Seitokai no Ichizon 3 : Drills and Interviews

October 20, 2009

Tsundere : Cause they're worth it

Today’s episode, we’ll get to see another character : Lilicia Toudou. Doesn’t tell you much I guess, but what if I tell you that this ojou is voiced by none less than Mamiko Noto! Surprising, if you ask me… but that’s not the only surprise in the episode. Sugisaki will reveal a tiny little secret about his past as well… Gotten interested? We’ll start with the usual quote of the week!

haha...she said short...

haha...she said short...

Sugisaki immediately agrees with our chibi pres’ words, while he’s actually playing one of his eroge. He wonders if he should start his game again, since he thinks he might have set the wrong flags. Minatsu headlocks Sugisaki telling him that the pres is talking about life and not some kind of game. The others agree and speak bad about him. After Sugisaki facefaults, he senses a warm sensation from behind. Minatsu gets embarrassed and KO’s the poor boy…

After the opening, we see Sugisaki in some kind of dreamworld where his eroge harem is waving at him from a distance. He immediately jumps up and struggles through the water separating him from his dream girls. Then suddenly a girl in a pretty colourful kimono passes by on a boat…

A one way trip to heaven...or hell?

A one way trip to heaven...or hell?

I don’t have to tell you which series they’re poking at. Anyhow, Sugisaki’s reaction should be shown here as well.

Chase the angels ma boy!

Chase the angels ma boy!

He starts spurting and even sprints past the girl on the boat. Eventually, he figures that the world he’s in isn’t able to suit his sexual desires and decides to go back. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the other girls had fun drawing things on his face. Minatsu tries to wake him up by telling that Pinky is wearing a school swimsuit and is wet as can be (hyakku ten loli!!) , however unsuccessful. Chizuru gets up and tells them there’s no other option than making a double for him. Of course, Sugisaki can’t sleep through such a threat.

A bit later, the pres and Sugisaki walk out the room carrying some boxes with them. Kurimu tells him that he got influenced too much by the games he’s playing. Sugisaki answers that they aren’t just games, but eroge for all ages.  The others join them and while walking downstairs, they notice yet another poster on the billboard by the journalist club. The poster states that Sugisaki was two-timing back in his junior high days. The members are shocked (except Sugisaki), Mafuyu feels sorry for the person who had to write the article. Sugisaki is now shocked too…

Then the person who put up the poster makes her appearance.


President of the Journalism Club, Lilicia Toudou.

Kurimu walks over to the stairs to complain to her, but Lilicia mocks Kurimu by saying she can’t see her because of her well… *boings*. Minatsu comments that Lili was able to hit the pres’ weakness in exactly 27 words. Sugisaki adds that little girls with small chests have wants and needs as well. Kurimu, however, replies that both aren’t helping her. Then Chizuru interrupts the conversation and says hello to Lilicia. Lilicia immediately backs away telling that Chizuru’s the one and only dangerous member within the council. Chizuru lives up to her reputation and starts reading the logs from her notebook she kept. It contains all titles of the articles about the Student Council. Let’s show some~

A show without a loli isnt a show

A show without a loli isn't a show

Pyramid of broken hearts~

Pyramid of broken hearts~

Chizuru mocks Lili this time by saying it must’ve been frustrating that she couldn’t be in the Student Council. Lili tries to counter by saying she’s only writing about what lives within the student community and that this year’s council is filled with scandalous people. Chizuru answers coldly that the standards of the journalism club have plummeted. Lilicia can’t take it anymore and challenges them for a duel wants to prove them wrong by doing an exclusive interview with them. Sugisaki accepts and Chizuru agrees too, she even adds her dark smile, saying she has wanted to see her room for a long time already.

Then we slide forward to the next scene. Lilicia introduces herself as the little girl with large boings and asks Kurimu to introduce herself as well. The pres obediently does so and receives a patting reward from Lili-ojou. The pres is annoyed and tells her to stop treating her like a child. The interview starts, but instead of asking questions Lili just starts assuming things like the president being lazy all the time (mostly correct) and giving up the president’s seat in favor of Lilicia herself. Kurimu objects, of course. After some small intermission, the interview continues with Lili mocking the pres by asking questions about her height and developing body.

Next up for the interview is Minatsu. Her brilliant genki entry was ignored by Lilicia. Lilicia doesn’t wanna talk about her power, but about what interesting books she read lately. Minatsu thinks and then starts talking about how she’s been into light novels lately. Since it was leading the wrong way, Lilicia changes the subject to a more tsundere one. She asks when Minatsu is finally gonna make her move on Sugisaki after showing up in a wedding dress (back in ep. 1). Minatsu’s tsundere trigger goes on green and she starts denying the whole love aspect on topic. Sugisaki jumps up and performs a perfect drama queen run-away-crying-sequence.

I was touched... sob...sob...

I was touched... sob...sob...

After some patched up narrating, Lilicia ends Minatsu’s interview and goes on with Mafuyu-chan. Mufuyu is nervous and sums up her hobbies quickly. Lilicia notices and offers a small break to Mafuyu. Mafuyu gladly accepts… However, after the break, Mafuyu is absorbed into playing some RPG on her “PDS”. When Lili wants to continue the interview, Mafuyu snaps and continues playing.

Shes playing Tetris

She's playing Tetris

Cant beat the Ojou

Can't beat the Ojou

Mafuyu’s console gets confiscated as you can see. Mafuyu gets depressed and says that without a game, she becomes one of the dull bystander-friends in the background. Lilicia asks if games are her only love, but Mafuyu adds that she also likes Boys’ Love (ah… for crying out loud) and that she’s been trying to add a sick girl element to herself. Lilicia then reasons that the rumor about Mafuyu having a disease was because of her pretending. Mafuyu responds that it isn’t a lie, she was weak when she was little, but she’s fine now. Only…


Quick find the flower inside the dungeon!

Next up is Chizuru and she immediately sets up the right mood for a pleasant talk.

Shes smiling so bright right now~

She's smiling so bright right now~

Seems like we’re now in the Student Council room again and like you can see Chizuru doesn’t allow nonsense talk. When Lili wants to ask her some questions, a wire blocks her path. In the next scene Lili-chan is shown terrified. The only thing she can ask is the interest of Chizuru, which is of course, chibi pres.

Sugisaki reappears onto the stage and wants to be interviewed next. While we get a shot of the sensei nibbling on a melon pan looking at the poster downstairs, Sugisaki tells us he currently has 4 girlfriends and is happily living with them at the council room. Lili isn’t feeling comfortable and asks if Chizuru is watching them. Sugisaki tells her she’s reading and that she permitted the interview. Lili-ojou wonders how Sugisaki can spend time with her, which he responds simply by saying she’s pretty. Sugisaki continues by telling her about his harem ending dream and his eroge hobby. He states that eroge need a lot of stamina and are far more better than sports.

Domine Kira...lead us to the new world!

Domine Kira...lead us to the new world!

Lilicia is kind of annoyed by his whole rant and asks him about the latest article. The rumor about him having two-timed during his junior school days. After a silence, Sugisaki looks up at Lili and admits he was indeed two-timing back then. The other members look up surprised. Lili tries to get more details about the matter, but Sugisaki refuses since he doesn’t wanna put the others into the spotlight. As long as the article is about him it’s fine, but she can’t drag in the girls. Lilicia is annoyed again since she didn’t achieve what she wanted to. She gets up and leaves the room. Kurimu walks over to Sugisaki and wants to know if what he just said was the truth. After playing around a bit, Sugisaki admits it is. Kurimu then only wants to know one more thing, that is if the girls are happy right now.

A long silence follows, all the girls get shown into close-up and then Sugisaki nods and says yes. Then the mood goes back to the old usual one. Kurimu begging for sweet bunnies and Chizuru feeding them to her. Sugisaki is relieved and smiles back at them.

The following day, Lilicia hangs up the poster with the big scandal.

Without her knowing, Sugisaki had snuck up behind her back and praises her for the article. He is surprised by how fast she finished the poster. She tells him that she had no other choice than pulling off and all-nighter to finish the post since it’s still hot news. Sugisaki smiles and tells her he likes that. The ojou is left blushing, but then the Shiina sisters appear and praise the poster as well. After they walk away again, Lili is dumbstruck as she doesn’t understand why they aren’t mad or shocked about the poster. Sugisaki thinks they must’ve been uninterested. Lili gets angry and asks what’s so fun about the Student Council being lazy all the time. Sugisaki answers that it’s really fun and leaves. However, Lilicia chases him and asks him what he really thinks about the council…

the cool guy smile~

the cool guy smile~

It’s his ultimate dream where his goal and happiness both exist, then he continues his way upstairs.

Ojou moe...

Ojou moe...

And then she removes the poster. A moment later, Kurimu runs over towards her and asks her if she’s writing another article about them again. Lili tries to avoid the topic and makes up an excuse.

Tsundere moe~

Tsundere moe~



Well, not such a special episode if we’re talking about originality, but it was still amusing to watch. Especially hearing the soft voice of Mamiko Noto in such an ojou-ish way. Lilicia is really cute and that’s kinda special… since usually I don’t like ojou-types much. I guess the tsundere side of her really has effect on me.

Sugisaki was awesome again in this episode, really that guy is like me in anime version… well I’m not that eroge attached (I think)

Nothing much to add this time… hope you liked it

Rating for the episode : 7/10 (+1 for Lili)

Kyon, at your service~


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  1. Wow. So it does have at least some background information. I do appreciate it even at the expense of the quantity of references.

    Still a good episode, I guess. Though now, my favorite girl is probably Minatsu XD

    Also, I thought they were in the Student Council room the whole time.

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