Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 26 – Reunion

October 6, 2009

I never get tired seeing this stance

Here it is. The continuation of the search for the exit.

Really, after finishing blogging the previous episode (which is the day before I wrote this) another episode is here. I can’t decide whether this episode is a blessing or a product of despair. Anyway, let’s get over with our lives.

The episode revolves around Edward, Ling and Envy with a couple of scene from the other groups.

"Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu: Dou Ryuu Sen!!"

Even Ed got stunned after seeing it

Edward got swallowed twice now: thrice if you add the gate

The episode started in the fight between Envy and Edward with Ling (of course Edward and Ling at a disadvantage). Edward ceases his attack whenever he hears the beings at Envy’s body (Which they revealed to be humans). Due to that, Envy successfully swallowed Edward.

Look at Edward go

Scar and May Chang’s turn. They found out that a large pile of metal has May’s  cute, adorable panda. While they are strolling around, they saw Alphonse together with the Homunculi Gluttony.

The loli and the badass: This is the reason why Scar is on the wanted list

Alphonse and Gluttony entered a house (more like a secret hideout). Scar and May Chang followed afterwards. May Chang however, felt like there was something inside.

Trick or treat

Alphonse and Gluttony reached a passageway underground. Alphonse saw some bones scattered around. Gluttony explained that it is the work of the gatekeepers. Gluttony also ensures Alphonse’s safety (Alphonse doesn’t have any bones anyway)

The Philosopher's Stone

Another Nightmare fuel. If a foot suddenly comes out of your mouth, what will you do?

Ed: "Yar. Let bygones be bygones. No hard feelings. You just swallowed me whole anyway"

Edward’s Turn. Edward wakes up, inside Envy’s body. There he saw Envy’s core, saying that all their hard work is right up there. Then, he remembered the circle at the desert. Edward forces his way out of Envy’s body enough to make Envy hear that he has a way to make all of them escape the realm.

Scar and May: Who would have thought this would happen (Except if you read the manga)

Scar’s Turn. Scar and May Chang are fighting the gatekeepers. They are a series of chimera in different shape and sizes (yeah, like Pokemon). May Chang is still feel that something is beneath them.

A quick view of the Father. Say hello to the camera~


Is this some sort of 'who's the next american idol'?

Roy’s Turn. Bradley talks about his past. He said that he didn’t know his parents and was called as one of the ‘Fuhrer president candidates’. They are trained in different fields.


Several of them were experimented on, and died in the process. Bradley was also one. He was injected with the Philosopher’s Stone. Out of many people they tried to stone on, only Bradley had successfully conquered the stone.

Roy became a silent moe: He knew he lost that one

Roy asked Bradley if he could live as human. Bradley denied it completely, saying that they are a species higher than human itself.

Isn't that how teleportation works?

The Trio’s turn. Envy gathered some stones that Ling remembered are from Xerxes. Edward explained the details of the circle in it. The details of the circle, how it is created and how it is used.

As you can see it differs from the regular alchemic circle: They dont have straight lines (With the exeption of the name)

He also asked Envy if the town that disappeared overnight: Xerxes, is for the purpose of creating the Philosopher’s Stone. Envy replied that he’ll tell him once they get out the realm. Envy also told Edward that he can use the Philosopher’s Stone inside his body.

Edward asked Ling that if something happened to him, he needs to tell everyone about the Homunculi. Ling replied that he wouldn’t do it, Edward must return back alive.

Edward started the transmutation.

"Welcome to the light! Alphonse Elric"

Alphonse’s turn. Gluttony and Alphonse reached their destination.

Ed got swallowed the fourth time

Alphonse on the other plane

Edward arrived at the gates the second time and met a person. Edward revealed to it as Alphonse. Edward tried to save Alphonse but the gate swallows him back. Alphonse also said the he can’t since he is not his soul. Edward said that he’ll get him back… someday.

"Dont mess with the Alchemists" - Ed

And the ending theme started perfectly…


The Emperor’s thought:

At first I thought ‘reunion’ is about meeting the father but I guess I was entirely wrong so I give +10 points to the creator of the episode title: Keep up the good work.

They also limited the comedic service this time, especially because the episode is compact: They revealed many things (even though most of it are known already).

Another note, they didn’t sham it. Group 2 and 3 will perform next time.

I guess we’ll see Ranfan around 7 episodes away eh…



  1. Epic episode. Yesterday, I was already feeling sleepy and tired early evening. But after watching this episode, it energized me enough to watch about 3 more Fall anime.

    By Reunion, I thought it was going to be Father and Alphonse or Edward and Alphonse (Armor version) but that kinda caught me off-guard and the ED played afterwards had an amazing feeling to it. They really did a nice job.

  2. Cool Episode… I really didn’t expect the things to happen here… Usually I can foresee what’s gonna happen next in a Anime… But my powers doesn’t seem to work in FMA: Brotherhood…

    Keep those awesome reviews coming in…

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