Bakemonogatari 13 : Hats look good on Cats

November 5, 2009

...is ready to play~

After a long wait and week delay, Shaft entertained us with a streamed Bakemonogatari episode. The continuation of the Tsubasa Cat arc, mostly aimed at showing all characters again and building up tension for a real ender. Still, it’s worth a watch.We start with a nice cloud floating over Tsubasa’s head. Then we head over to Araragi who’s happily biking to school. He remembers last episode where Senjougahara showed him her “special place” and the star trio. While he bikes through the city, he suddenly noticed our lost loli Mayoi…

Guess what he's thinking?

He grabs her body and starts cuddling her, which results in him getting bitten painfully…

It bites!

He deserved it though...

The angry loli calms down and Araragi tries to talk with her, but she stutters and makes him angry as usual. A bit later, he tells her he’s studying for the exams with the help of top students. Mayoi suddenly mentions that if she had to pick between Tsubasa and Senjougahara, she’d go for Tsubasa. Araragi answers that he can’t see Tsubasa the same way as he looks at Senjougahara, since he’s his savior. He also says that despite her personality, he likes Senjougahara.

Then Mayoi changes the topic to Shinobu. She saw the little vampire at a donut shop next to the highway.  Araragi wonders if it is really true, then why would Oshino let Shinobu wander around on her own.

Lost Loli ver. 02

Araragi leaves soon after Mayoi psychically punches him back for groping her. She smiles and tells him goodbye.

No intro this time, but the ED will make up for that.

Araragi arrives at school, but after locking his bike, he gets a message from Tsubasa. He turns around and unlocks his bike again, but then the unavoidable Senjougahara pops up.

Enjoy this shot, it's the last one you'll see of her this episode.

Senjougahara asks him where he’s going to. He tells her he needs to preform some humanitarian aid. Senjougahara glares for a bit, but gives in to him and even tells him she’ll answer his roll call. She teases him by using a boy-ish voice and saying she’s the only one  for him. He answers that he hasn’t said anything like that yet, which obviously implies he’s planning to say it once. He blushing leaves on his bike.

At Rouhaku Park, he meets up with Tsubasa who immediately tells him to get rid of his bike. He answers that getting rid of his bike is trivial to her ditching class, but she convinces him that those two are completely different matters. She apologizes for making him skip school today. Luckily, she looked at his schedule and noticed that nothing bad will happen to him from skipping just today. Araragi still wonders if it’s such a good idea for both the class-rep and the vice-rep to ditch classes on the same day. She responds that she left Senjougahara in charge to make up for her absence the day before.

Araragi observes Tsubasa as they speak and notices that she’s wearing pajamas. After a lousy joke, he gets to the point and asks her what happened. He wonders if the headaches came back, but she assures him that’s not the case. She continues telling that she remembered something that happened during Golden Week. The memory of the cat they found during Golden Week which they buried afterwards, had returned to her. Then she asks if he can take her to Oshino to solve the problem with the oddity. He agrees, but wants to ask her some questions before they go. He explains to her that he’s been relying on Oshino too much for stuff like that.

He asks her when she started to get headaches. Tsubasa tells him it started about a month ago, she had them until a few days ago and even the day before. Then Araragi asks her if she encountered any cats besides the one during Golden Week. She starts talking about some radio letters, which have less to nothing to do with topic.

Zetsubou shita! Radio shows have left me in despair!

Eventually, Araragi gets to the last question. He asks her to take off the hat she’s been wearing the whole time. She tries to refuse, but Araragi then preforms the same joke as he used before only this time in serious way. She tells him she’ll get mad if he keeps standing asking for her hat, but he refuses to give in. He tells her that paying her back is more important than their friendship. She wonders what he’s talking about, until he refers back to what happened during spring break. Tsubasa answers that he was merely saving himself, but his disagrees with her and Oshino who also follows that opinion.

After being convinced, Tsubasa takes off her hat and warns Araragi not to laugh at her. Araragi has a tough job trying not to burst into laughter when seeing the nekomimi on her head.

I wouldn't laugh...I'd call it moe!

He thanks her for showing him and offers her a ride on his bike to Oshino’s place. When they get on the bike, Araragi feels a little closer to heaven when Tsubasa presses her chest against his back. He avoids Tsubasa’s threat by leaving immediately.

While biking, Tsubasa reasons that our vampire has quite the tough life helping all sort of people with their problems, not to mention all of them girls… She says that it all started for him during spring break when he was attacked by a vampire. Tsubasa starts explaining about how vampires use their eyes to charm the opposite sex so they can turn them into their captives. While talking about that, an image of the older version of Shinobu appears on the screen (probably a scene which happened in Kizumonogatari, the light novel which covers the events before Bakemonogatari. Don’t kill me if I’m mistaken, I just did a small research). Araragi is amused by the story and tells her that she really knows a lot. Instead of the usual “I don’t know a lot, I just know what I know”, the keeps denying the fact that she knows a lot.

Oshino is sitting outside beside some ashes (it might be a wild guess… but he might’ve been busy with oracle bones. Again, don’t kill me if I’m wrong, I didn’t read the novels afterall) and greets the two who just arrived there. Araragi notices that he’s not in his usual mood, but Oshino puts his focus on Inchou-chan. He notices the hat on Tsubasa’s head, telling it looks nice on her. He decides to help them despite having some business himself.

While walking upstairs he explains the oddity once more. He mentions that cat’s are night animals and when they arrive upstairs, he knocks out Tsubasa with a simple slap. He reassures Araragi that there’s nothing to panic about and teases him with a joke about Tsubasa’s breasts. After that, Araragi asks him what exactly the meaning was of knocking her out. He explains that things’ll be a lot easier when he’s able to talk to the of the problem itself… While putting up a cigarette, Oshino tells Araragi to look at Tsubasa. She transforms back into her sawari neko form.

Straight to the point as always!


Thoughts :

Finally, the continuation! I’ve been looking forward for this one. Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely satisfied with today’s episode, mostly because it was a build-up episode. Still I enjoyed it more or less due to some references to the Koyomi Vamp arc (which hopefully will be animated once). It showed us that Oshino isn’t always the man who he seems to be. He actually cares about Shinobu, then there’s also the ending where chibi Shinobu standing hand-in-hand with Oshino and Araragi.

As for Tsubasa, the real action will start next episode? Well, I do hope so. Hopefully it won’t get screwed up like the Sengoku fight which was confusing at some point. As for now, I can’t really add anything more… we’ll have to wait until the next one.

Kyon, at your service~



  1. is there any word on a release date 4 episode 14 and 15?

  2. no posts for ep14+15????

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