Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 4 (EX017) – Endings and Beginnings

October 26, 2009

Here is the complete collection of H-Games by Sugisaki.

"Here is the complete collection of H-Games by Sugisaki."

Tomoharu and company are saved by a person who seems to be Naotaka. They are left in Kagakagiri’s care as they learn of what Kagakagiri was after: the way to separate Burial Dolls from Asura Machina. We also learn of the ways of the demons from Christina. As physical bonds are severed, deeper bonds are created. Kurogane is summoned once again.

Last episode summary:

Tomoharu and the Science Club are at the beach. For work, for research and for leisure. Oblivious to the fact that Kagakagiri is cooking up something… and that Kyoumu of the Kantou Student Council has his eyes set on Kagakagiri. While investigating some ruins, they are confronted by Kyoumu, who sends a group of enhanced Castas Machina and his own Asura Machina, Bismuth. As they were driven to the losing end, a strange Asura Machina saves them… and its Handler was identified by Tomoharu… as his brother, Natsume Naotaka.

Episode 4 (EX017):

Continuing from where the last episode stopped. As the Castas Machina prepare to finish them off, a mysterious explosion causes all the Castas Machina to be obliterated. Tomoharu loses consciousness, but before fading to black, he recognizes the Handler as his brother…

Meanwhile, the stunned Kyoumu blames Kagakagiri for the interference…

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

After the OP, Tomoharu regains consciousness. He finds himself resting on Kanade’s lap and in front of him was the smell of newly-cooked curry.

"Welcome, inmates. I am your warden, Kagakagiri Takaya."

Kagakagiri explains that he wasn’t the one who saved them. He was just entrusted to look over them. Tomoharu may be right that it was Naotaka who saved them back there.

The discussion eventually leads to Ania being captured by the GD to lure Kagakagiri out. But neither Kagakagiri nor Christina can help. They are focused on removing Kotori from Rhodonite, Kagakagiri’s Asura Machina. Sure, Kagakagiri has the ability to help but they cannot waste any more time as Christina is slowly disappearing… and there is a cost for using the Asura Machina over and over at such a high power.

Im a part-time Yaka.

"I'm a part-time Yaka."

Kagakagiri adds that Tomoharu must know of the cost they are referring to in order to sucessfully do what they plan to do. Misao asks Tomoharu, who strongly refuses to answer. Suddenly, Kotori appears before them.

Arayashiki Kotori, Rhodonites Burial Doll.

Arayashiki Kotori, Rhodonite's Burial Doll.

She tells Tomoharu that important things must be communicated to their precious ones. Misao knows a bit of what’s happening and asks Tomoharu if it was the life of the Burial Doll being exhausted by the Asura Machina. It was a jackpot. It was why Tomoharu did not summon Kurogane earlier. Misao knows this because she can feel it.

Kagakagiri suddenly speaks up. He says that they remind him of a past he doesn’t want to look back to. Tomoharu asks him about it and Kagakagiri seemed hesitant. This is what you get for bringing it up in the first place.

It seems Kotori was used as a Burial Doll in order to save Christina but she believed that Kagakagiri and Christina would find a way to separate her quickly. They did not think that it would be harder than they imagined. But now, they’re almost at what they want. A glare from Kotori makes Kagakagiri invite Tomoharu to his stash of answers…

Before they go, Kotori tells Tomoharu that she doesn’t know what to like or to dislike is like anymore. She just wants Kagakagiri not to become sad if she vanishes.

Meanwhile, Ania is still held hostage by the GD. She kicks Kyoumu from behind and as he tries to fight back, he receives a bite (and a dash of Luck-Eater ability).

Back with Kagakagiri, Tomoharu and company. They end up in a special room with a container in the middle. Kagakagiri explains that the area was the testing lab for Asura Machina, so surely, there is an object that can separate Burial Dolls from them.

Kagakagiri calls upon his Daughter, Ingrid, and tries to smash open the glass but it seems to be protected by a barrier. Kagakagiri has no choice but to use Rhodonite and perform an attack of an Asura Cryin’, using the power of the Daughter and Asura Machina.

Kagakagiris Asura Machina, Rhodonite.

Kagakagiri's Asura Machina, Rhodonite.

Kagakagiris Daughter, Ingrid.

Kagakagiri's Daughter, Ingrid.

The glass breaks and reveals a trunk inside; similar to those used by Handlers on their first time. Rhodonite reaches it and drops it in front of Kagakagiri. Suddenly, multiple Castas Machina fell from the ceiling but Rhodonite and Ingrid took care of them easily, much to Tomoharu and Misao’s amazement.

Overused trunk!

Overused trunk!

But behind them, Christina has lost her balance. Her time is almost up. Her whole body is starting to become transparent. Misao and Tomoharu couldn’t do anything but to watch. Christina admires Tomoharu’s kindness and it was probably why Ania trusts him so much. In return, she will reveal a secret. One of which Kanade may be hiding from Tomoharu.

Demons are vanishing because the world wants to get rid of them. This is why they seek contractors. And as an Asura Machina gradually drains a Burial Doll as an energy source… the more a Demon uses their power, their contractor loses the ability to love. She advises Kanade to not repeat the same mistake as hers and she wants them to tell Ania that her decision may have been stupid… but at least she is happy.

Before any of them could fully react to the situation, GD arrives at the scene.

Thrillers back...

Thriller's back...

Part B:

Kyoumu seems to have took advantage of the time when Kagakagiri was vulnerable, right after casting magic. The GD start to assault Kagakagiri but he is quickly shielded by Ingrid. Rhodonite, however, takes damage.

As GD takes the upper hand, Rhodonite uses its Time Manipulation to turn the tables around. But Kyoumu has another card up his sleeve: Ania. Kagakagiri shows hesitation and Rhodonite’s Time Manipulation stops. GD’s Castas Machina launch a rain of bullets on Rhodonite and makes it pull back. Kagakagiri is driven to a corner.

Suddenly, Christina runs to Ania. Using her last bit of energy, she causes the Castas Machina holding Ania hostage to fail working.

Christinas final moments...

Christina's final moments...

As Kyoumu is left puzzled, Kanade and Tomoharu run to Ania’s aid. Kanade slices off the Castas Machina’s arm and frees Ania. Ania then rushes to her sister. She begs Tomoharu for help, but of course, he doesn’t know what to do. As Kagakagiri walks over to them to check on Christina, Ingrid is stabbed by Bismuth’s drill.

Yes, thats still Ingrid... and yes, thats a giant drill...

Yes, that's still Ingrid... and yes, that's a giant drill...

Then, Christina disappears completely…

Crying Nia-chan!!

Crying Nia-chan!!

Kyoumu orders Bismuth to kill Kagakagiri. Kotori suddenly appears before Kagakagiri and thanks him for loving her and Christina. Rhodonite appears again but it’s not powerful enough to stop Bismuth. As Bismuth aims its drill at Kagakagiri, Tomoharu looks determined now. He has overcome his weakness and claims that he will carry the pain. Misao agrees and tells him that she will always be with him. Tomoharu calls upon Kurogane!

Its about time, I say!

It's about time, I say!

Kurogane catches Bismuth’s drill but its arm cracks due to the force. Kyoumu explains that Bismuth’s drill can cancel magic, no matter how powerful it may be. But Tomoharu’s true aim was to stop the rotation of the drill. The drill cracks as soon as it stopped and magic is casted from Kurogane’s body, destroying not only the drill but also Bismuth’s arm.

Tomoharu tells Kyoumu it’s over. If he doesn’t back away, his Burial Doll will expire. But Kyoumu is a much more deceitful man. He doesn’t want to admit defeat and doesn’t care about losing his Burial Doll. Before Kurogane can deal more damage, something else does the job for them from behind Bismuth.



Kyoumu drops to the floor in a throbbing pain. The sword that pierced Bismuth’s chest then slices it, completely destroying it. From behind, it is revealed that the slasher was none other than the woman Shuri met while in search of Naotaka.

That is such a cool phoenix... No pun intended.

Aboard her ice phoenix, she takes the trunk away and flies off. Tomoharu asks Kagakagiri if they should go after the trunk but… Kagakagiri says he doesn’t need it anymore…

Rhodonite... no more Burial Doll inside...

Rhodonite... no more Burial Doll inside...

Christina and Kotori are both gone. Kagakagiri has nothing left and nothing to desire.

On the way back to the main island, they meet up with Shuri, who was waiting for them in the middle of the special path. They’re relieved that she’s safe. Shuri takes the Tokoala from Ania and Ania is revealed to hold a disc in her hands.

In a brief flashback, it was shown that Kagakagiri gave Ania the disc. It was all of Christina’s research. Tomoharu asks if it was okay and Kagakagiri says that… he doesn’t need the future anymore.

Crying Kagakagiri...

Ania promises to keep and continue her sister’s research. Kanade mentions to her what Christina wanted to say to her: that she was happy. Before Ania could cry, Tomoharu speaks up and tells her that they will all be with her.

Smiling Nia-chan~~

Smiling Nia-chan~~!

And the episode ends as the sun rises for everyone.

Closing song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Kyoumu bites the dust. Hoorah!

I had a feeling in the middle of the episode that Kagakagiri is gonna lose everything… and he did. Such a sad episode. Crying Ania was also too cute… and still sad. Her smile in the end makes it better though.

So we get to see a glimpse of Naotaka… he sounds suspiciously like Tomoharu. He also mentioned that he cannot have Tomoharu die “again”. What he means could still be a mystery at this point. Then again, there’s also the girl with the ice phoenix. Could it be Naotaka’s contracted demon? Kanade seems to know her from a first glance. She did appear while Shuri was looking for Naotaka after all.

I’m also happy that Tomoharu has gone past the depressive state and finally developed a will to fight once again alongside Misao, Kanade and Kurogane.

Tokoala was silent the whole time but you can probably feel like he’s paying close attention to what’s happening.

Next episode:

It seems like an athletic meet. Tomoharu and Kanade are paired with each other and several demons of the Takatsuki family seems to be involved as well.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. damn, this must’ve been the best episode of Asura 2 this far. Poor Christina… but well, she had an epic dying scene so she can’t complain. Kagakagiri… poor fellow, I’ve always liked him as a character somehow it’s really sad he lost everything, but it was to be expected. I wonder if Nia-chan’s gonna undergo some change now…

    Really good episode, really good review too ^^
    I think it’s a gryphon though, is that the same as a phoenix? (I’m not good with the mytical stuff)

    • It’s a phoenix. Shuri said it was a phoenix back in episode 2 and I checked as well. It’s really a phoenix.

      A gryphon (or griffin) is a half-eagle, half-lion creature.

      And with this pic, it doesn’t have any characteristics of a lion: http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff116/Yukishiro-senpai/Asura%20Cryin/snapshot20091027134513.jpg (bird talons and no signs of paws. No, not the woman!)

      About the pic, I dunno. It could be Ania, though why is she… tall and developed? I’m thinking it’s First Stage World Ania or something… remember that girl in the flashback?

  2. Wow… you guys have some good memory to catch the fact that she looks a bit like Ania..

    BTW… where did you get that picture of Ania captive with underwear? Cause I have like the same exact one on my post…
    not wanting to blame you or anything, just thought it was pretty funny we both noticed the same thing…XD

    • I took it as a screenshot along with the other pictures. It’s a pretty funny scene after all and I couldn’t pass this one up. I also love Ania’s Luck-Eater abilities.

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