Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 27 – Banquet at the Crevice

October 14, 2009

Hohenheim: "I have my own episode!"

Recaps are expected for anime with many episodes, and that includes Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Yes… we’ve been following this thing for 6 months already and still… every episode of it is worth watching.

Since this episode is a mandatory recap, the episode is focused on retelling the story in summary. However, even though this is a recap, they didn’t let this chance to go away to tell some revelations. In addition, opening and ending songs were changed (Bye Hologram… and Let it out… I’ll miss you).

I blogged this one exactly midnight… with a good five hours of sleep… please, do not try this at home…

That is definetely a poison

The episode started with people dancing around the bonfire. Hohenheim is sitting alone somewhere in a log when a younger version of Pinako joined him with a bottle of wine.

It's not bad.. it's just... Hologram is better

Guess who this is...

Hohenheim and Pinako discussed about the war that is happening during their time (Pinako does all the talk though). A girl went towards them and asked Hohenheim for a dance, which Hohenheim refused. The discussion went to the taboo that the Elric brothers did. Pinako asked him why he didn’t stand up for them as their father, which Hohenheim replied that it will not change the fact that have to repent for their sins.

The flashback continues, focusing on what Edward did to their search of the Philospher’s Stone.

Special Effects - This is Gendou we're talking to

Pinako left Hohenheim and joined the kids. The flames took the bonfire’s woods. Hohenheim was staring at the scene in front of him when a look-a-like appeared and talked to him. He said that humans are weak creatures but they can use it as a precious resource. Hohenheim didn’t reply.

Hohenheim: "Who are you again?"

The flashback continues with a quick series of scenes of Edward, Marco and Roy first heard them being human sacrifice. The series of flashback also shows Hughes’ last epic scene.

What? halftime already?!

The most problems faced by silent moe

Back to Hohenheim. Pinako is now scolding him, asking why he didn’t tell everyone about the secret. Hohenheim replied that if he did tell them, is change possible?

Hohenheim started to talk. He told that humans are fragile and created the same mistake last time (Together with flashbacks of the Homunculi). He also said that humans couldn’t win against Homunculi.

However, Pinako replied that even if humans failed many times, they are still trying their best to stand up and keep walking.

Hohenheim: "I feel poweful when standing in a pile of ash"

Hohenheim disappeared and the other appeared behind Pinako. He strengthens Hohenheim’s opinion, telling her that even if they work for the sake of humans, it’s a wasted effort for them since they will end up dying anyway.

They really like that gum... icky.. thing...

Hohenheim struggles in his vague belief, together with the other Hohenheim’s persuation that humans aren’t worth anything.

The main reason why Hohenheim got married

Then a girl (which is the little girl from earlier; now in her 20’s) appeared and holds Hohenheim’s hands. She encourages Hohenheim, telling him that even they are weak creatures; they strive to become stronger.

Flashback continues, now accompanied with the epic song ‘LET IT OUT’. It shows how humans tell themselves that they are weak but still have the power to change things right (yes… with epic lines…)

Resembool crew: I only know the fou- where's Winry!?

The flashback ended, with all characters living in Resembool. The girl (which was revealed to be his wife) told him to never forget his memories in Resembool with them.

Yes.. you got it... the bottle has spirit living in it, just like Alphonse

Hohenheim wakes up, reminiscing his own episode the dream he was having. Before walking away, he said thanks for having a good dream and left.


For a recap episode, this is a nice one. I don’t have any qualms about it except for the Op and Ed (bye bye~ I’ll miss you~). Then again, changing songs before the grand battle is always good. ‘Let it out’ and ‘Hologram’ will forever be in my heart.

Oh right, the ending song is full of Winry… I guess she won’t be having a lot of screentime now so they decided to give her the full ending. I wish they will change it soon~

Lots of Hughes in this episode, even though he died like… somewhere around the early episodes. Furthermore, it feels like this episode is a summary of epic lines done in the anime. They didn’t summarize it like a normal recap episode, they use different lines to tell each protagonists point of view around the series.

Next Episode:

The continuation of the last episode. I guess the three groups were going to fight the father for a 3vs1 match eh… Anyway, I’ll put my hopes up to this one.

That’s it for the Lazy Prince, going to sleep now. Enjoy reading~



  1. I would have loved to see a counter in the corner of the screen counting how many times “human sacrifice” was said.

    Anyway, I’d have to agree. For a recap episode, this is one amazing episode. Only a few good series can pull off such nice recap episodes. I remember the creative recap episode of Ouran Koukou Host Club.

    Also, I still like Hologram and LET IT OUT. God… LET IT OUT makes anything epic, even just normal flashbacks! I can’t say I don’t like the new OP but yeah, Hologram seems better. What’s with the super spoiler OP too? The ED is just… oh well, I’m not much of a Winry fan.

    Great episode nonetheless. 9/10 (the OP and ED change affected the score for me…)

  2. I don’t like recap episodes…
    even this one, but luckily it wasn’t as bad a the usual recaps

    just a 6/10
    I’ll never like flashback episodes

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