Nyan Koi Episode 02 – Cats, Dogs and Tsundere

October 12, 2009

Nice Pun

As you all know, Falls 2009 anime list has been a good one. We got new anime such as Kobato, Seitokai no Ichizon, Sacred Blacksmith and much more… And thus let me introduce to you ‘Nyan Koi’. Nyan Koi! Is a manga created by Sato Fujiwara and finally got an adaptation for this season. For fans who liked ‘Seto no Hayanome’,  here is the anime for you.

The story is simple. Junpei Kousaka (Shintarou Asamuna) is a second year highschool student who doesn’t like cats and has allergy to them. He also has a love interest on Kaede Mizuno (Yuka Iguchi) who apparently likes cats. One day, Junpei accidentally broke the local neko-jizou-sama statue. After that incident, he discovered that he can now understand what cats were saying and he will be a cat himself if he doesn’t grant 100 wishes from cats.

The casts seem pretty solid as well, so expect wonderful voice acting for them.

Cats are sarcastic...

The episode started with Junpei together with his cat friends. The cat’s problem for today is its owner’s shoe was inside a house but couldn’t get it because a dog is guarding it. Junpei successfully got the shoe and run away, sadly someone saw him.

...and evil

They ended in the park. As Junpei is cursing his bad luck, Nyamsus told Junpei not to tell anyone about the curse. Tama also explained that if someone founds it, the one who founds it will get curse and at the same time Junpei’s curse will progress even faster.

They are watching school days episode 12

Back at home. Suzu noticed that Junpei is acting weird lately. She asked Junpei if she can check at Cultural festival in Junpei’s school.

1. Unwanted Fanservice Maid

2. Adorable Maids

3. Evil Maids (They are more frequent irl)

School time. Junpei and the other male extras were talking about maids but got interrupted by Kanako Sumiyoshi. Mizuno then asked Kanako to get a scissor but after Junpei heard it, rushes over to Mizuno before Kanako even move.

Then a war between Kanako and Junpei broke. From the background discussion, it is revealed that the two frequently fight with each other (even betting for them).

Sadly, before the war turns into a bloodshed. Junpei was stopped after seeing Tama waving at him outside. As an excuse, he immediately throw a masking tape directly at Tama and told everyone that he is going to get it.

a. New Addition to harem b. Unwanted Harem c. Bad End

Junpei asked his two cat friends why are they here. Nyansus replied that someone is needed of Junpei’s help once again. The cat for today is a brown cat (don’t even ask me what type of cat is it, I’m a dog person). The cat in trouble explained that she needs to go away from the school soon but before she go she wanted to thanks a girl who feeds her everyday. The girl was revealed to be Kanako, which again saw Junpei’s monolouging.

Choice A and B were wrong. You're in trouble Junpei...

Junpei argues with Kanako again with Kanako on tsuntsun mode. Junpei tried to tell Kanako what Panda (the problematic cat) wanted to tell Kanako but failed miserably due to unnessessary delusions. In the end, Kanako made Junpei his servant.

Blue screen of death: Windows 98 version

The cultural festival started. Suzu entered his brother’s room but couldn’t find him anywhere. Haruhiko then told them that Junpei was kidnapped by Kanako and haven’t seen ever since.

Mizuno is running windows vista

Kanako and Junpei were walking around the school trying to check out different things. While they are strolling, they bumped on Mizuno and her trustee backups. Kanako told Mizuno about what they are doing and the servant thing. Junpei was troubled by it however; Mizuno just thinks they are getting along with each other.

What kind of streatching is that!?

They took a break. Junpei was on despair for having Kanako use his money for their school adventure. Nyamsus appeared and told Junpei about the deadline. Junpei replied that it is easier said than done since of what Kanako is now.

See~ this fashion works!

Kanako was inside the comfort room, arranging her beautiful cosmetics. While thinking of what she’ll do next, she remembers a flashback from long time ago. It is a memory of her and Junpei. She gave Junpei a miniature doll of Nyamsus as a symbol of friendship. Sadly, the next day, Kanako saw Junpei giving the doll away. After that, they never talked a lot, which brings them fighting with each other until recently.

Kanako went back to Junpei, with some takoyaki with her (of course, Junpei’s money). While they are eating, Junpei asked Kanako why did she become a mambo girl out of curiosity. The discussion went further to Kanako’s frustrations on Junpei then to the event happened when they are still kids.

Yes you are. Now put the make-up off

Kanako said that Junpei didn’t even remember what happened, while crying. She walks away but Junpei stopped her. Unfortunately, a bucket of water falls down directly on them. Making the two soak.

Oh god... here it comes!

Kanako snapped out. She chased Junpei in the hallways (don’t ask me how did they get there). Kanako and Junpei stopped afterwards, both catching up their breath.

Kanako's turn for a cute fanservice

Kanako was now monolouging, saying that she didn’t put a waterproofed make-up since it is summer. Junpei, just realizing that Kanako is a girl (yes, after seeing a fanservice pose), covered Kanako using his jacket.

Junpei remembers what happened when they are kids, and got a hint on why Kanako is angry with him. Although, Mizuno appeared before Junpei started the discussion. Mizuno accompanied Kanako afterwards.


Junpei returned to his classroom just to see him being fired and apologized for what he did. Mizuno then entered the room, together with another person in maid outfit. It is revealed to be Kanako, without her makeup on.

He's telling such sweet words... He really doesn't like ending up being a cat

Later that day, Kanako went to see panda again, yet failed to see her. Junpei arrived and told her that Panda left. Junpei also said that the doll Kanako gave him is still in his house.

Panda: "They say that if you're near the protagonist, you'll have more screentime".

Then again, Junpei found panda in his house. Nyamsus said that she’ll be staying in their house until she found a place to stay.

...And they lived happily ever after...

Back at school. Junpei was trying to tell Mizuno what happened yesterday when Kanako arrived, with her cosmetics off. That is where Junpei’s childhood friend arc ended…


Nice episode. I watched the episode three times already (fourth one later perhaps) and it doesn’t bore me a bit. I still feel that this anime is a moderate version of Seto no hayanome as I said earlier.

The songs were okay, so is the background music. Not to mention I didn’t noticed Jun Fukuyama is on the staff list as Tama (he is using yet another voice for him so I didn’t realized).

For the characters, it seems the way they are designed have a meaning. If you look at it, Mizuno looks like an obedient puppy, while Kanako looks like a mean cat (I wonder about Junpei though). Anyway, it might be just me.

Anyway… that’s all for today’s episode. See you next time~~

Oh right… this is Azure Blue, I hope you like this post.


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  1. oaw kisira k porfis pusiran mas el manga x k no se donde concegirlo

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