Darker than Black II Ryuusei no Gemini 02 – The Fallen Meteor

October 17, 2009


Episode 2 of Darker than Black. Last time, we saw a handful of plot twists leading us to a good start of this anime. Expect lots of battle and solid scenes (Yep, the picture on top is the only non-serious scene). For those who haven’t started watching, I demand you guys to watch it now!

Last time, it was just a self restart. Now I had to reformat my computer before blogging this one. I wonder what will happen to me at episode 3.

Anyway… enough about me, let’s start the discussion.

The well known Bambi's mother pose, except with antlers

The episode started with Suou and her father, catching a deer. Suou was the one aiming a sniper on the deer, with his father as a guide (That explains why they were outside in episode 1…  I think). Unfortunately, the deer fled because Suou hesitated to shoot.

The scene was revealed to be before the meteorite fell on them, which was caused due to the Tokyo Explosion.

Suou used Flash

And… we’re back with Suou and Hei. Hei walks towards Suou, thinking that she is Shion, wanting her to hand over the Meteor Core. Suou tried to run, blinding Hei using her camera. Before Hei catches Suou, a new contractor appeared and attacks Hei with glowing sticks.

Hei puts on his signature mask (+30 attack). A girl (Mina Hazuki) attacks Hei using a wooden stick (I guess her power is to strengthens wooden objects into something sharp?), while the battle continues, a voice (YES! I know that voice, it’s Mao!) talks to Suou, telling her to run which she did. Hei had no choice but to let Suou flee.

The battle was ceased, getting away by using their cool metal rope… thing.

Suou's power is to attract weird men

As Suou runs, she again meets someone who’s trying to get her. The man (Genma Shizume) tells Suou that it would be best if she comes with him, but of course Suou refuses. Pecha, Suou’s squirrel, flies over and covers Genma’s face. Suou follows it by putting the trash can on his head. Then Suou continues running~.

As for Hei’s side. The two stopped fighting and both escaped (She knew well enough that if she fought BK201 right now, she’d be as good as dead, just like what happened to April).

Shion. He's out looking for Keiichi right now

Suou arrived at the forest. While staring at her home, she noticed a silhouette walking somewhere in the snowy fields. Suou zoomed using her trusty old camera and noticed that it was Shion.  She was surprised to see Shion standing, since he was in a wheelchair before. She took three pictures as Shion runs away.


Double kill! +2 Moe points

Mina (the one fighting Hei earlier), Genma (The pervert who stopped Suou earlier) met in a van together with a girl (Youko). Mina suddenly kisses Genma, which was revealed to be her obeisance. Mina gargles afterward and kisses Youko to remove the bad aftertaste (talking about weird ones: I guess they will be replacing the detective duo).

The last scene you'll see of April. Unless she gets revived

Back at Suou’s house. The organization that searched Suou’s house was now doing their routine. They discussed about contractors being such monsters (They can’t see it on the other way). They also said that they haven’t seen Suou yet.

Another man told them to put all the corpses through the ME Squeezer, including the inventor of it (They talked about brainz… maybe it’s a machine that stores information from another’s brain? If that, they got a lot on season 1)

Ah!! The twin-tailed forgot! Please dont put her on the supporting character list

Suou continues running, hiding from the police. She went to Sascha but unfortunately, her memories were already wiped out. Knowing that fact (It’s a good thing she’s the daughter of a scientist…), Suou left and run away.

Police: "Oh god... we're in trouble"

Nika woke up at the hospital when he overheard that he was convicted of theft. Nika escapes using the window afterwards.

First Tanya.. and now Suou!? I hope he won't see Yin

Suou continuous running away, until she bumps into Nika.

John Smith: "Haruhi.. what did you do to your hair"

Somewhere around a café, morning, a woman and a man (named John Smith) talked about something. What they talked about isn’t relevant… for now…

"It's over nine thousand!!!"

Suou and Nika arrived at Nika’s house. Nika was confused why everyone except them forgot who is Tanya and about Suou’s house on fire. Suou, stopped her moping around the corner and headed to the desk to start planning.

Hei: "Why are you asking me? It's your job to do that"

Hei’s turn. Hei was talking to someone, which is later revealed to be a member of CIA. He said that the professor was already dead when he met him. He also said that he’s still looking for the ones who escaped.

90% of males who you tell that actually do something stupid

Hei was walking around when he saw his own face on a poster on the wall. Suou and Nika were posting those pictures.

At the police office, an officer told his official that they saw the professor’s child.

The magician, August 07, started to move as well after July told him that they were moving.

Hei: "What are you talking about!? You didn't see me doing something weird on Yin didn't you?"

Hei captures Suou. Suou said that it is her intention to get his attention. Hei searched Suou for the Meteor’s Core and found out at that she is a girl.

...And all of them died. This is just not their type of show

Suou monologues until the police arrived. Then, August 07 appears as well. The police shoot August 07, but it’s no use, the bullets were shot back at them. Hei used this chance to run together with Suou.

August 07 follows. For the police, they got all pawned by a giant rock contractor.

Hei: "Oh shi-"

Hei runs away with Suou until August blocks their way. August revealed that his obeisance is to tell the secrets of the magicians and his power is to use real magic. Hei battles August and successfully defeats him. However, the trap successfully captures Hei together with Suou. Suou’s pendant however, activated a scene where Hei was chasing Yin.

Kirihara: "And they are going to do a movie instead? Stupid KyoAni"

After the ending song, Kirihara Misaki is looking at the stars using a telescope when BK201’s star disappeared.

Interesting episode, but not as good as the first one. At least they showed some signs that Mao’s alive and Yin is properly appearing in flashbacks (Put her now on the main cast damnit!). I also wished for the shaved glutton Hei to go back in the series but since both op and ed shows Hei in his bearded, drinker mode, I guess its chance is only 20%.

So that’s the reason why Suou has a sniper rifle in the promotional pictures… I’m starting to like Suou’s personally, I guess 83 points for her.

I wonder if August died already… nah~ I bet he’ll come back. Then again, everybody dies here.

Anyway, next episode:

Look! Hei is alive there. I guess they don’t mind showing fans some good spoilers. Tanya, Suou and Nika are here too.

That’s all for episode 2. This is the Lazy Prince and thank you for reading…



  1. Nice episode, indeed not as special as the first but the action scenes are really worked out by Bones.
    I’m a bit confused by all the new/not so new characters for the moment… probably because it’s been so long since s1 ended…
    Good job Lazy Loli!

    Rating for the episode : 8/10

  2. Pretty nice episode. I’m starting to like Suou.

    Also, I hope August 7 is still alive. I like that guy.

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