Seitokai no Ichizon 1 : Harem Council

October 9, 2009
Harem ending!

Harem ending!

Seitokai no Ichizon~ After finally deciding to blog this show, I first wanna get rid of all the criticisms about this show. Sc*bleep*w you! There… done that, now let’s get started shall we?

We start at the student council room (where else?) Kurimu, the pink haired seitokai, tells them to discuss about the different forms of media. Minatsu (the tsundere?) reacts that only big shows make it to life-action with the obvious (failure) Dragonball movie. Mafuyu (the loli) responds saying they should also mind the female watchers and proposes a (goddamned) yaoi scene with the only male lead and some invented fragment of her dirty mind!

*buzzer noise* wrong service!

*buzzer noise* wrong service!

Then they talk about deciding a good anime title. The kaichou suggests they should put their name in hiragana and add a star to make it more cute. The following scene with the exact sequence before the intro of a popular Kyoani anime, which name I refuse to tell, makes it really clear they’re talking about that.

Then we go for the opening. In the link the ending is also included (this really makes my work easier)

Opening : “Treasure” by Hekiyou Gakuen Seitokai

Ending : “Mousou Fetish” by Hekiyou Gakuen Seitokai

While the kaichou gives some dull speech about… I’m not sure about what, Sugisaki starts reminiscing about “the first time”. Things like first love, first taste of success and first eroge!

*insert naughty saxophone tune*

*insert naughty saxophone tune*

And while Ken gets away from the discussion by playing his kind of game, the pres tells him to act more like a real vice-pres. He responds by saying he is acting like one and that the student council is actually his harem. Then Chizuru (the cool type) enters the room telling Sugisaki to stop bullying the pres. Sugisaki immediately jumps up and offers Chizuru a seat. Sugisaki tries to make a move on her, with little success however. Chizuru seems like a good yandere in my opinion (like most cool characters can be, just try to imagen a yandere Hinagiku) Then the two other girls of the student party enter. Mr. Harem tries hitting on them as well, again with little success.

When being complete, the real meeting can start. Kaichou starts about the planning for coming year, the others don’t seem to enthusiastic since they had the discussion before once. That’s why Sugisaki tries to liven up the party by declaring his love for the president. Result… a falling loli!

Thats what we call, caught off-guard!

That's what we call, caught off-guard!

Then they all remember the time they first met with Sugisaki… unsurprisingly he declared his love to all of them. Sugisaki says that they should all be happy with that, since he only asks out cute girls. The girls themselves don’t seem to be flattered though. Sugisaki goes on telling he doesn’t wanna be like the usual indecisive harem lead but wants to…

My words exactly!

My words exactly!

The pres tells him he isn’t fit to be the male lead in any game. Sugisaki, surprised by her respond, then asks what he’s fit for. She replies he’s only there as a sidekick for the actual lead who’s there for comic relief.

Kurimu (doesn’t it make you think of Cream?) tries to put the main topic back on the table, but again the others don’t feel like discussing it again. When they finally agree about thinking of something, the pres tries reaching for some bunny cookies on the table. Sugisaki tells her she’ll get fat, but she answers that she has a good metabolism. Unfortunately when Chizuru tests it, it seems that her fat percentage rose by 2% while her hight didn’t increase at all.

Sugisaki places his hand on her shoulder telling her if no one wants to take her then…

Life is hard...for small people

Life is hard...for small people

Result :

Life is hard...for fat people too

Life is hard...for fat people too

In her recovery back to the normal world, the pres devours all cookies inside the bag. Chizuru shows some kind of fat fetish after that…

Since she is back to her usual self, the kaichou wants to go back to the order of the day. And since one has a real idea, Minatsu suggests they should get rid of the one causing all the trouble. Ofcourse, she points to Sugisaki. The system states that 4 are selected by voted (the girls) and 1 gets in as valedictorian when he or she has the highest grade. Minatsu wants to abolish that valedictorian system. Sugisaki doesn’t agree, he went through fires to claim his position afterall.

Even after his speech of manliness, the kaichou still wants to fire him. He is shocked, thinking that at least she was the one who he thought had fallen for him. After being neglected once again, Sugisaki plays more eroge. He states that if the student council was an eroge, the easiest routes would be the loli ones (Mafuyu and Kurimu) then Minatsu and lastly Chizuru. Ofcourse, the fifth ending would be the true harem end.

While the loli duo wonders about why they’re first placed, Chizuru wonders if there aren’t any happier endings than the harem one. He tells them that it’s simple, in the harem ending everyone would be happy. For that purpose, he…

ah...already commented this one

Someone knocks on the door, it is one of the teachers. She tells them to classify all the orders from other clubs and deliver the goods to them. Sugisaki immediately complains to the boring work they’re up to. No luck for Sugisaki though, the pres just ignores him and goes back to work.

While stamping the documents, Sugisaki starts annoying Kurimu-pie by whispering “flat-chest” every time she stamps.

Eventually when he switches to approved, she shouts “flat chest” out loud. She starts hugging Chizuru for support, Chizuru wants to comfort her, but her cupsize only makes it worse…

After bugging the pres, Sugisaki checks up on Mafuyu who’s busy updating a game walkthrough. He wonders why she does that and tells her that someone else will do that instead. However, she reasons, that kind of thinking will hurt all the ones who depend on the walkthrough. He shakes his head and tells her that’s their problem, which she replies with…

Moe counter!

Moe counter!

Since that also didn’t work out, Sugisaki searches for Minatsu. He notices a small opening in the wall and peeks inside. There he sees heaven Minatsu cosplaying. She is completely embarrassed by him noticing and tells him she was only trying it on for the drama club. Sugisaki is turned on the more by her tsundere character though…

Lucky bastard!

Lucky bastard!

For no particular reason Chizuru also appears “cosplayed” in a daring swimsuit. In no time Sugisaki switched his bride for the big-sized model, deserving him a kick KO by the former of the two.

Then they finally all get back to work, except for Sugisaki who’s been punished and put aside. The crew gets tired though and they look rather unhappy in his eyes. He decides to take action and takes away all the documents. Then he runs out without saying a word, the girls wonder what happened to him and think he might be mad. But as soon as they think something happened, he appears again telling them he collected all documents and put them into one single summary which the pres only has to stamp.

After doing that, the pres asks why he did all that.

See...he has a heart afterall

See...he has a heart afterall

…is what he answers her. Unfortunately for him there’s no more time for harem stuff since the bell rung.  While walking out, Kurimu sighs and says it’s still the same old student council. Chizuru asks if she hates it like that. Pres answers that she doesn’t hate it and the others even tell they love the council like it is now. And as they walk outside, Sugisaki works on the documents alone. The teacher asks why he lied to them, he reminds her of the promise that he made to the pres when they first met. Then he finds a package inside the cardboard box beside him from the pres with a snack inside. It sucks to be him when he notices that the teacher actually ran away with it…




Thoughts :

Well most has been said in the fall reviews post, so I’ll keep it short here.

I liked this episode and I kinda evaded putting in the obvious reference pictures. I don’t like how people bust this anime down as being unoriginal and too obvious, so I put in the most original stuff and funny features around.

Anyway, more coming up next time~

Kyon, at your service~


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