supercell – Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (君の知らない物語)

October 18, 2009
illus. by redjuice

illus. by redjuice

So, keeping my promise, I have translated (and romanji-ified) the lyrics to the ending theme of Bakemonogatari – Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari. I have had strong feelings for this song ever since I first heard it: the beautiful lyrics, the harmonious melody, and the sweet soothing vocals were all so amazing. And, well, here we go. (Again.)

君の知らない物語 Your Unknown Story vocals: nagi
Kimi no shiranai monogatari

いつもどおりのある日の事 It was on a day like any other,
itsumo doori no aruhi no koto
君は突然立ち上がり言った you rose ever so suddenly, and declared:
kimi wa totsuzen tachi agari itta
「今夜星を見に行こう」 “We’re going stargazing tonight.”
konya hoshi wo mi ni ikou

「たまには良いこと言うんだね」 “You sure have some great ideas sometimes.”
tama ni wa ii koto iunda ne
なんてみんなして言って笑った said everyone, chortling and laughing.
nante minna shite itte waratta
明かりもない道を We walked down the dark lightless path
akari mo nai michi wo
バカみたいにはしゃいで歩いた acting like fools, making merry
BAKA mitai ni hashaide aruita
抱え込んだ孤独や不安に so as not to be crushed
kakae konda kodoku ya fuan ni
押しつぶされないように by the feelings of anxiety and loneliness.
oshitsubusarenai you ni
真っ暗な世界から見上げた Gazing up from our pitch-black world,
makkura na sekai kara miageta

夜空は星が降るようで  it seemed as though the stars were falling from the night sky.
yozora wa hoshi ga furu you de

いつからだろう 君の事を Since when was it,
itsukara darou kimi no koto wo

追いかける私がいた that I started to chase after you?
oikakeru watashi ga ita

どうかお願い I implore of you,
douka onegai
驚かないで聞いてよ please do not be surprised. Listen
odorokanai de kiite yo
私のこの想いを to these feelings of mine.
watashi no
kono omoi wo

「あれがデネブ、アルタイル、ベガ」 “Deneb, Altair, and Vega.”
are ga DENEBU
君は指差す夏の大三角 You pointed your finger pointed towards the Summer Triangle*.
kimi wa yubi sasu natsu no daisankaku
覚えて空を見る I remember looking up at the skies.
oboete sora wo miru
やっと見つけた 織姫様 I finally found you, Orihime*.
yatto mitsuketa orihime-sama
だけどど こだろう彦星様 But where are you, Hikoboshi*?
dakedo doko darou hikoboshi-sama
これじゃ 一人ぼっち You’ll both be alone like this.
kore ja hitoribocchi

楽しげなひとつ隣の君 You stood there enjoying yourself;
tadoshigena hitotsu tonari no kimi
私は何も言えなくて beside you, I was unable to say anything.
watashi wa nani mo ienakute

本当はずっと君の事を The truth is, since as far as I can remember,
honto wa zutto kimi no koto wo
どこかでわかっていた I’ve always understood my feelings for you.
dokoka de wakatteita
見つかったって I have finally found the one.
届きはしない But they couldn’t reach you, these emotions.
todoki wa shinai
「だめだよ 泣かないで」 “No, don’t cry.”
dame da yo nakanaide
そう言い聞かせた was all I could tell myself.
sou ii kikaseta

強がる私は臆病で I was only a coward acting tough,
tsuyogaru watashi wa okubyou de
興味がないようなふりをしてた pretending to be uninterested.
kyoumi ga nai you na furi wo shiteta
だけど And yet,
胸を刺す痛みは増してく the paining feeling in my chest grows deeper.
mune wo sasu itami wa mashiteku
ああそうか 好きになるって I see, so this is what it feels like
aa sou suki ni narutte
こういう事なんだね to be in love.
kouiu koto nanda ne

「どうしたい?」 言ってごらん The voice in my heart was pleading you to ask me
doushitai itte goran
心の声がする “What’s wrong?”
kokoro no koe ga suru
君の隣がいい But I was content just by being at your side.
kimi no tonari ga ii
真実は残酷だ Reality is harsh;
shinjitsu wa zangoku da
言わなかった You didn’t say it,
iwa nakatta
言えなかった nor was I able to tell you -
ie nakatta
二度と戻れない And now, there’s no going back.
nidouto modorenai

あの夏の日 I still remember, even now,
ano natsu no hi
きらめく星 that day that summer,
kirameku hoshi
今でも思い出せるよ the were stars twinkling ever so brightly in the night sky.
ima demo omoi daseru yo
笑った顔も Your laughing face,
warattakao mo
怒った顔も and your irritated face;
okottakao mo
大好きでした I loved them all,
daisuki deshita
おかしいよね however strange that may be.
okashiiyo ne
わかってたのに Even though I’ve always understood,
wakatteta no ni
君の知らない it was never realized by you:
kimi no shiranai
私だけの秘密 my own secret, belonging only to me.
watashi dake no hi☆ mi☆ tsu

夜を越えて Beyond the darkness of the night,
yoru wo koete
遠い思い出の君が in those distant memories of you,
tooi omoida no kimi ga
指をさす you’re still pointing out the stars

yubi wo sasu
無邪気な声で speaking with that pure innocent voice of yours.
~☆ mujaki na koe de☆☆~

illus. by miwa shirow

*The Summer Triangle: An asterism consisting of Altair, Vega, and Deneb; three of the brightest stars in the summer sky. As the name implies, it can be seen during summer in the northern hemisphere.

*Orihime and Hikoboshi: The two deities around which the legend of Tanabata (or Qi Xi, and other variations) revolves. The two lovers, Orihime (Vega,  or literally, “weaving princess”) and Hikoboshi (Altair, or literally, “cowherder”) were only allowed to meet once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar (or, in some variations, the Gregorian Calendar). The bridge they crossed to meet was supposedly Deneb.

Song and lyrics by ryo, lyrics typed out by J. Romanji and translation also by J.

Tanabata information courtesy of J’s parents.

Translation of Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki can be found in my earlier post.

Criticism, pointers, and suggestions are welcome. Stay tuned for the BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER translation!



  1. nice work!

    about time to appreciate it! xÞ

    • ikr

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