Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 80 – The Effect of Online Games to Teenagers

October 16, 2009

Character of the Week!

Character of the Week!

This episode focuses on Bruno, a new character that joins Yusei’s love shack. He is apparently a skilled mechanic despite the fact that he lost his memories. He grows close to Yusei as a fellow mechanic and the other Signers seem to be feeling quite away from Yusei more than before because of his new friend. But as the new engine they were longing for is about to be finished, a mysterious entity steals their work. To find the culprit, they must hack through Security’s database but in order to pass through a firewall, they must win in a Duel Puzzle.

Expect obviously tsundere Aki, chibi Crow and Jack and the latter punching people before asking questions.

Last episode summary:

Yusei rides off alone in the highway contemplating about what Dark Glass told him: surpass his limits and the Accel Synchro. Nearly 3/4 of the episode are flashbacks from the old ones. In the end, Jack, Crow and Yusei vow to surpass their own limits and not only win the WRGP but also defeat Yliaster.

Key Card of the Week:

Mirror Force

Mirror Force

Episode 80:

Yusei, alone again on the highway, this time at night, thinks about what Dark Glass told him again. He knows that the first step to step the speed up a notch was to create a new and more powerful engine no matter what.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

In a fancy restaurant, it seems Ushio and Mikage treated the trio to dinner.

Crow eats nonchalantly, even inviting both his friends to dig in as well but both knew what was transpiring in front of them. Yusei adds that Martha used to say “Nothing in this world is free. Be thankful to those who tell you strict words and be wary of those who speak too nicely.” Jack explains that Ushio and Mikage would not treat them to dinner just by impulse: there has to be a catch.

Ushio admits it. They want to ask them a small favor. Mikage begins to tell them that they recently found a person with amnesia and they wish for the trio to take care of him. Apparently, Neo Domino City is more concerned with tourists and card game players on motorbikes to take care of a person with amnesia. Jack tells them their love shack isn’t a hotel. Crow says they can’t support one more person. The trio refuses, even though Crow is still eating to his heart’s content.

Crow looks for the person in question but Mikage and Ushio lost track of him. Okay, seriously, who would let a person with memory loss walk around unsupervised? Crow says they can’t take him in since he’s not around.

As they walk to the parking lot, Crow mentions how close they were to taking in a stranger. Jack blames Crow’s hunger but Crow reasons that he doesn’t know when a chance to eat like that will arrive again. They suddenly saw a guy tinkering with Jack’s Wheel of Fortune. Jack quickly grabs the guy and asks him if he’s one of the D-Wheel thieves from before but without waiting for an answer, he punches the guy down and drives off.

Jack Atlas asks people but punches them before they can give an answer!

Jack Atlas asks people but punches them before they can give an answer!

Ushio and Mikage see Jack storming off mad. They check up on Yusei and Crow and Crow explains that Jack wasn’t at fault, it was that weird guy who was fooling around with Wheel of Fortune. Mikage and Ushio identify the person as Bruno, the guy they were hoping the trio would take care of!

Bruno explains that he saw such an amazing D-Wheel so he started to work on it. Jack returns and then suddenly abducts Bruno. Crow and Yusei go into pursuit and tells Mikage and Ushio that they’ll handle it.

And the poor guy was carried like that all the way to Yuseis love shack.

And the poor guy was carried like that all the way to Yusei's love shack.

Its raping time!

It's raping time!

Back at the love shack, Jack dumps their new playmate Bruno. He begins to ask what he did to his Wheel of Fortune. Its power suddenly increased. The guy explains that all he did was modify the CPU inside. Crow is shocked because Yusei had tried so many times before but Bruno was able to increase its power in just a short amount of time. Yusei then asks Bruno if he could teach him how to do it.

And so… let the technobabble begin.

As Yusei and Bruno talk about some technical terms they can only understand, Crow and Jack wonder what they’re talking about but Jack tells Crow not to let his guard down. But when Bruno mentions that he can also tweak and improve Crow’s D-Wheel, Crow becomes excited and Jack facepalms.



Bruno seems to have earned Yusei’s trust. Yusei seeks advice for the Momentum Engine used in the Yusei Project. They start their engine talk again and Jack suddenly gets alarmed that Yusei is revealing their new engine to the new guy. Yusei tells Jack to shut up for a bit since what he and Bruno are talking about is very important. Jack begins to fume and Crow stops him, saying that right now, they’re in a completely different world. Jack leaves and Crow eventually falls asleep upstairs.

The following day, Yusei and Bruno were still talking. It seems they’ve been at it overnight. Yusei gives his gratitude to Bruno’s help and Bruno compliments Yusei because of his skills. As expected of Dr. Fudo’s son. Yusei asks Bruno if he knew about his father and Bruno explains that as a mechanic, he knows Dr. Fudo’s Momentum which has been fitted in every D-Wheel.

Cup ramen is the only thing they can afford to eat as gamers!

Cup ramen is the only thing they can afford to eat as gamers!

Bruno then asks Yusei if his name came from the Yusei Gear that Dr. Fudo invented and Yusei confirms it. Bruno finds it amazing and starts to explain the Yusei Gear. The Yusei Gear’s main gear moves because of the other gears surrounding it. Bruno asks: If they were the parts… what is the central gear that makes them move? Yusei’s answer was simple: The bonds he has with his Duel Monsters and his friends Jack and Crow.

The Planetary Gear (Yusei Gear)

The Planetary Gear (Yusei Gear)

Yusei then brings up Bruno’s memory loss. After all, it’s quite weird for a man with memory loss to know so much, even his own name. Bruno explains that whenever he works on a D-Wheel or Duel, he seems to recover a part of his memories. It’s like the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2009 – Stardust Accelerator. Yusei then tells him that he can stay as long as he wants. With Bruno, he’s sure that they can achieve a new engine for the WRGP. Bruno is fine with it and claims that he will gladly become a gear that will move Yusei’s dream.

Later, Ruka and Rua arrive and wants to play with Yusei since Rua found a new combo. Aki arrives soon afterwards, saying that she needs help in her Physics homework.

Shh! Theyre on a boss hunt!

"Shh! They're on a boss hunt!"

Crow tells them to pipe it down since Yusei is busy with Bruno. Rua asks who Bruno is and Jack explains that it was a guy that Security entrusted to them. Crow adds that he’s a super mechanic. Rua becomes excited and thinks of asking them to improve his Duel Board. Ruka wonders if there really was so much to talk about since Yusei seems really engrossed on their work.

Heal, man. Heal! Wait, lag. Okay, wait for cooldown.

"Heal, man. Heal!" "Wait, lag. Okay, wait for cooldown."

Crow says that by now, Yusei has talked more to Bruno than him. Aki turns around and leaves, saying that she seems to be just a bother there and Rua teases her by asking if she was jealous. Aki retaliates by saying that a kid like him should stay away from grown-up business.

Rua notices the obvious: Aki’s gone tsuntsun. Crow just tells them that at least now, the new engine doesn’t look so impossible.

Later that evening, Yusei and Bruno were still working on the engine, but now they seem to be done! Bruno and Yusei seem very contented on their work and they head off to rest after working nonstop for the last two days. Yusei says they’ll install it to the D-Wheels tomorrow.

Now spot where Yuseis hand is~

Note Yusei's left hand and smile.

As they sleep… someone sneaks inside their love shack… and approaches the newly-completed engine data!

It looks like one of those culprits from Detective Conan!

It looks like one of those culprits from Detective Conan!

Part B:

The next morning, they all discovered that the data has been stolen. Yusei and Bruno admit they were careless not to make a backup data for the engine. Jack accuses Bruno of the theft. Yusei tells Jack to let go of Bruno. Jack tells him that he’ll get everything out of Bruno and Crow tells Jack to stop. If Bruno was really the culprit, he would be long gone by now with the engine data.

You stole my rare item, didnt you?!

"You stole my rare item, didn't you?!" "Iyaaa~~"

Jack asks them if they can just recreate it but Bruno says it’s not simple and it’s almost impossible now that they lost every data. Crow adds that the culrpit didn’t leave any fingerprints either. Suddenly, Bruno notices that one of the cup ramen was missing. Since no one was claiming to have eaten it, Bruno concludes that the culprit ate ramen while stealing the data. Wow… just wow… what kind of idiot would do that? Bruno uses some tweezers to pick up cellophane wrapper from the trash bin and finds fingerprints.

Thats nice. Now whose underwear is that?

"That's nice. Now whose underwear is that?"

Jack is enraged, it was his cup ramen and someone else ate it. Unforgivable! It does make sense that the culprit left their fingerprint on the cellophane of the cup ramen since with gloves, it will be impossible to tear it. Although what kind of thief would not bring a knife or something? Or there’s like… a ton of equipment in the toolbox that can rip it up like a screwdriver or something… or at least took the cellophane with them…

Yusei and Bruno start hacking through the Security’s main database in order to find the culprit through the fingerprint they obtained.

Oh come on, Jack. You know people drop their Firewalls and Windows Update because they cause slowness.

"Oh come on, Jack. You know people drop their Firewalls and Windows Update because they cause slowness."

Yusei explains that they only need to make it fast in order to not be caught or they’ll be in serious trouble for hacking through the world’s servers. Bruno tells Yusei he can do it, somehow. Yusei asks Jack if they should proceed and he just tells them to decide by themselves. Yusei and Bruno start hacking. Crow and Jack see Bruno a bit amazing, being able to work with Yusei with ease and even do such things as hacking.

Eventually, Bruno gets in the database but in the final room lies a password-protected area. The password will only appear if they solve the Duel Puzzle laid in front of them and their time limit is 4 minutes!

THIS is the Online Game you two were playing?!

"THIS is the Online Game you two were playing?!"

Duel stats:
Opponent: 2300 LP
Them: 1000 LP

Opponent's field:
- Red Gadget in Defense Position
- Yellow Gadget in Defense Position
- Green Gadget in Attack Position
- Ancient Gear Soldier in Attack Position
- Stronghold the Moving Fortress in Attack Position
- 1 The Dark Door active
- 1 set facedown card

Their field:
- Tragoedia, which gains 600 ATK and DEF for every card in your hand (3600 ATK)

Their hand:
- 1 Axe of Despair
- 1 Remove Trap
- 1 Cost Down
- 1 Tribute to the Doomed
- 1 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal
- 1 Divine Fowl King Alector

Yusei explains that in this kind of situation, the opponent’s facedown card is the trouble. Unlike in games, they seem to be unable to check the opponent’s facedown card. Crow says that they only need to make the opponent’s LP drop to 0 so he’ll give it a try.

Chibi Crow!

Crow's sprite

Crow's turn:
- Equips Shooting Star Bow - Ceal on Green Gadget. Green Gadget loses 1000 ATK points (400 ATK) and because Crow only has 5 hand cards, Tragoedia's ATK drops to 3000.
- Tragoedia attacks Green Gadget.
- The enemy activates their facedown card, Mirror Force! Tragoedia is destroyed.

(left) Tragoedia: LV10, 3000 ATK / 3000 DEF and (right) Green Gadget (equipped with Shooting Star Bow - Ceal): LV 4, 400 ATK / 600 DEF.

(left) Tragoedia: LV10, 3000 ATK / 3000 DEF and (right) Green Gadget (equipped with Shooting Star Bow - Ceal): LV 4, 400 ATK / 600 DEF.

The Key Card of the Week, Mirror Force.

The Key Card of the Week, Mirror Force.

Crow becomes shocked. Yusei explains that due to The Dark Door, they can only attack once, so it’s also a problem. Jack becomes angry and yells at Crow for wasting their time. Yusei says that at least now, they know what the facedown card is. Jack says he’ll take over.

Chibi Jack sprite!

Chibi Jack sprite!

Jack's turn:
- Equips Axe of Despair on Tragoedia. With only 5 cards in hand, Tragoedia's ATK decreases (3000 ATK) but is increased by 1000 points with Axe of Despair (4000 ATK).
- Tragoedia attacks Green Gadget.
- The enemy activates their Mirror Force again and thus Tragoedia is destroyed again.

Crow pulls Jack away. He already told them all that the facedown is Mirror Force and Jack claims that he was just checking if the facedown card would change. Crow tells him they don’t have time for that. Yusei adds that they only have 2 minutes left. Bruno volunteers to do it. Yusei asks him if he can do it and Bruno tells them that inside his memory, there are only D-Wheels and Duels. By Dueling, he may be able to remember something from his past.

Bruno deduces that their main problem is Mirror Force. They must not let it activate. The only card that can seal Trap Cards around is Ancient Gear Soldier but it’s in the opponent’s side of the field. That’s where they use Tragoedia’s special ability which takes control of an opponent’s monster by discarding a Monster Card from their hand with the same level as the targetted card. The problem now is their hand only has 1 monster and it is level 6. But by using Cost Down, they’ll be able to reduce the level of a monster on their hand by 2.

Chibi Bruno sprite.

Chibi Bruno sprite.

Bruno's turn:
- Activates Cost Down, discards Remove Trap and reduces Divine Fowl King Alector's level by 2 (LV 4).
- Uses Tragoedia's effect and discards Divine Fowl King Alector to take control of the opponent's Ancient Gear Soldier.

Jack says he gets it. All they have to do now is equip Ancient Gear Soldier with Axe of Despair (2300 ATK) and equip Shooting Star Bow – Ceal to Green Gadget (400 ATK). Yusei says that’s not the solution. Bruno agrees. That would have only done 1900 damage. He further explains that Stronghold the Moving Fortress only has 3000 ATK by having Red, Yellow and Green Gadget on the field. They only have 1 attack because of The Dark Door so they’re aiming for Stronghold!

See through what? And why are you looking like that?

See through what? And why are you looking like that?

Continuing Bruno's turn:
- Discards Shooting Star Bow - Ceal to activate Tribute to the Doomed and destroys Green Gadget.
- Stronghold the Moving Fortress' ATK drops to 0 because there are only Yellow and Red Gadget present.
- Equips Axe of Despair on Ancient Gear Soldier (2300 ATK).
- Ancient Gear Soldier attacks and destroys Stronghold the Moving Fortress (Enemy: 0 LP).
- Bruno solves the Duel Puzzle!

Stronghold the Moving Fortress: LV4, 3000 ATK (only when Red, Yellow and Green Gadget are present on the field) / 2000 DEF.

Stronghold the Moving Fortress: LV4, 3000 ATK (only when Red, Yellow and Green Gadget are present on the field) / 2000 DEF.

Ancient Gear Soldier (equipped with Axe of Despair): LV 4, 2300 ATK / 1300 DEF vs Stronghold the Moving Fortress: LV 4, 0 ATK / 2000 DEF.

Ancient Gear Soldier (equipped with Axe of Despair): LV 4, 2300 ATK / 1300 DEF vs Stronghold the Moving Fortress: LV 4, 0 ATK / 2000 DEF.

As the opponent’s LP drops to 0, the lock is opened and they gained access. They all celebrate and the fingerprint database finds a quick match…

The main boss... the idiot who ate ramen cup!

The main boss... the idiot who ate the cup ramen!

Ending song: -OZONE- by -vistlip-


Yusei found the Johan to his Judai.

Well, this is quite a good way to pass time. An episode with Duel Puzzles. I wonder if this guy is some kind of a reference to the main character from the DS game.

I thought when the shadow of the culprit came up in the search that it was Yusei’s fingerprint.

Anyway, looks like Yusei’s friends are becoming distant with the introduction of Bruno. This is almost exactly like when Judai met Johan.

It’s also weird how Jeagar would eat ramen cup in the shack… Really? Is his pay low or something? Can’t he eat or at least take stealing a little more seriously? Or is it because he intentionally wanted them to know that he stole the data and placed a Duel Puzzle to entertain them while they’re finding the owner of the fingerprint left on the cellophane? I may just be thinking too much about it, but it’s just plain idiocy if the latter wasn’t true.

The next episode focuses on retrieving their stolen data from Jeagar!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. Not quite a special episode, though amusing in a way. Seeing Jack getting pissed is funny afterall… He really is just a bunch of male hormones with a mouth attached to it.
    Tsuntsun Aki was fun to see. Rua finding a new combo?! Did he learn how to use trap cards?!
    Anyway… Bruno is kind of a lame character, even Johan looks more rememberable, they might get rid of him as soon as they find the data stuff back and upgrade the bikes.

  2. Hm…I like this episode actually, and I think this Bruno character is connected to Dark Glass (or Shades) somehow. I mean, their eyes and hair color are the same…the only thing that’s different is the hairstyle. I still think what kind of idiot Jeagar is to steal and eat ramen, not to mention he left his fingerprint…it’s really amazing. And, Jack was a bit hilarious in this episode when Yusei did not pay attention to him when he spoke.^^

  3. Where do you guys get the episodes? I cannot find any subbed ones that work.

    • I usually get them from YouTube and use the Free YouTube Downloader program to get the videos. But now I resort to using raw videos from torrent sites.

  4. Anyone else notice the screen says “PLAER”? Can we roll some DAICE?

    • Haha. Now that you mention it. It does say “PLAER”.

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