Seitokai no Ichizon 5 : Minatsu means Summer?

November 3, 2009

Minatsu's secret scent, because she's worth it.

Huhu, summer is my favorite season! And there are too many reasons to start summing them up right now! Today’s episode has lots of summer warmth in it, so prepare your swimsuits as we’ll dive into yet another fanservice episode.Since it’s summer, the girls switched into their summer uniforms. This is too much of an opportunity for Sugisaki to let it pass by. He admires both Mafuyu’s and Minatsu’s sleeveless uniforms and gets strangled as a reward.

White uniforms + Water = Sugisaki's fantasy

Kurimu mentions that Chizuru doesn’t like summer uniforms much, she herself adds that it’s because of her bad blood circulation, she sometimes gets cold when wearing it. The pres however, likes the uniform since she can easily play in the sandbox with it.

You don't need much fantasy to imagine this...

After the opening, all the girls have switched into swimsuits since it’s just too hot for them. Mafuyu tells them it hasn’t been this hot since thirty years and Minatsu complains about the broken aircon. Luckily for them, the swimsuits are part of the equipment collection they have. Unfortunately, not all of them are happy with their suit, Kurimu wears a children’s swimsuit, while Chizuru complains about how small her bikini is. There’s one other person who isn’t satisfied about this situation… and I guess I don’t have to tell you who that is. He is being blindfolded by a special design blindfolding… device… and whenever he tries to remove the device, he gets…

Are those twitches of the human body even physically possible?!

Chizuru reminds Sugisaki of “who removes the device, he’s to bear the consequences” by licking a long needle and telling she punctured the pressure points that give pain whenever he tries to take it off. Sugisaki complains, of course, and it only gets worse because of Chizuru teasing him. Sugisaki gets shocked again, but recovers miraculously and starts complaining to the bookshelf! Kurimu then puts the quote of the week on the whiteboard.

Quote of the week~

Chizuru immediately agrees by giving herself a fanservice shot. The pres gets depressed since she’s… well not that impressive. It suddenly gets peaceful in the clubroom when Kurimu announces it’s a day-off. Mafuyu pours iced tea into glasses when she asks why Sugisaki suddenly got so quiet. The answers lies in the room next to them…

Puberty X-ray vision

Sugisaki turns a normal discussion between Mafuyu and Chizuru into a wild, passionate love dialogue. Soon after, Minatsu and Kurimu get into the illusion as well.


I'll remember those points...

Unfortunately, the love-love dialogue gets gender-bent…

BL = Big Loss...

Sugisaki gets shocked by the last turn of events and shouts his guts out. Chizuru tells him they’re just discussing Mafuyu’s novel from last time. In order to stop Sugisaki from having weird illusions again, Kurimu tells them to let him in on some conversations to distract him. Out of the blue, Sugisaki starts talking about the pres’ small cupsize. Kurimu isn’t really happy with that remark and tells him she actually has some capacity. But when she tells him she has an F, Sugisaki orzs and says he can’t imagine it.  The kaichou gets angry and says she’s 170cm tall with F cup, Sugisaki wonders why her voice is coming from below then. She quickly gets on a chair and repeats her statement, Chizuru mentions that it would be heaven on earth for Sugisaki if he’d be able to witness that.

The next one up to distract Sugisaki is Chizuru. Sugisaki asks her to describe her outfit for him. She replies that he can just have a look at her instead of her telling him. He, of course, is tricked and gets yet another shock of death. After he recovers, Chizuru suggest they talk about trading murders. As Sugisaki still wonders why she picked that subject, she already explains that she does it often. Sugisaki is shocked and when Chizuru preforms a fragile pose saying she’s only an ordinary girl, he gets even more frightened.

The last ones to give Sugisaki some distraction are Minatsu and Mafuyu. Sugisaki teases Minatsu by assuming she just fixed her swimsuit’s hipline. Minatsu denies, but Sugisaki continues saying she talks big, but is actually embarrassed on the inside. Minatsu denies it again and Sugisaki reflects on his wrong assumptions. Tsundere-chan ignores him and tells Mafuyu to be careful with dangerous men like Sugisaki. Sugisaki complains, but Mafuyu responds by saying she can’t handle types like Sugisaki. Then Minatsu starts whispering in Mafuyu’s ear…

Minatsu leveled up, she learned the Chizuru techinque!

Mafuyu gets brainwashed and Minatsu tells her to attack her enemy. When Sugisaki complains on how Minatsu just used her sister to attack, Minatsu rejoices on how his quote sounded like a main character confronting an evil scintist! But before Sugisaki can react to that, he gets attacked by Mafuyu.


But, when she fires her special ultra mega über triangle of doom…

Someone needs to fix her aiming...

Sugisaki witnesses heaven and comments that the kaichou’s breasts are just like he imagined them. After the break, Minatsu is outside playing baseball…or a sport that looks like it. The others are still inside the clubroom and Kurimu gives us yet another quote of the week!

And I thought they were having a day off...

Chizuru immediately proves that the statement is true as she performs a perfect businesswoman act. Then we get to see yet another book cover…

Guess who's inside?

Sugisaki grumbles asking how long they’re gonna stay in swimsuit mode. Pres answers that they’ll go away once the swimming team finishes their practice, Mafuyu adds that her sister will join up later.

A while later, the three girls admire Minatsu who’s still playing outside with the baseball team. Kurimu tells that she never knew Minatsu was a stand-in for the sports teams. Mafuyu explains that she likes to be relied on by others. Sugisaki, from his isolation box, mentions that they never really talk about their private lives outside the room. The pres tells them that she knows how Chizuru is in the morning. Mafuyu wonders about it since she’s not good with mornings at all. Then Kurimu explains…

Somehow...I can empathize with her...

And it even continues at lunch time~

How being cute really offers you advantages in life...

While eating shaved ice, Chizuru then asks why Mafuyu isn’t good with mornings. She answers that unlike her sister, who’s an early bird, she stays up all night to play games, even during exams. Sugisaki comments that she’s a dame ningen, but Mafuyu says she’ll lose if she cuts down on gameplay time which Sugisaki agrees with completely.

Chizuru asks if Mafuyu sleeps at school then, but Mayufu answers she only reads at school. Kurimu wonders if she has friends, which Mafuyu immediately assures. Only after hearing some of the names, which are obviously game nicks, they realize she doesn’t have any school friends but them. Mafuyu denies saying she’s actually pretty popular receiving gifts and being nominated for class pres… not that it really helps her situation…

Sugisaki assumes that Kurimu’s private life is like everyone imagines how it would be, but she revokes his statement saying her life is a lot more surprising than he’s thinking. She tells him she actually gets 10 hours of sleep a day, then Sugibox assumes she goes to sleep at nine. She is shocked and asks how he knew that.

The box has spoken!

She denies that fact and says she actually knows about men and women. When Sugisaki asks what exactly she knows about them, then…


Sugisaki sweatdrops and who can blame him? Then Kurimu continues on how mature she actually is. She plays basketball without ever having to touch the ball and is wanted by everyone, though Sugisaki comments that’s probably because they want a mascot. The pres isn’t stopped by his comments and rants on about her mature aura until someone knocks on the door telling them the swimming pool is free for them to use now.

The girls start preparing to leave, Sugisaki starts panicking since he’s still inside the Sugibox. But before he can even shout, they have already left the room. Sugisaki finally shouts and sways around, he tells himself that he’ll need to gather all his illusional powers to break free from the box. What he doesn’t know, is that the box has already been unlocked…

However, due to his imaginary skills, we get to see some good fanservice shots!



Eventually, he drops out of the box by himself, he notices the lock which was opened and thinks that Chizuru did it for him. He gets up and runs over to the door, when he opens it however… he notices a beautiful girl in front of him…


Sugisaki is stunned by the beauty and stutters while giving replies. The girl asks him why there’s a locker in the clubroom and addresses him with “Ken”. Sugisaki is surprised and asks who she is. The girl sweatdrops and wonders if it’s one of his new tricks. She gets annoyed more when he still doesn’t realize, so she ties up her hair a bit. Then Sugisaki finally notices the girl is none other than Shiina Minatsu~

Because it adds 20 moe points to you, dear~

Minatsu sighs and asks if he really didn’t realize it was her. He replies that it might have been due to his imprisonment. She looks like a really cute girl.  He reasons that girls change their appearance when they’re in love, so she has finally fallen for him. But he can’t even finish his statement before she interrupts him saying he still has a long way to go if he can’t recognize her with a different hairstyle. Sugisaki suddenly looks serious and apologizes. Minatsu blushes in response and goes into tsundere mode, but Sugisaki tells her that she’s not the same as always. He continues saying that they just talked about the lives of everyone outside the clubroom and that made him realize he doesn’t know much about everyone as he thought. He asks her what she does outside the student council. Minatsu talks around the subject saying she might have a secret or two…

Now how would a guy be able to pull of such a face?!

Then Kurimu suddenly barges in holding a swim tube and a watergun, she invites Minatsu over to the pool. What she didn’t know was Sugisaki standing beside her… images speak for themselves…


Loli uses Water Gun

Loli caught a Perv!

"Tch, even though I saw him first"

In the evening, the girls head home while Pres is already sleeping. Chizuru lovingly carries her home. Because of that, the two sisters are allowed to end today’s student council hour! And…later that night on sensei partol a wild Sugibox was discovered and successfully defeated.


Thoughts : Whee~ a Minatsu special episode! I enjoyed this episode, like usual nothing much happened but the amusement was at a perfect level again. If I had to scale Minatsu’s moe like Lelouch always does… I’d have to give her a +20 for long loose hair. The swimsuit and thigh highs were a good combination as well. Well, nothing much else to say about this episode filled with lots of delicious fanservice and no plot whatsoever~ Kyon at your service~



  1. Yay Sugibox. I laughed hard when Kurimu said “he became one with the locker!”

    The ED is also funny. It’s like singing unprepared and forgetting the lyrics as well.

  2. karaoke da!
    let’s sing together once dear?
    *hands a mic to Hina and pushes her onto stage*

  3. sugibox is epic XD. This episode really shines with all the crazy and funny interaction between characters. we need more minatsu!! tsundere ftw!!

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