Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 3 (EX016) – Beach and… Brother?

October 19, 2009

This episode is about three groups. Kagakagiri, in search of a special ruins, comes to an abandoned island. Kyoumu Satomi, a part of the Kantou Student Council, seeks revenge for last time after the battle with Kagakagiri. Lastly, the main characters, whom are in pursue of what Kagakagiri also wants: something that separates a Burial Doll from an Asura Machina.

Expect swimsuits in the beach, cheaters who look ambiguous, and… Naotaka?

Last episode summary:

Tomoharu was tasked to get the president of the Science Club, Kagayaki Tokiya, to show up in school by President Tooru. During their mission, the gang ends up knowing about Tooru and Tokiya’s tragic past with Tooru’s sister, Aki, from Yoh. As Tokiya becomes missing from his bomb shelter, the group finds him at a cliff, prepared to die for Tooru to stop being hurt. But what Tokiya did not know is that Tooru think Tokiya’s the one in pain. The misunderstanding was resolved and Tokiya continued to live.

Though he did not drop his koala gimmick and stays inside his bomb shelter, watching Nanoha.

Episode 3 (EX016):

We start off in a lone island somewhere in the world.

Their first appearance outside of a flashback this season.

In the deserted island, some ruins can be seen. In front of it were Kagakagiri with Ania’s beloved sister, Christina. As they approach it, some Castas Machina attack, only to be easily taken care of by Kagakagiri’s Asura Machina, Rhodonite. After disposing of the guardian robots, they proceed inside… and Christina still seems to be slowly disappearing.

At the same time, a member of the Kantou Student Council, Kyoumu Satomi, was looking at a computer screen for something in the map. It starts blinking at a deserted island and Kyoumu claims he has found what he’s looking for…

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

At our main characters’ side. It seems they are at the beach, signified by the sudden presence of Kanade in a bikini, playing beach volleyball.

Which one is the volleyball...?

Which one is the volleyball...?

An was also there, her teammate was Misao. It would seem unfair that it is 2v1 but then we realize… that Misao is a Projected Being, meaning… the ball will only phase through her. Despite not having his luck sucked out by Ania, Tomoharu gets a nice smack on his face.

Plot twist! He wasnt bitten by Ania when this happened!

Plot twist! He wasn't bitten by Ania when this happened!

Not only was he hit, the curry plate he was holding spills onto his head. Misao comments on how clumsy Tomoharu can be. It seems they’re working on a pension house, sponsored by An. Higuchi comments on how it would have been better if Shuri was also there but Tomoharu explains that we will not be getting any Shuri nor Ania beach-service because they are researching on something… for SCIENCE!

An and Misao run away before Tomoharu gets them for making fun of him. Kanade tells him to stay put and takes a piece of the appetizer off of Tomoharu’s face. She also licks it, which makes the others, including Tomoharu, to blush. Higuchi, Misao and An become a bit suspicious of Kanade and Tomoharu’s relationship and asks them if they are already dating. Of course, they answer like any other couple being asked like this: No.

Kanade, embarrassed after the discussion, leaves using an excuse. Tomoharu begins to explain that he doesn’t have a girlfriend nor is it the time to find one. More importantly, it would be impossible to find a girlfriend as long as a ghost keeps following him. Misao gets a bit ticked off by Tomoharu’s claim, that she’s the reason why Tomoharu can’t get a girlfriend. Shuri calls Tomoharu through his mobile phone and Misao leaves.

Yeah, never mind what I said about science earlier...

Yeah, never mind what I said about beach-service-less earlier...

Shuri tells Tomoharu of their research progress. Tokiya Koala is also with her and Ania.

Hey, Shuri. Can we cook barbecue like them?

"Hey, Shuri. Can we cook barbecue like them?"

As they talk, Ania notices something in the distance. She informs Shuri and Shuri cuts off her communication with Tomoharu, saying that something important came up. Tomoharu thinks about Shuri’s research: a way to separate Burial Dolls from Asura Machina.

Meanwhile, Kyoumu seems to be loading several cargos with Castas Machina. He still remembers how his Bismuth had been no match for Kagakagiri’s Rhodonite last season.

The main group were having barbecue. Tomoharu and Kanade does their usual innocent intimacy routine but Tomoharu realizes that Misao is not with them. Misao was alone, staring out into the sea while sitting on a log. Tomoharu approaches her and talks to her. Misao tells him she’s not going to interfere with Tomoharu’s flirting anymore so he shouldn’t worry. Misao then asks him about secrets… ever since she went to sleep during the plane incident, Tomoharu became a bit weird.

Tomoharu remembers when Aine was completely used up and Reishirou lost his status as a Handler to ensure a safe landing for everyone. Tomoharu tells Misao that nothing happened but when Misao asks if Kanade knows the secret… Tomoharu grows silent. Misao gets annoyed that she’s the only one out of the loop and finally dismisses herself by vanishing.

An approaches Tomoharu and asks him if he had a fight with Misao. Tomoharu explains that only Misao became angry. An asks him if he doesn’t want to date Kanade and he explains that he’s not in the position right now for stuff like that. He could never have a normal relationship. An thinks aloud if Tomoharu is just feeling guilty, after all, he and Misao were involved in a plane crash, yet he survived. Tomoharu denies it. An says she wouldn’t want something that would hurt Tomoharu.

Inside are actually NEETs...

Inside are actually NEETs...

Kyoumu and some of his troops arrive above the island where Kagakagiri seems to be. The men couldn’t find any place to land and suddenly, Kyoumu calls out Bismuth.

Next time, Im riding first-class...

"Next time, I'm riding first-class..."

Using its GIGA DRILL BREAKER, it drills a huge chunk of the island away, flattening a part, allowing their troops to land properly in the thick forest.

Part B:

Late afternoon. Higuchi organizes a test of courage, a staple during summer. Teams will venture into the next island, one after another every 10 minutes.

Dont ask why there was suddenly a path there. It was called for by the plot.

Don't ask why there was suddenly a path there. It was called for by the plot.

It seems that rocky path only appears during the evening when the tide is low. Higuchi further explains that the island hosted a building known as Kuremizaki, an occult maniac spot, constructed back in the Meiji period and is said to house monsters on this day. The teams are Tomoharu/Kanade and Higuchi/Misao. An isn’t there because…

An service for those who care...

An service for those who care...

Anyway, Higuchi pushes the pair off on their way. As the pair walks away, Higuchi explains to Misao that Kuremizaki is actually a lover’s place. Couples are said to reveal their true feelings in that place and only set up the two to admit their feelings. He even tells Misao not to bother the two.

As Tomoharu and Kanade walk through the newly-appeared path, Kanade asks Tomoharu if he has told Misao about the Burial Dolls and Asura Machina’s relationship. Tomoharu says that he wants to avoid telling Misao anything until he gets the chance to remove Misao from Kurogane. Kanade says that she is willing to become Misao’s replacement when there is danger but Tomoharu says that he doesn’t need a replacement. Kanade then replies that Tomoharu saved her. She used to hate her demon powers and her name, but Tomoharu saved her and made her feel better about herself.

Due to some interaction between them, they fall over, with Tomoharu on top of Kanade. Of course, this doesn’t go unnoticed even in an uninhabited island.

Tomoharu asks why Shuri, Ania and Tokiya were there and Shuri explains that it was where the ruins they were looking for is. Tomoharu gets determined to join them because it is where he can free Misao’s soul from Kurogane.

Inside a cave, Ania discovers a secret passcode machine. She starts working on it to unlock the door. Tokiya explains that this is the reason why they couldn’t find the ruins above, it was because the tide conceals the entrance. The door opens and Tomoharu commends Ania’s Luck-Eater abilities, which allows her to manipulate the probabilities but Shuri explains that Ania did not use her ability. She’s just a genius.

Genius moe?

Suddenly, Misao appears beside Tomoharu and joins their quest. They venture deep into the dark ruins with the help of Tokoala’s (Tokiya / Koala, from now on, I will use this term) trusty flashlight eyes.

They stumble upon some destroyed Castas Machina and they wonder who did. Suddenly, a loud voice tells them it was the work of an Asura Cryin’. The lights went on and Kyoumu Satomi appears before them.

Is this some kind of a Thriller tribute concert?

Is this some kind of a "Thriller" tribute concert?

Ania steps up. When Kyoumu said Asura Cryin’, she knows he means Kagakagiri, who has her sister. Kyoumu notes that Ania looks exactly like her sister and that confirms her intuition. Kyoumu proposes a trade: they tell him what he wants to know and he’ll tell them what they want to know.

First up is Kyoumu. He asks what the ruins is and Ania explains that it was an Asura Machina testing site. That is also what Kagakagiri was after: the place where Burial Dolls can be separated from Asura Machina. When it was Ania’s turn to ask, Kyoumu feigns innocence. It was a double-cross! Bismuth grabs Ania and their army unleashes their Castas Machina.

Never trust a guy who dresses like Pegasus...

Never trust a guy who dresses like Pegasus...

Shuri tries retaliating with her weapons but it was no use. The bastard explains those aren’t the usual Castas Machina. They are fitted with armor and anti-demon equipment. Mr. I-look-bisexual-in-this-outfit intends to use Ania as a bait to lure Kagakagiri out. Misao tells Tomoharu to summon Kurogane but he hesitates again. Kanade tries using her demon powers but she is in no condition to fight at all.

Sometimes, its better to not do anything than get in the way... isnt that right, Tokiya?

Sometimes, it's better to not do anything than get in the way... isn't that right, Tokiya?

Due to the hopeless situation, Shuri resorts to her special arrow. The arrow manages to pierce through the enemy line, heading towards Bismuth, not minding if Ania gets hurt?!

(Un)Fortunately, Bismuth manages to dispel the magical arrow with its spear. As things take a turn for the worst, Shuri gets bombarded by missiles and falls to a lower area that was exposed. Misao screams for Tomoharu to call Kurogane but he won’t do it. Ania shouts at Tomoharu to take Kanade and run away. As Tomoharu plans to run away, the lying white rat orders another storm of missiles.

But suddenly, a dark orb appears out of nowhere and destroys all of the Castas Machina, making Tomoharu get blasted away and hits a wall but still manages to protect Kanade. Before he loses consciousness, he spots a glimpse of the person who seems to have saved them…


Closing song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Yes, all those derogatory terms were used to refer to none other than Kyoumu Satomi.

It seems the summer fun is always spoiled by things concerning the Asura Machina. Just 2 episodes ago, they were tasked to clean the pool but it ended up with them discovering the Rakurowa Ruins. Now, they’re at the beach and then they get mixed up with Kyoumu’s retardedness. It only took one line to make me hate that guy: “What promise are you referring to?” I hope Naotaka (if that was really Naotaka) or even Kagakagiri (I would root for him) would take care of his flappy mouth.

In any case, things are getting more and more interesting and it’s only the third episode. The flapping scarf thing makes me think it’s the guy who looks like Tomoharu in the OP itself (or is that the First Stage World’s Tomoharu… or is that how he introduced himself? As Natsume Naotaka?)

I wonder… is anyone reading this? Most viewed on its first day!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


One comment

  1. I am!
    I couldn’t find the volleyball though…
    Anyway it’s getting interesting indeed, I wonder how long Natsume will keep up his indecisive harem lead-like character… though I think the next episode might be a breakpoint for that.
    uu…Misao being jealous is cute~
    Poor Shuri… her ultima being blocked by a mere drill

    Rating for the episode 9/10
    if all beach episodes were like this, I’d never get bored of it…

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