Kimi ni Todoke 5 : Sawako’s Resolve

November 6, 2009

Yeah... that's what Hayate said so many times...

Since there’s no Kobato, we’ll have to keep ourselves busy. Like last week, I’ll make a review about this week’s Kimi ni Todoke episode.

Last time, the rumors were getting worse day by day and eventually they caused Sawako to start avoiding everyone. Now it’s time to make up for that. The episode starts at Sawako’s house again, Sawako is daydreaming about what she should do now until her parents wake her up. They ask her what’s wrong, since it’s weird for her to be like that. Sawako waves it away by using the upcoming exams as an excuse. She puts her chopsticks down and wonders about what she’ll do when she faces the 2 girls and Kazehaya tomorrow.

The next day, Sawako notices that everyone is in a different seat because of the exams. She sees Ayane sitting on Sawako’s usual seat and wonders why she’s sitting there although there are such bad rumors going around.  Sawako walks by and takes her seat without saying a word.

A bit later, Chizuru enters and takes the seat behind Ayane. Ayane tells her about how Sawako passed by without saying a word. Kazehaya enters and notices Sawako sitting quietly as well. Sawako thinks about how far away the seat feels where she used to sit. It even feels like she never sat there together with everyone in the first place.

Die Pin! DIE!

She reminisces about the days when they all sat together laughing at stuff.  While scribbling down answers on her exam paper, she thinks on how she still hasn’t been able to clear the misunderstanding between her and them. And even if she’d be able to clear it, she doesn’t know how she could heal their scarred hearts. Eventually she thinks that avoiding them is the best thing to do in order to stop them from getting more hurt.

She suddenly wonders if Chizuru used her notebook afterall. She tells Ayane in her mind that she memorized a ghost story, which Ayane asked her back in some earlier episode. Then she sees an images of Kazehaya in front of her.

...now the only option left... is writing their names... in my notebook...

Tears start falling down on her paper and she tells herself that she always longed and dreamed of the moments she shared with them. She falls into despair, wondering on how she used to live without everyone and that she has forgotten about everything before them…

After the test, Sawako walks back home. Suddenly she notices Kazehaya sitting at the side waiting (for her). She narrates that he was waiting on the exact same spot as back in summer vacation. He asks her that he still doesn’t get why she’s avoiding him, if she doesn’t hate him. Sawako breaks… and bursts into tears.

Kobato where are you?! We need you!!

She blurts out her thoughts, but Kazehaya can’t understand a word of them. He grabs her hand and then Sawako explains it clearly. She tells him that he’ll lose his popularity if she’s around him. Kazehaya reacts by saying it’s not up to her to decide whether he talks with her or not and that he doesn’t care about any rumor going around.

I decide for you who decides for me! ... or something...

A bit later, Sawako receives a can from Kazehaya who asks her if she calmed down a bit. Snorting Sawako happily accepts the can telling she was really thirsty, she reaches in her bag and… pays.

"That's how much our love is worth"

Kazehaya first looks surprised but then laughs with the gesture. Sawako happily drinking, thinks of how she was in despair just now, but when she saw his smile, she cheered up. Pure-Pure boy then reasons that Ayane and Chizuru also must feel bad due to those rumors. He asks Sawako how she’d feel if they suddenly started taking distance thinking they’d be less popular because of her. Sawako shouts that she’d really hate that and that she wants to be with everyone. Kazehaya smiles and says that they might feel the same way.

He then blushes saying he was worried about her, making Sawako apologize. He immediately adds that she’s never allowed to avoid him anymore. Sawako is stunned thinking of how people rather used to do the inverse. She finally made up her mind now and says she’s gonna try talking to the duo tomorrow.

I'm gonna collect all konpeito!!

*puts on sunglasses*

They part ways, Kazehaya encourages her and she pumps up her own spirit as well.

At school, Ayane and Pin cross paths on the stairs. Pin sarcastically tells her to go home and gets some study, she counters saying she’s going to the library for that. She suddenly vein pops all over blaming him for everything what happened. Afterall, he was the one calling them over to the teacher’s room so they couldn’t eavesdrop on Sawako. Pin doesn’t get a word from what she’s saying and tells her not to simply put the blame on somebody.

OMG?! He has some braincells afterall?!

Ah... he's still an idiot

Ayane gets pissed and runs off telling she burned Ryu’s schedule, which Pin asked her about.

At the library, Ayane notices the book Sawako read. The ghost story book was placed back with the others, but all of them were read by Sawako since the tags showed her name on them. She wonders why Sawako was so serious about even though it was just a simple remark she made back then.

We switch sceneries and suddenly see Ryu passing by Chizuru’s place. Chizuru was sitting outside and Ryu mentions that she used to there when being punished by her parents when she was little. She gets pissed ofcourse, Ryu goes to sit beside her and tells her he’s following Pin’s secret training schedule. Chizuru starts twitching once she hears the name Pin and then snaps saying she doesn’t get it anymore.

As long as it isn't an ancient Egyptian soul, she's safe.

The conversation gets dragged into the rumor topic. Ryu wonders if Sawako could have really spread the rumors, since she never talks to someone else. Chizuru cheers up, but then realizes the other stuff, Sawako avoiding them and the “friend” chat. Chizuru clutches her head and complains why Sawako didn’t just tell she liked them. Ryu answers that it doesn’t necessarily have to mean she hates them. He gets up saying that there could be other reasons too and if it bothers her, she should just ask it to Sawako herself.

Back in her room, Chizuru flips through Sawako’s notebook. The notes are really easy to get and after laughing at Sawako’s crappy drawing, she cries saying Sawako went through all the trouble just for her…

Ayane calls Chizuru to have a chat later that night. Both meet up at a bridge and gaze in front of them. After asking about how the test went, they talk about Sawako and how her smile inspired people to study more. Chizuru wonders if Sawako got used to the fact that people were avoiding her. She says that was the reason for her to get involved with Sawako. Ayane agrees and adds that it really made her happy to see Sawako smile. Chizuru mentions that they haven’t told her how much they care about her yet. Ayane laughs saying that in the beginning she thought that Sawako was one of the types she’d never get along with. But now, they’re definitely friends…


We move to Sawako’s place, Sawako opens the window and says that it’s impossible to understand one’s feelings unless you ask them. And how your feelings can’t reach them unless you state them clearly. Because they can’t understand each other, it makes them wanna clear things even more.

The following day, Sawako is panicking inside one of the toilets. However, Sawako made up her mind and remembers Kazehaya’s words. Suddenly, she hers some bitchy type girls gossiping again. Sawako overhears them and decides to clear things up. She gets out of the toilet and tells the girls it’s all a misunderstanding. But the bitches start laughing and eventually one of them gets close to Sawako placing her hand on the wall. She tells Sawako they get it…

Can you tell them apart?

The other girls start giggling in the background… but then… Sawako shows some character development…


To be continued…


Wow… I’m impressed by this turn around. Okay, I have to admit that things are going rather slow, but that gives us the time to fully explore all the characters’ feelings. Same with this episode, I expected the rumors stuff to get cleared more. Instead we saw Sawako building up her strength in order to stand tall against them.

About the 2 girls, really nicely done by IG. They combine comedy and plot perfectly without losing the touch of drama.

Now there’s still a lot to be undone, it would be damn awesome if Sawako shouted something and the 2 girls just enter the restroom at the same time. Well, I can only hope that…

Next episode called “Friend” will cover up the make up between Sawako and the 2 (I guess). I wonder if I’ll have the time to blog that one…

That’s all for now,

Kyon, at your service~



  1. Yoshina and Yano really are a good friends,,, n_n eventhough there so much things that could make them hate Sawako,, they still believe in her,, n_n

    this epi full with tears,, :grin:

  2. Awesome story, I did not thought it was going to be so awesome when I klicked at the link.

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