Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 79 – Mandatory Flashback Episode

October 12, 2009

Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Spongebob, uniiiiiiiite!

Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Spongebob, uniiiiiiiite!

Sorry this took a while. I was catching up to the new Fall 2009 anime. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. As the title implies, this is nothing more but a flashback/recap episode.

The episode focuses on the major events of season 2: all information about the Yliaster that they have gathered and the new Accel Synchro function.

Expect… massive amounts of flashback… the whole episode is just about 9 minutes long (if you exclude the OP, ED and the flashback sequences).

Last episode summary:

As Ruka received quite the attention and a Duel Board from a new transfer student, Lucciano, Rua becomes skeptic and jealous at the same time. He asks Yusei to make him a Duel Board as well. During the twin’s practice of using the Duel Board, an enemy from Yliaster challenges them to a Riding Duel. Later, it is revealed that the enemy is none other than Lucciano and his ace monster, Machine Emperor Skiel, has the same ability as Wisel. Ruka and Rua lose the Duel but they are safe from harm. In the end, Lucciano did not leave any evidence of existing in Duel Academia.

Key Card of the Week:

Stardust Dragon (dont mind the red text on the side saying Next Weeks Key Card~)

Stardust Dragon (don't mind the red text on the side saying "Next Week's Key Card"~)

Episode 79:

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

We start with Yusei on his D-Wheel, alone early morning, driving through the highway.

Back at his love shack, Crow awakens from his sleep and heads downstairs. He spots Jack and a new furniture.

No, he stole it from the cafe just across your house.

No, he stole it from the cafe just across your house.

Jack claims that he made it from junk parts. Crow is impressed that Jack finally changed his ways to conserve their budget. He commends him for it.

How could you...? You used my feelings to steal our most crappy table...!

"How could you...? You used my feelings to steal our crappiest table...!"

Crow looks for Yusei and Jack tells him he probably went out to test the new engine for the WRGP. Jack isn’t entirely sure since when he woke up, Yusei had already left. Crow figures out Yusei must be thinking by himself again. Yusei may be feeling pressure since their new engine still hasn’t progressed. Yusei has been busy making his girlfriend a D-Wheel and his shota a Duel Board.

Jack thinks that as well. After all, without a new engine, their WRGP entry may become a complete failure. Crow adds that they’re low on budget so they can’t waste anything too. As they talk, the homemade coffee table suddenly comes crashing down…

Jack is so awesome that he drinks while lying on the floor after the table crashed like nothing happened.

Jack is so awesome that he drinks while lying on the floor after the table crashed like nothing happened.

Crow is annoyed that Jack couldn’t even make a proper table and chair. He then starts to realize that without Yusei, they seem quite useless. Jack agrees. Then Crow wonders if they really understand Yusei. Jack asks him what he means and Crow explains that sure, they used everyone’s power to defeat the Dark Signers… With the help of both the Satellite and Neo Domino City, they completed the Neo Daedalus Bridge (which would have made them famous and rich but somehow that did not happen).

Insert flashback here with Yusei defeating Rex Goodwin using Majestic Star Dragon (episode 64).

Crow claims to have learned a part of Yusei’s darkness during his battle with the Dark Signers…

Insert flashback of Yusei VS Rudger here (episode 57).

Crow starts mentioning that Yusei has been holding back something in his heart, Yusei’s darkness, which is blaming himself (though, his father is mostly responsible!) for the Zero Reverse incident that made Jack and Crow become homeless as well as thousands of other people, creating the Satellite region. Jack tells Crow that Yusei won’t fall just because of that. Yusei is his rival, a special person who changed him. Crow then asks what he is to Jack.

Is that a yaoi trigger?

Is that a yaoi trigger?

Jack then suddenly gets up and heads to his Wheel of Fortune. Crow asks him where he’s going and Jack replies that he wants to talk to Yusei. Jack drives off and Crow follows in his Black Bird.

Meanwhile, Yusei’s still in the highway, telling himself that he won’t win if his speed is that low.

Insert Ghost VS Yusei here. Machine Emperor Wisel absorbs Stardust Dragon. Majestic Star Dragon defeats Machine Emperor Wisel (episode 66).

Back then, he was able to win through the Crimson Dragon’s power. But if it weren’t for that, he may have lost like Ruka and Rua.

Part B:

At some parking building, Yusei was observing the grand view of the city. Jack and Crow arrive. Jack seems to be sure that Yusei was there and adds that the place they are on is the one that changed Neo Domino City. Crow asks Yusei’s progress and Yusei admits that the engine isn’t working as he hoped it would. Crow tells him to ease up, there’s still time before the WRGP but Yusei reasons out that at that rate, he won’t be able to defeat Ghost.

Insert the part here when Ghost’s arm explodes, revealing to Yusei and company that he’s nothing more but a robot (episode 66).

Crow mentions that Ghost is a machine, therefore, someone is controlling it. Yusei has a suspect: Yliaster, their new enemies. Yusei tells them about what Rudger told him. A man from Yliaster arrived and greeted him.

Insert Rudger’s flashback here in the Nazca lines (episode 57).

Jack then says that (Rex) Goodwin also told him about Yliaster before. It is a secret organization that controls the world that existed way back in ancient times. Yusei explains that Yliaster controlled the Goodwin brothers and brought about the Zero Reverse tragedy. Just recently, he heard that name again from Sherry.

Insert part here about Sherry having her parents killed by Yliaster then revealing that Yliaster are the ones behind the WRGP (episode 72).

Jack and Crow were shocked. Yusei tells them that this is no ordinary tournament. Behind the scenes of WRGP, there is a conspiracy happening. Crow inquires about the conspiracy but Yusei says he doesn’t know yet. Jack compares them to bugs entering a forest. Crow then claims that it doesn’t matter. He welcomes traps (he did get hit by several back in episode 68).

Crow teases Jack, asking him if he’s scared. Jack then retaliates by saying that the one who asks first is usually the one who’s most scared of all. He then declares that…

Jack, stop watching TTGL over and over. Move on with life!

Jack, stop watching TTGL over and over. Move on with life!

Yusei agrees. They will protect the city no matter what. If the ones controlling Ghost is really Yliaster, then there’s only one thing they can do to defeat them.

Insert part here when Dark Glass first appeared before Yusei and company then the talk about Accel Synchros and the start of their Riding Duel (episode 74).

But there’s a problem: they didn’t see what happened during the light. The monitors stopped working in episode 74 after Shades (I just like calling him that) disappeared into the light. Jack asks Yusei since he’s the only one who saw what happened.

Insert Shades’ Accel Synchro sequence here (episode 74).

Accel Synchro. Yusei claims it to be the ultimate Synchro Summon. Jack says it could stand up against Ghost’s monster. But surpassing your own limits is something Crow doesn’t get. Yusei believes there is such a thing… a world beyond speed limit.

Because of that Jack and Crow get energized and roaring to go. Yusei tells them that to surpass their limits, they must build a new engine first. Jack and Crow respond that they’ll do anything he asks for the engine to be done. Yusei gets determined as well. They’ll all surpass their limits!

After that, a sudden scene shift. A man was lying on the shore…

Is that you, Kaiser?!

Ending song: -OZONE- by -vistlip-


Whaaaaaaaat?! No (new) Duels?!

Yes, I cut the flashbacks as well but I did provide links to the episodes that hold those information.

Yeah, sorry about the delay. Don’t worry, even with the new Fall 2009 anime, I won’t be dropping this series. Heck, I haven’t even watched all the Fall 2009 anime I downloaded.

In any case, this is merely one of those flashback and recap episodes, containing flashbacks as early as episode 57 (Yusei VS Rudger II, part 2) and the latest one being in episode 74 (Yusei VS Dark Glass). Nothing much happened here, just a lot of talking and recaps about the Yliaster arc. I think it’s necessary due to all the filler episodes that happened in-between major events.

Anyway, the next episode is about a person named Bruno, the guy who was lying on the shore in the end of the episode. He’s apparently a skilled mechanic! Ushio and Mikage also appear and seems to have a favor to ask the trio by treating them to dinner.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. interesting

    Damn… I wish he showed up (not the wheel-chair version though)
    Nothing special in this episode, I hate recaps like everyone else does.
    Though Jack having coffee, that was entertaining…
    Anything that man touches can be used for comic relief now :D

    Rating for episode : 6 for the flashbacks – 7 for the Jack entertainment industry

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