Kobato. 4 : Cause leaves make people cry…

October 30, 2009

Shocking revelation! Kobato kidnapped Karen from GX!

Last episode, Kobato received her second “candy” by healing a young girl’s heart, but Kobato’s work is far from over. She still has a lot of hearts to heal before her wish can be granted. Two new characters get introduced or rather reintroduced since they appeared last time already. Expect to see yet another naive bishoujo and one hell of a giant man… just kidding. Kobato is slacking off at her apartment, once again she’s admiring her bottle with konpeito. Puppy-san tells her with that kind of attitude, she’ll need a hundred years to fill the bottle. Kobato isn’t disappointed and answers that she’ll do her best even if it takes a hundred years to fill the bottle. Puppy-san isn’t that happy with Kobato’s answer and blasts her away… like usual.

After the opening, Kobato is walking around in town. Puppy-san reminds her of her duties and although Kobato understands his point, she still goes roams around freely enjoying the beautiful scenery. Then Kobato suddenly notices yet another lovely scenery…

Shake that thing!

…and at the end of that road, they arrive at a small church. At that church, a mysterious person is looking up at the green leaves in one of the trees. Kobato stops and stares at the person and after snapping out of its confusion, Puppy-san also looks. Puppy-san frowns when he sees the girl, while Kobato admires her. Then, Kobato notices a tear rolling down the woman’s cheek.

Yorito's new camera...

...with 30% more zoom capability

Kobato walks over to the woman and asks why she’s crying. The woman takes a long time to answer and then replies that she wonders why as well. She then turns back to the trees and wonders if it might be because of the green leaves in the tree. Kobato looks puzzled and wonders if leaves can make people cry. Then the woman asks for Kobato’s name and they introduce themselves.

Yet another retarded moe~

When Kohaku has introduced herself, Puppy-san frowns once again. Kobato whispers to Puppy-san that he shouldn’t talk while people are around, but he continues and asks if Kohaku is the same Kohaku as the one from heaven. She nods and smiles and Puppy-san feels kinda relieved now that he noticed why there was a different presence around her. Puppy-san tells Kobato not to worry about keeping his presence secret anymore after Kohaku asked his name. Kohaku then remembers she heard his name somewhere. Mr. Puppy poses proudly when awaiting the answer. Unfortunately, the answer never comes and then poor Puppy facefaults…

Puppy facefault!

Puppy-san shouts that she must’ve heard his name somewhere. It’s not Ioryogi (right…that’s his name) but something similar. Then Kohaku realizes that he’s “Iorogi”, Puppy-san nods and Kobato is surprised. Puppy-san explains Kobato that they only know each other by name only. Suddenly, Kohaku realizes that she still needs to water the trees in the garden and leaves.

Then we skip forward to the nursery. Mr. Cool and Kobato are cleaning up the garden, but Kobato is slacking off watching a tree.

When you're cool, you start sweating after cutting just one twig

When Mr. Cool asks her why she’s just staring instead of working. Kobato answers that no matter how hard she looks at the leaves, tears won’t come out. Mr. Cool tells her that when he looks at them, he cries real hard. Kobato is excited and wonders why. He replies that her slacking is making him cry. Kobato immediately gets to work, with the usual messing up included.

Kobato defies gravity!

Luckily, the children come over to help Kobato in the end. Later in the evening, Kobato reads in some magazine to find a way on how to cure Kohaku’s heart.  Puppy-san sighs and tells her that she won’t learn about it from reading magazines. Kobato disagrees and answers that there might be a hint, but in the end she didn’t find a clue. Our naive girl then puts her thoughts back together and says she’ll just have to ask Kohaku again tomorrow.

Well I could make a juicy sentence about what happens next, but images just speak for themselves so…

That's what happens if you read "magazines" all evening!

When she arrives at the church, she finds out that Kohaku isn’t there. Luckily, she suddenly hears Kohaku’s voice and takes a look. Kohaku is talking to a tall man and blushes when he picks up a leave from her hair. Kobato wants to walk over, but Puppy-san stops her and explains that she’d only be the third wheel in that situation. The two walk away while talking to eachother and Kobato silently follows them.

After a while, the two head inside a mansion. Kobato admires the mansion, Puppy-san says that she’ll never get such a mansion. But Kobato tells him that even rich people can get a wounded heart. Puppy-san is slightly surprised and asks where she got that knowledge from.

Must've been an article about the Hayate Popularity Poll...

After standing outside for a while, Kobato wonders when she can finally go in and talk to Kohaku again. Then suddenly the two come outside again. The man, Shuichiro or Mr. Tall, tells Kohaku he’s sorry for not keeping his promise. Kohaku answers that he shouldn’t worry, since his patients are important. The man looks down and says that she’s important to him as well. After that, the man leaves and Puppy-san tells Kobato to do the same. Kobato doesn’t listen to him though and enters the mansion.

In the mansion garden, Kohaku shows her special watering skills.

Unfortunately, Kobato was watching the scene as well and got…well…

Wet wet Kobato~

err...yeah...him as well

While drying Kobato’s hair, Kohaku asks what Kobato is doing at the mansion. Kobato admits that she saw her walking around with a man and apologizes from following them secretly. Then she tells her that she still doesn’t understand why Kohaku was crying. Kohaku then explains that she doesn’t understand it herself, but feels really warm when he’s close and lonely when he’s away. Somehow she ends up crying because of the feeling. Kobato sighs and says she still doesn’t understand it, then the already annoyed Puppy-san explodes and shouts that the feeling is LOVE!

The Boke-duo nods and naruhodo~s, but Puppy-san is pretty sure they still don’t get it. Kobato then asks if something is bothering Kohaku. She thinks deeply and then comes up with a reply. She says that Mr. Tall is always busy with work and that they never have time to go on a date. Dobato doesn’t know what a date is and Dohaku explains that a date is like going to an amusement park with the one you like. Kobato understands and gets up excitedly saying she’ll do her best.

The first thing Kobato does after the break is scanning some magazines in the magazine store again. This time she reads about amusement parks and gets excited… until she sees the price. Kobato walks out disappointed and Puppy-san mumbles that she doesn’t even need to heal Kohaku. But before he even finishes that line, Kobato has already noticed something else. A lottery…

Find Waldo

The third prize is a double ticket to the amusement park. Kobato happily runs over to get a draw, but she gets stopped by one of the men. The man tells her she needs to hand in a coupon before she can participate. Seemingly disappointed, Kobato walks around town. Puppy-san tells her it’s pointless to be depressed, until he finds out that Kobato wasn’t looking down because she was depressed, but because she was looking for a ticket on the ground. Puppy-san crosses his arms and says it’s impossible to find a ticket just lying around… ofcourse what happens next shouldn’t be explained…


But before they reach the garbage bags, the ticket gets caught in a breeze and flies off. Kobato chases after it and catches it! But…

Now spread those angel wings of yours!

Oh well... maybe next time

A soaked Kobato appears back at the lottery stand handing over the ticket. Kobato spins the wheel of fate and tension rises!! And like every miracle anime wants it…

She won Karen...

Kobato walks back, she’s still disappointed about how she failed to get the prize. While spacing out, she accidently bumps into Mr. Cool who’s riding around on his bike. Newspapers were spread around on the floor and after scolding Kobato, he starts picking up the papers. Kobato quickly joins in and helps collecting them, then she asks if he’s busy delivering them. He nods and says it’s his part-time job. Kobato mentions that Sayaka said he also worked as a pizza boy. Mr. Cool replies that he also does that, he suddenly notices the alligator teddy and asks why Kobato is running around with it. She answers that she won it at the lottery and stares at it saying he’s useless now, then she notices something beside it…

Jakku pot~

She picks them up and Mr. Cool tells her he got those from his work. When he wants to take them back, Kobato doesn’t let go of them. Kobato asks him if he can hand over the tickets to her. He doesn’t want to at first, but when Kobato offers her alligator in returns and shows a really determined expression, he hands them over.

Later, Kobato arrives back at the mansion and offers the tickets to Kohaku. Kobato now also carries around the newspapers in return for receiving the tickets. Kohaku notices this and refuses to accept the tickets from Kobato. She continues by saying that Kobato should use them herself to go together with Puppy-san, which makes Kobato imagine…


Kobato snaps back to reality afterwards and says the tickets are pointless if Kohaku and Shuichiro don’t go together. Kohaku still doesn’t want to accept them since she thinks it’s selfish to do so. But Kobato says that Kohaku is important to Shuichiro, as imporant as he is to her. She’s certain that he’ll go on a date with her if she asks it. Then Shuichiro himself appears and asks for the tickets…

He's gonna ask Puppy-san out~

Some day or days later, Kohaku and Shuichiro are at the amusement park. Kobato is there too, or rather spying from behind the fence. Puppy-san tells her to head home since they can’t see them anyway. When Kobato turns around saying they must have fun now, some balloons appear in the sky. One of the balloons reveals a flying saucer bunny…

Too many possible puns... why don't you think of one for this?

Puppy-san tells Kobato that it’s a messenger from heaven. The messenger bunny sends a message over to Puppy-san telling that Kobato has to fill her bottle within the end of 4 seasons. The bunny then goes back to Mars and disappears.

Now Kobato has a time limit to fill her bottle. Puppy-san tells her to look at the bottle, which still only has 2 “candies” in it. He explains to Kobato that Kohaku’s heart wasn’t scarred to begin with. He takes out his brush and scribbles on Kobato’s face.

Happy Kobato~

Sad Kobato~


Thoughts :

It was a fun episode…but a slow episode. It didn’t really add much new things except in the end with the bunny, so I have to say I’m quite disappointed. Some things are getting repetitive, which is kind of dangerous with collecting shows anyway. (hey who doesn’t know Pokemon afterall?)

I hope something shocking or interesting happens next time.

Kyon, at your service~


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