Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 81 – Grand Theft Auto: Neo Domino City

October 23, 2009

Jeager moe?

Jeager moe?

This episode is about the retrieval operation for the data that Jeager stole. Placido makes another appearance as well. Yusei battles a nursing Guard Robot in the process.

Expect comedic escapes, much more Jeager than usual, and large robots. Also, Terminator.

Last episode summary:

Ushio and Mikage entrusted a person with (selective) amnesia to Yusei, Crow and Jack. The person’s name is Bruno, apparently, a mechanic with a very wide range of knowledge about computers. He and Yusei quickly got along, much to the slight annoyance of everyone else in the team. Yusei and Bruno successfully made a new engine for the WRGP but it was stolen while they were sleeping. Hacking through Security’s database, they discover that Bruno is also a skilled Duelist after solving a Duel Puzzle and enabled them access to the owner of the fingerprint left on the crime scene: who turns out to be none other than Jeager.

Key Card of the Week:

Level Eater: LV 1, 600 ATK / 0 DEF.

Level Eater: LV 1, 600 ATK / 0 DEF.

Episode 81:

The episode starts off with the last few minutes of last week’s episode. Bruno solving the Duel Puzzle and unraveling the thief who stole their engine: Jeager, Vice-Director of the Security Management Bureau.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

With the fingerprint in their possession, there should be no mistaking it that Jeager was there. But his motives are unclear. They don’t know if Jeager had been ordered to do so or is working alone. After all, such a valuable data can be sold at a high price. Yusei tells Bruno that the program is a very important bond that they all created to build a future, so they will not stop until they catch the perpetrator.

At Jeager’s office, it seems he’s reporting that he successfully stole the data to one of Yliaster’s members, Placido. Placido is wary and asks Jeager if he did not leave any evidence and Jeager is very convinced that his break-in was perfect.

Because holograms can hurt you.

Because holograms can hurt you.

Placido just tells Jeager to deliver the data to them as soon as possible.

Outside the building, the foursome keep an eye on Jeager’s movements. They then see the clown waltzing out of the building and straight into an expensive car. They quickly go into pursuit.

Hey... whered Bruno get that D-Wheel?

Hey... where'd Bruno get that D-Wheel?

Jeager notices the very obvious pursuit. He wonders how they knew it was him and then orders to driver to take a different route.

Inside the mall, he walks around alone in order to lure them out. But after passing by a cup ramen store, he gets distracted by the new and rare flavors available on the shop. Crow and Jack manage to apprehend the clown and seize him from moving.

Latest victim: Jeager.

Latest victim: Jeager.

Yusei and Bruno join in to interrogate Jeager. Jeager feigns innocence and Crow tells him that he left his fingerprint in the cup ramen plastic cover.

The idiot in the act of his idiocy.

Jeager realizes his mistake, removing his glove to open the cup ramen. Jack is still upset about it and demands revenge for his cup ramen. For now, Jeager decides to escape. He uses a clown trick and poofs away from them and runs. The group follow again but Jeager is too crafty and fast, skillfully jumping through the floors.

Perhaps the beings known as Mall Security have long been extinct...

Perhaps the beings known as "Mall Security" have long been extinct...

After losing the group, Jeager sees a toy store and gets another evil idea.

As the group takes an escalator to the higher floor, they spot something horrible.

One was already bad enough...

One was already bad enough...

Before they could consult any nuclear physics textbook, they decided it would be better to run after the horrible objects. The real Jeager, however, appears from the toy store.

Oh my god, now theres three!!

Oh my god, now there's three!!

The two Jeagers suddenly split up. Yusei and Bruno follow one while Jack and Crow follow the other. Jack and Crow’s pursuit comes to a shocking plot twist!

After a long time, the mystery has finally been cracked!!

After a long time, the mystery has finally been cracked!!

They think they had trapped Jeager, but as they enter the bathroom, there was no one else there… In one of the stalls, however…

Dun dun dunnnn!!

Dun dun dunnnn!!

On the other side of the chase, Bruno notices something weird from the Jeager they were following. Its head just phased through a child’s balloon like air. He then busts out his ninja mechanic weapons.

Dananana~ Inspector Bruno~ Dananana~ Hoo hoo~

"Go, go, Gadget Driver!"

Using a kunai screwdriver, Inspector Gadget Bruno managed to knock down the same car thing that fooled Jack and Crow.

Such accuracy. Nothing less from a mechanic!

Such accuracy in throwing a screwdriver. Nothing less from a mechanic!

It seems Jeager pulled a fast one on them, using a child’s toy fitted with wheels and holographic devices. They realized that they’ve been had. So the real Jeager must be outside by that time.

Surely enough, Jeager was already outside and called a taxi to pick him up. As the taxi leaves, Yusei and Bruno go into pursuit mode again.

The taxi stops at some place and Jeager exits it. Bruno and Yusei silently follow. Bruno asks if they should wait and contact Jack and Crow but Yusei says they don’t have much time and they should make it on their own. They have to follow Jeager without getting caught.

The factory where Jeager went.

The factory where Jeager went.

Part B:

Inside the dark building, Jeager complains about doing all the dirty work. It was much better when Rex Goodwin was still Director. He then walks up to Placido, who had been waiting there. Placido tells him that he’s late and Jeager explains that he’s being chased. He then hands over to Placido the data and Placido commends him, saying that he’s not bad for a clown.

Jeager tells Placido that he did as he was told. He wants something in return, but not much, if it isn’t a bother. He wants to know what Yliaster is planning to do with the data he stole. Suddenly, Placido points his sword at Jeager.

Its a real one this time...

It's a real one this time...

He tells Jeager not to poke his nose into things that doesn’t concern him. It’s better if he didn’t know. The security cameras then show Bruno and Yusei. Jeager runs away and excuses himself before he becomes the output of Placido’s anger. Placido doesn’t seem to care anyway and presses some buttons on his weird computer.

Meanwhile, Yusei and Bruno notice a huge factory-like area just below and they have no idea what those machines are used for, since this is the first time they’ve seen such things. The alarms sounded. A door slowly closes and both of them make a run for it. Yusei manages to roll over to the other side but Bruno couldn’t catch up and gets locked behind. The lovebirds couple two get separated from each other.

Yusei tells Bruno that he’ll go in deeper and Bruno says he’ll call Jack and Crow for help. Yusei runs and then bumps into an escaping Jeager.

At the same time, Placido entered a sort-of basement. He claims that all he needs to do is too install the program, but before that, he needs more time. He then turns to a giant robot beside him, as if speaking to it.

One of Makimura Shioris inventions?

Another one of Makimura Shiori's inventions?

He suddenly gains a mark on his hand and somehow animates the robot to life.



Yusei grabs Jeager before he could escape. He begins interrogating him again but Jeager denies everything thrown at him and Yusei slams Jeager’s face to the wall. He’s had enough of this farce. All of a sudden, the giant robot from earlier comes up and seals all the exits. Never have these exits been sealed like that before!

In any case… instead of pummeling Yusei or shooting him down with a machine gun or whatever after confirming the target… the robot challenges Yusei to a card game…

Placido, watching from a surveillance camera, says that all of Yusei’s past Duels have been recorded in that robots memory. It has all the strategies necessary to take down Yusei. It’s useful to stall for time. The cameras then switch places and he sees Bruno, trying to open a door.

The robot and Jeager pressures Yusei to a Duel. Yusei finally accepts after telling Jeager to shut the hell up. He jumps from god-knows-what height, unfazed and starts a Duel.

Back with Bruno. He easily takes care of the lock and opens the door. Placido arrives as well and then, for some reason, Bruno’s head starts throbbing, as if he’s remembering something after seeing Placido. Before he could continue though, Placido knocks him out with a punch to the gut.

This sword is actually just here to make me look cool...

"This sword is actually just here to make me look cool..."

Placido enters the room and inserts the data into a computer, turning on the whole area with lights, showing what kind of evil plan he is cooking up.

Let me guess... they dont have guns...

Let me guess... they don't have guns...

Yusei says he can’t waste any more time. He needs to make this Duel fast!

Guard Robot VS Yusei Fudo! He should ask help from Hayate!

Guard Robot VS Yusei Fudo! He should ask help from Hayate!

Turn 1 - Yusei's turn: 4000 LP
- Activates One for One and discards Speed Warrior. Special Summons Level Eater from his Deck.
- Normal Summons his Junk Synchron.
- Uses its effect and Special Summons his discarded Speed Warrior back to the field in Defense Position.
- Tunes LV 3 Junk Synchron with LV 2 Speed Warrior to Synchro Summon Junk Warrior.
- Through its effect, it gains 600 ATK (2900 ATK) thanks to Level Eater's presence on his side of the field.
- Sets 1 card.

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance.

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance (left).

Jeager keeps praising Yusei’s moves, narrating in behalf of the pros to explain why he did stuff. The robot seems to be calculating something and then it concludes that it has to seal off high-leveled monsters.

Turn 2 - Guard Robot's turn: 4000 LP
- Activates Level Limit - Area B. Junk Warrior goes into Defense Position.
- Sets 3 cards.

Jeager does it again and Yusei seems to be a bit pissed. He thinks the robot is setting up a Lockdown to buy some time. But the robot doesn’t have any monsters and he still has a lot of lower-leveled monsters.

Turn 3 - Yusei's turn: 4000 LP
- Activates Graceful Revival and Special Summons his Speed Warrior again.
- The Guard Robot, however, uses Malfunction and pays 500 LP (Guard Robot: 3500 LP) to negate and re-set the Trap Card Yusei just used.
- In addition to that, the Guard Robot Special Summons its Lock Dragon, which can be Special Summoned in Defense Position when a Counter Trap Card negates an opponent's card. But wait! There's more! Neither player can Special Summon as long as this card remains on the field in Defense Position.
- The Guard Robot chains again with his Counter Force. It gains 1 counter for every Counter Trap Card activated, 1 was added thanks to Malfunction (Counter: 1). By destroying it, the opponent takes damage of 1000 points for every Counter on the card.

Lock Dragon: LV 3, 0 ATK / 2000 DEF.

Lock Dragon: LV 3, 0 ATK / 2000 DEF. Yes, the one on the right.

Counter Force: Continuous Trap Card.

Counter Force: Continuous Trap Card.

With this sudden turn of events… will Yusei be able to win? Special Summons and attacks have been sealed off. Will he win against a robot who has all the data of his past Duels? We’ll find out next week!

And an epic still shot to end the episode...

And an epic still shot to end the episode...

Closing song: -OZONE- by -vistlip-


Seriously, you have four grown men inside a house and some scrawny clown gets away with a USB? Come on…

In any case, I saw through the whole Ghost operation as early as… when Ghost was revealed to be a robot. I knew there wasn’t just one Ghost and they’re gonna mass-produce it (which is why I named the early entry as “Terminator: The Yusei Fudo Chronicles“).

Bruno is still a mystery… is he somehow connected to Shades/Dark Glass as I heard last week? Or could it be that he’s a member of Yliaster?

The next episode is about the continuation of the Duel. Jack and Crow seems to have caught up as well with Bruno… and a special countdown appears on their screens. What could this sinister clock be counting down to? The finishing of the operation or a bomb? Maybe it’s Placido’s microwave? We’ll find out next week!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. Lemme guess… at the start of the next episode, Hayate will appears and kick Eight’s butt. Then Yusei will go back to Bruno for love love. At the meantime Nagi will be playing games at the mansion…

    kind of a build-up episodes again… I’m really waiting for something exciting to happen. So far the third or was it second now(?) season has only disappointed me…

    Rating for the episode 6/10 sorry…I don’t enjoy clowns that much, with that I mean both Jeager and Yusei…
    Nice work again Chief!

  2. […] Guess who’s back again? It’s Jaeger… with his family?! Now I’ve seen everything… well, Yusei and company wants to know more about Yliaster. Now it’s time for Operation: Capture Jaeger once again! […]

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