Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 29 – The Fool’s struggle

October 27, 2009

Bradley: "...!"

Episode 29 of FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Unfortunately, this episode doesn’t contain battle scenes. It is filled with conversation that will strengthen the backbone of the plot for the next episodes. Don’t worry though, as I said from the last reviews, every episode is good, and that includes this one.

So, let’s start…

Go away! We want Ran Fan! Ran Fan!

The episode started with Envy and the Alphonse brothers using an elevator. To their surprise, they are brought to the military headquarters.

Alphonse and Edward went to the shower room. While Edward is taking a shower, alone (sorry guys, we won’t see a naked tsundere today). Edward told Alphonse about Alphonse’s body near the Truth’s Gate.

Edward noticed the cute little panda at Alphonse’s shoulder. Alphonse revealed that he still have May Chang inside his armor. Envy entered the shower room, creating a typical ecchi scene.

Roy: "Nothing really... I've just been offstage ever since episode 26"

Envy brought the Elric brothers to a room, where Roy and Bradley were silently staring at each other. Roy told the Elric brothers about how he got pawned by the Fuhrer.  The Elric brothers joined their small tea party afterwards.

They started a discussion, which later leads tp Edward telling Bradley that he’ll relinquish his position as a State Alchemist. Bradley then revealed his trump card; telling Edward that if he quit the army, Bradley will cut Winry. Edward had no choice but to accept his silver watch again…

Alphonse asked Bradley if they can continue searching for a way to get their bodies back. Bradley accepted, as long as the two won’t hinder their plans.

Bradley then asked Roy if he wanted to quit the military. Roy, however, told Bradley that he doesn’t have any plans to leave.

Bradley said that everyone can leave now. Roy asked if Bradley is the one who killed Hughes, which Bradley denies.

Buffering.... waiting for the blood...

Before the Elric brothers leaves, Bradley suddenly pierces his sword inside Alphonse’s body, just like what happened in the Greed arc. Fortunately, no blood spilled out.

One of the uses of being small

The Elric brothers were relieved that May Chang is alright.

Edward asked Roy for some change. Roy gave some and right after that the two left. Roy went to met Riza afterwards (elizabeth~?)

Roy went outside and saw Armstrong. Riza returns moments later.

Light: "I've got the right number right? Misa?"

Edward called Winry. He asked Winry if she’s alright. Since it is the first time that ever happened to Winry, Winry was delightful about the call and thanked Edward for it.

Greed: "That and your bean-sized height"

After the call, Greed appeared unto them. He said that Ling written something for Ran Fan but he couldn’t understand because it’s in a different language.


...crazy fanboys...

Scar was still walking around to find an exit when he saw Marcoh. Marcoh noticed that he’s injured and told him that he’ll mend him. Scar accepts.

Upon noticing that the one he’s talking to is Scar, he immediately confessed, happily, that he was also an alchemist who assisted in the Ishbal Extermination.

Tsundere Alphonse, Loli May Chang, Sexy Ran Fan and a chibi panda: Dr. Knox must be creating his own harem

Alphonse brought May Chang to Dr. Knox’s house. Dr. Knox started ranting about the continuous injured people they brought to his house until Ran Fan entered the room. Alphonse gave Ling’s message to Ran Fan. Ling wrote that he had obtained the Philosopher’s Stone.

Ran Fan asked where Ling is but Alphonse didn’t reply.

Greed: *sigh* "...I miss my old costume..."

Wrath asked Greed about his new body, which Greed said he is happy about getting such an interesting body. During the small discussion, it is shown that Ling is still trying to take over his own body.

Roy revealed what he has learned about the military to Armstrong and Riza. Armstrong was shattered, but told them that he won’t run away. Roy told them about what he thinks about the situation they are facing; this is a test… he says.

Dr. Knox: "Work like a real harem! A real harem I tell you!"

Collect all 4 now!

Ran Fan was both happy and sad about the news about Ling. She asked Alphonse about the automail, but Alphonse replied that he’ll tell Winry about it once Ran Fan is completely healed.

May Chang entered the room and assaulted Ran Fan. Sadly, before the catfight started, Dr. Knox appeared and stopped everyone from ruining his house.

After that, Alphonse helped Dr. Knox to clean. He saw an old picture of Dr. Knox’s family. Knox, however, just threw the picture to the bin.

Edward got a new master.

Edward was once again going around the city to fix some things using his alchemy.

After being thanked by the woman he helped, he remembered what happened inside the realm. While planning what he should do next, he remembered the gun inside his pocket.

Scar: "What's you name again? Marcoh?" *writes*

While the ending was playing, Marcoh told his perception on Scar and showed a scene of a chibi gluttony.



Quote of the day

I like what they did there in the ending… nice……………… Other than that, it’s a nice episode. I am wonder what the author wanted to tell the viewers about this one. Really, it becomes something like god versus human or something. It is very entertaining to see the homunculus forgiving the humans (As long as it is accompanied by the word ‘human sacrifice’) even after all that they have done. Those people who are called ‘human sacrifice’ were doing the same but with different perception as the homunculus.  Much like a dog and human relationship?

I just noticed that the first picture is much better shown at wide. That is like… Wrath’s best scene…  for now….
Next episode:

I guess we’ll be seeing the war happened prior to the story eh… I don’t mind, but I hope Hughes was there.

This is the Lazy Prince, see you next episode~


One comment

  1. Wow, Ling/Greed’s outfit looks like a gakuran…

    Also, Dr. Knox isn’t afraid to hit women with frying pans… I guess that’s why they divorced, huh…

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