Kimi ni Todoke 4 : A Misunderstanding…?

November 1, 2009

Yup... THAT Sadako is the one we're gonna talk about

Well this isn’t a series I usually blog about, but this episode got my attention. Why? Well, because it frustrated me big time.

First a short summary of what happened before.

Kuronuma Sawako (nicknamed Sadako), is naive highschool girl who’s often misunderstood for her misguiding looks. However, she tries her best to interact with people and when she gets help from a certain classmate named Kazehaya Shouta, she finally starts “reaching” people’s hearts. That’s because Kazehaya is a popular guy who’s social and has many friends. Sawako becomes friends with Chizuru and Ayane, two other classmates. Chizuru is boyish type with a weak spot for Sawako’s innocent behavior, while Ayane is more of a flirty type. Kazehaya and Sawako get to know eachother better and better and unknowingly start developing feelings for eachother, ofcourse they don’t admit it themselves. Unfortunately, when everything was going fluently, a rumor starts making things go the other way…


That being told, we can start our review of this episode.

At night, Sawako is at home. She’s called by her mum to take a bath. When she heads towards the bathroom, she passes by her parents who ask her how school has been lately. Sawako starts fidgeting and then goes…

aww... isn't she cute?

Her parents are stunned, Sawako usually gives the same answer, but this time it looked like she really meant it. Her father gets depressed when her mum wonders if it’s because of love. In the bathroom, Sawako reminisces about what Kazehaya told her last time, then she thinks back on how she progressed from being a loner to someone who made lots of friends.

The following day, the rumors that started spreading last time are getting slightly worse. One of the rumors goes that Chizuru made teachers cry and punched all the guys in school, but when Chizuru hears the girls who’re telling them, she walks over and tells them she did far more worse than that alone. The same happens to the girls gossiping about Ayane.

A bit later, Ayane and Chizuru talk about the spreading rumors at the girl’s room. Ayane tells Chizuru that they’re just lies, it makes them look even more ridiculous because Sawako is the one spreading them according to the girls. A small flashback of last episode remembers us of that fact.

Showbusiness life is a hard life...

Luckily! there is always comedy business!

After the flashback, both wanna ask Sawako to be sure. When they enter the classroom, Sawako is there to greet them, both smirk and decide to cross examine her. Both start bragging using the rumor told about them. Instead of sweating after hearing it, Sawako starts admiring them for their superior flirting and punching skills. Their judgement…

The law has spoken!

Then Sawako hands over a notebook with issues that’ll be questioned on the exams to Chizuru. Chizuru is moved by Sawako gesture…

Double innocent!

Next “victim” is Ayane, Sawako tells her she’s been thinking of renting a movie to get better at telling ghost stories and wants her advice to pick a movie. Again they declare her innocent. Some extras from class than ask if they also can have a look at Sawako’s notes. Ofcourse, there’s no way Sawako would turn them down, she says that the more happy people are, the more happy she is.

well duh... would such face even commit a crime?

Then Ryu gets inside and greets them. Because of him entering, Sawako starts wondering on why Kazehaya hasn’t arrived yet. We’ll soon find out, cause in the next scene, Kazehaya is shown being questioned by Pin. Pin, the stand-in homeroom teacher, tells him about how he saw small man running around his sake cup.

Don't drink, or you'll see chibi japs running around your cup

Kazehaya gets annoyed and when he’s about to leave, Pin asks him about Sawako. He immediately starts blushing and denies the fact that she’s able to put a curse on people. Pin frowns and asks if he’s interested in her…

Pure-pure boy~

Kazehaya quickly makes his way out to escape Pin’s sharp questions. A moment later, Kazehaya enters back at class. He greets the girls and Sawako. Sawako notices that a part of his forehead is visable, when she tries to admire it again, he already looks away blushing.

At lunchtime, Sawako is sitting outside wondering if everyone likes her for real. Ayane and Chizuru share their lunch with her. Well…actually, only Ayane does, Chizuru takes bites from Sawako’s… Anyaway, Sawako thinks back of the moment where Kazehaya put his desk next to hers at the seat switch. Since that day, her heart has been filled with feelings she never experienced before.

Later on, two girls walks over to Ayane and Chizuru who were spacing off. They tell them that the rumors are getting worse day by day. Chizuru would have knocked down a gramps making him bleed and Ayane would’ve been working as a prostitute according to the rumors. Ofcourse, utter lies again, but the girls are worried over the fact that Sawako is the one spreading the rumors.

At the same time, Sawako is walking through the hallways. She notices that people are more frightened of her lately than normal. Then a girl suddenly drags her away to have a chat with her. She asks about the rumors without telling the details. Sawako thinks that she’s talking about the ghost story rumors and replies that those are based on a misunderstanding. The girl, believing she’s talking about the mean rumors, is relieved and thinks that Sawako would never do something like that to her friends. Ayane and Chizuru are now walking up the stairs, still wondering about who really spread the rumors.

When upstairs, they notice Sawako talking to the girl. The girl asks Sawako about how she became friends with Ayane and Chizuru. Sawako replies…

They're my slaves.

Chizuru and Ayane, who overheard that, are stunned by Sawako’s reply. They want to keep listening, but on that moment…

Pin... is the only thing you need to create a misunderstanding

As he drags them with him, Sawako continues her reply. She tells that a bond that exists between them is a bond called friendship, but she believes that she hasn’t reached that level with them yet, since they know eachother very,very well in her opinion. Then she says what she really means about them…

if I had a pencil in my hands right now, I'd crack it and eat it...

Meanwhile, Pin hands the two girls a special training program for the baseball club and they need to pass it on to Ryu for him. Chizuru vein pops big time and throws the program in Ryu’s face a while later. Chizuru clutches her head and shouts that she’s having an awful day. Ayane tells her to calm down and wait for Sawako to ask her what she meant by that.

Sawako then enters the classroom too and notices the two girls who are looking down. Sawako goes to sit down after Chizuru’s request. Then Chizuru asks Sawako to be honest and answer to the question “how do you feel about us?” Sawako looks down and mumbles things, she wants to say the exact same thing as a while ago. But once again, she can’t finish her lines before Chizuru concludes that she doesn’t like them as much as they like her. Both turn around and say it’s cool. Ayane apologizes for troubling her. Sawako wonders if she reached their hearts without saying that many words. She thinks back on how Chizuru said they like her. However, Sawako feels sad eventhough she heard those words.

Later on, Sawako heads inside a toilet wondering if there’s something she can do to cheer them up. Two girls suddenly head in the restroom as well and start spreading the rumor again. This time Sawako overhears them clearly.

Never underestimate the power of ?

Po*** P*** Girls remastered.

You're actually...AN OJOU!

Sawako realizes that because of those rumors they were sad. The gossiping girls walk out and say that Kazehaya will easily lose his popularity if he keeps going out with Sawako. Sawako gets depressed and when she’s back at class, she wonders if talking to Kazehaya will hurt him the same way as with Ayane and Chizuru. We then get to see a scene where she ignores him while walking home.

The following day, Ayane and Chizuru come across eachother while walking to school. Both of them have red eyes from crying and a sleepless night. They first laugh at eachother’s face, but then quickly get back to reality and Chizuru wonders if Sawako really was the one who started the rumors.

Geass her.

At school, Sawako was putting her shoes into her locker when the two enter. Sawako immediately notices their red eyes, she apologizes and runs away after hearing people gossiping in the background. The two start wondering why she said sorry. Ayane thinks it’s because of her starting the rumors, but Chizuru shakes her telling that can’t be. Then Chizuru herself thinks it might be because of what she said to them the day before about not liking them. They both look down saying they thought that Sawako liked them.

While Sawako is running away, she narrates that she never noticed that they were “that” hurt.  She goes around the classrooms looking for the person who really started the rumors. In the end, she doesn’t find them. Back in class, tears start rolling down her cheeks because of despair and impotency.

Later that day, Sawako walks outside the building when Kazehaya calls out to her. He asks her if he did something wrong to her. Instead of answering his question, she tells him that she has to do something important and tries walking away. Kazehaya then says he notices her crying in class a while ago. She stops and he again asks her if he did something wrong to her. She shakes her head and says he didn’t do anything wrong and says that whatever happens in the future, she’d never be able to hate him. Their conversation gets stopped by some extras walking by. Sawako quickly leaves while apologizing…


She thinks about how she’ll cause him trouble if she stays by his side. However, she doesn’t want to avoid him and wonders if avoiding them all is the right thing to do…


Thoughts :

Gee… it’s been a long time since I’ve been so frustrated after watching an episode. However, this really shows how I got caught up into the story which is developing emotionally. It was to be expected that the story would turn around since the previous episodes were just all too good to be true, but I didn’t expect it to be such a turn around. Really, I hate you Pin!

We still don’t know who started up the rumors and I guess we won’t find out next episode either, or just in the end cause it all implies that next episode will cover the make up for what happened in this one. At least… I hope it does.

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll have the time to keep up with this. Maybe I’ll blog it once more if my schedule allows it.

Kyon, at your service~



  1. I watched this anime and was pretty amazed on how simple the plot is yet still very entertained about it. Stupid me for being weak against drama type anime…

    For the episode, I think the rumors was spread by no other than the girl from episode 3… what is her name again? anyway… good job!

  2. I just finished watching the episode. Stupid Pin. It’s all Pin’s fault!

    Anyway, I kinda like how things are going. The past episodes were all too emotionally stable and this episode just strengthened a conflict, which is needed in every good story.

    Just that the misunderstandings are thrown everywhere… everyone had their own understanding of the situation: completely different from one another.

    It’s really all Pin’s fault! Also, I was thinking it was Kazehaya at first (I dunno, I just thought he was jealous) but I also considered the possibility of the girl from the previous episode that Yoshida and Yano mentioned. Then again, there’s Pin… and maybe… Ryu?

  3. well yeah, I think the one spreading the rumors is none less than Aya Hirano! She can’t take it that other people are more popular than her 8D!


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