Nyan Koi Episode 03 – The main problem with Harem

November 2, 2009

Be glad San and Luna aren't in your school

Yay! Episode 3. First of all, I apologize for being inactive for these past few days even though I’m still new here (T.T).  Like all of us, school never stopped me from being busy. Don’t worry.. I’ll try my best to blog as much as I can!

Well then. The story revolves around a new character named Chizuru Mochizuki and the past between Kaede and Junpei. Yup, comedy as always.

The episode was done after the school festival. Kanako became one of the new hotties in the school (Yup… all of her heavy cosmetic was a waste). Also, the pictures from the maid cafe was also a hit…

Kanako and Junpei hanged out after school. While walking outside the school’s premises, Junpei’s attention got caught by Kaede, who is still training inside the school. Of course, this event triggered Kanako’s melancholic mode.

What are you expecting? Girls in cat outfits?

A quick scene of Junpei waking up from his dream about trees and Kaede. The reason why will be revealed later on~

Your friendly neighborhood mailwoman

Around that day, Junpei was again strolling alone by himself, reminiscing the events happened during the previous episode (maid Kaede… maid Kaede… and maid Kaede…). The cat trio appeared once again and started irritating Junpei. The three argued until they saw someone… on top of the fence.

She introduces herself afterwards. Her name is Chizuru Mochizuki, the mail woman of that district. She is still a sophomore college student and is revealed to have no sense of direction.

Once cats are on the mood, so is Junpei's luck

Junpei tried to escape but failed. In the end, he accompanied Chizuru to deliver the letters she have.

The cat trio started taking their plans into action. Tama runs away to tell everyone that the ‘cursed one’ is going around the city.

Chizuru: "People who are watching there. I don't know that guy"

They started the mail delivering mini-game. Junpei found his first customer, which is a white cat which lost her collar and found it at the same dog from the previous episode. Junpei swiftly took care of the job and returned back to where Chizuru is. Unluckily, more cats started asking for his help.

Junpei: "Drawing a transmutation circle of course"

He fed the orange-striped cat, who told him that he hasn’t eaten for three days. Then, he helped the gray-striped cat to enter her house. Then drew a letter for the third cat (named Colico) for his owner’s birthday.

Yeah. Just like every other people in your world

After giving Junpei’s masterpiece to the owner of Colico, they returned back to their route. Junpei asked why Chizuru became a mail woman. Chizuru replied that she had a crush on a mailman, so she tried to do what he is doing. Later on, she got absorbed by the job and completely forgot about the guy.

After the montages of the places they went, they stopped by the shopping district. It seems there’s only one letter left to deliver as well. That’s when he heard a very familiar voice…

Level one

Level two

It is the two other guys: Haruhiko and Kouta. Junpei hides and successfully passed them, sadly… he didn’t get a chance to hide from Kanako”s watchful eyes.

Bonus stage

By instinct, Junpei drags Chizuru away. They ended up in the supermarket. Again, somebody saw them and now it’s his sister Suzu. Again, they fled…

Level four: he looks like a grown up Russia *cough*Hetalia*cough*

They reached the alley and saw the owner of the cat he have helped at episode 2. After being stared viciously by the man who’s with the owner, they fled once again.

Last Stage: Game Over

The two ended up somewhere in the street. Chizuru compliments how Junpei’s herem varies from lolis to matured ones. There, she found the last place to deliver the letter. She hugged Junpei for a job well done. Again, like god is playing tricks on him, Kaede appeared and saw the whole thing…

Misunderstanding the situation, she ran away.

"The internet has left me in despair..."

The two returned to the post office. Chizuru apologized to Junpei and lectured him that he should confess already (which the cats also approved). After Chizuru saw Junpei is despair, she told Junpei why don’t he write a love letter to Kaede.

After the discussion, they went seperate ways…

Smiling innocently~

The Kousaka were having dinner together. Suzu then grabs the last meat on Junpei’s plate and told him that it is the payment for  not telling anyone what she saw earlier.

Junpei lied down on his bed. Thinking of what he’ll do about Kaede. This triggered a flashback…

*raises 10 points*

It is a flashback of Junpei meeting Kaede the first time. It is the entrance ceremony of their middle school… Junpei saw Kaede reaching for a cat which is stucked at a tree. Kaede falls down, which made Junpei come for her rescue. Sadly, Junpei slipped, followed by a dropping kick from Kaede. Junpei fell unconcious.

...School days...

Junpei woke up while being slapped simultaneously by Kaede.

Junpei: *thought* "I have found my next victim..."

Junpei, who couldn’t leave a troubled girl behind, told Kaede that he can help her despite the fact that he’ll be late for the entrance ceremony (who cares about those things anyway). Luckily, the janitor helped them. They seperated ways afterwards…

Where did I see this guy? Toloveru?

The entrance ceremony started. He found out that his best friends from elementary are there as well: Haruhiko and Kouta. Haruhiko also revealed that Kanako is on Junpei’s class as well.

While thinking about the girl which he helped earlier.. a girl approaches the stage. To Junpei’s surprise, the girl is Kaede. It is also revealed that Kaede scored the highest on the entrance exam.

…And the flashback ends there.


At school. He tried to clear things out with Kaede. Unfortunately, Junpei was interfered by Kanako and dragged him away. Ichinose Nagi appeared and told Kaede that the others were already running,  Kaede runs off quickly afterwards.  Afterwards, Nagi gave the dragged Junpei an evil stare….

and there ends the episode…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _

Nice episode. I feel bad for myself for delaying watching this one… oh well… ranking score 8.5/10!

Hmm… I wonder what’s with Junpei’ dream using the cat’s perspective. Plot twists? So is Kaede… Episode 2 shows that Kaede is an airheaded towards the relationship between Kanako and Junpei, but I guess she started seeing the actual link in this episode.

The next episode is a battle between Ichinose Nagi versus Junpei! and some bath scenes (I haven’t watched it yet… so, yeah).

This is Azure Blue, thank you for reading!


One comment

  1. god… Mizuno is just too moe ;o;
    she really is my fav character in nyan koi now xD
    but…it might change…Haruku Tomatsu blonde twintails….
    oops spoilers 8D
    lovely review Azure~
    good job~

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