A Certain Scientific Railgun 04: Urban Legends And Things

November 2, 2009
"Oh, hi."

"Oh, hi."

Way to be late with the post, me!


It's kinda obvious to whom this is referring to.

The Railgun crew are at a cafe, discussing recent urban legends, of which include tales of a stripping woman, a special tool that raises ESPer levels, reversing wind turbines, a boy with the power to nullify other powers,  and other various oddities. After parting with the others, Mikoto enters a nearby convenience store to carry out her regular routine of stand-reading. As she is doing this she is reminded of a past experience with a “boy with the power to nullify other powers”.


Shortly before summer vacation started in Academy city, Mikoto was being harassed by a gang of good-for-nothings, in a similar fashion to that of the time at the start of the series. She notes the reluctance of those passing by to take any action, clearly not willing to put themselves at risk for a stranger’s sake. She remarks that this is “perfectly understandable” and that if there were anyone brave enough to step forward, they would just simply be a “total idiot”.



And so, at that very moment, our favourite total idiot appears. Touma Kamijou springs out of nowhere, and starts dragging the Electric Princess out of the mess, pretending to be her friend. Mikoto rudely tells him off, ruining Touma’s supposedly flawless plan. The ruffians turn on the former protagonist, who starts lecturing them on their poor selection of prey, and how that they can’t do anything without ganging up on the weak. He goes on and on, trying to discourage them from laying their hands on the “crude, disrespectful brat” that is Mikoto Misaka. Needless to say, Mikoto blows a fuse (quite literally!) and unleashes a surge of electricity, charring everyone in the surrounding area. Everyone, save for Touma Kamijou.

"Y, hallo thar!"

The scene shifts back to the present, where Mikoto overhears a conversation between a familiar-looking high school boy, and a lady asking for directions. The boy turns out to be Touma, who waves at Mikoto, and addresses her by her affectionate nickname. Touma slyly tries to dump the situation at hand on the electrifying middle-schooler.  As the two are arguing, the lost lady begins to undress, complaining about the heat.

Oooooh, Mikoto's being jealous!

Touma tries to get the woman to put her shirt back on, with limited success, as he is mistaken to be a sexual assailant, and he runs away in embarrassment, in his trademark “What misfortune!” pose. Mikoto tries to chase after him, but is called back by the woman after noticing that she was holding her shirt. And so, Touma had successfully transferred his responsibility to Mikoto.

Bears don't eat curry, silly.

The two hide out under the shade, and the lady (henceforth referred to as “Harumi”, for convenience,) buys a couple of canned beverages from a nearby vending machine. Meanwhile, Mikoto recalls the urban legend as told by Ruiko – The Stripping Woman. Right at this moment, her Gekota cellphone goes off, the call being an invitation to tea from Kuroko. Mikoto rejects this offer, and starts gossiping about the Stripping Woman, who returns shortly after, slightly displeased, and holding a pair of canned curry soups.

What are you doing, boy?!

As it turns out, Harumi is one of those sheltered, isolated characters with little common sense, hence her various oddities. She also reveals that she is a researcher, investigating the applications of AIM waves, the pulses of power that ESPers emit subconsciously. Intrigued by this, Mikoto asks Harumi if a “power that cancels other powers” is theoretically possible. The conversation somehow strays off topic, and a little boy runs into Harumi, spilling his ice cream all over her skirt.

stuff is happening

A brief intermission from the other three girls is shown as they are having tea at a cafe, where their imaginations run loose over the urban legends, and begin panicking. (So this is how mass paranoia is formed?)

deredere~ deredere~

deredere~ deredere~ (in the dark ver.)

Now, back to the other two; Harumi is changing in a stall in a woman’s washroom somewhere. She expresses desire to thank Touma for his help, as she puts on her recently dried out skirt. Mikoto dismisses her compliments for the boy, claiming that he “just likes to act cool”. Harumi correctly identifies her as a tsundere, (despite not remembering the actual term,) much to her outrage, and lets out a surge of electricity in panic, blowing out the power.

Meanwhile, this idiot is...

Mikoto somehow finds the parking lot they were searching for, and Harumi drives away in her car, thanking the worn-out tsundere middle-schooler. A terrible cry of agony is heard, and at its source is none other than Touma Kamijou, in yet another display of his unnaturally unfortunate antics; clutching his recently bought, yet very much ruined, chicken eggs. the two notice each other, and Mikoto goes on another of her raging sessions once more.

"Behold! My ultimate attack! Slimy Egg Contaaaaaainer!!!"

It's super effective!

The two argue for a bit before Mikoto recalls Harumi’s comment of her being a tsundere, causing the baffled Princess to steam up, blushing. In her confused rage, she challenges Touma to a duel, and he reluctantly accepts.

Wild MIKOTO wants to fight!

The two arrive at a river bank to fight, so as not to disturb other people. Mikoto leads with a simple electric jolt, which has no effect on the Imagine Killer boy. Mikoto get creative, and fashions a vibrating blade out of iron sand, and hacks away at Touma with it. It appears that Touma’s power-canceling powers aren’t all he has; he does a pretty impressive job at avoiding all the swings of the Electromaster’s sword, without so much as a scratch. Mikoto further manipulates the sand, turning it into a blade-whip (do those even exist?) and turns it against Touma. This also proves to be futile against Touma’s powers, and the sand dissipates into the air.


But it failed!

Thinking fast, Mikoto manipulates the sand in the air, and sends a gust of powdered iron towards the unsuspecting Touma. His abilities dispels even this, and Mikoto, predicting such an outcome, rushes forward to grab his right hand, so as to directly release electricity into his body. And, of course, this has no effect, and puts Mikoto into a rather vulnerable position.


Wild MIKOTO flinched!

Touma, being unfazed by Mikoto’s final attack, attempts to retaliate, but is unable to, upon seeing the poor scared girl’s crying face.He lets out a dramatic yell, and flops onto the ground, (supposedly) deafeated.

TOUMA fainted!

MIKOTO got 0 EXP. points!

This ridiculous, half-baked acting only enrages Mikoto further, and with the added ridicule from his teasing, she goes all-out on Touma, who decides that it would be a good idea to run away.

such a tsundere

tsuntsun~ tsuntsun~

Gah! Harumi?!

Exhausted, Mikoto returns to her dormitory, where she is routinely sexually harassed by Kuroko. And with a mysteriously satisfied smile on her face, she falls asleep.


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  1. what episode is this?

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