Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 18: swindles

October 31, 2009
episode III-VII swindles

episode III-VII swindles

After all, moe Beato isn’t as moe as we thought. Umineko brought us another plot twist this week… Moe-Beato is revealed to have been acting to be good all along, according to the plan Virgilia (who was also acting) made, to have Battler sign his own defeat. The plan was simple, really. Give Eva-Beatrice the title of the Golden Witch, Beato and Virgilia to act nicely and have Battler believe Beato changed for real, and then have Eva-Beatrice killed with Beato declining the existence of witches in red (Leaving a mentally unstable Eva carry out the rest of the murders in Rokkenjima and make it out alive). After this event, the group gets moved into the Golden Land, where Beato and Virgilia try to force a confused Battler into signing his own defeat in paper. He’s saved last minute by his sister, Ange (from 12 years into the future, sent by Bernkastel), who had taken up the title of Beatrice (passed down to her from Eva, who returned to the rest of the world alive, but mentally unstable) and challenges Beato into a next game, leaving Battler, who believed Beato had really changed, in despair.

The episode starts with Jessica still pleading for someone to come and rescue her. That one would be Kanon, or better put, Kanon’s spirit or something of sort, at least. The same spirit Moe-Beato brought back to life. He asks her to stand up on her feet and follow him into a safer place, but she refuses untill he calls her by her name. Of course, as expected, Kanon’s spirit does so and they take off to another room. Moe-Beato is still trying to act cool, waiting for them inside the room (*cough* so they can express their full graditude to her *cough*). Kanon explains that if it werent for her, he wouldn’t be there for Jessica and the girl, taking her turn, expresses some graditude to Beato who replies humbly that she’s not worth of it, not after all the evil she’s commited as a witch. Shortly after, the witch leaves them alone to talk about love or something.

She doesn’t even have a spare second to make a step away from the room after locking it before the Siestas shoot and pierce through her heart. Strong-willed and brave as she is however, she decides to piss off Eva-Beatrice by speaking about the real reason behind magic’s existence, and in the end, insult her badly. Eva-Beatrice counters by promising her to torture Jessica and Kanon to death multiple times before having the Siestas pierce her heart another handful of times. Strange enough, Beato is still alive after all this. Eva-Beatrice orders the Siestas to blow up Beato’s heart, but what’s left after the explosion isn’t a lifeless body, but more likely a floating heart which still beats. And when I say heart, I mean literally, just her heart. The Siestas run away in fear by this sight, leaving Eva-Beatrice alone against our witch. As she’s about to strike again, Ronove interferes and explains that even with her power, she can’t damage Beato’s heart. Ghastly– errr, Kanon walks in from behind the door and thanks Beatrice’s heart for letting him meet with Jess for a last time before he finally vanishes. Surprisingly enough, the heart can talk! Yes, it’s a talking heart which bids farewells to Kanon’s spirit forevermore. Eva-Beatrice gets pissed off at Kanon for calling Beato Beatrice. Jealousy much? Yeah, I guessed so too. It HAS to be an endless jealousy, because, well… she tries to step on the heart. That never happens though, as Meta-Battler appears out of nowhere and freezes time.

Emo Beatrice getto?

Before he manages to tell her anything, she tells him she accepts her defeat by Eva and that she could never be aknowledged as his opponent. Battler agrees that his opponent can’t be Beato. The scenery changes to the game room, now with a confused Eva-Beatrice sitting against Battler, and Beato sitting in one of the side chairs. Battler announces offically that his opponent isn’t Beato, but Eva-Beatrice. To the sound of that, the Endless Witch orders her bunny girls to shoot him. They shoot but their arrows are deflected by his barrier, which has an anti-magic resistance power of 999999999 (Yes, that’s OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND) AKA Endless Nine. Scared to death, they take their leave.

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?!

The game has to keep moving and so he asks Virgilia to reproduce the second twilight. Rosa and Maria were killed in the rose gardens and Battler uses the “Eva is the culprit” theory against it. To counter, Eva-Beatrice summons Hideyoshi as a witness to testify that he’s been taking care of Eva the whole time while being in their room. Battler seems to have noticed something wrong about it and challenges Eva-Beatrice to confirm Eva never left the room while the crime was going on. She dodges the question swiftly and proceeds into the offensive play. She asks Ronove for the reconstruction of the fourth to sixth twilights. Those murders took place in the mansion and Kyrie was one of the victims. Eva-Beatrice points out a contradiction in Kyrie’s words: Even though she said they shouldn’t leave the guesthouse, she agreed into leaving it and going for food. She blames that to her magic, which controlled Kyrie. As cheap as it sounds, Battler has no way of proving that this kind of controlling magic does not exist. Ronove compliments his new master on her way of playing. Beato stands up for Battler and asks Virgilia to reconstruct Kyrie’s death. The group moves into the crime scene where Kyrie’s body lies at, just a few meters away of Hideyoshi. Beato falls on her knees and searches Kyrie’s pockets for clues. While nothing seems to be of use, Battler notices something wrong about the stuff in her pockets; a burned ciggarete. And we all know Kyrie doesn’t smoke, right? Battler asks Beato to search Yoshi’s pockets too. In there, she finds a matching pack of ciggaretes with the one in Kyrie’s pocket.

According to Battler, this is a message from Kyrie. Since Eva totally hates smoking, it seemed weird to her that there was a cigarette butt in the ashtray of her room. Noticing this, Kyrie realised that Eva had snuck out of her room. Eva-Beatrice tries to complain about it but she’s left in silence after Battler asks her to confirm in red that Eva was in the room the cigaratte they found was crushed. Eva-Beatrice refuses to do so. Thinking he got her, Battler thanks Beato for her support. He goes further into explaining that the reason Kyrie proposed to go get food was because she wanted to isolate Hideyoshi and question him about the truth. Eva-Beatrice returns to playing offensively and confirms in red that after Jessica was injured, Eva was under Battler’s constant surveillance and thus, having a perfect alibi for Nanjo’s murder case. She also says that at the time of Nanjo’s murder, Battler, Eva and Jessica were all alive, and confirms that neither of them were involed in it. And just in case, she also confirms that only 18 people exist on the island, leaving Battler helpless. He brings up the possiblity that Nanjo died of a trap, but it’s soon proven wrong as Eva-Beatrice speaks in red and says that Nanjo’s death was a homicide that was also commited from a point-blank range. Another desperate theory of Battler’s is that she’s lying when talking in red, but that’s also proven wrong as she states that red only tells the truth, in red. Ronove also confirms that. Battler falls onto his knees, thinking of nothing and ready to resign. Beato decides to stand up to him and make a move to counter Eva-Beatrice’s attack instead. A move that humans can’t do, but she can, being a witch. That move is to decline the existence of witches in red. Virgilia asks her for any regrets, but she answers negatively. Battler stands up and tries to stop her, but Beato, unwilling to listen to him, asks him to close his ears while she makes her last move, so she’ll always remain a witch to his eyes. Beato steps forward and does what we think would be her last move; she declines witches in red. The purgatorium shines brightly as everything around Battler dissolves into golden butterflies.

kkthxbb Beato

Back to Rokkenjima, now that witches stopped existing, an emotionally unstable Eva takes the role of the murderer and kills Battler.

The scenery changes, and Meta-Battler arrives to the Golden Land. Next to him is Beato, and the whole cast of the series is present in the room. Virgilia welcomes both of them and asks Battler to sign the invitation to the Golden Land, so Beatrice will be also invited to it. Battler takes up the pen and reads the contract, which’s words are kinda differently stated than what Virgilia was talking about. It’s a paper where people who aknowledge Beato as a witch sign. Upon noticing that he stops, but Beato forces him to sign using one of her Goatmen. And then, out of nowhere, a hot redhead witch dressed as a schoolgirl comes to the rescue. She kicks some ass and orders Battler to snap out of his confusion. Battler then realises that Beato had been tricking him all along. A forced hystericall laugh follows by Beato, who then notices the Ushiromiya head ring on the girl’s finger. With that as her proof, she realises the identity of the girl and identifies her as one of Bernkastel’s pawns. The new witch speaks Battler’s favourite catchphrase and challenges Beato into shading light into what happened at Rokkenjima in 1986.

Moving to the Purgatorium, Lamda and Beato are having a talk. Lamdadelta believes that Beato isn’t trying to win, that she’s just playing around. Kinda pissed at her, she reminds her of her job: to keep winnning without fail for all eterntiy. Failing to do that would also mean her powers to be taken back by Lamda, who had been providing them to her. Beato oaths she’ll keep winning and vanishes. Before the scene fades out, Lamda’s love about Bernkastel is exposed!

Can you love me too? <3

Flashforward to 1998, 12 years later. The readhead, Ange, now proven to be Battler’s little sister, visits an old Eva in a clinic. Eva gives her the headship of the Ushiromiya family and the gold, hoping she’ll get cursed by it too. What she needs however isn’t gold or power, but answers; answers about the deaths of Rokkenjima 12 years prior. That, she’s unable to provide her with, and instead she tells her to roll over and die. Pissed off at her, Ange walks to the roof of the building and gets ready to jump so she can free herself of all this. Just when she’s about to, though, Bernkastel appears before her and stops her, asking for her help. She explains that her family’s fate has been locked away in 1986 and that Beatrice is her real enemy. Lady Bernkastel finally tells her that only the last Beatrice will be able to stand up against Beatrice, meaning her, Ange-Beatrice. Ange asks her if her family will be freed if she wins but Bern answers that she doesn’t know. However, she does tells her that she believes she can bring about a miracle. At that time, Ange’s butlers arrive and ask her to stop. She ignores them and jumps into the air, ready to face off her last enemy.

Kewl Ange GETTO!




  1. Epic episode…
    Bitchy Beato is Back!
    Damn, I really hated her deredere side… just be the freak!
    yup this one’s wroth a 10 :3!

  2. Although I liked how deredere Beato made her the “lesser evil”, the wicked side of her is probably the best. What a well-executed prank.

    Good thing Battler could read that text, because I can’t… So Virgilia is also in the farce… just when you thought witches were actually good to begin with.

    Lambdadelta somehow reminded me of Takano Miyo in that pic above.

    • Well, I really think Beato wants to be good. Notice how Lamdadelta blackmails her to win every game for all eternity in order to keep her witch powers (And that, you can guess why she’s doing it). I guess she just wants her powers more…

      And Lamdadelta reminding you of Miyo is to be expected :p There’s definitely a relation between these two. Also, try to remember what Lamdadelta said during the first episodes, about losing to Bernkastel in another game. Who she is and what she was playing is starting to make sense now…

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