Kobato. 2 : The start of an Adventure

October 16, 2009
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was...

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was...

The naive girl Kobato continues her adventure in the new world. Collecting the scarred hearts of people and keeping them safe inside her bottle. As for this episode, we’re gonna collect our first badge scarred heart!Kobato is admiring her bottle she received last time by passing Puppy-san’s test. She wonders when the bottle will fill up, Puppy-san vein pops and then blasts Kobato away saying…

Still cant get enough of it

Still can't get enough of it

After the opening, Puppy-san jumps on the see-saw asking Kobato what she has to do to get her wish granted. The team building seems to work as Kobato answers his questions. Then Puppy-san tells her that she shouldn’t talk to him when they’re around people since stuffed animals (freaky english language sure knows how to screw up a cute design) don’t talk in this world. It would be weird for her to talk to something that doesn’t answer back. Kobato wonders why stuffed animals don’t talk in this world, eventually Puppy-san gets pissed again and shouts that she should just get to work. Kobato jumps up, making Puppy-san fall down the see-saw. Result :

Grow***** uses Flamethrower

Grow***** uses Flamethrower

Kobato starts running around town scaring people by asking if they need to be healed or helped. Of course, the people get away from her quickly. Some kids call out for her to help her with playing “kick the can”. Our retarded-moe accepts the request just like a retarded-moe should and gets abused like a retarded-moe should as well.

its unfair in 2D

it's unfair in 2D

A while later when Kobato checks the bottle, she notices that nothing happened with it and it’s still as empty as before. Puppy-san reasons that kicking a can can’t heal anyone’s heart and that Kobato just got tricked by them.

Then do something for the NEETs running around

Then do something for the NEETs running around

Then she reasons that no one being hurt is actually a good thing, since it means that no one is sad. Puppy-san sighs wondering where her positive way of thinking is coming from.

On a second try in walking around the city looking for people, a man suddenly offers Kobato a pack of tissues. You might think this is strange, but it is actually pretty common in Japan for them to share those out for free. Japanese are really attached to their hygiene, they’re the ones with the flashy water cannon toilets afterall! Anyway, Kobato gladly accepts them and thinks the man is really a wonderful person. The man tells her he’s actually having trouble sharing them out to people and still has a whole box of them left. Dobato replies…

Now try to make money out of them!

Now try to make money out of them!

Now youre helping the NEET community!

Now you're helping the NEET community!

Puppy-san asks what she’s gonna do with them now. Kobato replies that now it is her time to start sharing the wonderful things with people. She starts sharing them out at random people in the streets, the people are kind of bothered and again start running away. Kobato suddenly trips over her own feet and accidently bumps into someone. That someone seems to be no one less then mister Cool.

Mr. Cool acting Cool

Mr. Cool acting cool

Kobato gets a flashback of what happened last time when they met. Then Mr. Cool tells her to gather all the tissues on the floor, then walks away. Kobato wants to thank him (don’t ask me why she wants to…) and follows him. She arrives at a daycare center with some Poke children playing there. Suddenly a blanket from the rooftop gets loose and flies into Kobato’s face. A woman and some kids run over to help the poor being and take away the blanket.

Daycare lady : Sakaya-sensei

Daycare lady : Sakaya-sensei

Sakaya tells Kobato it’s busy and she has to take care of the laundry too. Kobato gets a ping! moment and asks if it’s possible for her to work and help with them. After getting pressured, Sakaya accepts Kobato request.



Kobato starts with handing over the box of tissues as a token of her gratitude. Inside the building, the kids introduce themselves to Kobato. One of them is called Toshihiko, he asks for Kobato’s name. Kobato replies and they all start laughing at her name, the boy wonders if her father’s name is Ou-bato (mostly used as an honorific).  Kobato looks a bit down when she can’t remember her father’s name, Toshihiko takes her hand while the others are still laughing. He asks if she doesn’t have a father, Kobato answers ‘tabun’ meaning ‘probably’. The boy’s hand was shaking after that and he looked rather sad.  Sakaya then appears and tells the kids not to trouble Kobato too much. Kobato asks if she can help with something, but Sakaya replies that keeping the children busy is more than enough.

One of the kids asks her to play the organ, but Kobato has to turn down the request since she can’t play. However, she tells them she can dance together with them. The kid runs away and suddenly drags someone inside asking him to play the organ. That person is…

Mr. Cool! who isnt so cool right now...

Mr. Cool! who isn't so cool right now...

Mr. Cool isn’t so happy with seeing Kobato again and asks her why she’s been following him around. Kobato tells him that she only wanted to thank him. He coldly accepts her thanks and tells her to go home now. Kobato refuses since she’s helping out Sakaya right now.  He tells her if she can’t even play the organ, she’s…

Reality is a bish

Reality bites

Sakaya (I always tend to type Sakuya for some reason) passes by and asks if they became friends already. They instantly correct her, saying it’s a no-no. The children interrupt them and want Mr. Cool to play the organ now. He starts playing the organ and Kobato has to start dancing with the children. Mr. Cool immediately comments on Kobato’s dancing skills.

Kobato surrounded by evil influences...

Kobato surrounded by evil influences...

But Kobato doesn’t wanna give in to him and continues dancing like a robot, to the amusement of the children, of course.

After the break, the children are left sleeping in one of the bedrooms. Meanwhile, Kobato, Sakaya and Mr. Cool are having a tea break in the staff room. Sakaya tells that this place is getting old and that there’re lesser children coming to their nursery now that there’s a new one nearby. Mr. Cool who’s back in cool attitude tells them there’s no use in just worrying about it.

Oh right... thats Mr. Cools name

Oh right... that's Mr. Cool's name

Sakaya gets up and bows saying she’s really thankful to Kobato for helping her out. Kobato replies it’s really nothing and that Puppy-san would usually get angry if he’d see her play around. Then she realizes that Puppy-san is gone and realizes that divine punishment is gonna be passed onto her.

It's the acopolypse!

She runs out but then stops and asks if she can come back tomorrow. Mr. Cool, however, tells Sakaya that she shouldn’t believe Kobato that easily since they know almost nothing about her. Kobato wants to argue but doesn’t find the words to counter him. She eventually says she’s trying to find out about it herself. Sakaya notices that Kobato is getting sad and comforts her by saying she’s happy to have her, but she can’t really pay her. Kobato cheers up and tells she’s happy enough just to be able to help them.

When Kobato is about to leave the nursery, Mr. Cool stops her and tells her that if she’s only coming to the place because of pity or self-sacrifice, then she’s better off staying away. Kobato tells him she doesn’t think like that at all, but before being able to say more, he walks off. Then a familiar voice calls out for Dobato…

I dont think anyone would pick you up though...

I don't think anyone would pick you up though...

Now I also prefer the term stuffed animal for him

Now I also prefer the term 'stuffed' animal for him

After apologizing a lot, Kobato checks her bottle. But again, nothing has happened, it’s still empty. Kobato is feeling down saying that after all she was just annoying them and being a bother. Kobato starts reasoning that there are a lot more different people than she had thought of before. People who are scarred and unscarred, unscarred people who want to and don’t want to be healed. And Kobato doesn’t know which ones she’s dealing with. Puppy-san munching on a bit of meat asks her what she’s planning to do now. He tells her it doesn’t matter whether they want or don’t want to be healed, they should be healed by Kobato.

Thats the smile I want to see.

That's the smile I want to see.

Later that evening, all children are heading home. Kobato suddenly notices Toshihiko sitting on a swing. Kobato asks if he’s not going home, he replies he isn’t. Kobato looks a bit surprised, then she asks if he likes swings. He tells her that he doesn’t really like that a lot, but he has no choice since his mother is working really hard for him now. Kobato smiles and tells him that’s amazing. Toshihiko is surprised that Kobato isn’t saying bad things about his mother like the others do.

A flashback shows Toshihiko waiting for his mother on several days and other parents pitying him because his mother is always late.

Dont worry, theres always adaption

Don't worry, there's always adoption

Toshihiko tells Kobato his mum is really working hard for him since the divorce and he really believes in her. After his emotional speech, Kobato starts clapping in admiration for his mother.

Isnt she cute ;O;

Isn't she cute ;O;

The boy starts crying and hugs Kobato. Kobato doesn’t know how to react, she asks if he’s hurt somewhere. The boy shakes his head and keeps hugging her tightly.

Later that night…

Kobato notices her bottle is filled with a scarred heart fragment.

The Boulder Badge!

The Boulder Badge!

Puppy-san tells her that it’s because of Toshihiko. The boy was happy because Kobato praised his mother and that she was kind to him. She hugs the bottle wondering if she was really kind back there. Puppy-san tells her that she should keep on doing what she did with Toshihiko to get her bottle filled. Kobato answers that she’ll do her best to keep up and collect more scarred hearts. Puppy-san isn’t happy with how she’s naming them and tells her to call the fragments ‘candy’.  Then Puppy-san takes out a brush and gives Kobato her score for the day…




Thoughts :

The first part was amusing to watch eventhough nothing really happened in it. It just showed how Kobato is being too naive about everything.

The second part and then especially the part with Toshihiko’s memories was really great. It gave me a warm feeling inside and moved me quite a bit, mostly thanks to the music playing at that time too. Really nicely done in my opinion. I hope we get to see more complex problems from now on, this one was a real good warm up for me. The feeling of the series and the music mixed with Kobato’s naive behavior might make this series similar to Clannad. Well, at least it’s giving me the same feeling, whether it’ll become a masterpiece or not is yet to be seen.

Rating for the episode 9.5/10

Kyon, at your service~



  1. I dunno about Clannad, but this series is definitely nice.

    Kobato’s naiveness won it for me. Lately, I think I’ve been liking the clueless girls type (Kasuga “Osaka” Ayumu, Segawa Izumi) and now Kobato is one of my favorite characters. She even gets her personal tsukkomi, Ioryogi-san.

    When I first saw this… I thought to myself, “The art reeks of CLAMP”. Oh well~ I’m not saying that’s a bad thing~

    Moe moe Dobato~ 9/10! 9 because Fujimoto is very cold. Then again, his coldness just suits Dabada’s naiveness.

  2. She definitely fits in that list xD
    Her lack of the knowledge about the real world just made me think of all the girls in Clannad who also seem rather stereotype and have lack of the real-life personalities (for example : Nagisa, Kotomi)

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