Cause people celebrating Halloween are always late…

October 31, 2009

I bet this scared the hell out of you! Just admit it!

Well like the title implies, I’m posting this to wish you all a happy Halloween!

Whether you celebrate it or not doesn’t matter, it’s just a good reason to post something on this deadly boring Saturday evening. Anyway, other than that I just have tell you that I drew that picture above. So if you have any complaints or threatening mails, address them to me! :D

A happy Halloween from the whole Whatever Animeblog Team! (Pumpkin Akio, Witchy Hina, Spirit Kyon, Reaper Ryu, Vampy Lelouch and Ghostly J)

Kyon, at your bed…watching you~~



  1. ysy! Happy Halloween.

    For some reasons, a blackout happened exactly 12am of my time, which is kinda scary. Oh well… at least that made me sleep for awhile.

    Anyway, good as always! hooray for vampire twin tails!

  2. Aw… where’s my chibi-picture? :<

  3. AWWWE your drawing is REALLY cute!! ^.^ I spent the night babysitting my little bro and his friends while they go trick-or-treating.. it was so cold T_T

  4. Hooh, interesting~ Happy halloween people! You’re all invited to partah in my pumpkin house at midnight~

  5. Thank you everyone :3
    @Lelouch : you should sleep more anyway!!
    @Azure : err…you’re behind Lelouch 8D
    @Ruby : Poor Ruby *pats* I hope you at least got some candy :D
    @Akio : I wonder if your pumpkin house is safe for loli girls :O

    • Huhuhu~ Already tested; the cops will never get me :B

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