Darker than Black II Ryuusei no Gemini 01 – Long Haired Dude

October 10, 2009

Episode 01 - The Black Cat Doesn't Have a Dream of the Star...

Here it is! The sequel of one of the best anime I’ve seen: Darker than black. For those who didn’t know, it’s an anime about contractors versus humans as both of them wanted to stay alive in this planet. For the first season, check here and the second one here. It’s pure fun I tell you that.

Heck.. I should have posted this one more earlier if only my computer didn’t self restart.

Anyway, the episode has a very good introduction. Watch this now!!

Okay then, let’s start the review

"Waaa~" Neither did the two knew that that star will change their world completely...

The episode started with two kids (Suou and Shion Pavlichenko ) together with their father outside the winter night in Siberia. They saw a falling star and asked their father about it. Their father replied that wishing 3 times in a shooting star is a charm in japan. He also said that it was just a fairy tale that when a shooting star falls, someone died.

Soon after,  the meteorite shower started and the two were mesmerized by it. Until… one actually hit them (literally)

Suou narrates that the scene happened two years ago. And that is the day that his brother become a contractor.

Well.. the same goes to the other people in the world

April was drinking at a bar, talking to the bartender using the overused cigarette fact. Another customer came in. April revealed that it was August, known as the ‘magician’. August told April that there would be a house search.

I'll even take you home!!

Suou was taking pictures of a bird when she witness a confession between her two friends Nika and Tanya. Tanya accepted Nika’s confession.

Nika was overjoyed and run aimlessly around the empty field.  He asked Tanya to go home with him, which Tanya accepted as well.


One of the most cutest thing I saw in falls 2009. Bad thing it wont happen again...

Suou falls down from the tree after Nika goes away. Tanya asked Suou if she saw all that and tried to snatch Suou’s camera. She later gave up after seeing the pictures. Suou also gave Tanya some comments about Nika to strengthen the new couple’s bond.

The two were called for their cleaning duty afterwards.

Flying cars - This is definetely a plot twist!!

Again, Suou narrates as the montages of scenes was showing from their cleaning duty up to going home. She explained about the heaven’s gate, Changes that happened, and the war happened in Tokyo.

I'll give you a cookie if you know who this is

Suou returns home, greeted by Bella in the front door. Suou told Bella about the confession.

It feels like I'm looking at Syaoran...

Suou went to the kitchen, grab some food and went to his brother’s room.

Shion greeted Suou and printed the pictures she took. Suou then talked about what happened earlier, which Shion replied his views about love.

Suou then asked Shion about seeing their mother at Tokyo, which Shion disagrees completely

I wonder if that's true. They have different hair color!

After Suou left Shion’s room. Her father scolds him, saying that it’s dangerous for her to stay long at Shion’s room. Suou talks back, saying that he’s still her brother.

do you want this one or the one with the squirrel grabbing her puny chest?

“Contractors doesn’t have a heart” – Suou said. That’s the only thing happened that is not irrelevant while she’s in the bathroom.

She failed miserably on becoming a silent moe

Back at the school. Tanya entered the classroom. late. Suou and friends noticed that Tanya was acting weird so they decided to confront her after the end of the school.

....Look into my eyes...

Nika stopped Tanya and asked what is happening. Tanya replied that she was wrong for accepting the confession. Nika tried to argue more but Tanya used her contractor power (Revealed to be Lancelnopt Synchroton Radiation: I hope I’ll get more details to this one). A large group of bugs appeared and attacked Nika. Tanya stopped after hearing Suou’s shout. She ripped some of her hair afterwards (her obeisance) and left. The two nameless girls ran away while Suou runs after Tanya (and left Nika lying on the pile of snow. poor guy).

"Miss Tanya, please dont kill us yet..."

Suou remembered what her brother told her about what happened when a person change from human to contractor (personality and behavioral change, state agency taking the contractor into custody and wiping the memories of everyone associated to the person). Suou witnessed Tanya being held by the police. Tanya entered the armored van without a fight.

Shion: "I'm just going to ask if you already signed your insurance"

Shion went to his father’s place and asked about the secret passageway. His father asked why Shion is there. Shion replied that ‘it’s done’, whatever that is.

Note for you girls. Don't just wear panties underneath your skirt, cameras are everywhere.

Suou entered the secret passageway. Police entered their house and searched everywhere; the sound of the guns can be heard from the passageway. Suou heard Shion’s voice and told him to go to his room.

Bella dropped a cylindrical thing on the ground and left the room. The room explodes as soon as the police entered the place.

Be grateful that this isn't Higurashi

Suou changed clothes and brought a medallion with her whom Shion said to be something that will make them together again. Suou then entered the passageway again and was told to go to the lab’s exit. Shion bids her farewell to Suou afterwards.

Bella, revealed to be as April, went inside the secret passageway to Shion’s room. After not seeing Shion on the room, she headed back. The communicator (Good guess would be July)  told April that he didn’t saw Shion because there’s no mirror inside his room. A later voice in the communicator said that they are jammed. Suou heard her father being killed (with the door used as censored for us and Suou). April arrived, checked Suou’s father’s corpse and asked Suou. She recognized that Suou is the one she’s talking. The two left the building, leaving a cylindrical bomb. The bomb explodes once the police entered the room. (April sure doesn’t respect the corpses).

"Slippery indeed" - The last comedic act he'll ever do in his life

The two were stopped by a passing cat which April shoots three times (I hope it’s not Mao). Goran showed himself, holding a bag of hamburger. April tried to shoot Goran but she missed as Goran uses his extreme speed to run on April’s other side. Goran ate some hamburgers after stopping. Suou tried to escape but easily stopped by Goran. April used her power while shooting Goran. April successfully killed Goran afterwards.

Oh crap! who the hell is this guy!?

Unfortunately for her, the masked man appeared and chokes April using a metallic rope. July went outside the car and saw a shooting star, you know who that is.

"I am dead and this is the first episode"

April drops down dead. The masked man revealed to be BK201, or should I say Hei…


What a good episode. Even though it’s just the first episode, two, oh wait three, known characters were already dead. The music was good and so is the background music.I am hoping for a good run for this one.

Bad thing there’s no Yin in this episode  But that’s forgivable, it’s just the first one anyway.

Next episode:

The montages of episode didn’t really reveal much at all, except new characters (again). I guess we’ll have to wait and see what will happen.

This is the lazy prince Lelouch. Thank you for reading and see you next time~


One comment

  1. Thoughts :
    Nice episode indeed, it’s really good that they started with a complete new setting and stock of characters. I hope we don’t get some small side arcs like in the first season, but one major plot through out the season.
    About the music, I really liked Hei’s theme with the heavy beats, really fitting. The other background music didn’t quite get my attention, mostly because I was caught up in the story. So that’s probably a good sign since it fits in.
    Character design : Decent, nothing special to be mentioned her.
    Animation : Brilliant, I loved the bullet shooting scene with the almost Matrix-ish slowmotions.

    My rating for this episode : 9/10 for sure!

    Nice review Lazy Prince! Punch your pc if it annoys you, it might help and it certainly makes you feel better 8D

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