Fall 2009 : Some first impressions

October 5, 2009
Leaves are falling, birds are flying south and Im starting to feel sick... yup its fall

Leaves are falling, birds are flying south and I'm starting to feel sick... yup it's fall

It’s fall…yay… Most annoying season outside my house. Luckily, inside my house there’s a lot of better stuff going on! For example, the new fall season in anime land. I’ve watched some of the many shows already and I better give you my thoughts about them. One side note though, not all shows have been aired yet, so I’m only doing the ones I’ve seen so far.

Anyway, enough of the introduction stuff. Let’s get to work!


Yeah, probably... though I cant get closer than thiking of it meaning camp fire

Yeah, probably... though I can't get closer than thinking of it meaning camp fire

Kämpfer is an action comedy show. The main character is named Senou Natsuru. He is a high school student. One day he is having a weird dream, being selected as a Kämpfer. When he wakes up, he is transformed into a “she”. Well, that’s it for the basic story line. On his way to school, a girl attacks him with a gun and so we have the basic plot for episode 1.

Thoughts :

Kyon : Well, the show itself doesn’t have much of a heavy plot, so it’s really fun to watch when you don’t feel like paying attention much. One could say it’s the same old story with a stupid, mediocre plot line (I recall Akikan!, Asu no Yoichi) However, this doesn’t drag me down, I like these kinds of shows and the animation of this first episode was really good. The humor was of an amusing level as well, making this quite a good series. Than there’s also the truckload of great seiyuu, the most known ones are probably Inoue Marina (Alicia in Valkyria Chronicles, Kana in Minami-ke), Horie Yui (Minori in Toradora, Maria in Umineko), Tamura Yukari (Rika in Higurashi) and many, many more…

Rating for the first episode : 9/10

Deredere Hina: I’d like to call this Akikan: Another World. Basic plot, things happening out of the blue for no reason, massive fanservice and seiyuu references. It promises me crude amounts of pointless things. With all of those said… chance of me blogging this? Very high. I’d like to take a break from all the complexity of human life and reside on such a nice, cozy atmosphere where anything can happen and people shut the hell up about it.

Rating for first episode: 7/10 (Nice art, nice characters, good concept if explored properly. Bad thing is, it’s underrated due to fanservice and lack of actual info about the Kampfers)

The Lazy Prince: What I like about Akikan! is that Jun Fukuyama is there and he’s accompanied by a blonde haired girl named Melon. However, this anime got a different approach on how harem is created (even the main protagonist is his own harem). Yup. This is a very random anime and I’ve got no reasons to get serious with it.

Rating for the first episode: 6/10 – I’m probably disappointed on how they handled the first episode (even though I said I wont get serious about it) even though their moe powers exceeds breaking point (I just cant realize how the protagonist shifts att- wait cut that, they change personality when they transform). Not to mention the male voice is really bad, they should have sticked to the protagonist’s inner voice or get another character for it.

Side note : This series will probably be blogged, though the writer hasn’t been decided yet. Lelouch already has a Draft ready.


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

I hope shes talking about the panties...

I hope she's talking about the panties...

You all probably heard of this one already, the spinoff of To Aru Majutsu no Index.

Thoughts :

Kyon : Well like every introduction episode, new characters get introduced and I really liked how they did it. Biri Biri was awesome, but I won’t spoil too much yet, since that’s J’s task. What I can spoil is… that in this first episode, there was no sign of a little, white-dressed nun, but hey… she never really appeared in her own series either. I just hope they don’t do the same with Misaka-chan.

Rating for the first episode : 8/10

Deredere Hina: Misaka is such a cool character in this one. I hope they tell this story much clearer than its main series did. I just gotta feel sorry for Index. She didn’t appear that much in her own series and in this spinoff, I doubt she’ll also get some light. To Aru Majutsu no Index should’ve been called To Aru Futsuu no Touma instead. Anyway, I like this one. I’ll be watching this more (thought where are all the male characters?) and hope that J follows this one better than he followed Haruhi (which I couldn’t blame him for). Academy City here is better than Index’s.

Rating for first episode: 9/10 (We all know who Misaka is, but those who didn’t follow Index, they’d have a pretty hard time figuring this one out)

Side note : This series will be blogged by J


Asura Cryin’ 2

Was it...a flying one?

Was it...a flying one?

The sequel of Asura Cryin’ which ended with quite a lot of open questions, these are now to be answered. Things like “what happened with the igniter?” or “what’s the true story behind Misao’s being?”.

Thoughts :

Kyon : Again, not too much spoiling here since this one will also get a review. Out of the shows I’ve seen so far, I think this one made it to my top 3. A lot of nice things happened already and we’re just getting started. It’s fun to see Misao back, I like that girly ghost. The first episode had some action, fanservice, but especially some really fun comedy (mind the “koala”)

Rating for the first episode : 9.5/10

Deredere Hina: Nia-chan is A MAINSTAY CHARACTEEEEEER!! KYAAAAA~~ BLOGBLOGBLOGBLOGBLOG! Erm, anyway… I like the first episode. It started off quite in a shocker with the revelation about the “First World” and a koala. I could say this is a direct continuation of the first series due to the lack of character introductions or any concepts. Blog chances? Definitely!

Rating for first episode: 10/10 (I definitely saw a koala!)

Side note : Deredere Hina is blogging this~


Book of Bantorra

so am I...

so am I...

The episode starts with so-called Librarians attacking a ship of the Shindeki Church. These guys use human bombs (Meat) to push them back. One boy among the Meat bombs receives a special fragment of memory about a girl…

Thoughts :

Kyon : People’s memories become fragments/pages of a book. An interesting concept indeed, but I wasn’t quite convinced by the first episode. It was all kinda complicated and disordered, though this will probably be getting more understandable along the way. The animation was good, but not outstanding. I’m not a big fan of these kinds of animation styles anyway. Like the image caption says, I’ll be busy with other things this season, so I’ll drop this one.

Rating for the first episode : 6/10

Deredere Hina: Haven’t watched this… I don’t plan to either. I’m already overloaded.

Rating for first episode: N/A

Side note : Don’t get your hopes too high for someone here blogging this.


Natsu no Arashi : Akinai-chuu

Its Samba-time~

It's Samba-time~

The continuation of Natsu no Arashi. Hajime and Arashi going on a beach trip with the entire cast of season 1. Along the way you can expect free fanservice and quite some dai-pinchi situations for Jun. Also Kaya going samba!

Thoughts :

Kyon : Again a nice first opener for a series and again another sequel. I like the first season of Natsu no Arashi and I’ll be sticking around for this one as well. The animation was good at usual, though it’s nothing compared to the usual Shaft character design. However, this series doesn’t need nice drawn characters to be interesting. As for the story, nothing much happened in this episode and the next episode seems to be the continuation of the beach trip.

Rating for the first episode : 8/10

Deredere Hina: My favorite character Jun-kun~ The first episode is quite a nice way to start again. I wonder if they’ll continue the beach in episode 2. Anyway, I like this. Chance of blogging this? If they focus on Jun-kun and Hajime’s backgrounds, that would be better. I’d say I will.

Rating for first episode: 10/10 (Nice way to open up a new season)

Side note : The Bunny Chief is thinking of doing this one as well.


Seitokai no Ichizon

A true mans spirit! I bow to thee!

A true man's spirit! I bow to thee!

4 girls, 1 boy and a student council room. Nothing more to say about this until the Lulu or I blog about this.

Thoughts :

Kyon : However, this is the series that really slammed my face against the wall! I simply loved it! Though the references were sometimes waaaay too obvious (I prefer them a bit more subtle like they did in Hayate no Gotoku!) this show really made my laugh. The concept isn’t special, but Studio Deen really made this one worth the watch. The character design is how I really like it : moe, moe, MOE! This one is on my list for sure this season.

Rating for the first episode : 10/10

Deredere Hina: The references are a bit too obvious for my taste. A show where it features only one room most of the time… I dunno, it looks pretty… eh. Oh well. I can’t find the right words… it’s not bad, but I think it’s not that good either. Probably a comedy series to pass the time.

Rating for the first episode: 7/10 (Mmhmm… I wouldn’t compare this to Zetsubou-sensei, Lulu-chi… The sudden impulses probably won it a 7 in my book. Then again, I never rate anything under 5. I’m really that generous and feeble.)

The Lazy Prince: If you remember Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, this is one of them except that it’s parody is well too obvious. Yes. The first episode has tons of parody: It’s like they are playing ‘how many parodies we can do before we got sued’. Not to mention the male protagonists already calls the others as his own harem. Simply enough, this made me laugh a few times.

Rating for the first episode: 6/10 – Concept were unoriginal. It’s just the first episode though, what I’m after to this anime is the character development

Side note : Kyon has posted it.


Nyan koi!

A furry?! Im on this one!

A furry?! I'm on this one!

A boy allergic to cats accidently wrecks a cat shrine. He gets cursed by the cat god and starts to understand what cats are saying. The only way to solve the curse is to preform a hundred of good deeds.

Thoughts :

The first episode was really amusing to watch. The main lead, Junpei, is a complete Touma look-a-like in my eyes and main girl, Kaede, who’s voiced by Index’ seiyuu doesn’t really help me to get rid of that idea. Anyway, the animation is really cute to watch, I like the character designs and the cat theme so this is gonna be one of the shows I’ll be blogging about this season. I will make a review about this episode in the coming days about this episode so more about it later on.

Rating for the first episode : 9/10

Deredere Hina: Eh, not bad. This reminds me of Seto no Hanayome a bit. The sudden change of atmosphere then the background guys… the auras… the stylization…

Rating for first episode: 9/10 (This is 9 because it reminds me of Seto no Hanayome. This is not 10 because it reminds me of Seto no Hanayome)

The Lazy Prince: WHAT!? Did I just saw two twin-tailed blonde on both opening and ending of this show!? that’s unacceptable! they broke the force of equal balance! The concept is good. The characters were good. Furries are good.

Rating for the first episode: 9.99/10 – This is my kind of anime. If only Kyon wouldn’t blog this then I’ll get this one immediately

Side note : yup, furries are my piece of pie. Unless Lulu walks away with it.


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu : Purezza

Have a taste of my wasabi~

Have a taste of my wasabi~

The continuation of Haruka and Yuuto’s adventures, the first episode is the onsen one. A chibi maid gets introduced and also some classmates, one of them voice by Kitamura Eri (Ami from Toradora). I’m not sure if she’s entirely new, but I don’t remember her appearing in earlier episodes.

Thoughts :

Well, nothing really original in this episode. The same could be said about the series in a whole, but it’s still amusing to watch. This is mostly because the seiyuu are doing a good job with this one. If you really want something special this season, then this isn’t your piece of cake. Stereotype romance comedy coming your way here.

Rating for the first episode : 6.5/10

Deredere Hina: Mmm… pretty cute and still moe. I like this series. It’ll definitely be worth watching.

Rating for first episode: 8/10 (Simply because…)

The Lazy Prince: We really should lower our dark toned pictures. Not everyone we’re talking to are perverts you know (little naughty edit by Kyon)

Side note : I don’t think anyone will take up this one.


Sora No Otoshimono

Himura Yuu - See, he did like twin-tails

Sakurai Tomoki has been having the same strange dream since he was a child and would wake up in tears. Sugita, an upperclassmen at his school, believes the dream to be of the new continent. Later that night, while waiting under the cherry trees for Sugita and Sohara, his childhood friend, an angel, comes flying down. (from MAL)

The Lazy Prince: The third harem anime I watched and I find it interesting. Hoshi Souichirou (Keiichi Maebara from Higurashi: You can definitely hear him) and Ikaros (Kou from Wagaya no Oinari-sama) are there and are doing a very good job.

Rating for the first episode: 8.5/10 – The first episode is terrific. The girl protagonist is a silent moe while Keiichi Sakurai is a vicious pervert. I expect more things for this one. I’m already occupied so blogging this one might be impossible for me.

Side note: I hope someone will take this up.


The Sacred Blacksmith

"I'll hypnotize you with my superior moe~ness"

Once upon a time, there was a tragic war, in which the power of the devils was involved. After the war, the devils’ power was banned and the world was restored to peace. Cecily Campbell is a knight, who has been looking for a blacksmith to repair her old sword given by her father. One day, she saw a man fighting with a ruffian who used the tabooed devil’s power. The man defeated him with one blow of his weirdly shaped sword. The man turned out to be a blacksmith called Luke. The fateful encounter was the beginning of the adventure. (From MAL)

Deredere Hina: Quite the… nice story? I dunno. It sounds quite a bit generic. I’ll see how it progresses. Still, it gives me a good RPG vibe so it’ll stick to my watch list.

Rating for first episode: 8/10 (What? Luke Ainsworth? Don’t you mean Layfon Wolfstein Alseif?)

The Lazy Prince: The voices are good. The opening fights are well presented and the moe girls are all perfect 10. It is also an anime suited for all ages (did I mention that it’s cute?). If you like Tower of Druaga, I’m sure you’ll definitely like this one as well.

Rating for the first episode: 8/10. Even though it’s something like a cut+paste from an rpg game, the content of the first episode seems to be well arranged. Again, want to blog but both my hands were tied up.

Kyon: I liked this one too. It has the basic RPG story, yeah fine we get it. So, whatever? Stereotype or not, it won’t stop me from watching this one! Especially since I noticed Fon-fon’s (Okamoto Nobuhiko) voice and Toyosaki Aki (Yui from K-ON!) make it even more worth watching.

Rathing for the first episode : 8/10 (cut+past Lazy Loli Prince)

Side Note: That’s like the fourth anime I’ve seen with blonde hair. All hail blondies! now go an change into twin-tails as well. Oh right, I’m not sure if somebody will blog this one.


This is about everything I’ve seen of the new season so far. Other entries might cover up another part of what happened in anime land the following days/weeks. As for the Bakemonogatari fans, on ANN there’s been an announcement about the airdate of the first episode of the final 3 to be aired. Click here for that one.

This was Kyon, at your service!


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