Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 28 – Father

October 21, 2009

-Character of the week-

The recap episode is done people! We’re now on the second half of Fullmetal Alchemist. I thank Bones for adapting this one hell of a masterpiece (I don’t read manga much… I really want to though). I never felt this ever since I saw Suzumiya Haruhi back in 2007. Keep up the good work and for more anime to come!

As the episode title says. The episode is focused on ‘The Father’ and the Homunculi. Expect some fighting scenes, mood splashes, and revelations (LING!!). Unfortunately, there’s no Roy or Ran Fan but we have to endure it. Overall, it’s a good episode, like always.

For the bloggers… I’m sorry if I hadn’t showed up much lately, busy as usual… B-but I’ll try to come!! Believe it!!

So… continuing last time: Alphonse and Gluttony entered the room where ‘the Father’ lies. Gluttony calls out ‘the Father’ and appeared unto them. Alphonse was shocked when he saw that ‘the Father’ looks exactly like Hohenheim.

Gluttony began acting weird (he’s actually weird, but weirder than that). Gluttony released Edward, Ling and Envy inside. Alphonse immediately went to Edward to hug him.

He actually thinks Edward is only eight years old

Edward then noticed ‘the Father’ and again, like Alphonse, called him ‘Hohenheim’. ‘The Father’ conversed with the Elric brothers and they found out that Hohenheim and ‘The Father’ are different people. The Father, however, was also surprised that Hohenheim got kids.

The Father noticed Edward’s injury and Alphonse’s missing arm, which he fixed immediately with alchemy (without using a transmutation circle and clapping hands: he must be using GameShark…). As alchemists, the two were utterly shocked.

Heh.. yeah... Wait, what?!

Ling pointed his sword at The Father, which resulted into a fight. He ordered Gluttony to eat Ling, which the Elric brothers interfered: telling them not to harm Ling for their sake. However, The Father declined.

The Father told the protagonists about how he sees human beings. Yeah, a pathetic substance in the world and he didn’t give a damn about it.

Red-colored electricity is way more powerful than the blue ones

With that, Edward started attacking using his alchemy, which the Father blocked easily. Edward tried to bind The Father, and again, it’s no use. The three simultaneously attacked the Father which they are all deflected.

The Father then released a red aura around the area. Which Scar, May Chang and even the faraway Hohenheim sensed.

Father: "What the hell are you two doing..."

Edward and Alphonse tried alchemy soon after but nothing happened. Envy dropped the two into the ground while Gluttony took Ling down.

The Father released a Philosopher’s Stone from inside his body, which Envy revealed that he’s going to create a Homunculus using Ling. The Elric brothers tried to budge, but it’s no use. Edward even pulls out a gun, but again, he couldn’t shoot those… eww… human-like things… on Envy’s body.

Ling has evolved into Raichu. Ling: "Raiii~ Raii~"

Ling told the Elric brothers not to interfere as Ling said that he went to their country in search of the Philosopher’s Stone, which the Father is generously giving to him now.

The Father dropped the Philosopher’s Stone on Ling, which his body absorbed.

Ling watches Yu-Gi-Oh!; He knew the more souls the better

Ling met a giant red face afterwards (you know from his voice he’s Greed). The giant red face asked Ling to turn over his body, which Ling easily replied with a yes.

Yes! Greed is back! Now who wants to see Ling in Hard Gay outfit?

The Philosopher’s Stone successfully took over Ling’s body.  Ling revealed that he is now Greed.


Greed revealed that he is not the Greed the two Elric Brothers remembered. He also revealed that Ling gave up his body without further resistance.

While Edward shouts Ling’s name, the last group arrived.

New challengers have arrived

May Chang reunited with her cute little panda and at the same time crushing her dream of a cool and “tall” Fullmetal Alchemist.

Gluttony attacks Scar, but Scar easily kills Gluttony. May Chang take care of beating Envy, releasing the Elric Brothers.

Edward: "Keep looking Al! There should be a hidden passageway around here somewhere".

Upon receiving their freedom, the Elric brothers tried using alchemy. Again, nothing happened.

Edward: "The Evidence clearly states that my client isn't the one who did the crime but the witness himself!"

Without anything to do, Edward announced to Scar what Envy told him last time. He told Scar that what happened in rebellion was all Envy’s fault, with the command from none only than the Father.

Scar killed Gluttony again after that…


Scar, angrily destroyed almost everything in the room. Unfortunately, the Homunculi didn’t gave a damn. They are more curious about Scar using alchemy.

Edward calls Ling’s attention. While May Chang gets chased by Gluttony (I guess he gave up on Scar eh… good choice.)

Scar: "...and here I thought I have the most imbalanced power here at FMA..."

While Scar fights with Envy. The Father appeared behind Scar and asked how he can use alchemy. Scar immediately tried to kill The Father using his signature attack, which is rendered useless. Scar jumps backward and got severely injured by The Father’s imba power.

May Chang is also in a disadvantage as well. She was cornered by Gluttony completely. However, she was saved by Alphonse. Alphonse runs with May Chang outside.

Scar: "Dont get me wrong. I am clearly not a lolicon"

Scar reunites with May Chang outside. Sadly, the chimeras are blocking the path. The other side was blocked by the Homunculi.

Alphonse told the two to escape and leave him there. Scar took the offer and blasted almost everyone by transmuting water into hydrogen and made it explode. The impact destroyed most of the chimeras, and burned Gluttony for good.

Tell him Ed!

Greed and Edward were still fighting inside, again with our protagonist on a disadvantage, and a lot of it. Edward successfully made Greed drop to the ground. Sadly, that’s not going to save him for fighting inside the enemy territory.

Edward reunited with Alphonse. He told Alphonse that Ling is still inside his body…


The Lazy Prince…

I couldn't help it... this is really a good line

Upon listening 10-20 times of Hologram ‘Golden Time Lover’ using my sister’s ipod. I shall say, it is indeed good.  Also,  I now believe that why Bones filled the opening with a bunch of spoilers. The Hohenheim =/= The Father formula was indeed better revealed from the previous episode than now. Keep it up Bones!

My opinion about the ED isn’t changing; I don’t like Winry to that extent. You know I like blonde girls, but not Winry (Ran Fan FTW!)

Roy wasn’t shown except on the preview. I lol’d at what Father said though, they are upstairs!

In conclusion… it is a very nice episode. Actually, this episode made the previous one better as they showed some revelations to solidify the things revealed in this episode. And yeah, May Chang looks cute.

Next Episode:

There she is!! Ran Fan and Roy! It seems like the Elric brothers successfully get away from the clutches of the Homunculi.

This is Lelouch, thanks you for reading~ dya~~



  1. “Upon listening 10-20 times of Hologram using my sister’s ipod. I shall say, it is indeed good.”
    Uhm, could it be you meant Golden Time Lover instead of Hologram?

    Another Winry hater? Man, what did she ever do to deserve this? But I have somethin’ good to tell you, Winry is not goin’ to be around for a few upcomin’ episodes (apparently, they put her in the ED to make up for this).

  2. Gee, that’s a lot of pictures again!

    Anyway, wow. What can I say? I never thought Hohenheim and Otousama were different people. This is what I get for not reading the manga!

    I’m curious as well, why did May Chang and Scar’s alchemy work? Is it because they stick to basics with the circle always present there / draw it themselves? Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to continue watching to find out.

    Also, come back soon! More like, come back NOW!

  3. Changed.

    I dont dislike Winry… It’s just that Ran Fan overshadowed her (Nana Mizuki + Slight Silent Moe = 88 points). Winry is around 82 points :D

    Do I really use a lot of pictures? It’s my normal picture count (20+) but uh… I guess I’ll try lowering it next time.

    And put your cp on Hina-chan!!

    • Maybe it’s just because of the preview (or because of the few intervals between text and pictures). I’m not saying that it looks bad or anything. Keep up the good work.

  4. I agree
    Ran Fan beats Winry…
    but I don’t watch this show for the moeness anyway, there’s a lot of better series for moeness afterall
    Nice episode, my cp is always on Lulu-chi~ :3

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