Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 82 – Insert Dangerous Spy Music Here

October 29, 2009
Advanced Happy Halloween

Advanced Happy Halloween!

This episode is the continuation of Yusei and the Guard Robot’s Duel… with an added twist: a countdown to self-destruction of the factory! Jack and Crow get in with the action and Bruno learns the basics of shounen anime: believe in the main character! Also, Placido starts his own biker gang called the “Diablo”.

Expect numerous cliched escape-from-self-destructing-building action, shounen anime syndrome and… more moe Jeager?

Last episode summary:

Upon knowing that it was actually Jeager who stole their engine data, Yusei’s group along with newly-acquired party member Bruno, went on pursuit. After a few mishaps and sidetracks, Yusei and Bruno manages to catch onto Jeager’s trail, leading them to a large factory. Inside, Placido takes the engine data. Yusei and Bruno get separated inside the factory. Jeager bumps into Yusei, who was then challenged by a giant robot to a card game under the control of Placido. Meanwhile, Placido inserts the engine data onto the countless Ghost copies.

Key Card of the Week:

Earthquake Giant: LV 5, 1600 ATK / 2100 DEF.

Episode 82:

Jack and Crow seems to have found the factory where Yusei and Bruno are but they can’t get inside. All the entrances are tightly shut. Crow can’t contact Yusei inside as well.

At the same time, the Ghost army Placido is organizing is slowly coming to life…

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

After the opening song, Jeager gives a brief review of what’s happening in the Duel. Yusei’s high-level monsters cannot attack and he cannot Special Summon monsters either due to the Guard Robot’s cards.

Duel status from last time:
Guard Robot - 3500 LP - Monsters: Lock Dragon in Defense Position (LV 3, 0 ATK / 2000 DEF) - Spell/Trap: Level Limit - Area B (Continuous Spell Card), Counter Force (Continuous Trap Card), 1 facedown.
Yusei - 4000 LP - Monsters: Level Eater in Defense Position (LV 1, 600 ATK / 0 DEF), Junk Warrior in Defense Position (LV 5, 2900 ATK / 1300 DEF) - Spell/Trap: 1 facedown.

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Sets 1 card.

Turn 4 - Guard Robot's turn: 3500 LP
- Activates Summon Pass. Each time a monster is summoned, the opponent of the monster's controller will draw a card. The controller must guess which type of card it is (Monster, Spell or Trap). If they guess it wrong, the summoned monster is destroyed.
- Sets 1 card.

Turn 5 - Yusei's turn: 4000 LP
- Changes Level Eater into Attack Position.
- Activates Synchro Gift. During this turn, his Synchro Monster's ATK will drop to 0 and its ATK will be transferred to another monster. Yusei chooses his Level Eater (2900 ATK).
- Guard Robot springs a trap: Negate Attack.
- Because Negate Attack is a Counter Trap Card, Counter Force gets a new Counter (Counters: 2).
- End Phase. Level Eater returns to its original ATK (600 ATK) and so does Junk Warrior (2300 ATK).

Meanwhile, Crow finds a small opening…

"Trust me, Jack. We're not the first ones who thought of the vent trick."

Turn 6 - Guard Robot's turn: 3500 LP
- Sets 1 card.

Yusei gets a bit annoyed that it was another facedown card. His one chance of succeeding has to be activated at the right time. If it gets negated… he will really lose. He needs to get rid of the Guard Robot’s facedown cards.

Placido, while watching the Duel from another area, seems to pity Yusei’s condition. Suddenly, he is greeted by another member of Yliaster on a separate screen: Jose.


Jose asks him what he’s doing and he replies that he’s only doing things under his own plan. Jose tells him that if he continues to do as he wish, it might ruin the other plans. Placido doesn’t care about Jose’s plans and cuts off the transmission. Then, he notices the transfer of data completed.

"Aha... my Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero torrent is done... muahahaha...!"

He wakes up all of the Ghost copies and calls them “Diablo” (a Spanish term meaning “demon” or “devil”). The Diablo set off by themselves and ride away…

At the Yliaster base with the high chairs, Jose expresses his concern about their plans. Lucciano isn’t bothered a bit and mentions something about a “Circuit”. Apparently, Jose’s plan was to use the Signers’ power to charge the Circuit but Placido was against it, which is why he made the Riding Roid army. Lucciano adds that there’s nothing to be worried about if there is already a plan unfolding in front them that also benefits them. Their goal is the Circuit and it wouldn’t matter if they changed plans. Lucciano mentions another thing about “becoming like Jose and Placido” and it makes him feel excited. What does he mean? Puberty?

A brief cut to Bruno lying on the ground. Placido was kind enough to put him some place where he wouldn’t get run over by his biker army.

"Oh my god, a robot-biker army! My mom told me at situations like this, I should stop, drop and roll!"

Meanwhile, Jack and Crow successfully infiltrates the factory.

Placido proceeds to another computer and says that time is already up for Yusei and that he will not be an instrument to Jose’s plans. He notices a surveillance camera showing Jack and Crow. He then activates a self-destruct sequence for the factory to deal with all of the interferences in one go.

"Hmm... this microwave is broken..."

The self-destruct announcement catches Yusei and Jeager’s attentions. Bruno is woken up by the loud noise. Placido escapes using… some kinda time-space continuum dimensional rift thing using his pretty sword.

"I learned this trick from watching Shirogane in Asura Cryin'!"

The countdown appears beside the Guard Robot as the alarm goes on. Jeager is shocked that he is to be disposed of as well. At the same time, Bruno, up on his feet, meets up with Crow and Jack. The two ask where Yusei is but Bruno explains they got separated. Jack spots a control room above them and suggests they use the surveillance cameras there to find Yusei. As they reached the control room, they find the countdown to their doom!

"Now let's raid Placido's PC... oh my god... he has quite the pervy kinks!"

Part B:

In the control room again. Bruno tries to stop the self-destruct system but it’s no use. The monitors suddenly display Yusei’s Duel and Crow wonders what that giant robot is and Jack wonders why Jeager is there as well.

Crow sees a mic near them and grabs it. The three of them speak through it and a camera near Yusei and Jeager transmits their voices. Jack tells Yusei to get out quickly as the whole factory will explode. Yusei explains he can’t do that because unless the Guard Robot is defeated, the doors on the room will not open for them.

Jack tells Yusei to hurry up and finish the dumb robot but Jeager tells them it has a troublesome Lock deck. Yusei tells the trio to go ahead without him but they decline the offer. Yusei assures them that he has a plan. Jack submits and decides to leave. Bruno insists on waiting for Yusei and he receives a good ol’ ATLAS PUNCH!

"This is for all the yaoi you imply!!"

Jack says that if Bruno doesn’t want to leave, he’ll forcefully drag him out. Crow says that Bruno isn’t the only one who feels troubled about leaving Yusei behind. Bruno understands now and leaves with them.

Jeager desperately asks for their help but was ignored the whole time. Jeager falls to his knees while crying. Yusei tells him that he hasn’t given up yet. At the same time, Jack explains that what Yusei meant was for them to go on ahead and he’ll be right with them. Yusei hasn’t given up. Even with 99% chance of losing, he will believe in the 1% remaining that he will win. Just like a real shounen anime hero. Bruno then believes in him too!

Turn 7 - Yusei's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Drill Synchron.
- Summon Pass activates. Guard Robot draws a card and Yusei must guess the type. Yusei declares Trap Card... and he is right!
- Activates Assassin's Strike. It allows his monster to gain an opponent's monster's DEF as its own ATK.
- Guard Robot activates its Magic Jammer. Assassin's Strike is negated.
- Counter Force gains an additional Counter (Counters: 3).

Jeager makes a fuss again. He starts feeling desperate after seeing Yusei’s Spell Card being negated. He then pulls out a family picture from his vest, asking them to protect him.

"I wonder if you're all doing well over there in Mars?"

Turn 8 - Guard Robot's turn: 3500 LP
- Activates Messenger of Peace.

Again, the Guard Robot has fortified its defenses. Now, Yusei cannot enhance his low-leveled monsters’ ATK… Jeager then points out that they only have 2 minutes left to live. Yusei then thinks hard. He knows the countdown serves as a distraction as well. He must focus on winning the Duel instead. The Guard Robot brags about having 90% chance of defeating Yusei on its next turn.

Turn 9 - Yusei's turn: 4000 LP
- Yusei activates Double Cyclone, a Spell Card that destroys one of the opponent's Spell/Trap Card in exchange for destroying one of their own.
- The Guard Robot chains its Solemn Judgment to negate Yusei's card (Guard Robot: 1750 LP).
- Counter Force gains its final Counter (Counters: 4).

Jeager starts to go trippy and separates his soul from his body. The Guard Robot tells Yusei that his chance of defeat is 100%. Yusei smirks. The Guard Robot fell for his trap, just as planned!! And then we get a robotic “NANI?!”


By protecting its Counter Force using Solemn Judgment, its LP is now down to only 1750. Yusei can turn the tables easily without any more facedown cards on the way!

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Tributes Level Eater to Tribute Summon the Key Card of the Week, Earthquake Giant.
- Due to Level Limit - Area B, Earthquake Giant is changed to Defense Position.
- Activates Earthquake Giant's effect. When switched from Attack Position to Defense Position, Earthquake Giant changes the position of an opponent's monster. Lock Dragon changes to Attack Position.
- Activates his facedown Trap Card, Panic Wave. By destroying 1 card on his side of the field, the effects of all face-up cards are negated. He destroys one of his facedown Spell/Trap.
- Tunes LV 3 Drill Synchron with LV 5 Junk Warrior to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Stardust Dragon!
- Stardust Dragon destroys Lock Dragon (Guard Robot: 0 LP).
- Yusei wins and 5D's continues!

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance!

And an unnecessary overkill flashy finish to sum it up!

Yusei just dared him to divide by zero...

Upon being defeated, the locks on the doors were released by the Guard Robot. The count is down to 10 seconds. Jack, Crow and Bruno already made it outside. The counter reaches zero and Yusei and Jeager haven’t escaped yet. The factory explodes.

And of course... the usual aftermath of someone dividing by zero...

"Okay, drop on the ground, you three! You guys are arrested for possessing child pornographic materials!"

As Jack, Crow and Bruno get up, they look for Yusei, who hasn’t emerged yet. Suddenly, from the cloud of smoke, a balloon pops out.

"Team Rocket saved me?"

Jeager was carrying Yusei and using the balloon as a getaway. Yusei says he didn’t expect Jeager to save him and Jeager says now they’re even. He drops Yusei on a hill just near the factory.

As Yusei is dropped, he shouts at Jeager, asking him who he gave the program to but Jeager doesn’t answer. He just warns Yusei that the enemies he is about to face isn’t someone he can beat. He floats back to the main city on his balloon.

"Yusei! Help us! We're fugitives now!"

Yusei then turns around to see his waving friends and claims that no matter who his opponents are, as long as his friends are supporting him, he will definitely defeat them.

Closing song: -OZONE- by -vistlip-


Well, it seems Jeager did a Heel-Face Turn.

As expected, Yusei lives. Even if the title is 100% Defeat Blah Blah, if it’s a shounen series, the hero will definitely find a way anyway. Pretty cliched episode. Exploding enemy base, countdown to doom, escaping at the final moment. Ah well, if you don’t do that anyway, you lack drama.

Speaking of drama, Jeager was full of it today. He suddenly becomes serious at the end, warning Yusei. Cried almost half the episode for help in despair. He even busts out a disturbing picture of his unique family. Really, his wife and kid is like that? I would think they were sisters or something… what if the wife is actually another guy!?

In any case… yeah, it seems we’ll be seeing more to this Diablo thing that Placido started.

Next episode:

Jack Atlas is… arrested? It seems Security is onto him after several D-Wheelers were forced to crash and the suspect is riding a D-Wheel that looks exactly like Jack’s Wheel of Fortune! In the preview, the enemy even wears the same Riding Duel outfit and helmet as Jack. Even the hair matches. Will we see a Mirror Match next week? Find out next time…

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. oh god… I laughed too much…
    Jeager’s family…
    Division by zero…
    Jack defying yaoi…
    and then getting arrested…
    lovely review XD!
    Rating for the episode 8/10 but a 10 for your jokes XD

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