Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 1 (EX014) – Koalas and Ruins

October 10, 2009

Shake it~ Shake it~ Shake it~

Shake it~ Shake it~ Shake it~

Yeah, I know. I’m late. I’m sorry.

Anyway, Asura Cryin’ is back this season and it is a direct continuation to the first 13 episodes (as seen in the title, EX014). Doesn’t have much introductions and assumes you have already seen the first part to get anything that’s happening.

The episode is about the discovery of the ruins of the “First Stage World” due to a very mischievous Koala-like thing that Ania had been following. Expect wet services, parallel selves and misfortune for Tomoharu.

The story:

For those of you who don’t know, Asura Cryin’ follows the story of a boy named Natsume Tomoharu and a projected being, a childhood friend ghost, Minakami Misao and a demon named Takatsuki Kanade. Tomoharu finds a mysterious briefcase apparently from his older brother, Natsume Naotaka, and inside is an Asura Machina, a giant robot-like thing that… can be commanded to do stuff…

As the series progresses, Tomoharu finds out the connection between demons and the Asura Machina and the projected beings or Burial Dolls. He also gets to know more and more about the Asura Cryin’, a term they use for a Handler (owner of an Asura Machina) who has obtained a Daughter (a demon), which is said to be a very powerful entity and apparently, he is one.

Last episode summary:

Last time, on the last episode of the first season, Takaya Kagakagiri wanted something called an Igniter and held a whole airplane on hostage. The other Student Council Presidents along with Tomoharu foiled his plans though but during the landing operation, where the plane is in danger of crashing, Saeki Reishirou used up all of Hisui’s power, therefore using up Aine’s remaining existence, to save them… and Aine was gone, Reishirou became an Ex-Handler.

Episode 1 (EX014):

The episode starts off in what appears to be a destroyed city.

The city, as narrated by Ritsu-san, was slowly vanishing. She asks a person if they are ready to take on the harsh trial ahead of them… it was the same as the weird flashes in season 1. The other person appears to be Tomoharu, as always.

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

Now with Tomoharu and Misao running in the hallway towards the Science Club. They’re worried after hearing that Kanade fainted in P.E. class. Tomoharu thinks it may be because Kanade used too much magical energy during the fight with Kagakagiri. As Tomoharu opens the door of the clubroom…

Can you say love comedy?

Can you say "love comedy"?

Kanade becomes embarrassed after Tomoharu sees her dressing and starts burning up, literally. Ania suddenly bites Tomoharu’s arm and uses Luck-Eater’s abilities.

I can never get tired of that... I love that ability.

I can never get tired of that... I love that ability.

Tomoharu backs away after being bit, hitting the cabinet behind him and a box falls on his head. Luckily, it were just toilet papers inside. Unfortunately, it were toilet papers inside… the other end of the roll catches on fire and Tomoharu also starts to burn. Kanade finally gets a grip and splashes Tomoharu with some water inside a metal tub (Good thing this didn’t fall on his head instead).

Tomoharu slides down, leaning against the door and sighing in relief. Kanade approaches him to apologize and then suddenly touched his cheek.

Grumpy Saeki-ani has arrived!

Grumpy Saeki-ani has arrived!

President Tooru asks them for an explanation and Ania tells them that she just tripped in the school yard and had Kanade carry her to the clinic. It seems Tomoharu just heard the news wrong and assumed it was Kanade who “fainted”. Reishirou tells Tomoharu about his status: being a Handler and having close contact with a Daughter, he is like an Asura Cryin’. Misao starts to enter the conversation but then Reishirou continues talking, saying that if something happens, the First Student Council will eliminate him.

So you like pointing dangerous objects at people, eh Reishirou? How about now?

So you like pointing dangerous objects at people, eh Reishirou? How about now?

Tooru points her sword at Reishirou, saying that the members of the Science Club are under the jurisdiction of the Third Student Council. But she also ensures Reishirou that she won’t be giving them special treatment. As punishment, she orders the Science Club to clean the swimming pool along with Shuri, as the acting Club President.

As the Science Club walks in the hallway, Misao complains about Reishirou. She feels like he’s ignoring her. Tomoharu knows this is because Reishirou lost Aine and Hisui, therefore, he is now an Ex-Handler, so he cannot see nor hear Misao anymore. Tomoharu tells her she’s just imagining things and stays silent. In the meantime, Ania spots something small moving in a corner…

Its one of Kampfer plush dolls!

It's one of those Kämpfer plush dolls!

Ania exclaims that she saw a koala. The others look and Tomoharu asks where she saw it but when she pointed out where it went, there was only a dead end. Ania insists she saw a koala and Tomoharu just accepts it so they can move on.

At the pool, Kanade and Tomoharu were scrubbing the floor while Misao floats, Shuri relaxes and Ania lets her feet get weet.

Not the type of pool episode I was hoping for, but oh well.

Not the type of pool episode I was hoping for, but oh well.

Only 2/5 members are known to cooperate in cleaning tasks.

Only 2/5 members are known to cooperate in cleaning tasks.

Misao asks Tomoharu what happened to the Igniter afterwards. Tomoharu explains that it suddenly vanished. The tracking device also stopped working, according to Shuri and so the GD (Guardian Dragoon) are still looking for it. Kanade suddenly loses grip of the hose she was holding and Tomoharu gets wet again. Kanade apologizes but she gets wet as well. They both start trying to catch the hose.

Better make that 0/5...

Better make that 0/5...

Meanwhile, Ania hears a squeaking sound and sees the koala she saw earlier. Its feet were making the squeaking noises and decides to follow it, climbing over the high fence. Tomoharu sees this and follows her, along with the rest of the Science Club.

Tooru arrives to give them some refreshments. She knows that they’ve all been through a lot after all and thought she might have been too hard on them. But then she sees there was nobody in the pool. She becomes annoyed and drains the pool.

Inside a secret underground passageway, the Science Club were in the middle of a spacious area. It seems Ania tripped so they had to stop. The koala also seemed to have escaped. Tomoharu suggests they leave now but then they find out that they’re lost. They don’t know the way they came from because the spacious area had lots of passages. Shuri informs them that their situation is bad, the Rakurowa Ruins are in one of the passageways.

Ania knows the Rakurowa Ruins as the ruins of the First Stage World. Shuri doesn’t seem to be sure because she hasn’t been to that place before. She adds that there was only one person who saw and returned safely from seeing the ruins, that man being… Natsume Naotaka… whom the koala suddenly spoke of.

The koala jumps inside a hole and suddenly, a huge wave of water engulfs the Science Club.

As they all regain composure, Ania explains that someone may have drained the pool so all the water there came gushing down at the underground drainage way. Tomoharu spots the koala and it signals them to follow. Ania happily follows the koala. Shuri, on the other hand, was sent outside the drainage system and into a small creek.

Ania, Tomoharu, Kanade and Misao follow the koala. It seems to have a hatred for Tomoharu, leading him to various traps and even trying to push him into a pitfall trap he just escaped.

Because normal koalas can illuminate a dark area with their eyes...

Because normal koalas can illuminate a dark area with their eyes...

They arrived in what appears to be a dead end. The koala kicks a portion of the wall and a small computer suddenly flips open in front of it. The koala starts typing on it like confirming a passcode. Ania is very impressed but Tomoharu and Misao thinks it’s just another trap until a mechanical door opens. The koala suddenly runs inside after the door opened. Tomoharu tries stopping the koala but then pauses after seeing…

The Rakurowa Ruins.

The Rakurowa Ruins.

Tooru, in her office, suddenly receives a report that Natsume Tomoharu has reached the Rakurowa Ruins.

Part B:

Tomoharu tries getting closer to the ruins but Misao stops him again. A bunch of guardian robots were guarding the place.

The Castas Machina.

The Castas Machina.

Ania explains that those are Castas Machina, passive guardians of the Rakurowa Ruins. She adds that they’ll be fine as long as they don’t harm the robots…

You and your adorable, cute mouth, Nia-chan!

You and your adorable, cute mouth, Nia-chan!

And I guess you know what happened next. The Castas Machina began to move and the Science Club (minus Shuri) run for their lives. The ruins was large so they quickly found a place to hide into.

Misao notes that the place looked familiar and Ania says it looks like a research facility. The wall in front of them gets banged on and it seems the Castas Machina have located them. They all back off and Tomoharu trips on an elevated platform. He turns around and sees something like the thing from earlier.

This is where Yubel and Mewtwo were also nursed.

This is also where Yubel, Son Goku and Mewtwo were nursed.

Misao approaches the orb-like structure and touches it. Tomoharu gets a strong sensation and sees some sort of flashback.

The flashbacks consisted of Tomoharu running with An in the track team. An said she would tell Tomoharu something important but she’ll only say it after the track meet. The second one was with Kanade, Misao, Tomoharu and Takuma, happily having a conversation on the school gate.

The research facility, the former state of the giant pyramid in the Rakurowa Ruins. Remember NERV?

The research facility, the former state of the giant pyramid in the Rakurowa Ruins. Remember NERV?

The last one was inside a research facility. Tomoharu, in his conversation with Kanade in the flashback, seems to be talking about a “Black Hole” experiment that his brother and his colleagues are doing. As Misao enters the room with Tomoharu and Kanade, an alarm sounds. It seems the experiment failed and they lost control of the Black Hole. A man passing-by knocks Misao down and Tomoharu stops to help her up, but as they do that… something like a cross between the Tragedy of Sabrie and opening the Truth’s Gate happened… and now, everything in the city has become whitish, like turning to ashes…

Possibly... the First Stage Worlds Nia-chan?

Possibly... the First Stage World's Nia-chan?

The Tomoharu from the flashback asks Ritsu-san what happened after the Black Hole experiment failed. Ritsu-san tells him that two worlds collided… and now theirs is starting to vanish. Tomoharu asks for a way to stop it from happening and she looks at the suitcase, similar to what Handlers get.

A flashback in a flashback happens. That’s so amazing. In a hospital bed, Misao is telling Tomoharu that she is starting to vanish. Even if she is like that, she asks if Tomoharu still loves her. Tomoharu kisses Misao and the flashback in a flashback ends. A hand grabs 1st flashback Tomoharu’s hand and flashback Tomoharu tells Ritsu-san that he’s ready. The hand who suddenly held onto flashback Tomoharu was Kanade’s.

Even in the First Stage World, they're the main characters!

The Handler’s suitcase opens, spreading a thick blag shadow and the real Tomoharu snaps out of it and returns to reality.

Misao asks Tomoharu what was wrong. It seems she didn’t see Tomoharu’s flashback. Explosions happen outside and it seems Shuri has located them. She claims that she had to blast through the walls to save them so it ticked off the Castas Machina. She leads them out but there were still many of the Castas Machina. Kanade starts to use her powers as a Daughter to destroy them and Misao eggs on Tomoharu to summon Kurogane.

Tomoharu hesitates and then Tooru arrives. Yoh also joins in shortly afterwards. Yoh explains that it is the job of the Guardian Dragoon to take care of Handlers who cause trouble inside school grounds. She summons Shirogane to fight the Castas Machina. As the ruins start to crack, they all leave to spare what remains of the First Stage World ruins.

Outside, Misao was wondering why Tomoharu didn’t summon Kurogane and he explains that he just panicked. Misao floats away and Kanade talks to Tomoharu about the vision. It seems she also saw Tomoharu’s flashback. She concludes that those aren’t just delusions or a dream, they were fragments of memories within the Rakurowa Ruins. Ania suddenly comes up to Tomoharu and asks if she can keep the koala and Tomoharu responds quickly: NO.

Tomoharu is still angry about the koala giving them a hard time with the traps and taunting the Castas Machina. Ania whispers something to the koala and they perform an act, making it look like the koala was only scared.

Ania Fortuna and the koala as The Girl From the Illusionary World and the Junk Robot.

Ania Fortuna and the koala as The Girl From the Illusionary World and the Junk Robot.

Before it can reach Ania though, Tooru picks up the koala and tells it to stop screwing around. The koala, surprisingly, answers back. They were all shocked to hear the koala talk and Tooru lets the koala introduce itself.

The koala introduced itself… as the President of the Science Club.

Biggest shocker of the episode.

Biggest shocker of the episode. Why is Shuri surprised as well?! Isn't she the vice-president?!

Ending song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Handler (Handoraa) – A person who controls an Asura Machina. They usually possess a briefcase prior to their first summoning. They usually have a strong bond with the sacrifice inside the Asura Machina.

Projected Being (Shaeitai) – The projected, ghost-like image of the Burial Doll assigned to an Asura Machina. Normally, they can only be seen by another Handler but when an Asura Machina obtains a Stabilizer, normal humans may be able to see them.

Asura Machina (Asura makiina) – Giant robots whom Handlers control. They need a human sacrifice inside them to function, a Burial Doll. Nothing much is known about their creation but their purpose was to be anti-Demon weapons.

Burial Doll (Beriaru dooru) – They are the human sacrifices for the Asura Machina. Usually, they are a special person to their respective Asura Machina’s Handlers. They function as energy sources for the Asura Machina.

Daughter (Doutaa) – The child of a Handler and a Demon. It becomes a familiar to the Handler.

Asura Cryin’ (Asura Kurain) – The term that is used on a person in possession of both an Asura Machina and a Daughter. They are deemed very powerful.

Ex-Handler (Ekusu Handoraa) – A term used on people who have already been Handlers before but lost their status as Handlers due to using up all their Burial Doll’s energy.

Castas Machina (Kasutasu makiina) – Automated robot security guardians of Rakurowa Ruins. They were seen being commanded by Ritsu-san from the First Stage World but different in appearance, especially the size.

Igniter (Igunaitaa) – A plug-in for an Asura Machina that enhances its abilities. This was what Kagakagiri was after in the last two episodes of Asura Cryin’ season one.


Whee~ Ania is now a main-stay character~

Also, during the start of the episode, this object was emphasized a bit:

The white rabbit ornament was randomly shown as the opening images. Could be symbolism or an important plot device. Who knows… I haven’t read anything about that.

Another thing I noticed. So we know that Reishirou is an Ex-Handler, but didn’t Misao get a Stabilizer? Shouldn’t that enable ordinary people to see her? Let’s say Ex-Handlers can’t see it even with the Stabilizer but look at this piece of evidence.

These are the drinks brought by President Tooru. Notice how there are six cans of drink! The only members present are five! Tooru is an Ex-Handler, she shouldn’t see Misao but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know she’s there. Misao can’t drink, she’s a Projected Being. Let’s say Tooru intends to drink one herself, then the 6th can is for whom? The koala?

I dunno. I may just be expanding something so trivial.

This episode is right to kick things off in the new season. The First Stage World was introduced in a clearer manner than a mysterious flashback from the first thirteen episodes of the anime.

Things are getting very interesting in this anime.

I’m sorry this took a while. I was too busy with stuff in the last week (aka reading the Hayate no Gotoku manga, now I’m on chapter 100, hooray!). I was also busy with some school stuff. Expect episode 2 to be out tomorrow or something.

The next episode is about Tanabata.

Be sure to watch this AFTER you watch the first season. This is a direct continuation!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. Hehe you pointed out some interesting stuff XD
    Anyway, yay! more Misao! The only show with Haruka’s voice I’ll watch this season!
    The beginning promised lots of good stuff with the city destruction and all, the second part was just really funny xD

    Good job Chief! :D

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