds it empty. Mikage receives a call and it seems Jack escaped with his D-Wheel and Deck.

In the highway, Jack promises to catch the culprit. He cannot forgive those who taint his name nor Red Dragon Archfiend’s. Again, in a very predictable turn of events, the fake Jack appears.

He who laughs first... is the fake Jack!

Jack finds out that this fake Jack allowed him to escape. The fake Jack claims he is the real Jack Atlas. Pseudo-Jack bumps into Jack’s Wheel of Fortune, almost causing it to crash another vehicle but successfully dodges.

"I bet we'll be used as plot devices next episode because of our camera!!"

The owners of the vehicle realize it’s the suspect, Jack Atlas and takes some pictures. Jack catches up again to Pseudo-Jack but again, gets hit. The two Wheel of Fortunes hit each other until the Pseudo-Jack gets satisfied and starts a Duel. The other vehicle goes through a different lane.

Part B:

Back in Yusei’s love shack, Yusei is alerted by a call from Ushio, saying that Jack escaped. This wakes up his sleeping harem.

Yusei tired them all out but he seems really fine! As expected of Yusei!

Rua, knowing how an idiot’s brain works, tells them that Jack is surely after the real criminal. Crow and Yusei then think and they figure out that Jack is… dun dun dunnn! In the Highway! Well blow me a Bush balloon, it’s the only place where villains appear!

Anyway, Duel start.

Jack Atlas VS... Jack Atlas?! Riding Duel, acceleration!

Turn 1 - Pseudo-Jack's turn: 4000 LP, SPC: 0
- Summons Dark Resonator in Defense Position.
- Sets 3 cards.

Turn 2 - Jack's turn: 4000 LP, SPC: 1
- Special Summons Vice Dragon in Attack Position.
- Summons Dread Dragon.
- Tunes LV 2 Dread Dragon with LV 5 Vice Dragon to Synchro Summon his Exploder Dragonwing.
- Exploder Dragonwing attacks Dark Resonator, but through Dark Resonator's effect, it is not destroyed by battle once per turn.
- Exploder Dragonwing's effect, however, skips the damage calculation and destroys Dark Resonator through its effect. Pseudo-Jack takes 1300 damage (Pseudo-Jack: 2700 LP).
- Sets a card.

Dread Dragon: LV 2 Tuner Monster, 1100 ATK / 400 DEF.

Exploder Dragonwing: LV 7 Synchro Monster, 2400 ATK / 1600 DEF.

Pseudo-Jack suddenly speaks up, telling Jack that his attack was too weak. He is underestimating the King. With a weak attack like that, then the Jack Atlas in front of him is not the real Jack Atlas! Jack gets annoyed… but he can feel intimidated for some reason. His hands shake on the handle of his Wheel of Fortune.

Meanwhile, Crow and Yusei sees an occupied Duel Lane and they assume that Jack is the one Dueling in it so they venture close to it. Pseudo-Jack tells Jack that by this turn, he will become overwhelmed by the REAL King’s power. Jack doesn’t take this seriously as he may be bluffing. After all, he still has all of his LP.

Turn 3 - Pseudo-Jack's turn: 2700 LP, SPC: 2
- Activates a Trap Card, Shock Wave. This card was intended to use by Jack in episode 59 to end his and Carly's Duel in a Draw. Its function is to destroy one monster on the field when the controller has lower LP than the opponent and deals damage equal to the monster's ATK to both players. Jack takes 2400 damage as a result (Jack: 1600 LP) and so does Pseudo-Jack (Pseudo-Jack: 300 LP).
- Summons Mad Archfiend.
- Jack activates a Trap Card, Powerful Rebirth, which allows him to Special Summon a LV 4 or lower monster from his Graveyard. He chooses Dread Dragon in Defense Position. Through Powerful Rebirth's effect, its level is increased by 1 (LV: 3) and its ATK and DEF are increased by 100 (ATK: 1200 / DEF: 500).
- Jack is shocked. Pseudo-Jack activates the same card and Special Summons Dark Resonator (LV: 4, ATK: 1400 / DEF: 400).
- Tunes LV 4 Dark Resonator with LV 4 Mad Archfiend and uses Jack's summoning speech... to Special Summon Red Dragon Archfiend!
- Red Dragon Archfiend attacks and destroys Dread Dragon.
- Much to Jack's surprise again, Pseudo-Jack activates Lineage of Destruction... which means Red Dragon Archfiend can attack once more!
- Red Dragon Archfiend attacks directly.
- Jack... the real Jack.. loses (Jack: 0 LP).

Pseudo-Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend: LV 8 Synchro Monster, 3000 ATK / 2000 DEF.

Owned by the past...

Jack crashes through a wall and falls. As he falls, Pseudo-Jack reveals his eyes to Jack, which are creepily similar to his. Jack falls into the sea, defeated by his former King self.

Pseudo-Jack is a vampire!!

Yusei and Crow catch up but they see Pseudo-Jack instead. Pseudo-Jack orders his Red Dragon Archfiend to release a fire blast, which covers their vision, allowing Pseudo-Jack to escape.

Under the highway…

The Trust Guardian card... next week's Key Card.

Closing song: -OZONE- by -vistlip-


The lesson? Use Trust Guardian! It would have protected your Synchro Monster from the Shock Wave!

Quite a display of strength from the imposter. Not only did he use Jack’s cards to complete professional levels, he made him look like a newbie and even defeated him using his own ace monster. It may be obvious in the middle of the Duel, during the time he summoned Red Dragon Archfiend, but the glowing eyes may have something to do with Placido’s “Diablo” army. After all, he was able to place Yusei’s past Duels inside a Guard Robot, he may have done it this time on a Riding Roid with Jack’s data. The halting of the investigation of Security also strengthens this case.

The last scene was also quite funny. Pseudo-Jack escaped and Yusei and Crow had the look like “Oh my god, he escaped this ONE-WAY highway!!”. Where else could the Jack have went?

So now, we wonder, what happens to Jack Atlas… the real one. Will he revert back to pre-Carly meeting Jack?

Next episode:

Yusei and Crow confront Pseudo-Jack. They are shocked to find two Wheel of Fortunes. Do not fret though, the real Jack Atlas is still alive! He’s ready for a round 2! Pseudo-Jack explains that in Jack’s current state, he cannot possibly defeat his former self. What will Jack do? Can he possibly defeat his stronger self?

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. one has to wonder how someone would survive a 50m ON A MOTORBIKE… and then the next episode the motorbike and person are back on the road…
    ma ii… I guess it was a good episode for Jack fans, showing his character development and stuff.
    What’s Ruka writing down in her notebook anyway?!

    • Ask Mafuyu~

      • *shocked*

  2. This episode took an unexpected twist. While initially, from last week’s preview, it seemed like one of those one-shot fillers, after watching the actual episode, I’m mistaken. While I’m with Hina’s idea that the Fake Jack is part of Placido’s Diablo crew, there seems to be a few contradictions. Firstly, from the previous episode, the entire Diablo is essentially a copy of Ghost, and all their D-Wheels are the same. The Fake Jack, however, looks nothing like Ghost and has Wheel of Fortune for his D-Wheel, which is something that doesn’t add up to what happened last episode. Not to mention, he has Red Dragon Archfiend. So while it seems likely that he is a Riding Roid from Placido’s crew, perhaps the Fake Jack is related to Jose’s plan (One of the Antagonist Trio) as his plan involved the Signers more extensively. Of course, with the way this arc has been going, it’s been expected that the plot will be more developed than compared to the previous ones. At the same time, this episode, we had a cameo of Misty. Or at least a hologram. Which makes me semi-angry, as I feel they should really bring back Kiryu, who is more irreplaceable than the likes of Carly. Also, Bruno has been taking Kiryu’s place, and I do not see this as a good thing, as personally, I am a fan of Kiryu. And I am very sure 80% of the people reading this comment think that Kiryu is easily the best and most needed Dark Signer to come back. I mean, Carly is not even useful anymore. She no longer really has much importance to the plot, and I’d very much rather see Kiryu back than her. But yeah, great episode and good job on the post.

    -Ryu Yuki

    • You have a point about Jose as he’s the only Yliaster person we haven’t seen in action yet. He may have launched the plan prematurely because of Placido’s action but then again, his tablet still hasn’t appeared…

      I think they’re only keeping Carly as Jack’s love interest anyway. She’s also handy in comedy for filler arcs and stuff.

      Personally, I’d also like to see Kiryu back.

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