Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Bernkastel and Lambdadelta: Who are they anyway?

November 4, 2009

Aww... Aren't they adorable?

We’ve all noticed how our beloved witches, Frederica Bernkastel and Lambdadelta resemble a lot to characters from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: namely Furude Rika and Takano Miyo. So, who are they? How did they come to be? Well, in this -relatively small- post I’ll try to make things a little more clear… I guess.
We all know how Studio DEEN fails at making decent “When they Cry” anime series. They often leave things out, such as Bernkastel’s existence in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Normally,  there was supposed to be one of Frederica’s poems in the beginning of each arc, which would explain what were to happen in it. Many other things were left out, and others were slightly edited, like the end of Higurashi Kai where Takano fails to shoot properly and misses. In the games, that happened because of Hanyuu’s powers, where in the anime they never showed it. Anyways…

She copied her looks from Takano Miyo (Yes, I'm serious).

If we take Lambdadelta’s diary in consideration, we can say that she lived for longer than Takano Miyo. While travelling through worlds and asking people to ask her to grant their wishes, she finally met Takano Miyo. A little girl whose wish wasn’t something Lambda had ever heard before. The girl wished for guarantee that all her efforts will definitely come true, a wish she will pratically grant herself. That was what humans would call determination, and witches like Lambda, fate. Amused, Lambdadelta asked for her true wish, what she really wanted to achieve. And that was, of course, to become a God. Upon hearing those words, Lambda decided to guarantee her wishes to come true; although she knew that if the girl’s heart wavered, it wouldn’t happen.
Ultimately, the girl, even though she tried hard, failed to reach the world Lambda was hoping for, but that turned out to be okay since she gave her something else; a new witch -That being Frederica Bernkastel. Following those events, Lambda set of to many other worlds, but never came across another person with a wish like Miyo’s. That was untill she met another girl in a different world. That girl was already a witch, but wished for Lambdadelta to recommend her, so she’ll get a title no one will be able to deny believing in. After being reminded of Miyo and putting some thought into it, she decided to award her with the title, as long as her magic will continue being Absolute for all eterntiy. And of course, for that kind of party, Lambdadelta decided to call a friend. Bernkastel. (You can guess who the second girl is *rolls his eyes*)

My favourite witch of all; The Witch of Miracles.

Now to get into the Bernkastel talk. Who she is? Well, for starters, she’s not Furude Rika. That, she has also stated in one of her poems. It is believed that she is an entity of the collected memories of all the Rikas that have died in the past. Presumably, she was created when the amount of Rika’s memories in the fragment world, where Hanyuu stored them, reached a critical mass. Leaving things as they were, Rika’s mind wouldn’t be able to handle it and die. That’s where Bernkastel joined the game. Every time “Rika” would arrive to a new world, she’d have no previous memories of the Rika that lived there. At that time, a copy of Bernkastel’s memories would replace the memories of Rika.
When a Rika dies, her memories are transported into Bernkastel. During the Matsuribayashi-Hen, last story of Higurashi, while Bernkastel is aware of Takano Miyo’s identity as the real enemy, Rika isn’t. However, that may also be Hanyuu’s fault, her powers failing after all those hundreds of years. In Saikoroshi-Hen of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei, “Rika” gives herself the name of Bernkastel in order to be able to distinguish herself from the original owner of her body; the real Rika. At that time, she also states that the version of her in a higher dimension doesn’t matter anymore, since her memories won’t join hers when she finally dies (Meaning Bernkastel).
To conclude, you can say Bernkastel is a self aware database full of the memories of the Furude Rikas that have died. Each time “Rika” would arrive into a new world, Bernkastel (the database), would send a copy of her memories and personality to replace Rika’s mind.  When that Rika would die, all the experiences she lived would transfer back to Bernkastel. Bernkastel and “Rika” aren’t really a seperate entity untill the end of Saikoroshi-Hen, where “Rika” finally diverges from her and lives her life normally, while Bernkastel sets off to different worlds.

Because just one photo isn't enough to capture her awesomness...

I hope I wasn’t really tiring with this post and that I helped you clear a few things out, in place of Studio DEEN.
That’s all,


  1. Hmm, one thing I forgot to mention is that Lambdadelta used to be known as the most powerful witch before Bern beat her~

  2. hooh… interesting theories…
    I wonder how Umineko will end… still I think Higurashi was more fun since it sticked to its genre..
    good job :3

  3. Too bad Bern turned out to be a magnificently evil, completely monstrous bitch. Actually, that’s not a bad thing at all. FUCK YEAH BERNKASTEL!

    Well, you can’t really call her Frederica npw, since she’s not Rika at all anymore, just “Bernkastel.” Not the cute little girl Rika, only the monster Bernkastel. Only wine.

    • Only wine? Certainly not Bernkastel. SHe just makes YOU whine.


  4. i’m pretty sure everyone in umineko has some influence from higurashi or at least i hope they do xp i mean battler seems so much like keiichi

    but of course things will be left out of the anime.. it’s like how mangas are always different to animes. sometimes entire chapters are missed out.
    it did say something about the bullet missing because of her powers (the audience was probably supposed to assume coz she IS a demon after all lol xD) but it’s more of a way to show the whole theme that the anime creates about how they all worked together so therefore no-one could die and that whole speech about life being like a game of cards o>O
    but i do agree about the whole bernkastel thing.. but i think maybe they just did that whole suspence thing in the second season.. of making us think “ooh who was that” but when it’s mentioned in the third season,, true it makes no sense at all.. i knew about it coz i looked it up but when it came up in the anime i was like WTF?? it came up so randomly that she was a witch.. but it did vaguely mention at points that she did have powers,..
    maybe that’s what umineko is for,, to explain it lol XD *BREATHE*

    well soz about that
    I LOVE HIGURASHI!!! especially TAKANO MIYO!!! kawaii to kakkoi~~~~~ xP

  5. Assuming Higurashi Rei is canon then you could say Bern shows her true colors there already.

    She ends up in a kakera where people didn’t have their relatives die under suspicious circumstances. The disease doesn’t exist, Satoshi is not secretly hospitalized, and her own mother is still alive.

    And then she proceeds to kill her own mother because she wants to have all the people of the village crawling at her feet praising her (as the supposed proxy of a god). Most of all, she wants to get back to the “fun” world, where people whom she calls friends slaughter each other for no coherent reasons (the “parasite”) while she gets to observe it repeatedly from the front seat. Killing her mother and deeming everyone in the city to their bloody fates in the process are just necessary evils for her “fun”. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? :)

  6. This is actually incorrect, it’s actually the opposite – the Rika we follow in Higurashi is Bernkastel, not Rika. Maybe the Bernkastel in Umineko is that, some kind of twisted version of Frederica but it’s never been implied.


    Read this. Rika clearly called herself Bernkastel in the VN. Since most people have only seen the anime, I can see why they’d mistake it though.

  7. Just to elaborate, when I say it’s not Rika, it is “a” Rika, but that Rika has changed so much and become such a different being to the original she takes on a new name for herself out of respect to the “Real” Rikas that she has replaced.

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