Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 245

October 25, 2009
This would have worked on pretty much every other character that likes Hayate.

This would have worked on pretty much every other character that likes Hayate.

Last time, after Hayate recovered from his injuries, he set out in search for Athena. After some time of searching and a bit of Athena flashbacks, Hayate finally found Athena when she was off-guard, and asked her a very important, yet, pretty obvious question.

The chapter starts out from where the last chapter left off. Hayate had asked Athena(Who he still refers to as A-Tan) if she remembered him, and after a moment of pause, Athena turned around to face Hayate, and reminded him that she had told him not to use A-Tan to refer to her anymore. Hayate says that it’s been 10 years, and was surprised to learn that Athena was the Board Chairman of Hakuou. Actually, has it really been 10 years? I thought they met like a day or two ago or something? Regardless, Hayate tells Athena that she has become really beautiful, and that he was really surprised at how much Athena has become so. Athena looks unimpressed/unflattered, and asks Hayate if he goes around talking to each girl he meets with those kind of words. Hayate completely denies this, and explained that he had never had another girlfriend as Athena had told him in the past that he was unable to support a girl. Athena doesn’t show very much care for this fact, and shrugs it off, but continues to comment on the fact that it seems that Hayate had it pretty bad since 10 years ago. Hayate confirms this, and tells Athena that she was right about his parents, and that he was wrong, as his parents had easily cast him aside and dropped a 150 million debt on him. Athena looks saddened for a moment, but Hayate, probably noticing this, tells her that he is okay now, as during the previous christmas eve, he had met someone who took on his debt and saved him, that being Sanzenin Nagi, and tells Athena that he is currently working for Nagi as her Butler. Athena, not looking any better, asks Hayate if his current life was of any fun. Hayate replies that his current life is indeed fun and enjoyable, and that although during the 10 years in which he had left Athena had been horrifying, with many instances of him near-death and even times where he truly wanted to die, Nagi had saved him from it all and that he was truly happy and grateful to Nagi. Athena looks extremely guilt-ridden, especially on the part where Hayate mentioned that he had truly wanted to die at some points during the 10 years. However, upon Hayate mentioning his gratefulness to Nagi, that part of Hayate’s speech kept ringing inside Athena’s head, who suddenly seemed to have gained a severe headache, falling on her knees and grabbing her head tightly. Athena’s eyes changed slightly, and Hayate, noticing the ever-obvious headache that Athena is currently having, calls out to her and starts running to her, but Athena tells him to stay back. Hayate becomes puzzled, and Athena tells Hayate that all she could ever do was bring Hayate misfortune, as observed  by the fact that she was unable to save Hayate both 10 years ago and right now. Hayate tells her that that wasn’t true, as Athena had taught him many things and saved him 10 years ago. Unfortuneately, those words didn’t reach Athena, who suddenly changes her personality, declaring that she’ll be taking the King’s Jewel from Hayate.

Athena finally manages to activate her Sharingan

Athena finally manages to activate her Sharingan

Athenas Sharingan allows her to use Unlimited Blade Works

Athena's Sharingan allows her to use Unlimited Blade Works

Suddenly, quite a number of swords appear out of nowhere and start raining upon Hayate. Hayate dodges the swords, and naturally became surprised by Athena’s sudden change of personality. Athena commends Hayate on his fast reaction, but tells Hayate that if he could be defeated by someone of Machina’s level, she wonders how he could ever protect the stone. Hayate, still confused, calls out to Athena, and Athena explains that there’s a stone needed to open the path to the Garden Palace. Athena then tells Hayate that the stone is the King’s Jewel that is in Hayate’s possession, and the swords again appear out of nowhere and continue being fired at Hayate. Hayate asks Athena to stop and asks her why she is doing this, but Athena just tells him to give her the stone, and if he is not willing to give the stone for free, she would be willing to pay any amount of money for it. Hayate grabs one of the swords and deflects the ones being fired upon him, telling Athena that it wasn’t an issue of money, as it was his master’s precious stone. He throws the sword away and again asks Athena what was going on, and asks her to stop. Hayate continues asking questions, and asks Athena if she remembered him. Athena, smirking, tells him that she does indeed remember him, and like in Hayate’s dream during the previous chapter, she calls Hayate the butler which she failed to kill back then, and suddenly, from behind Athena, a gigantic skeletal hand comes out from the hallway and starts coming towards Hayate.

Talk to the Hand

Talk to the Hand

The skeletal hand comes towards Hayate, who managed to dodge the hand barely, but the floor around where Hayate was was completely ripped apart. Athena, after telling Hayate that he won’t give the stone her, declares that everything in the castle is hers(Not sure if it’s the current one or the Garden Palace), and the skeletal hand comes after Hayate another time, but due to injuries from his fight with Machina, Hayate couldn’t move fast enough, and was about to be teared apart by the hand. As the skeletal hand struck, a huge cloud of dust is formed, making Hayate’s fate uncertain. Athena, unfazed, asks for the names of some person, presumably someone in the dust cloud. As the dust cleared, it is revealed that Isumi had saved Hayate, and Isumi tells Athena that she is merely a ghost sweeper that happened to pass by. (She’s probably just lost her way as usual, actually) Sakuya was with Isumi as well, and Hayate was surprised by the entry of the two.

Though... Wasnt there a huge gate barring entry to the mansion? Isumis getting lost powers are amazing.

Though... Wasn't there a huge gate barring entry to the mansion? Isumi's getting lost powers are amazing.

This was a rather surprising chapter, and while not exactly what I expected or hoped for, it’s pretty much satisfactory. Now, the big skeletal hand we saw this chapter definitely reeks of a connection to the large skeletal figure which appeared during Athena and Hayate’s fight 10 years ago, and could even potentially be the same being. As we know, both of these skeletal apparitions appeared when Athena was severely overflown with some sort of emotion, that being anger 10 years ago, and that being guilt and maybe jealousy this chapter. In addition, during both times, Athena’s personality drastically changed, although it is slightly more obvious in this chapter than during the time it occured 10 years ago. If I had to piece this together, the skeletal figure probably possessed Athena to some extent, or at least something possessed Athena to a degree, but this could only be done when Athena was close to an emotional breakdown. If this was the case, Athena is probably aware of this, as right before her personality changed, she had told Hayate to stay away, probably because she knew that she was going to be possessed and whatever possessed her would pretty much rip Hayate’s organs out for the tiny stone. Regardless, the mystery of this entity expands, and hopefully we’d find out more about it in the next chapter. Though, somehow, I have a feeling we won’t find out much, and that something else would probably be the main issue. But who knows?

Skeletal Figure from 10 years ago. Notice the hand.

Skeletal Figure from 10 years ago. Notice the hand.

Skeletal Hand from this chapter.

Skeletal Hand from this chapter.

-Ryu Yuki


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