Hey, it’s that 10 000 hits post

September 30, 2009

Yup, we’ve made it so far. I have to be honest, when I decided to start blogging, I didn’t have anything in mind about how long I’d do it. Well almost 4 months have passed now and we’re still at it! Call it a small miracle or not, but we’re still planning on doing more of this.

The whole crew is very thankful for your visits, whether they are daily or not, we really appreciate that you are  reading our posts. We hope you’ll keep on coming to our blog and keep reading our reviews, rants and whatmore…

Thanks to you, we keep ourselves busy!

From all staff members… these include…

Derederehina (the tsundere), Lelouch (the silent moe), Akio (the loli), J (the fanboy), Ryu (the even-more-silent moe) and Kyon (the genki… boy)


One comment

  1. Wheee~ Congratulations guys, seems like *we* (although I only joined recently) made it quite far. I’m already looking forward to when the counter will read 20’000 hits~ For great justice!

    Anyway, for now let’s just drink, ne? KAMPAI~~~~~ *gets drunk* 8D

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