Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood OVA – Blind Alchemist

November 3, 2009

While waiting for Fma 30 to be released, I have stumbled upon an ova released from the first Blu-ray Disk. Expect that this 16 minute video will make you wanting more…

Remember... only Edward is eating here

It started with the elric brothers eating somewhere in the city when Alphonse told Edward that rumours are told that somebody has performed a perfect human transmutation. The Alchemist in discussion is named ‘Judau’

Inside a well lit room. Rosalie was talking about what happened in school to Judau together with her mother when the butler told them that someone wanted to see him. Of course, they are the Elric Brother.

The Elric brothers entered the vicinity. Edward was feeling something odd about the mansion. Suddenly, Rosalie appeared and started playing with the Alphonse. The others arrived as well.

No Chibi reference today; Judau can't see Ed's height

The Elric brothers introduced themselves. The discussion continued until Edward said the magic word ‘Human Transmutation’. Judau asked to return Rosalie back to the house but Rosalie was having too much fun playing with that huge pile of armour. However, Edward decided to make Alphonse tag along with Rosalie.

After finding a good place to talk. Edward went straight to the point if he really perform a human transmutation or not. They each told which part of their body were taken. After feeling relieved, Judau asked if there are more things Edward wanted to know.

Edward asked if he really perfected human transmutation, which Judau and Rosalie’s mother laugh. They told Edward that Rosalie is the result of Judau’s human transmutation.

Rosalie: "Not even a little tsundere inside?"

On other news, someone just found that Alphonse is just a huge pile of metal…

However, Rosalie wasn’t shock on what she just saw. Instead, she wanted to show Alphonse something.

Judau explained that he had done it three years ago and paid the price. Edward also told him his past: Failure to resurrect their mother  and plans to return their bodies back.

Edward asked if Judau can teach him how to do the perfect human transmutation but Judau declined. He told Edward that it is Rosalie’s deceased father’s will to protect that secret. Judau asked for an apology and replied that he hope that they can retrieve back their bodies.

Edward: "Yeah... yeah... I get it..."

Edward haven’t given up and now continiously asking Rosalie’s mother about it. However, Rosalie’s mother’s decision didn’t change.

Edward finally gave up and told her that he’ll get Alphonse and leave. Rosalie’s mother told Edward that he can search around the house except for the rooms at the second floor.

Edward take a last glance on Judau and left.

Like derederehina said: *insert spy music here*

As a filthy bastard, Edward went straight to the second floor. There he saw Alphonse being dragged by Rosalie.

Alphonse and Rosalie entered a large room with a single bed in the far end of it covered with large curtain around it. Alphonse was surprised about what he saw inside the curtain. Rosalie explained that the body inside is the real Rosalie which Judau had transmuted. She explained that she is brought from the orphanage because she resembles the real Rosalie.

Spying failed

Edward stayed outside the door, hearing everything that Alphonse and Rosalie discussed, when Rosalie’s mother arrived and caught him on act. She explained that she intended to tell Edward about the rooms at the second floor to make Edward see the result of Judau’s human transmutation.

Optical Illusion: Just look at the door, it's closing by itself

The butler explained that the reason why Judau wanted to resurrect Rosalie. The butler also explained that each and every one of them bears the burden of the truth and wanted to continue to stay like that.

The Elric brothers bid farewell to Rosalie as the doors of the mansion closes.


The Lazy Prince…

This is how ova should be created… not just random scene of total fanservice.

Anyway, it’s good. Everything is sad, including the orgel sound Ed theme. Golden Rule? No human can achieve the act of resurrection. When the time comes, it’s their time.

If you ask me, Hiromu Arakawa (creator of Fma manga) use this as reference to christianity. You know… and I don’t want to continue further… Actually, that goes for the whole fma universe but I guess you already know that.

That’s all for today. See you next time.



  1. I just saw this OVA. It was spectacular!!! Very sad, loved the ending song. It did leave me wanting more. Can Judau do alchemy without any circles? Did he see the gate? Was this in the manga as a special? I gotta look this stuff up. Once again, great OVA. Thanks for the review!!

    • I think Judau couldn’t do alchemy without circles since if he does then he can show Edward about the circles. Then again… It’s irrelevant.

      I think the manga has this as a bonus 4-Panel Theater? Some kind of manga ova I think XD

  2. what’s the name of the ending theme?

    • The name of the song is: Happiness ~Requiem from ‘The Blind Alchemist’~’

      It can be found on the fma brotherhood soundtrack 01 track 28. Yeah.. it’s a cool theme…

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