Darker than Black Ryuusei no Gemini 03 – Vanishing into the snow field…

October 25, 2009


Episode 3 of Darker than Black. As usual, the episode contains battle scenes, plot twists, naked Yin, once per episode mood splasher, twin twin tailed blondies and a lot more…

Nothing happened about me today so let’s get the show on the road~

Here comes Yami Suou!

The episode started from the last scene from the previous episode. Hei is on the way to kill another named character when Suou tried to stop him. Suddenly, Mina Hazuki activated a trap, trapping both Hei and Suou inside an electric… sphere of awesome special effects. However, the trap also triggered Suou’s pendant.

The comedic antagonists were happily staring at the screen until everything got entirely wrong. Genma runs immediately to the scene.

Oh my god, it's a spear!!!

The trap malfunctions and ceases to work. Suou’s eyes went blank. Someone told her to run away, which she did. She dived into the sea together with the motionless Hei. Genma and Mizuki arrived late.

Genma finished what Hei failed to accomplish by smashing August’s body.

We'll be seeing this flashback for a while... really, why naked? I like her outfit more

Again, a dream sequence shows Hei running towards the naked Yin (which is moving away; click and drag mode). Yin was in tears when she said goodbye to Hei…

What's with this anime and nude scenes...

Hei woke up with Suou, both naked. Hei grappled Suou to the ground and asked where they are. Suou said she doesn’t know either. Quick one time shot of the comedic antagonists. They talked about chief, the possibility of losing their job, Izanagi and moe points. The scene also revealed that Genma’s remuneration moxibustion.

Within that span, how many characters we're killed?

Back to the two. Suou was now tied up and shouting at Hei for killing so many named characters. Hei, however is calm until Suou said that he can ‘even kill lovers or friends without even flinching. He slapped Suou but still her rant goes on.

Nameless Subordinate: "Is that edible?"

The major and his subordinate were talking about someone who requested a large group of army. His subordinate then asked what they are going to do with Nika, which is apparently somewhere outside their meeting place. Major replied that they can use him to their advantage.

Suou fell asleep after shouting too much. Hei started talking to the voice (Mao~).  Hei asked which faction he is in. Mao replied that he is working with ‘her’.

Nika moved out as soon as Tanya left the room. Tanya uses her lovely-type talk from episode 1. Sadly, everything is an act…

Suou: "Is that the place where they sell a lot of manga and anime DVDs?"

Someone calls Suou’s cellphone, which is revealed to be Nika later on. Hei broke her phone afterwards. Suou then saw a photo album which Hei revealed to be Ikebukuro (The place of the first season). Hei freed Suou and told her that he’ll bring Suou to Tokyo.

On Nika and Tanya’s side. Nika’s dreamy world of getting back Tanya just faded out when the police got the place where the protagonists are.

-Counter Strike DtB-

The police arrived at the location of the protagonists yet nothing was found. Hei and Suou ran to the train station, attacked some goons and started a fight. Hei tried to activate his power but it’s no use.

For the costume. Tanya's moe points is increased to 89 points

Suou found Tanya. Tanya told Suou that if she captures Suou she’ll be rewarded and a guaranteed high position. Hei intervenes and attacks Tanya. Again, Hei didn’t conduct any electricity. Hei runs away together with Suou.

On the background. The comedic antagonists were watching the fight.

The Father's power hits Hei as well...

Hei was now wielding a gun, still confused why he can’t use his power. He entrusts Suou to Mao and went to the battlefield. Mao, who was revealed to be inside Petya’s body, ordered Suou to follow him.

Just as he said.

A train suddenly appeared going towards them, which is driven by Genma. Hazuki supports him by killing all the mobs shooting the train. The train hits another train, and another train. Genma threw a lighter on the fuel to explode. Sadly, no character with a name died.

Suou: "Of course, Shion's going to school somewhere else. And uh... you'll find her in a restaurant somewhere in the city"

Hei and Tanya were still fighting, with Hei on disadvantage. Suou stopped Tanya but it didn’t work. Next, Nika appeared, badly-injured and still hoping for Tanya’s return. Unfortunately, Tanya uses her power to kill Nika.

'Rifle in the pendant'... interesting...

This triggered Suou. Suou remembered how many people she known died (for just 3 episodes: or 1 ¾ days). Suou then unconsciously summoned a sniper rifle from her pendant and shoots on Tanya, then exploding a train. Afterwards, she fired to the things July directed.

Before Suou shoots the fainted Tanya, Hei stopped her. Hei, Mao, Suou and the newly recruited July left the battlefield.

Beware: This woman is a potential last boss.

John Smith and the mysterious woman were talking again in a café. Her name was revealed to be Madame Oreille during the discussion.

Kirihara's back!

Kirihara dressing up while talking to Kanami from her cellphone about BK201’s star disappearing. Kirihara then at the office phoned Saitou and asked about BK201. Saitou replied that he can’t talk about that outside the department but he told that she needs to be careful about ‘section 35’.

Gurou: "Using your cell phone inside the classroom is prohibited. Miss Kirihira, if you may?"

A twist of fate. Kirihara was visited by a member of Ministry of Internal Affairs and communications: Section Chief Kobayashi Gurou. He told Kirihara about ‘Section 35’ and also told her that it is the only way to seek Bk201.

Hei: "CIA doesn't pay much. I can't even eat a lot unlike the first season."

After the ending show. The group was now inside a ship. Mao asked where is Yin but Hei said that he’ll kill her. Suou, on the other hand, was doing her remuneration and state that she became a contractor.


Wow... just wow...

…what’s with this anime and nude people…

Err… anyway, nice episode. It seems that this episode is a preparation for things to happen on the latter episodes. Hei’s powers were gone while Suou got one. Mao is back in a squirrel body… Yin… guh…

Nice banning Hei’s powers. Really, he killed 3 named characters around 3 episodes… Though I hope it will return somewhere around episode 10 or something.

For Suou… I guess her power is creating things (Fate/Stay Night Emiya Shirou perhaps, but more powerful). I just hope she wouldn’t use her power just for creating rifles. Oh also, I hope Suou’s emotions were stay intact. I don’t want another emotionless moe for this anime…

I’ve been wondering. I guess what Mao saying about where he’s working isn’t Yin at all since he asked Hei where’s Yin.

Next episode:

Promotions… And what the hell is that twin tailed blonde hair gay? -1000 points! Times 10 to the hundredth power!  Crap… kill him Hei! Kill him right after he told you his name. Wait… I wonder if he’s a she…

Ah well… That’s it for today, this is the lazy prince saying, goodnight~



  1. Suou’s powers totally sucked, hopefully Hei can get his back soon~ LOL, I was laughing really hard when they showed Hei and Suou naked. Man… Kirihara is just too obsessed with Hei.

  2. So the almighty Meteor Core… is a large sniper rifle? Good grief… it’s like the “Staff of Destruction” from Zero no Tsukaima…

    Please, someone give Hei his Pikachu-powers back!

  3. And change the opening theme while you’re at it too!
    Give me back my good upbeat ABS OP!! ;o;

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