Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 78 – Two Heads Aren’t Always Better Than One

October 4, 2009

Luccianos always spying...

"What does the scouter say about her loli power?!"

What?! 9--oh... WAIT, WHAT?!

"What?! 9--oh... WAIT, WHAT?!"

The continuation of the battle between a Rockman reject, Failchuckleman, and the twin Signer team, Rua and Ruka.

In their first ever Riding Duel using the Duel Board, Rua and Ruka are challenged by an unknown enemy. The fight escalates to a Duel with high risks and fatalities. Two against one, but with Machine Emperor Skiel on the field, there is almost no chance of winning for these kids. Will they prevail or will team Yliaster finally get some payback?

Expect some Crimson Dragon appearance, falling shota from the sky and a bunch of cheesy Duel Monster Spirit saves.

Last time, a transfer student joins Rua and Ruka’s class. His name is Lucciano, apparently, a rich, cool, handsome and powerful Duelist. Lucciano kept his eyes close to Ruka and knew about her identity as a Signer. Rua doesn’t like it at all. After tricking Rua into staying in school, Lucciano takes Ruka to his house. There, he gives her a Duel Board, which can link to her Duel Disk, allowing her to experience a real Riding Duel without having to take driving lessons. Rua is enraged and demands asks Yusei to build him one as well. During Rua and Ruka’s practice, an unknown person shows up and forces Ruka to a Riding Duel, which leads Rua to participate as well… it’s a 2 v 1 Duel!

The episode starts where we left off last time. The enemy has summoned the second Machine Emperor monster, Skiel. Rua knows this from one of Yusei’s bedtime stories. He tries to remember what important thing Yusei mentioned. Ruka tries asking Kuribon but all it could say is “Kuri kuri~” and Regulus appears again, telling them that he feels something dangerous from it. Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious.

Riding Duel Ruka~~

Riding Duel Ruka~~

The other members of Team Yliaster seems to be watching the Duel.

Nice TV.

Nice TV.

In the meantime, the other members of Team Signer gather in a highway in search of Ruka.

Failchuckleman gloats again after the OP, telling them to surrender. Rua simply continues his turn.

Following Machine Emperor Skiels appearance, hes been unveiled in the OP video.

Following Machine Emperor Skiel's appearance, he's been unveiled in the OP video.

Key Card of the Week: Morphtronic Cleaner.

Key Card of the Week: Morphtronic Cleanen.

Failchuckleman, a Rockman reject.

Failchuckleman, a Rockman reject, showing us how to look ridiculously stupid.

Duel status from last time:
Ruka: 2500 LP, 2 SPC
Rua: 4000 LP, 2 SPC
Enemy: 4000 LP, 2 SPC

Continuing Rua's turn:
- Sets a card down.

Turn 4 - Enemy's turn: 4000 LP, 3 SPC
- Activates Trap Stun.
- Attacks Rua directly using Machine Emperor Skiel (Rua: 1800 LP).
- Sets 1 card.

Turn 5 - Ruka's turn: 2500 LP, 4 SPC
- Summons Sunlight Unicorn.
- Removes a Plant-type monster from the Graveyard (Nettles) to Special Summon Spore to the field. It gains the removed monster's level (Spore: LV 3).
- Tunes LV 3 Spore with LV 4 Sunlight Unicorn to Synchro Summon her Signer dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon!
- Through Ancient Fairy Dragon's effect, she Special Summons another monster, Fairy Archer, in Defense Position.
- Fairy Archer inflicts damage to the opposing player 400 points x the number of LIGHT-attribute monsters on the field once per turn. The enemy takes 800 points of damage (Enemy: 3200 LP)
- Sets 2 cards.

Spore: LV 1 Tuner, 400 ATK / 800 DEF.

Spore: LV 1 Tuner, 400 ATK / 800 DEF.

Rukas Signer dragon! Ancient Fairy Dragon: LV 7 Synchro, 2100 ATK / 3000 DEF.

Ruka's Signer dragon! Ancient Fairy Dragon: LV 7 Synchro, 2100 ATK / 3000 DEF.

Fairy Archer: LV 3, 1400 ATK / 600 DEF.

Fairy Archer: LV 3, 1400 ATK / 600 DEF.

Failchuckleman doesn’t seem to be hurt by such a weak attack. Yusei and company arrive and see the giant robot, similar to Ghost’s Machine Emperor Wisel. Yusei takes a closer look but it’s different from Wisel. Crow becomes shocked that there is more than one of those monsters and Jack becomes worried as Ruka has already summoned Ancient Fairy Dragon.

Turn 6 - Enemy's turn: 3200 LP, 5 SPC
- Activates Machine Emperor Skiel's effect and absorbs one Synchro Monster on the field. Takes Ancient Fairy Dragon and gains its ATK (4300 ATK)

Ancient Fairy Dragon fanservice... with tentacles!

Ancient Fairy Dragon fanservice... with tentacles!

Their worst fear had come true. It was the same as when Machine Emperor Wisel absorbed Yusei’s Stardust Dragon. Ruka can’t believe such an absurd monster was in existence. Rua blames himself for not remembering that fact quickly. As the enemy does a flashy performance, he passes by Rua in slow motion and Rua recognizes him quickly as Lucciano. He informs Ruka and Lucciano confirms it, saying that it’s too late for that now anyway.

From this point on, we will refer to the “enemy” or “Failchuckleman” as Lucciano to avoid confusion.

Continuing Lucciano's turn:
- Activates Speed Spell - Summon Close. When he has at least 4 Speed Counters, the opponent cannot Special Summon any monsters this turn.
- Ruka activates her trap card, Twinkle Wall. It negates an opponent's attack by receiving half of the attacking monster's ATK as damage (Ruka: 350 LP).
- Sets a card.

Team Signer shows their concern for Ruka in a series of audible grunting.

Turn 7 - Rua's turn: 1800 LP, 6 SPC
- Summons Morphtronic Scopen and allows the Special Summon of a LV 4 Morphtronic monster from his hand. He Special Summons his Morphtronic Boomboxen.
- Tunes LV 3 Morphtronic Scopen with LV 4 Morphtronic Boomboxen to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Power Tool Dragon!

Ruas ace card! Power Tool Dragon: LV 7 Synchro, 2300 ATK / 2500 DEF.

Rua's ace card! Power Tool Dragon: LV 7 Synchro, 2300 ATK / 2500 DEF.

Lucciano simply says that this is why Rua is not a good Duelist and doesn’t seem to be concerned at all. Jack is enraged that Rua isn’t thinking this up very well. What would another Synchro Monster be of help against a Machine Emperor?

Continuing Rua's turn:
- Activates Speed Spell - Summon Speeder and allows him to Special Summon a LV 4 or lower monster as long as he has 4 or more Speed Counters. Special Summons Morphtronic Cleanen (LV 1) in Defense Position.
- While in Defense Position, Morphtronic Cleanen can equip one monster on the field to itself. Rua chooses Machine Emperor Skiel.
- Lucciano activates a Trap Card, Ghost Convert. When a monster on his field is targetted by an effect of a monster, he shifts it to a monster on his Graveyard. Morphtronic Cleanen equips a monster from Lucciano's Graveyard.
- Sets one last card.

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance! Morphtronic Cleanen: 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance! Morphtronic Cleanen: 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Turn 8 - Lucciano's turn: 3200 LP, 7 SPC
- Rua immediately activates a Trap Card, Power Break. When a Power Tool Dragon is on the field, he can return every equipped card to their respective Decks and deals 500 damage to the opposing player for every card returned. The monster equipped to Morphtronic Cleanen and Ancient Fairy Dragon returns to Lucciano and Ruka, respectively. Machine Emperor Skiel loses its ATK bonus (ATK: 2200). Lucciano received 1000 points of damage (Lucciano: 2200 LP).

Rua exclaims that he will never hand over Ancient Fairy Dragon to the likes of Lucciano. He adds that he is not a Signer, but his sister Ruka is and he is proud of it. He will protect his sister’s dragon, which is the proof that Ruka is a true Signer.

Team Signer is impressed about Rua’s determination. Because of this sudden change, Lucciano becomes angry. He tells Rua that he will regret ever making him angry. He will end Rua once and for all during this turn.

Continuing Lucciano's turn:
- Uses Speed World 2's effect, removing 7 of his Speed Counters (Lucciano: 0 SPC) in order to draw an additional card.
- Activates a Trap Card, Sky A3. He sends Skiel Attack from his side of the field to the Graveyard to Special Summon a Skiel Attack 3 from his hand. Machine Emperor Skiel gains more ATK (ATK: 2400)
- He then removes Skiel Attack 3 from play in order to Special Summon Skiel Attack 5. Machine Emperor Skiel gains more ATK points again (ATK: 2600)
- Using Skiel Attack 5's effect, he attacks Rua directly (Rua: 0 LP).
- Rua has been eliminated from the game.

Skiel Attack 3 (before combination): LV 3, 1200 ATK / 0 DEF.

Skiel Attack 3 (before combination): LV 3, 1200 ATK / 0 DEF.

Skiel Attack 3, combined to Machine Emperor Skiel: LV 1, 2400 ATK / ? DEF.

Skiel Attack 3, combined to Machine Emperor Skiel: LV 1, 2400 ATK / 300 DEF.

Skiel Attack 5 (before combination): LV 5, 1400 ATK / 0 DEF.

Skiel Attack 5 (before combination): LV 5, 1400 ATK / 0 DEF.

Skiel Attack 5

Skiel Attack , combined to Machine Emperor Skiel: LV 1, ATK 2600 / 0 DEF.

After getting hit by such a powerful direct attack, Rua is blown off the highway. Team Signer watch in horror as the kid falls to his supposed-to-be death. Supposed-to-be? Yes. As he falls, Ruka’s birthmark starts to react, then followed by the others in Team Signer. Their birthmarks glow and the Crimson Dragon appears!

Ruas going to die!!

Rua's going to die!!



Order! Order!!

"Order! Order!!"

*Jury gasp + murmur*

*Jury gasp + murmur*

The Crimson Dragon makes its first appearance in season three… or two… whatever this is. It surrounds Rua’s body with a glowing red orb and he gets safely landed on the ground with no serious injuries. Team Signer rejoices as Rua is saved by their deity. They inform Ruka that her brother is safe and she continues playing a card game.

Lucciano gloats again and informs Ruka that she will be next to go down. Ruka thinks differently, she will not let Rua’s actions go to waste!

Continuing Lucciano's turn again:
- Sets a card.

Turn 9 - Ruka's turn: 350 LP, 8 SPC
- Summons Regulus.
- Activates a Trap Card, Ancient Sunshine. It can only be activated when Regulus is on the field. By removing Ancient Fairy Dragon from her Extra Deck, she inflicts damage to the opponent equal to Ancient Fairy Dragon's ATK points.
- Lucciano activates his face down Trap Card, Infinity Force: When he takes damage from a card effect while a monster with "Infinity" in its name is on his side of the field, the damage becomes 0 and all the opponent's monsters are destroyed. Regulus and Fairy Archer are both destroyed!

Turn 10 - Lucciano's turn: 2200 LP, 2 SPC
- Machine Emperor Skiel attacks Ruka directly.
- Ruka's LP drops to 0.
- Team Yliaster gains a victory over Team Signer!

Petit Angel, Watapon, Sunny Pixie, Jerry Beans Man and Kuribon (I think...).

Captain Obvious uses his Stock Footage attack from just 10 or more minutes ago to save his master!

Captain Obvious uses his Stock Footage attack from just 10 or more minutes ago to save his master!

Gee... no wonder I lost... you all look like some Care Bear ripoffs...

"Gee... no wonder I lost... you all look like some kind of plush marshmallow parade or something..."

As Ruka takes a lethal blow from a direct attack, the damage was neutralized by the Duel Monster Spirits in Ruka’s Deck. As Ruka almost hits a wall because of the shock damage, Regulus helps her avoid hitting it. As with D-Wheels, when the owner of a Duel Board loses, they stop automatically and release a bit of smoke for some reason. Ruka thanks all the spirits that helped her afterwards.

After an undisclosed amount of time, they re-visit Lucciano’s mansion, only to find a huge empty lot.

From riches to rags in a matter of an episode.

Lucciano's rich-boy free trial is over.

Rua then decides to ask the smartest person around town, Bob. But Bob gives them a negative answer. It seems he forgot all about Lucciano. He just walks off. Crow now knows what their opponents are capable of and it’s not good. Jack doesn’t care who or what they are but they are gonna get a beating. Yusei then thinks he has to master it quickly, the Synchro beyond Synchro Summoning, Accel Synchro!

Team Yliaster – 1 / Team Signer – 1

I did not expect Ruka and Rua to lose this one. Especially since, normally, when one player sacrifices or get owned in one team, their ally would suddenly blurt out “I will not let -name-‘s sacrifice be forgotten!” and when that happens, usually, the remaining teammate would win. I guess this is one of those rare exceptions. As my title implies, two heads are not always better than one.

This is the first time Ancient Fairy Dragon has been Synchro Summoned properly by Ruka. She even gets a Synchro Summoning speech to accompany it like the other Signers. This is also the first time a Signer lost a Duel this season. The first time the Crimson Dragon appeared in the season and the first time all Signers have been gathered in their D-Wheels (and Duel Board for Ruka). Also the first time Yliaster actually got a win.

Pretty weird that Ancient Fairy Dragon appears only to get hostaged again by Machine Emperor Skiel. It gets kidnapped more often as well.

As much as I dislike seeing Ruka lose, I’m a bit impressed that they didn’t go with the usual superhuman comeback with hax-athon (though the enemy was prone to using that, he had a face down EVERY. FREAKING. TURN.). Not everything is cliched, I guess.

Anyway, like with Yusei’s Drill Synchron/Warrior, Jack’s Archfiend Chaos King, Aki’s Splendid Rose and Ruka’s Rose Bird, Rua got himself Morphtronic Cleanen.

This card was drawn by another kid.

"This card was drawn by yet another kid... Uh... what is that? A cash register machine?"

Oh... right... a vacuum cleaner. Thanks a lot for the faulty vacuum cleaner that didnt help much...

"Oh... right... a vacuum cleaner. Thanks a lot for the faulty vacuum cleaner that didn't help much..."

The next episode is about Yusei, on the road to the Accel Synchro path!

That reminds me… I wonder when Crow will get his second battle. Everyone already had their seconds. Crow hasn’t gotten his own contest card as well.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. God…they made that fail italian pizza boy win?
    poor kids… I thought this was a kiddie show so they’d at least give japanese youngsters some hope for the future, seems like that was crushed by ignorant producers!!
    anyway, except for Ruka and Rua dueling, this wasn’t a good episode.
    Bad conclusion : Fail bad guy wins, lolis lose…No one is happy with this!
    Anyway, good work, very funny to see Mika appearing… I wonder if she’ll duel soon

  2. @Kyon

    WRONG! I love fail itallian pizza guy! He’s awesome and he delivers pizza. Seriously. When I want pizza, I can always call on Failchuckleman!

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