A Certain Scientific Railgun 03 – Tokiwadai’s Eyebrow Crisis

October 22, 2009
we know where you live

we know where you live

Ohay, it’s a new episode of Railgun! Again, this episode is generally light-hearted and comedic, though there are implications that it’ll start heating up soon enough.


Kazari and Ruiko are heading over to the all-girls’ school district of Academy City, the Garden of Education, where they are to meet two students of the most high-class of all high-class schools – Mikoto and Kuroko of Tokiwadai. The ride on the bus was wet and humid, but as soon as the two visitors arrive, the rain promptly stops, cited by Kazari to be as predicted by Tree Diagram, the most powerful supercomputer in Academy City.


The two pass through the security systems of the district, and enter a fairyland; practically a tiny European country, isolated from the rest of the City. They wander around, awing at the fantastical designs and layout of this hidden sanctuary. However, as their uniforms do not belong to any of the schools in the area, they attract unwanted attention from speculators, which troubles the two wanderers slightly. Losing track of time, and in sudden realization of their dilatoriness, Ruiko makes a dash for Tokiwadai, causing her to slip and fall into a puddle on the recently rain-drenched ground.


As a result of the aforementioned incident, the two are late; moreso than they would have been if not for Ruiko’s rash actions. Kuroko lends the drenched girl a spare set of her uniform, causing Kazari to become visibly jealous (jokingly so). Now joined with Mikoto and Kuroko, and Ruiko having changed out of her dirty clothes, the four girls head out to their true destination: the local cake store.



Kazari is torn up by the great variety of cakes in the store, and cannot decide which one to buy. As she is lost in thought, her cellphone rings, informing her of JUDGEMENT work, and is dragged away, cakeless, by Kuroko.



The situation is explained to Kuroko and Kazari by their senior: between after school time to nighttime Friday, six students from Tokiwadai Academy have been assaulted by an unidentified culprit. Meanwhile, back at the cake shop, Ruiko has been attacked by an unseen assailant, knocked out by a stun gun.



Mikoto finds the unconscious victim, and takes her back to JUDGEMENT headquarters, where they regroup with Kazari and Kuroko. After a slight debriefing of the situation, Ruiko comes round, much to general amusement. As it turns out, the victims had their faces disfigured through the humorous misuse of a black marker: they have been drawn on extra-thick eyebrows.

The group starts tracking down this girl on the spot, with Kazari accessing all the surveillance cameras in the district, giving her a live feed of what is going on throughout the area as it happens. Eventually, the three, excluding Kazari, monitoring the situation, do some serious field work as they track down the invisible culprit. As the girl’s abilities are to make others oblivious to her presence, rather than actually hiding her physically, the city’s many surveillance cameras can find her easily.

Confused and in a state of panic, the girl is chased by the group to a local park, where she is confronted by Misaka Mikoto. In a desperate attempt at resistance, she rushes towards Mikoto, stungun blazing. Unfortunately for her, such weapons have no effect on the unfazed Electromaster, and she is promptly knocked out cold.



As it turns out, the girl targets only Tokiwadai students, graffitiing on their faces as result of a grudge after being dumped by her boyfriend for a Tokiwadai girl, for the reason of her “having weird eyebrows”. Ruiko comments, partially in sympathy for her, that she thinks them to be cute, which results in an awkward situation.


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