Seitokai no Ichizon 2 : Appearance means Everything

October 13, 2009
We all know you actually like it!

We all know you secretly like it!

A usual day at the academy, work piling up and studies which aren’t going so great. The student council is having another meeting and we were invited over to watch them. Please come and have a look as well. Kaichou enters the room with a large pile of papers saying they all need to be checked and approved by them. The papers seem to be proposals made by the students to make the school a better place. Kurimu is annoyed by them though, since there are so many of them. However, if we look at the papers, the proposal page was made up by the student council themselves.

Dont wanna work? Then dont start working either

Don't wanna work? Then don't start working either

Sugisaki starts reading some of the letters. Kurimu gives some pretty lousy responses to them though. Hell, she even advertises in them! One request asks them to switch chairs with whomever they like. Kurimu responds that such a thing would hurt Sugisaki’s feelings, which makes him pissed about it. Yet another request asks them to abolish homework. That isn’t really appreciated by Chizuru who makes a loud bite on her “Packy”…

Fear of the Packy Monster... quite understandable

Fear of the Packy Monster... quite understandable

Then some more perverted and equivalent exchange references fly by and then Kurimu gets tired of them. Sugisaki tells Chizuru that he’ll take care of the other requests, while kaichou is already eating sweet bunny candies.

After the opening, it’s time for the pointless quote of the week :

I think I gained experience from writing this...

I think I gained experience from writing this...

Then Sugisaki jumps up stating that she finally realized his harem idea isn’t meaningless. The pres counters by telling him it doesn’t count, since he’s a rotten human.

Somehow, the subject switched to studying… don’t ask me how they got there. The kaichou stands up telling the reputation of the council is important, that’s why they need to have high grades. Sugisaki reasons that he doesn’t need to worry since he has gotten his seat in the council by getting the highest grades. That also counts for Chizuru, Minatsu and Mafuyu, making the only trouble case… the president herself.

Cream-chan wants to start with Literature. Minatsu tells them that Mafuyu is good at the subject. Mafuyu says she thinks of them as scenarios with Yu-Gi-Oh-esque plot techniques. Oh right, I wasn’t supposed to say that… since some people think this show is bad because of the obvious references! I’m sorry!  Anyway, Mafuyu wants her to think of a good response to a pinch situation. Kurimu can only think of a ‘Shimata!’ respond, making the others feel depressed. Then Mafuyu gives her the right kind of example…

Here a good respond as well : BA-BAKANNA!! *explosions*

Here's a good respond as well : BA-BAKANNA!! *explosions*

Next on the table is math, pres asks them who’s good at it and Minatsu raises her hand. The others are quite surprised since she’s the kind of character who’s stereotypically good at sports but would suck at math…



It even makes Mafuyu cry telling them that she just met a person who isn’t like her sister at all. Minatsu is upset by all this, but Sugisaki asks if she has ever seen people go moe over a math lecture. Eventually Kurimu is left out of the conversation and they ended up not studying math…

Another sequence later, Kurimu is depressed about not having done anything yet. Mafuyu and Minatsu blame each other for it, then Chizuru shows the pres’ notebook to them. Their reaction is enough to tell us what she usually does in class.



Sugisaki thinks of the situation as a ‘choice’ moment in an eroge. He quicksaves like everyone should do when playing such games and then picks the hug option. Ofcourse, he gets the Cream-y ending…

Yeah...she sure is the second easiest route...

Yeah...she sure is the second easiest route...

Kurimu destroys his prehistoric pc telling him a conversation could never lead to such options and that he should separate reality and media. He states that he can clearly draw a line between the two since he has never dated a girl in real life. The pres strikes back by saying that makes real life harsher and in reaction to that Sugisaki snaps.

Next up is Chizuru, Kurimu asks her to help her study. She ignores Kurimu and uses the slap-then-hug technique. She tells the pres that she has to study daily and that while she was sleeping in class, she took notes and worked hard. Kurimu easily falls for that and then Chizuru tells her they are friends so she’ll lend her notebook to her.

Hypnotizing technique complete!

Hypnotizing technique complete!

The operation was a success like stated in the picture pun. Sugisaki wants to learn the technique to control lolis as well. Chizuru says that she won’t teach him since a harem is created by oneself. Sugisaki keeps asking for it, but only when he’s on the verge of a mental breakdown, Chizuru hands him the notebook. Noticed something? Yes, indeed, she used the same technique on him.

So this is what they call a mind slave?

So this is what they call a mind slave?

The following day, Kurimu lies down on her desk without much colors attached to her. Her results were lacking color as well. When Sugisaki wants to check the notebook Chizuru gave, Chizuru tells him not to touch it nor write any names on it. The apple and the big monstrous image next to her imply a reference everyone should get by now.

When Kurimu wants to change today’s topic to “move forward from your mistakes”, Sugisaki stops her and tells her that she should reflect on her actions in the past first. When Cream-chan can’t answer on what she learned from them the day before, they…

Glaring time~

Glaring time~

Since the pres can’t think of anything to reflect upon, Sugisaki asked Mafuyu to state some points. Mafuyu tells them that the pres should act after thinking more.

Edison was a wise gamer

Edison was a wise gamer

Yeah prepare for jail by robbing a bank! oh wait ... that doesnt work

Yeah prepare for jail by robbing a bank! oh wait ... that doesn't work

Minatsu is up next, she tells Kurimu to get rid of the childish figure. Kurimu wonders how she can do something like that. Tsundere-chan answers she should eat more meat, like Youkihi once said…

Thats the proof that Japan was an advanced

Gym trainers came from China?

Chizuru also agrees on the childish feature and suggests that Kurimu drink more milk. Obviously she wants just one region of Kurimu to develop…  Unfortunately Sugisaki’s bottle of milk gets wasted by the pres and flies higher than any bottle has ever done.

Chizuru still wants to go on about the subject though and suggests they should make the uniform more provoking this time. However, instead of Kurimu, Mafuyu gets taken as a victim.

This is win

This is win

Ki-kun faints instantly and then starts calling his perverted friends. I wish I also received a call… anyway, kaichou herself wasn’t that happy and drowns Sugisaki’s cellphone and camera in a milk bowl.

When Kurimu finally wants to know the real deal behind all this, the others tell her that she shouldn’t worry about her studies. The real thing she should reflect on is bringing up the study session itself. Then the bell rings and we get to see the “Finito” sequence with Sugisaki this time, Kurimu is left pouting though. Minatsu and Mafuyu run out since they’re already late and might miss the bus. Sugisaki stays behind to take care of some work. While Chizuru and Kurimu walk downstairs, the pres notices a poster with herself on it being ridiculed. Kurimu is pissed by it and decides to have great marks on the following exam. Then she runs back to the council room to study more.

At the harem nest, Sugisaki is stamping the last file. Kurimu storms inside while panting and asks him to teach her. After looking at the poster Kurimu showed him, he refuses to teach her. He tells her that she doesn’t have to study since she’s cute. She of course, doesn’t get that kind of logic. Then he asks her if she hates him, which she replies negatively. But still, Sugisaki reasons, she can name countless bad things about him. She agrees to that immediately, but he repeats his previous statement again.

Except if youre kira

Except if you're kira

People aren’t interested in what your weak points, they’re interested in your strong points, is how you could rephrase his statement. And indeed he has a point there, Chizuru who’s been listening at the door the whole time agrees and silently makes her leave again….until….

Until the pres gets overconfident again and starts talking about how popular she is and doesn’t need to worry about anything.  Chizuru steps inside and you can imagine some ominous chanting in the background for that. She tells Kurimu to kneel, which she slav-ishly obeys.

In the ending shot, we get to see another character… we’ll get to know her next week!




Thoughts :

Amusing episode, not as great as last week’s but still funny. Chizuru’s hypnotic style was really funny.

Oh hey, I finally noticed that the 4 girls each represent a season… I’ll leave it up to you to find out which, since it’s actually pretty simple to find out.

Next week a new chara, it might be one from the journalist club. They got mentioned with the poster and well, the ojou’s smirk might be a hint too. Ofcourse it’s just me guessing here.

Rating for this episode : 8/10

Kyon, at your service~



  1. I regret having doubts about this series. It’s quite entertaining even with the references though I wouldn’t go as far as to comparing it with Zetsubou-sensei (*cough* Lulu~)

    Also, did you notice how the teacher ate the choco cornet in just one go?

    • Nice episode and nice review. I really like the siblings a lot and lol at a very obvious yu-gi-oh reference. Keep up the good work!

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