A Certain Scientific Railgun 05

November 7, 2009

This is a summary of episode five. Yep. Uh-huh.

This episode of Railgun starts off with a brief flashback from a year ago, around the time when Kazari and Kuroko had met for the first time. The audience is given an introduction to the relationship between the two, and Kazari’s respect for her senior.

Now, back to the present; the two are surveying school grounds for spots to install surveillance cameras. Just at that moment, Kuroko witnesses a young man breaking into a car, and quite apparently looting it. Ignoring Kazari’s advice to wait for backup, Kuroko arrogantly charges in head-on, only to be foiled by a previously unseen accomplice. In a futile effort to stop the two burglars from getting away, Kazari finds herself laying unconscious on the ground, knocked out by a stungun.

Upon Kazari’s awakening, with the perpetrators long gone, Kuroko is blamed for the miserable failure, and a reference to a “promise” is brought up; one that Kuroko evidently does not remember. Fed up with Kuroko, Kazari leaves in a fit of rage.

The scene shifts over to the JUDGEMENT office, where Ruiko is shamelessly asking for Kazari’s answers for their summer homework. Mii, Kazari’s senior officer, warns her that it might not be a good idea under the current circumstances. Not paying much attention, Ruiko goes on to take a prolonged gander at Kazari’s undergarments; an action to which she, contrary to Ruiko’s expectations, has no objections. Now she realizes that something is amiss.

Flashback again; this time we are shown Kuroko patrolling the streets with a very tolerant Mii from a year ago. Kuroko is frustrated by the tedious nature of her current position, and expresses desire to be promoted to a higher rank, with more exciting jobs. Mii decides to reward her efforts with some ice cream, withdrawing cash from a nearby bank to do so.

While waiting for her senior officer, Kuroko encounters Kazari Uiharu once again. The two have a bit of a conversation regarding their future middle schools, and the rumors of a certain “railgun” in Tokiwadai Academy.

As the two grade-schoolers are chatting, Mii notices a suspicious-looking man enter the bank, throughingly inspecting his surroundings. She uses her powers to see through his bag, and inspects his luggage. As it turns out, the man is carrying some rope, a roll of tape, and most significantly, a handgun. She orders Kuroko to prepare to evacuate the customers in the worst case scenario while she calls for backup. Kuroko is evidently displeased with Mii’s choice in tactics, but reluctantly accepts. Before they can do anything, however, the armed man fires a shot in the air, and announces that he is about to rob the bank. Kuroko dashes in, ignoring the dangers, and easily beats the gunman into submission.

However, Kuroko’s greatest failure lies in the fact that she had not accounted for the presence of an accomplice, proven when a second knife-branding man takes Kazari hostage. An alarm goes off at some point, and steel gates lock everyone in the bank. A lone security bot proceeds to engage the culprit, but is blown apart by some undefined force; a weapon that Kuroko would have fallen victim to if not for the self-sacrificing actions of Mii, who had jumped in the nick of time. With her last breath, Mii warns her colleague not to make reckless decisions without proper information, and falls unconscious shortly afterwards. The man closes in on Kuroko, and starts tormenting her physically.

In a desperate effort to save Kazari, Kuroko manages to teleport the poor helpless hostage girl out of the bank, a feat that is revealed to be the current extent of her powers. And she is now left with the responsibility for the safety of the civilians present, and a very angry bank robber to deal with. Outside, Kazari is desperately calling for help, and catches the attention of a certain Gekota-loving Tokiwadai student.

The robber crushes the steel gates with his powers, (the power to maintain a set amount of net force on a projectile infinitely, until it breaks down its target, (which is absurd)) and invites a shaken Kuroko to join forces with him before making his escape. She refuses without a second thought, states her resolve to crush evildoers in the name of justice, and takes the man on in a showdown between ESPers. The man tosses multiple pachinko marbles at once, an application of his powers that Kuroko had not expected. At that moment, a mysterious beam of energy evaporates the marbles, and Kuroko successfully apprehends the suspect.

The case is resolved, and the combatants tend to their wounds. Kazari shows admiration towards Kuroko for her unwavering resolve in the face of danger, and promises that she will follow Kuroko’s philosophy in working for JUDGEMENT.

The scene shifts back to the present time, where Kuroko had just finished telling her story to Mikoto. After refreshing her memories, Kuroko now recalls the “promise” aforementioned by Kazari. She receives a call, informing her that Kazari has located the car burglars from before, and is in the process of tracking them down.  After a short lecture from her “onee-sama”, Kuroko joins up in the pursuit with Kazari, and all is forgiven.


One comment

  1. looool. Uiharu seems moar of a fit for Kuroko than Mikoto.

    Unless she’s a masochist.

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