Kobato 1 : moe… Moe… MOE!!

October 7, 2009
+999999999 puppies

+999999999 puppies

Like the title and picture kinda imply, Kobato is a very cute and a bit of a naive girl. She walks around town while being cute, she eats while being cute, she laughs while being cute…and so on. This show isn’t filled with hardcore action nor does it have a complicated plot (so far) I’d say you just sit back and relax while watching this show and Kobato’s clumsy moe.

We starts with an overview of some city. While we’re moving down towards Earth, we get some shots of an empty playground. Then suddenly…she appears.


She tells us that she has arrived in this city in order to have her wish granted.

Then it’s time for the opening~

Song : Magic Number Artist: Maaya Sakamoto

Now it’s time for the real job. A dark atmosphere, Ioryogi, the blue, a bit creppy dog, tells Kobato that her wish being fulfilled or not will depend upon her efforts in this world. Kobato nods in agreement. Then Ioryogi shouts his guts out asking her why they have be inside a pipeline for just explaining that. Kobato responds by saying it makes the whole thing more of a secret mission. While she starts laughing at her own joke, Ioryogi creates a fireball a blasts her outisde the tube.

Its a flying Kobato!

It's a flying Kobato!

After that, Ioryogi (gee…such an annoying name, I’ll call him Puppy-san)  asks Kobato to straighten up and then wants to know why they came here. Kobato answers she wants her wish to be fulfilled, that wish is to go “somewhere”. For that reason, she needs a bottle with scarred hearts, but before that she needs to get that bottle. That ofcourse, will be today’s mission.

Puppy-san shouts at Kobato she needs to get started right now. Only after a few times, Kobato understands his words, but instead of doing the job…she…well…


It's a sleeping Kobato!

Which ofcourse results in Puppy-san blasting her away with a fireball again.

Some time later while walking around the city, they run across a lady who’s hurrying to get a bus on time while taking the trash away. In her haste, she forgets one of the bags. A perfect mission for Kobato assumes Puppy-san. Kobato has to take the trash bag from point A to point B = trash collecting spot (or however you call those piles of junk)

Id rather throw the dog in the trashcan...

I'd rather throw the dog in the trashcan...

She arrives at point B, but there the moe princess notices a small notice which says it’s better to reduce garbage (or something like that)  Then she also notices the crows grouping up behind her. Puppy-san tells her it’s natural since they’re after the trash. Now, here we get into a tough situation for the naive retard. And after a long time of thinking… she turns around and opens the garbage bag. The result…

Its a running Kobato!

It's a running Kobato!

After getting rid of the crows and being scolded by mister Puppy, Kobato explains her logics. She tells him that the crows looked pretty hungry and since the notice said to reduce the garbage, she thought that feeding them would be the best to do.

Suddenly two young guys speak up to Kobato, they ask her out to some teahouse. Ofcourse, a normal girl wouldn’t just fall for that kind of lame speech, but it’s Kobato we’re talking about so ofcourse our princess is interested. Ioryogi gets pissed and blasts the two idiots away while they have their backs turned on Kobato and him. The two aren’t amused though, one picks Kobato up at the collar after getting up himself. But when he’s about to punch her, a random, cool-looking stranger beats the pulp out of him.

I can hear the fangirls scream already... Thanks a lot CLAMP

I can hear the fangirls squeal already

When Kobato wants to thank him, he tells her she should quit making a big deal out of it. He walks off and only later Kobato realizes she wasn’t making a big deal out of it in the first place.

A time skip later and it’s already evening. The badass bishounen from earlier is working at some ramen business. Suddenly, his phone rings…


Cause glasses magically stick onto your nose when you're a cool guy

When Kobato arrives at the place, Puppy tells her that this is a festival and they should check it out. At the same time, Fujimoto (mr. cool) passes by without them noticing.  Kobato admires the pretty sakura petals, when suddenly a ball drops near her feet. Some children call out to her to throw it back, but when she does, the ball makes a 180° spin and ends up breaking some plates at the cool guy’s boss’ shop.

One has to wonder how she threw that ball...

One has to wonder how she threw that ball...

She immediately apologizes to the shopkeeper. He tells her it’s alright, but it’s really troublesome to be shorthanded at a time like this. Kobato asks the man to let her help out with the shop.

It all seems to go fine and Kobato is having fun as well, but when a man asks her to prepare the nabe she just brought, Kobato panics.

Dun dun dun duuuuuuuuunnn

Dun dun dun duuuuuuuuunnn

Puppy-san glares and tells her this is a perfect test. Kobato starts by dropping everything in, without boiling the water first. Well, one doesn’t have to be a great chef to understand that things like …

…Will create things like…

it would be perfect if she added the dog too

it would've been perfect if she added the dog as well

Kobato is disappointed by her failure, but when a man tastes the nabe to make her feel a bit better, he is amazed by the great taste of it. All the others start tasting it as well and agree. The shop owner is even adding the recipe to the menu. Puppy-san is pretty pissed that they’re all excited about the nabe. I even sensed a bit of jealousy?

After the break, Puppy-san admits the the nabe was quite a successful test, but since it was pure luck she only gets 40 points. Kobato is depressed over the result, until she hears the noise of a crying baby.

Kobato walks over to the granny who’s taking care of the baby. When she asks what’s wrong with the crybaby, the old lady answers that he always cries at this time. Since his mother is working for him sake, the grandma takes him outside for a walk to keep it less annoying for the neighbors.

Severe amount of Kobato moe!!

Severe amount of Kobato moe!!





Kobato tries to cheer up the kid, without result. The grandma says that singing cheers him up, but her voice doesn’t calm him at all. Kobato proposes to sing for the baby. Her singing voice is brilliant, I have to be honest about that. The shopkeeper, mr. Cool and even Puppy are amazed by hearing the voice of our sweet little angel singing. Puppy even mentions she’s kinda like “Kohaku”.

Until the end of the galaxy!

Until the end of the galaxy!

When she finishes singing, a lot of people have gathered around her and the baby who’s smiling brightly now. The crowd pulls Kobato away from the granny and baby to make her sing on stage.

Later that night, Puppy munches on the gifts they received from the people who watched her singing. Then Kobato asks how she did on the test. Puppy summaries the day, telling her she failed at the first half, but made up at the second. However she still failed.



Kobato swings her arms around and shouts that Puppy’s being mean. On the same time, the granny from before passes by them. Puppy quickly goes into teddybear mode, while Kobato turns around and greets the lady. The granny tells Kobato she is really thankful for what Kobato did for her and that her singing is really great.

Since Kobato really did a good job on the conversation and the grandma’s feelings reached also to Puppy, he reconsiders his decision.

nooo!! I mean...huh?

nooo!! I mean...huh?

A blue light falls down from above and transforms into a bottle. They revise the facts they stated earlier, about her wanted to have her wish granted and wanting to go somewhere. That’s where it ends…for now! (dun dun dun duuuuuuunnnn!)



Song : Jellyfish no kokuhaku Artist : Nakajima Megumi (yeah it’s that girl from Macross Frontier!)


Thoughts :

This is a love or hate show. You like it for it’s cuteness, or you hate it for it’s dullness. That’s pretty simple isn’t it?

Clamp really likes supernatural stories and also the wish theme isn’t new for them (just look at xxxholic or TRC) I wonder how this will turn out, since nope I didn’t read the manga (completely)

Anyway, about the animation. I liked it, Kobato is really cute and I just love how they animated her. The funny expressions reminded me of K-ON! somehow, luckily not overloaded like in K-ON!. The backgrounds were nice and cozy giving a warm atmosphere to it.

About the seiyuu. No complaints, I really like Hanazawa Kana’s (Zange from Kannagi, Mikan from To-love Ru) cute voice and Inada Testsu’s (Kurogane from TRC) bombastic voice.

The story seems rather simple, but that doesn’t annoy me. It’s supposed to be cute and entertaining afterall.

Rating for the first episode : 9/10

Kyon, at your service~


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