Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 2 (EX015) – Hikkikomori and Tsundere

October 11, 2009

Did you dream that you were only third in the Asura Cryin' Character Polls?

There, like I promised. Asura Cryin’ 2 episode 2 is here!

Like I said before, Asura Cryin’ 2 is a direct continuation to the series’ first season. So to those interested, please watch from episode 1 of the first season!

This episode focuses on the Third Student Council President, Kitsutaka Tooru, and the President of the Science Club, Kagayaki Tokiya. The story of Kurogane’s first Handler. The day of the Tanabata and Tomoharu’s wish.

Expect tsundere Tooru?

Last episode summary:

Because of starting another fire panic, the Science Club was tasked to clean the pool. But during their punishment, Ania spots a weird-looking koala walking around. Due to her curiosity, she follows the said koala which led to the other members to follow her. They end up in the Rakurowa Ruins, where several Castas Machina guard it from intruders… which is them. Upon hiding in an old building, Tomoharu and Kanade get flashbacks from the First Stage World. President Tooru and Yoh of the Guardian Dragoon bust them out and later, they find out that the koala is actually the Science Club’s President.

Episode 2 (EX015):

The episode starts off with Kurogane using a lot of power.

Tomoharu was begging Misao to stop or she’ll disappear. Misao seems to be fine with it and right after her projected existence vanished, Kurogane stopped moving. Its core opened up and reveals that the Burial Doll has been used up, much to Tomoharu’s horror.

Luckily, Tomoharu wakes up. It was nothing but a dream.

Tomoharu looks at Kurogane’s trunk. He wants to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible and the only person who could tell him everything is none other than Natsume Naotaka, his older brother.

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

The next day, everyone seems impressed at the giant bamboo that Shuri brought to them. It appears to be Tanabata there. Misao teaches Ania about using the tanzaku (paper where you write your wishes and to be hanged on the bamboo) because she’s a foreigner.

Tomoharu asks Shuri if she knows how to contact his older brother since she was the one who brought Kurogane’s trunk. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know. Shuri explains that Kurogane’s trunk had been in the possession of the Royal Dark Society and his older brother only requested her to deliver it to him. However, Shuri adds that one of the Royal Dark Society may be able to tell him the information he needs: President Tooru.

At school, Tomoharu was riding a bike with Shuri behind him and were almost late. Suddenly, Mahiwa and Vivian (his Daughter) also arrive.

Mahiwa is pretty smart to use his Daughter to go to school. Saving money and effort.

Mahiwa is pretty smart to use his Daughter to go to school. Saving money and effort.

Vivian was on a rush since Mahiwa is late but Mahiwa couldn’t control the speed. Tooru suddenly comes up in front of Vivian, fully stopping her and sending Mahiwa crashing away. Tooru scolds Mahiwa and tells him not to use his Daughter to go to school.

Misao seems impressed about Tooru and asks Shuri what Tooru’s power is. Shuri explains that Tooru is an Ex-Handler, a being that is unaffected by Asura Machina and Daughters. Misao then insists that Tomoharu should also become one and then asks Shuri how one becomes an Ex-Handler. Knowing that a Burial Doll must be completely used up to become an Ex-Handler, Shuri steers the conversation to Naotaka, whom Tomoharu is supposed to ask Tooru about but when they looked back at the school gate, there was nobody there anymore.

Later, at the Science Club room, the koala from last episode and Ania seems to be having fun, calling the other members of the Science Club “trash”. Tooru bursts in and looks for a “Tokiya”. They all wonder who Tokiya is and then Tooru picks up the koala doll. It seems the koala’s name is Tokiya and Tooru complains that Tokiya did not go to class again.

Thats animal abuse!!

That's animal abuse!!

Tooru begins shaking the koala and suddenly, it faints. Ania panics and thinks the koala died. She snatches it away from Tooru and starts slapping it in an attempt to revive it. Tooru tells her to stand back and she suddenly pulls out her long sword. Tokiya the koala realizes this and suddenly gets up to catch the blade.

For a koala doll, he sure has nice reflexes.

For a koala doll, he sure has nice reflexes.

But in the end, hes still a koala doll...

But in the end, he's still a koala doll...

As Kanade repairs the doll using sewing materials, Tooru explains what the koala is. It acts as a transmitter to all of Tokiya’s five senses. Tokiya is indeed a human being and he is using the koala as a puppet, though whatever the koala feels, he feels it as well. Tokiya can also terminate the contact of the koala to himself to save him from certain situations. Shuri adds that her equipment are made by Tokiya as well as Mahiwa’s robot. Tokiya is someone special.

Ania then thinks that Tokiya may know a lot about the Burial Doll system but as she inquires the koala about it, Tokiya cuts off the connection. As Tooru leaves, Tomoharu asks her about his brother’s contact information. Tooru wants something in exchange. She wants Tomoharu to make Tokiya attend school again because in three days, Tokiya will have excessive absences and therefore, he’ll be held back a year.

Tomoharu accepts the mission and suddenly, Tooru thanks him with a different tone. She seemed pretty excited and happy. The members of the Science Club wonder as Tooru leaves.

As they head out, they pass by the First Student Council’s building. Reishirou was heading out with a bunch of people in white standing.

Welcome to the Society of Light!

Welcome to the Society of Light!

Reishirou comments on how Tomoharu is with Kanade again and Misao keeps on thinking that Reishirou is just ignoring her. Tomoharu explains that they were ordered to visit the Science Club President by Tooru. He also notices that Reishirou was carrying a trunk. Reishirou explains that he was delivering his trunk back to the Guardian Dragoons. The trunks are present to allow the sacrifice of a human being to be a Burial Doll for the Asura Machina. The owner of the trunk is the Handler unless on some exceptions, like when two people control an Asura Machina. An Asura Machina cannot be summoned in two places at the same time. I didn’t understand much of what Reishirou was explaining.

At that point, Tomoharu thinks that Kurogane may have been used by a different Handler before. Reishirou figures out that the Royal Dark Society did not tell him anything and just tells him that he’ll find out soon and leaves.

They reached their destination: a bomb shelter-like shed in-between two large residences.

Misao jokes about summoning Kurogane to bust open the bomb shelter and Tomoharu overreacts, telling Misao to not joke about something like that. Tooru and Yoh arrive as well shortly after they arrived. Tomoharu asks them why they’re there and Tooru explains that her house is there (the blue roof one). Tokiya’s house is beside hers (the red one). Yoh explains that she’s there to train with Tooru.

Tomoharu then wonders why he has to be the one to encourage Tokiya to come back to school since Tooru is Tokiya’s neighbor. Tooru says she cannot do it but before Tomoharu can ask for an explanation, they hear a sound of something hitting against something else.

Thats what you get for snooping around.

That could work against Beatrice...

It was Misao. She was trying to peek inside the bomb shelter but for some reason it’s solid even for her. Yoh tells them this is because the walls are enchanted, meaning it is immune to Projected Beings and not even nuclear warfare can do anything about the defensive barrier.

Tomoharu starts to think they should just give up. It doesn’t seem like Tokiya has any intention of going out. Tooru says it’s probably because she’s there and suddenly leaves. Misao wonders if Tooru is angry and Yoh explains that Tooru is sad… very sad that she couldn’t cry anymore. Kanade inquires if someone died and Yoh confirms it. Kanade says that she knows that kind of sadness so she knew it was that.

And so, Yoh begins to tell them a bedtime story (even though the sun is still up). There were three childhood friends: Tooru, Tokiya and Tooru’s older sister, Aki.

(from left to right) Tooru, Aki and Tokiya.

(from left to right) Tooru, Aki and Tokiya.

Aki and Tokiya were very close friends. Aki died. The end.

Yoh adds that Aki became Kurogane’s Burial Doll… and the Handler was Tooru. Tomoharu then gets several flashes to Tooru’s mark of being an Ex-Handler, then when he witnessed Reishirou become one and then his dream earlier this episode with a new added scene.

Extra dream scene: Tomoharu Matrix mode!

Extra dream scene: Tomoharu Matrix mode!

Tomoharu gets affected by such a touching and short story and starts pounding on the bomb shelter, calling out to their President.

Part B:

The night of Tanabata. Shuri and Ania were wearing yukata. Ania was hanging the koala doll to dry it up. Shuri commends her for being brave enough to wash the doll and she explains that it was because the koala doll was starting to smell weird…


Ania then notices that Tomoharu hasn’t written anything yet in his tanzoku and claims that he must have a lot of wishes. Shuri tells her that it could be the opposite. And Shuri’s right.

But you already are!

But you already are!

Tomoharu doesn’t have any idea what to wish for. Misao helps him by suggesting some of the usual wishes of people. She notices that Tomoharu isn’t really in the mood and she tells him not to worry too much about her. She’ll be fine. She then floats off to sleep.

As Tomoharu becomes alone, he walks up to the bamboo and hangs his tanzaku beside the koala doll. He claims that he has had enough of everything. He wishes to change the fate of Handlers and Burial Dolls.

In another place at an undisclosed time, Shuri enters an old wrecked building, hoping to find Naotaka, but instead, she finds a girl inside. The girl doesn’t introduce herself but she knows Shuri. She informs Shuri that Naotaka is no longer there and leaves in an Ice Phoenix. As Shuri sees the phoenix, she deduces the girl is from the Torishima family.

Leaving so soon despite this being your first appearance?!

Leaving so soon despite this being your first appearance?!

The next day, Tokiya still hasn’t come to school. Suddenly, Tooru runs to Tomoharu and tells him that Tokiya has gone missing. His bomb shelter was opened and left a small note. “I’m going to meet with Aki.” Of course, since Aki’s dead, Misao concludes he wants to go to “heaven”. Ania figures out it may be the cause why the koala doll’s been inactive for a while. Tooru faints and Yoh randomly pops out of nowhere to catch her.

Tomoharu says they have to look for Tokiya fast. He asks Yoh if there was a place where Tokiya frequently visits or a place special to Aki and him. Yoh then realizes Tokiya must be heading to the place where Aki died.

The seaside is always an epic place to die.

They are now at the place. They quickly start looking for Tokiya. Tooru finds a shoe near the sea but realizes they’re not Tokiya’s and drops on her knees. Misao comforts her and as Yoh tries to do the same, Tomoharu asks Yoh what happened to Aki as a Burial Doll for the sake of the plot.

Yoh’s bedtime story, part 2. They were at that place to eliminate an Asura Machina. Tokiya was the commander of the Guardian Dragoon.

Kagayaki Tokiya, former commander of the Guardian Dragoon.

Kagayaki Tokiya, as the former commander of the Guardian Dragoon.

Hisui can also be seen (which means Reishirou may also be there) helping them. Kurogane deals the finishing blow, controlled by Tooru. As they were celebrating their victory, Kurogane suddenly loses power. Tooru runs towards Kurogane, which core has been opened, revealing that Aki is no longer there. No one noticed, not even Tooru, Tokiya nor Yoh, that Aki’s soul was already at its limit. Tooru gains the Ex-Handler mark on her forehead.

Yoh adds a moral lesson to the story: It is the fate of Handlers. You must treasure the extra time you’re given with the Burial Doll.

Tooru then sees someone near the edge of a cliff. They hurriedly run towards it and sees Tokiya, about to jump. Tooru stops him. Tokiya tells her he has to go or else, Tooru will always be in pain. He explains that he became a NEET so Tooru isn’t reminded of Aki when she sees him which could just hurt her. Tooru then says that she thought the reason why Tokiya doesn’t wanna go out is because whenever he sees Tooru, he is reminded of Aki. It was a simple misunderstanding from the beginning…

Baka, baka, baka, baka, baka, baka!

Baka, baka, baka, baka, baka, baka!

Tooru calls Tokiya an idiot for trying to kill himself for her. He then calls her an idiot as well for worrying about him. He then adds that they’re both idiots. Tokiya then brings up Tanabata and compares themselves to Altair and Vega, they met after a long time. Tooru begins crying and Yoh says that finally… Tooru was able to cry her heart out…

The following day, at school. Tomoharu and Misao spots a huge pile of records on the desk of the Science Club room.

Someone has been researching on the Philosopher's Stone!

It seems Tokiya was browsing through the records to look for Natsume Naotaka’s contact information because not even the Royal Dark Society knows where he is. Suddenly, the koala pops out.

"I'm going to get my body back!"

Tomoharu freaks out and asks him why the koala guise again. Tokiya explains that it’s easier to go around as a koala. We even get to see what his bomb shelter looks like in the inside.

Little does he know that beyond the Truths gate, his body is already in the possession of a mighty entity.

"Little does he know that beyond the Truth's gate, his body is already in the possession of a might--hey, is that Nanoha?"

Misao asks him about failing and being held back a year and Tokiya just says that Tooru will manipulate his grades so he’ll be fine. Tokiya then tells Tomoharu that he’ll help him in granting his wish. Tomoharu gets a bit embarrassed that Tokiya heard his wish in the tanzaku. Tokiya leaves the room.

Misao asks Tomoharu several times if he’s okay with a koala helping him and Tomoharu replies it’ll be fine. Then they hear Tooru in the hallway, getting mad at Tokiya again and sending him away with a swift draw attack.

Ending song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Guardian Dragoon or GD (Gaadian doraguun) – A group of the strongest Handlers from the Student Council. They are led by Susugihara Yoh. They are the sort of guardians who protect the school from troublemaking Handlers.

Widget (Uijetto) – Mahiwa’s robot from season 1. It was small but its strength is incredible, wielding an axe and is given orders to assassinate people. It was an invention made by Tokiya.


Touo, battou! Tsuntsun deredere!!

Quite a romantic and emotional episode for President Tooru. The misunderstanding part is quite cute, with them being in pain due to thinking that the other is in pain.

No First Stage World hints this time.

I didn’t really expect that Tokiya was an otaku due to the nature of this show. That kinda surprised me a bit. I thought he just confines himself to do computer stuff (think of Pantsu from Higashi no Eden).

Anyway, the next episode is a ta-da, Beach episode! Season 2 is offering us things we never got to see in the first one!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


One comment

  1. Such a good episode, except for one thing… I thought the scene on the cliff was kinda rushed. I mean Tooru convinced the pres WAY too fast…or rather, he was really in the mood to change back to his old self after deciding to jump off…
    Waa~ yukata service~

    Rating 8/10!

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